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  1. Sasha's English wasn't perfect herself. Two people born in different countries, stuck in a foreign atmosphere; this made for some good story telling! Maybe it would go in as a side story to her India adventure. Sasha sighed, "Unfortunately I am only here for a layover until I go back home. Only a day or two." She smiled, "Though it would be nice to see the back areas of this place." She chuckled, "the blind leading the blind?" Just about then, the waiter came back with sake and noodles in abundance. Sasha smiled and thanked the waiter in his language. She also thanked the internet for simple phrasebooks. As she offered up a toast, Ivan finally admitted his uneasyness to Sasha. She put her cup down. "Do not worry, Ivan. You get used to such introductions after a while. Besides, I am sure you will provide interesting times, as they say around here." She picked up her cup of sake again, "So, to interesting times?"
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