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    I'll second that! DR has definitely been one of the most successful ST run games this site has seen.
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    See... What I want is a compass! A directiont to go toward! In fact now I need advice. Naomi: She's preggers, and once she has her kids/kittens... well babies... what can I do with her? She's got 5 little ones to keep an eye on. What can she do? Can she keep with the job she had (detective) reasonibly without being a completely horrible mother? My thinking has always been with the pacing of the game calendar to RL I may have to retire her. But, if people are willing to see something/way where I could keep Naomi in the game while still being mostly realistic I am willing to hear ideas. Kei: Kei is a simple girl to keep going. Give her a threat, crisis, or rescue and Kei is there. That and there is potential with her since she is a bit geeky (I mean, hello, gamer!) but I would love to see Nate and Kei go further at some point, hopefully once Fox has gotten his daddy stuff on lock. Outside of that Kei is still in Convention crawl, although not for much longer, although if I may propose, having Connor and Kei meet none the less to salvage the convention experience for themselves would be cool. After all, Kei is spoken for and she sees Connor more as a co-worker and a good friend. Kamiko: Kamiko is getting her head straight. She has been on the run and in hiding and that mindset needs time to get out of. She needs someone to trust. I am still willing to do a Kamiko/Max's character story. Might not be as life and death as I was originally planning, but it would still be important to who hired Mas' character and asked Kamiko to come off of medical leave. That is my current mindset.
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