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    "Certainly, Mrs. Forster," Marissa smiled politely and stood, taking a brief moment to straighten her pleated skirt that, thus far, no faculty had noticed was a teansie bit outside the school's regulations for length. "Again, welcome to Shelly High." There were several groans and eye rolls. Sure, Marissa might be the Queen of Shelly High, but she played the adults for the fools they were but ruled the student body by virtue of the fact that she had the adults in her pocket. She could (and had, on a few occasions) ruined students socially and academically just prove a point. Her 'good girl' act didn't fool the students (most of the time), but they knew not to mess with her. "While none of my career paths involve the physical sciences, Mrs. Forster, the very first of biology's thirty eight branches is anatomy. Studying it-" She began with perfect poise and a social grace that immediately owned the whole room, well, almost the whole room. "I'd like to study your anatomy." Came an interuption whose location became indeterminable through the laughter and snickering. When Marissa snapped her head around to investigate the room there was an awkward moment every student in the class, including the culprit knew they were dead meat. Marissa's veneer of perfect princess facade faded for only a moment, but Forster saw the girl for exactly what she was: evil. The glare she gave the class silenced them like a furious mother about to hand out beatings at a big box super market to her load of misbehaving children. Normally, that would have been all that intimidating, Marissa was, after all, one girl. Her Shine, however, descended down upon them like a thunderbolt and suddenly Marissa carried with her an undeniable presence that demanded their horseplay cease. Mrs. Forster didn't seem all to affected by it (after all, it was directed more at the class) but she saw enough to know that Marissa was more than the gracious princess she led others to believe. "Are we finished?" Marissa asked the class. "Hmm? Because I do believe I was talking and someone decided to be rude." They all sat in silence, a few swallowing hard. None of them, however, dared rat on the one who interrupted her. To do so was a death sentence for that guy and no one wished that on anyone... what Marissa didn't do, Devin, her brother and protector, would certainly finish. "I-I'm sure who ever that was," Terry Cox stuttered, feeling ashamed for the guy who interrupted (how did that work?). "Is really sorry, Marissa. Y-you were mentioning anatomy?" She finished, hoping Marissa would take the hint and move past this moment. She did, and she hid her crazy well. Like nothing had happened she spun gaze right back to Mrs Forster (complete with a hair whip) and continued. "Sorry, Mrs. Forster. I hope you don't take that example of immaturity as a statement that speaks of entire student body. As I was saying; anatomy. The study of anatomy along with an understanding homeostasis, knowing and understanding how my body reacts to things like exercise and dietary needs, as well as destressors, has helped me understand my body and how it works so that I may continue to live healthy both physically and emotionally." Did she believe any of that? Hell no. It was a text book answer to sell a teacher she was convinced already was not what she seemed. Between Dr. Cook, and Eddy and the slew of other absurdities going on on the daily around Shelly, a sudden teacher swap was sketch as hell. Politely she sat back down, taking care to straighten her skirt again and crossed her legs, waiting for someone else to be called upon.
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    Charlie Cole was an excellent actor. That required understanding, not simply how to emote, to bring those emotions into a fully convincing persona, but to recognize them, and recognize from people's expressions, voice, tone, and the totality of it all what might be beneath the surface. But the truth was that Jason, though a friend, had always been a hard read. Charlie had simply attributed it to Jason's extremely standoffish nature. Hearing Jason admit he was a high-functioning sociopath had been a bit of a shock. But Charlie realized he hadn't fully understood what that meant. Difficulty with emotions perhaps. Not wanting to let this end there, Charlie semi-consciously reached out and rapped on the car. Jason whirled around, locking Charlie with his own gaze - a flash of freezing cold. And now Charlie saw. Jason truly meant what he said. Arrogance? Extreme self-confidence and reliance? It all blended together in so potent a mixture Charlie couldn't guess where one part started and left off. Jason was brilliant. Jason was determined. Jason had psychokinetic powers. Jason didn't have shame, uncertainty or hesitation. It did remind him of the classic media portrayal of sociopaths, ala Lecter. It made you wonder why Jason bothered with their company. Jason saw the world so differently, and Charlie was frightened, unsure of how to deal with him. "You've earned more than enough, Jase. Safe travels." A brief pause, because there was something else there. If Bannon was a normal person, Charlie could say this with certainty. Instead this was a guess, but Charlie would go with it. "When you want to talk about what happened today, I'm here to talk." "What happened?" Jason asked with that calm, impassive tone. Charlie looked back at him with a sad smile. "Something happened, something that hurt you. Something that helped push you towards snapping at Sara. I don't need to read your mind to tell that."
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    "Simple," Marissa smirked. "We crowd source. First though, we make you marketable. We need to sell you to this school if you're going to run it." "Run it?" Clara looked at the Jauntsen sister like she officially had flown off the reservation. "Well, yeah," she ever so slightly shook her head like the answer she was hoarding in her mind should have been obvious the whole time. "We need to take Shelly High into new directions, Clara. We have a year to turn things around, and who better to lead us and our school towards those new values, than you, Clara..." she paused and it was obvious she had no idea what Clara's last name was. It was right out of a movie! This girl was unbelievable. She waved her hand about to brush away her lack of recollection and pressed on. "Whaever, Class President. I can teach you to be assertive and in control without being 'mean, as you put it. I'm just mean because it's fun. I have so much sarcasm to share and people give me so much to work with, I see it as a waste to not use it."
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    I could have died. Too much was going on, Cassie decided as she hiked through the halls towards the cafeteria. It was all a mush in her head. Things that should have knocked everyone down just washed over them now, out of sheer necessity. If they let a little thing like Tawny suddenly being introduced to the hidden ocean of secrets, or how Cassie had almost died apparently, then they'd just stand around shellshocked all day every day, it felt like. And yet, she couldn't quite erase the feeling like these things should matter. The fact that it didn't bother them...bothered her. She didn't understand her powers. What she could do, or how. They'd done some practicing, but it was really hard for Cassandra to do that kind of practice. Unlike most of them, her powers were almost completely subjective. They had no easy way to tell when she was doing anything. Or verify that she'd done anything. Worse, her powers were kind of...boring? It was natural the focus went to people like Devin and Bannon and Sara, who's abilities were immediately impressive and could do practically magical things and...oh god was she jealous? She, Cassandra, had gotten magic psychic powers and she was jealous because other people had gotten better ones? Jesus Christ. Way to prove the old people, with their constant bitching about how entitled kids were these days, entirely correct. Do a disservice to her whole goddamn generation! Maybe her powers didn't lend themselves to 'danger room' training, but that didn't mean she couldn't practice. Today her inexperience with her abilities had almost killed her...Cassie was sure that if she'd approached that bracelet more carefully, or more skillfully, she'd have been able to either disconnect from it herself, or maybe even sneak past however it had realized what she was doing. So what was she doing here? Still at school? Schlubbing for a stupid lunch, and then after that there'd be math and...who cared? I could have died. But then again, was it smart to just assume that these powers took precedence? They appeared completely without warning...who said they'd always be there? And 'being psychic' wasn't something employers looked for on a resume. You could probably make a living off of it, but only in a few ways. And did she want to be uneducated and dumb, relying entirely on magic to survive? How do you balance all this out? Get what you need to make powers work, while not just throwing normal stuff out with the trash? Cassandra sighed. She should ask Clara. There was a girl who had her shit together. Maybe a bit too much even, but even a fraction of that organization would help her out right now. Lunch first though. Getting some food and water, and some rest because her legs did actually feel a little shaky, would be wise before trying to talk to someone.
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    I love The Raven. It never gets old. The post with the Lacey text conversation has been edited to allow Lilly time to speak with Jason, as she intended.
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