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  2. Closing up the rear, Jadzia felt a small twang of jealousy at the - obviously nicer - gear that the other two ladies had brought with them. Drawing her Streetline Special from its concealed holster she knew that it was more for the comfort of holding on to something than actually being useful. She promised herself to do some imagination-shopping in the catalog next time it arrived in her account. Her lowlight vision gave her just enough to go by, as she stepped down the stairs carefully. Even without perceiving Astrally, she was very sensitive to the roiling of forces on the Astral plane, and she'd know if something magical were to come their way.
  3. There was a click-whirr from Echo's right arm, and a mechanism hidden up her sleeve inserted a small pistol into her hand. As her fingers closed around its grip, she saw the HUD on her field of vision update to include ammo count and type, and a reticule appeared to show her where it was pointing. She fitted her helmet over her head, then snapped her goggles down over the eyepieces. A moment later the options for optical overlays added onto her HUD. She had a heavier gun than this, but the Ares had cheaper ammo. At 900 nuyen, she could come out at a loss if she fired off a mag or two of the expensive stuff. You save your good china for the high quality guests after all. Moving quietly then, Echo followed Jenny down the stairs, switching her goggles to thermographic mode to scan for heat signatures down below.
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  5. Without a word Jenny drew a pistol that wouldn't have looked out of place in an Ork's hand from the folds of her lined duster. A six-shooter, but there was little quaint or Olde Worlde about the Troll-killing handcannon. Not the most technically-inclined, the hunter liked revolvers simply because they didn't jam, and if you got a misfire due to a dud round you just pulled the trigger again. Additionally, it was suitably intimidating that most street life scurried away from the bore as though they were cockroaches from a flashlight's beam. That was good - it saved her having to show them why they really shouldn't bother her. She moved past the mask-wearing mage and peered down into the darkness, her eyes penetrating the gloom. "Stairs is old. We go one at a time, moving careful, da?" She started down the steps, somehow managing to set her feet so lightly that she made no noise, even the creaking stairs seemingly not registering her passage. Pausing at the bottom, she glanced back at Echo and Jadzia, the dim lighting in the hallways causing her eyes to shine once more with that eerie flash, before turning and peering into the darkness of the basement.
  6. Sebastian wasn't too far off from the nurse, offering a leap of surprise that brought him to his feet "What on God's green..." he said with a start. "Sir, the heck is going on in this place? Why you mumbling?"
  7. "Eccellente," Mr. Johnson said calmly. "Do try to be discreet, but I know the nature of the job all to well. I trust your discretion. Do this, and I may have more work for you." As he was finishing his sentence two dancers apprached the table with devilish smirks on their faces. "Now, if you'll excuse me. Ragazzi, vedete fuori il signore." The two bodyguards turned to the table and gave the message, very clearly, that business was concluded. The runners left without incident, the guards weren't handsy and remained professional. They moved through the crowd of people and dancers and servers, and within a few moments were out in the streets of Downtown. It was dark and wet and the rain poured down from the sky like heaven's bath tub had the drain pulled. They stood under the cloth over hang leading to the club's entrance. People weren't exactly lining up to get in this place tonight, so they had a few moments. "Name's Mycroft." The dwarf offered. He extended his hand, and the men shared a classical gentleman's handshake. "Chunin." Replied the man. "The hell is a Chunin?" He asked in typical dwarven gruff. "The hell is a Myrcoft?" Retorted the strange human. "Fair point." The dwarf shrugged. "What say we go find a shady spot and talk business. We'll take my car, since your genius self decided to ride a motorcycle in the rain." "How did you know that?" Chunin asked. "That I rode a motorcycle. It wasn't raining when I get here a bit ago." Mycroft throaty 'harumph'. "I'm a dwarf, boy. We drink and we know things. Car's this way." He nodded off to the side and began walking. "I'm impressed," Chunin said, fiddling with his commlink as he followed the dwarf. "But, I have ground rules. I don't go all the way on the first date. Non-negotiable. Heavy petting, that's all you're getting." The dwarf grumbled under the sound of the rain. This was going to be a long night.
  8. Half turned away from the others, Jadzia rummaged around in her messenger bag and took out an old, beat up mask that looked like it had been cut, shot at and burned. A deep breath, then she removed the rebreather from her nose and quickly slid the mask onto her face. The core of it must be modern, as evidenced by the hissing noise as the thing fit on her face, but the outside had that rough look of carved bone. It had clearly seen better days. As she put it on and its systems connected, there was a faint Augmented Reality Overlay running across the mask that was visible for just a second before a mental command suppressed it. Curved lines in blue, maybe something nautical. Might remind someone of one of those ancient nautical maps when they still found their way using the flayed flesh of trees. Then they were gone. With its lowlight engaged, at least she could see before setting her feet in something nasty. "May I suggest we be adaptin' our posturin' to the more cramped area beyond? Punchy people up front, bullet hozes next, precision shooters final, and all dat jazz?"
  9. "Ditto," replied the shaggy human. "After all, I put on my good shirt. Might as well enjoy the evening." He smiled. The server came by the table again and his face lit up with joy. "Hey there. Hi. Let's touch commlinks and be fiends." She laughed and shook her head. "Sorry, hun. I'm working. What can I get you?" "Nothing for me, thanks, unless you're rethinking that 'be friends' angle." "I'm off at three," she laughed and stepped away from the table. "Two fifty-nine, got it." Chunin looked back to his employer. "So, you want this man gone, fine. Quietly, or made an example of?"
  10. "Two things," Deezy said, munching avidly on M&Ms. "First, I was kidding about the M&Ms, but that was really cool of you, thanks! Second, how about sending in some human analogues, like monkeys or pigs or...wait, those are loud and big and annoying...I don't know, mice? Basically, lets find out if this radiation even affects creatures that don't have the cell changes to interact with it. Because if it doesn't, we don't have to stay in here another few days. Lots of things emit radiation, but most of it's harmless. This 'n' and 'psi' radiation isn't ionizing, so it shouldn't damage cells or anything."
  11. "Beleg!" She clapped her hands and bounced up from her place on the steps and walked past the ladies. She motioned for them to follow her. "Afad-nin. Uh, I mean, follow me, sorry." The Sperethiel seems more common to her than English, but she didn't dwell on the ceremony of mixing languages long enough for it become a topic of conversation. Not far from her little closet, down the hall to the right was a single door that, for the most part seemed pretty unassuming. It was old, torn to shit and smeared in graffiti, but it seemed like it was solid and sturdy enough. The series of locks and bolts, plus the bar across it, made them all wonder if they were keeping a herd of ghouls down there to feed the local Shadowrunners to... but hey, Redmond... that'd be par for the course. After what was almost a comedic bout of unlocking and unbarring of the door Piper open it and stood aside. They'd all seen this trid before... a sinlge creaky staircase that led down into the pitch blackness. The light from the hallway, which was already weak to begin with, barely reached far enough down the steps to show the cement floor at the bottom for maybe a couple of feet. What was beyond was all darkness. "So, um," Piper chimed of in a quiet whisper. "I have no idea what's down there. The well was here before I moved in, so uh... we're kind of on our own."
  12. this thread is on hold while we wait to rework the part associated to Autumn. It will remain open for a time to allow comments on the added material by other characters but you may wish to hold off until i have made corrections above. This will not impact the beginning of session IV which may happen later today (no promises)
  13. I went to make Siobhan's Perception roll in Discord and discovered that the dice bot is missing on for some reason. So I rolled on https://rolz.org/ using the code 4d2E2 so it counted 2's as successes (which works great when rolling d2's. 4D2E2 => ( (2, 2, 2, 1 → 3 successes against 2) ) = 3 | 2s: 3, ones: 1 So 3 successes on Siobhan's perception roll.
  14. Jadzia felt comfortable knowing that the only symptoms so far were throwing up and queasiness. "Wouldn'a be surprised if dere be a Devil Rat down in dere basement, rollin' around in da water. Dey gets up to all kinds a mischief and 'fore ya know people gets sick of da Basura dey be draggin' in. I be comin' along as it sounds like it be fair pay for a fair job." She was keenly aware of the others' mildly uncomfortable shuffling around each other. "Well den, it be lookin' to be a girls' night out, ey?" She turned around towards the hallway where they came from, both to keep an eye out for any listners-in and to make a bit of headway towards the inevitable stairwell leading to the basement.
  15. "Careful," Wendy said with an amused tease. "Jensen - our rather cheeky pathologist - has already started giving all of you codenames. Give me a minute to get ahold of Dr. Ballard." After that, things moved quickly. Deezy was asked first to duplicate HIPPA releases for everyone so that medical information could be collected by those in quarantine, and then she was sent the specs for nearly a dozen different pieces of medical equipment. The large barracks room went from 'socializing space' to 'medical lab'. Samples were taken from everyone but Sebastion - they just couldn't figure out how for anything beyond hair and nail clippings and weren't willing to try anything too likely to actually injure him. Machines hummed and whirred and eventually spit out gigs of information for the CDC scientists to pour over. The poking and prodding had eaten up most of the day and the group eventually dispersed back to their rooms for sleep. Which again Sebastian noted he didn't seem to really need as much anymore. Not that the squints needed to know that. The next morning medical reports were handed through the airlock, along with a massive food shipment that included the requested food. Even a bag of blue-only M&Ms. The medical reports were detailed on each person's current general health, observed abilities, and a score next to a listing that was marked "Radiation ν" or "Radiation ψ". Over the speaker Wendy said, "The good news is that the tests we did yesterday have given us more information on the changes with you all and it appears that everyone's radiation levels are dropping steadily. We've manage to differentiate the radiation out into two kinds, which also seems linked to some shared changes between around one half of the group or the other. Those of you with the n-radiation also have cell clusters throughout your body that seems to interact with the n-radiation. Like process it instead of being harmed by it. Those of you with the psi-radiation instead, well, your brain is different. Just a small part of it, but like with the others it seems to process the psi-radiation. We're not sure why there's this split. These tests are what showed us that there were two distinctly different energies at play. Before that it was just considered all one new type of radiation. Anyways, if the radiation drop-off continues, you guys will be down to the new background level of this radiation in four or five days. At that point we'll want to take some measurements why you're actively using your abilities, just to check for spikes and make sure the use of the abilities aren't cause your body or mind problems. That will probably only take a few days itself. If everything checks out fine, the CDC will have no reason to continue the quarantine at that point."
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  17. It would have been false to argue Mycroft's hands were clear of blood even when he'd been a law-abiding (certainly in the eyes of Cross Applied Technology) citizen. He'd been a security spider, and sometimes assigned to the places where corporate policy positively demanded hitting digital intruders with black IC and similar biofeedback attack programs. So Mycroft had never subscribed to 'thou shalt not kill.' Obviously, if you got into a shootout with security guards, the same principle applied. Hazard of the profession, albeit from the different end now. Wetwork was different, just as obviously. Mycroft had his distaste for it, as many runners did, but the nature of the shadows meant sooner or later you had to take one of those jobs. The question would be: was the target one you could stomach killing? Thomas Crowne, according to the Jackpoint buzz, had slept with the fiance of a mob boss' heir. Massive disrespect, and anyone who willful made that kind of decision had signed themselves up for the firing line. Mycroft wouldn't have come if he hadn't concluded that already. The issue that left here was, why wasn't the family doing this themselves? From what Mr. Johnson was saying, Crowne had important enough friends that a small-time family couldn't go after him. Not directly, anyway. The chip would obviously say more about Crowne's buddies. Of course Mycroft couldn't get the info without signing himself up for the job. So would fifteen hundred be enough to take the leap? Probably. Cat O' Nine said this was usually easy work from this Johnson. If this run would be the exception, well no way to find out until after all was said and done. Mycroft slowly nodded. "I'll accept."
  18. Jael turned to Sezja. <Stay in here,> she told her ward/friend firmly. <”No, don’t go out there!”> Sejza grabbed her hands, her eyes scared. <”Please don’t leave me here alone!”> Jael gently extracted her hand. <”I have to assess the threat,”> she said firmly, but in truth, that noise excited her. She wanted to hunt it down and find out what it was. Maybe it was something to kill, and if she waited too long, Zac would find it first. <”Lock yourself in the bathroom. I’ll be back soon.”> Sezja raised an eyebrow but slipped into the bathroom, locking the door with a loud snap. Jael smiled to herself as she slipped out of the room and caught up to Dr. Foster. “What is going on?” she asked in English, flipping back to her native language easily. “What is making that sound?”
  19. "Medical training? No. But that's not what you really NEED right now. If someone can explain what a machine needs to do, I can figure out a way to make something that'll do it. Might not work exactly the same as the original, but it'll get the job done! As for interpreting the results, again, all you have to do is tell me what to look for. The radiation part, I can handle. The effect of it on living tissue I can probably figure out on my own, but worst comes to worst I can rig it so it sends information to you guys too." "I get that it's a bit of a leap of faith for you guys to take help from one of the 'infected'," she makes scare quotes around the last word, "but remember I chose to come here. I'm on you guys' side. I just want to get to the bottom of this, and I knew this was as close as I'd be able to get for awhile." "Shoot me some info and either wheel down some equipment or tell me what I need to make, and we'll get this science-party STARTED!" She then tapped her bare wrist. "Or, you know, tick tock tick tock, superfriends getting antsy and who can blame 'em really?"
  20. "Do you have the doc on speed dial?" Donald asked Wendy. "You probably should." Honestly, it wasn't like he had any way to know for sure if the CDC was spewing nonsense or just jargon nobody save perhaps Deezy here understood. Donald felt he could afford to be patient about it, at least for a little bit longer. What mattered was that others weren't so patient, and everyone here knew there was no way to stop them. "Actually, maybe you can lend a copy of that report to Deezy now?" Donald suggested. If Deezy read it and agreed there was something legit, well, that might help tempers a little. If not, or they refused. "Might help speed things up even more since you're waiting for the equipment anyway." His tone suggested great care should be taken before saying no.
  21. Strawberry gave her a sly smile. “I may have left a step out of the description. I’m sure someone will demonstrate for us. There is always a volunteer.” Everyone was chained now but young Shawn. His hands shook so hard he couldn’t close the manacles, and Lana watched him, anguished. She knew she should help him but her entire being faltered at the thought of putting her brother in those chains. Somberly, Carl reached over and helped the boy, their manacles clinking against one another as he secured them. “We’ll stick together,” he told the siblings softly, “and we’ll walk out of here together.” Seeing that everyone was secured, Strawberry stepped out through the door. Five terse moments passed before he returned; as he opened the door, two gunshots barked from outside the car, and a woman started to scream. Several others joined her in screaming, as Strawberry said, “Line up, single file.” He showed no reaction to the sounds of pain and fear coming through the open door. “Come, come, we must offload so the train can return.” Through chance, Juno found herself first on the chain, or last, perhaps, but seeing that Lana held the other end, she went first. Every muscle in her body tightened with reaction as she walked between the armed soldiers but they left her pass between them without further harm. She stepped through the door to a small room with bunks and gear. Six Nazis were pulling on boots and gathering up their gear, and she realized that they had had two shifts on the train. How long had they been unconscious? Twelve hours? Sixteen? Longer? One of the soldiers pointed to an open door that led to a bright area. Juno squinted as she stopped in the door, peering at their location. It was a… train station. In a cave. It looked as if someone had transplanted an old-fashioned train station into a large cavern. Its dark brown walls and red shingles were lit with large lamps that hung from girders overhead. Up and down the train, people in chains were climbing out of their cars, while armed Nazis watched them. Juno counted six other chained groups. “Move on,” a man barked, and Juno looked down just as the Nazi by the train grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. She stumbled and caught herself on the steps set under the door. Jerking herself free, she continued to disembark, staring. The screaming had died down but now it intensified again as a woman with shattered knees was dragged away from one of the chained groups. She reminded Juno of the mothers of the kids she used to run with, a middle-aged woman hardened by a life of poverty and scraping by. Two Nazis hauled her away from the train station, out of the lights and into the dark. They hurried back, looking nervously over their shoulders. The screams reached a crescendo, then died with a loud crunch. Juno realized Graham and Jimmy were standing next to her, having seen it. “I really fucking hate these guys,” Graham rasped, leaning hard on the other man. “Quit staring!” the Nazi at the door snapped. “You’re offloaded, go join the other slaves.” He pointed to the spot where all the chained groups were being directed.
  22. Major Gerst Ignored Siobhán, and nodded at Morgan. “Stay close to the Schutzstaffel while we travel, and do what you are told. It will all be for your safety.” Turning to Teagen, he stared at her for a long moment before stating, “Many come here with bold declarations of never being a Nazi’s wife. They curse and flail and scream, and after a while, those denouncements fade once they see the world they are in now. Honestly, if you truly don’t wish to be wooed and become a mother of the sons of the Reich, then don’t. Once we reach Helleberlin, you may become a slave if you don’t wish to become a wife. Before you joyfully flip me off and skip off to be chained with the others, you will wish to see what life would be like for you. ” He smiled but this time there was an edge to it. “As for history, Fraulien, I would suggest that you learn what is the true history of this world and the false history planted by those who fear the power of the Aryan Race.” As Teagen rolled her eyes at that, he merely pulled out a set of keys and opened the door. “Ladies, regardless of how you feel at this moment, you cannot stay here.” His statement was punctuated by two gunshots from somewhere outside the train. The four soldiers who had ridden with them jerked at the screams that erupted, but Gerst didn’t react. “Come along, we have a three day walk to the Elevator, and no time to dawdle.” “Fine, let’s go,” Siobhán growled, pushing past him and storming through the door he’d just opened. She found herself in a room full of supplies -- foodstuffs, raw ores, and more. A door to the right was open and flooded with light, the kind of bright lights that you find on a sound stage. Forcing a good-natured smile for the camera she presumed would be on the other side, she stuck her head out the door. There were bright lights on girders overhead, but that was the end of the scene matching her expectations. A cavern ceiling arched high overhead, with an archaic train station in front of her. Stepping off the car and onto the platform, she saw that the engine was to her left and to her right was the line of cars. The platform didn’t extend very far, and most of the other cars were offloading their people using wooden boxes as steps. “Hey, get yer ass in gear, hot stuff,” Chase grumbled from behind her. Siobhán automatically stepped to the side, moving more out of an ingrained societal response than any desire to follow Chase’s orders. As the others filed off, she could hear screaming down near the end of the train -- screams that ended suddenly.
  23. "Multiverse theory states that every probability becomes a reality, somewhere. We're just not directly aware of them. So when Lilly sees probabilities, she is glimpsing potential alternate realities." Jason said quietly, nodding at Laurelei. "In the diner fight, the 'past' was already set. Even if it was only a couple of seconds in the past, it's fixed. Lilly can't undo Devin's decision to hit Chet. All she could do was 'pick' - subconsciously - what outcome she preferred." "That said, she is also altering which branch of reality we hurtle down. And yes, it does change us, just as all choices we make change us." he went on. "In a sense, we all do that, every day. It is the essence of the human condition - choices leading to consequences. Lilly and Cade just have a more... direct impact and can choose more solidly, making them - to the outside observer - absurdly 'lucky'. She could pull the lever on a slot machine and win the jackpot by choosing the reality where that happens." He smiled faintly. "But addressing your point that we would all be different versions or ourselves, that happens already." Laurelei looked at him askance. Jason met her gaze somberly. "I made a choice on Friday night. I made a choice today, telling you all my secret. And now you are different people - you are treating me differently because I am different in your eyes, though objectively I am the same as I was on Friday, indeed the same as I have always been." he said quietly. "Now you all have choices to make - whether to be my friend, how much to trust me, whether to go to the authorities, perhaps even whether or not to put me down, as Devin suggested." His voice was utterly calm, as was his expression. "And from those choices will come other changes, for good or ill." He spread his slender hands. "Voila - I have altered your realities. And my own." "Lilly, for what it is worth you are beyond Olympic competition now. As the others have already said far more ably than I. If you wanted to compete, to win glory and acclaim then I would of course support you. I also agree with you that it would not be a competition, any more than what I did to Liam Day was a fight." He shrugged slightly. "I am sorry your dream will need altering. I know the Olympics meant a lot to you." It was perhaps as close an expression of empathy as he was capable of - conscious sympathising with another. He stepped back and went over to his previous seat by the fire, settling on the ground with his back to the sturdy log. The lanky teen's eyes gleamed and flickered as he leaned his head back on the wood and watched the bonfire burn. Though he was still close by, still physically part of the gathering, in that moment there was something remote about their strangest member, as though he had turned his fierce intelligence inward and retreated from the world.
  24. Autumn had nodded along as Clara had soothed the other girl, and caught up in the weirdness of it all missed the bonding moment. . "Hey, maybe it’s part of the other thing the reality-changing thing, maybe it works retroactively, giving you a history that matches you to the skills needed in your future. You find yourself in this situation with your friends, but you lack the freaky mind powers that they have, so you just shift reality, working backwards to make choices that just so happen to give you all these skills that you will need to make up for it." Autumn theorized. Lilly’s brow furrowed at Autumn’s comment while Laurie wandered over closer to the other three girls and folded her arms looking at Lilly while Autumn continued. "Seriously. Ask yourself how many other high school juniors, especially girls, have the mix of skills you do, and at your level too? Most teen girls can't fight like UFC belt contenders, or shoot a gun or bow with your skill, or throw with the power or accuracy you do. Most have not busted their ass training like you do to run as fast, jump as far, lift as much, climb as fast or whatever as you do. And how many have the determination to train like that so they can reach that level? You can find girls with one or two, maybe, but you have ALL of those things, and probably more. You have the skills like some spec-ops person or something." Autumn said, pointing out the unlikeliness of Lilly's training and skills. "Lilly, it's like you were born for this." Autumn commented. “I don’t think it works like that,” Lauri finally said something. “First of all, if Doctor Cook is to be believed all of us were born for this. But in Lilly’s case I think we are confusing things. For one thing, we don’t know if there are any others like you and Cade, what did Bannon call you, Hero-shines. The only reason we even know about the three of us being different is because of the mind powers the rest of you have sensing the shine. For all we know every single Olympic athlete shines.” Jason had wandered over by this time as well and listened as Laurie spoke. “What about her changing reality at the diner and in the woods?” Cora asked as she and Cade and the squirrel joined them. “I don’t think Lilly is altering realities, if she were I would imagine even the smallest change would have large, even serious repercussions, most notably that, aside from Lilly, the rest of us would be different people now, we would be different versions of ourselves that inhabit the new reality. Or if we use the multiverse theory of Jason and my brother an alternate version of us from the alternate universe. But, see if Lilly is seeing alternate universes and choosing the best one. Why didn’t she see or choose the one where there was no fight in the diner at all? Or one where the saber tooth cat didn’t exist or that the gunshot was car at the party backfiring. I think what she is seeing isn’t alternate realities but probabilities. Look, from what all of you described Jauntson had already committed to hitting Chet at the diner so the fight was going to happen, what I think Lilly saw was the probable outcomes and that the action she chose is what determined determined which outcome came true.
  25. "Looks like you got it right that time," Echo replied blandly, giving Jenny a nod. "Hell, I'm here. May as well take care of it." Nine hundred wasn't much, but it'd cover the tram fare out here and back. Echo wasn't as sure as Piper that the pipe wasn't the problem...all it would take was a re-organization of water flow to make potable water into sewage outflow, right? But that was way beyond the remit here. "Secure the basement, let you get access to the well. I'm in."
  26. "I take the job. Money paid when it is done, yes." Jenny spoke up from where she had moved to one side of the others. The quiet woman's gaze had not slid far from the mage, but for now rested on Piper as she asked the question, then glanced around the place, pacing to the entrance to Piper's room and peering inside, then back to where they stood. "Need to know." she shrugged, a human gesture she found useful. "What type of sick do people get? Throwing up? Shitting? What is symptoms?" "Nausea." Piper confirmed, with a nod at her. "Just queasiness, some throwing up. Nothing really bad, but bad enough we don't want people using the water." "Fine then." Jenny shrugged again, taking off her green-tinted shades and tucking them into a coat pocket. "Where is basement?" She was all business, obviously wanting to be about the work, collect her money and go. She glanced at the other two, the dim lighting gleaming eerily from her eyes for an instant as she flashed a small smile without showing teeth. "If you come, then come. If not, then more nuyen for me."
  27. "His name is Thomas Crowne," he slides a chip across the table. "Some people want him gone. Stuck his cazzo in the wrong lady and now he needs to pay for it. Unfortunately, everyone answers to someone and the powers that be are telling my employer to leave the man be. So, he can't do it." "But we can," Mycroft politely pointed out. "Esettemente," Mr. Johnson said. "That chip'll provide you with a last known address and a few associates of his that might know where he's hiding. Off him, and we're talking 1,500¥ for each of ya. Agree and I'll slot you the password to the chip."
  28. The human man approached in old cargo pants and a sleeveless shirt, looking like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. He hair was tussled and he looked like he'd just rolled out of bed with a five o'clock shadow and sleep still in his eyes. "You don't look like a runner," Mr. Johnson said as the man sat down in the booth. "But you, definately look like a Johnson." The man replied with a sarcastic tone. "Chunnin, Mr. J, Mr. J, Chunin, there, introductions aside let's get down to brass balls. Squeeze them, fondle them, roll em' around... what're we talking about here? Who are we ghosting and when do you need this done by?" "And you don't care why," he nodded. "That's good." "They all tell us why," Chunin said. "Something about dying makes a person want to washboard their soul before they go."
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