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  2. I'm putting this game on hold for a while. I've been having trouble writing for a while now, not just for this game, and it's really coming to a head for me lately. Rather than have this hanging around like some kind of neglected child I'm going to call a hiatus. Hopefully I'll work through this issue and we can return to this game later if people are willing. If not, or if I simply cannot muster the required creativity & excitement within myself I'll shut it down permanently. Sorry folks.
  3. Tomoe focused her power into her arms and back, and started to lift the fallen...man? cyborg?...up. "He's heavier than he looks," she grunted. "Might need some help..." (Effective strength is 18 when boosted. Not sure if that's enough to lift Iron Man or not. If so, she carries him out to the cab.)
  4. Velocity nodded eagerly, wanting to help right away. She stood up and quickly made her way out of the Restaurant where she hoped to find a cab... but unfortunately she didn’t. The young woman fumbled for her phone not accostumed to actually calling a cab since her means of transportation have been her legs. She staggered to the street while she tried to figure out a number to call when she saw several cabs driving down the street. „Hey, Taxi!!!“, she yelled and fortunately one of the cabs stopped. „Thank god!“, she opened the door and smiled at the driver, „Hold on please, I get my folks, ok?“ She ran as fast as she could without causing trouble and attention uncannily dodging out of people’s way until she came back to the table. „Ok, one cab is waiting outside, guys.“
  5. Melissa looked at Telepreceptor and then to Jordan. Her thoughts echoed Jordan's words. She cleaned Telepreceptor up and dressed him, getting him ready. This was far beyond the bounds of things she'd expected today, and she was nearing her own limit with this. She hoped that they could find a way to help the young man, but in truth she didn't put much stock in it.
  6. Jordan's mouth dropped open, watching Teleperceptor thrashing around, muttering senseless - at least to them - words. Jordan shook her head, rubbing at her temples with a hand. "Shiiiit!" Moving with surprising swiftness, Jordan strode back into her room, tearing through her clothes, glad for her extensive, walk-in closet. Most of her clothing that was close to Teleperceptor's slender size was feminine, but she managed to scrounge up another sweatshirt and a pair of jogging pants that would do, along with socks and a pair of girl's running shoes. Jordan came back to the guest room and tossed Melissa the clothing. "Wipe his nose and get him dressed, if you can, please," Jordan asked, barely stopping as she headed for the stairs. "I'm going to see if I can get us a ride, so we'll be ready for when Tess calls." The worn steps creaked under Jordan's quick feet, alerting both Isaac and Jaime that she was approaching. The concern and distress was obvious on her stunningly crafted features, the way she brushed burnished, auburn hair over her ear again and again. "Our guest just had some sort of... of fit," Jordan said in response to their questioning looks. She picked up her cellphone from the coffee table and scrolled through her call list. "I think waiting any longer for Tess to respond is a mistake. For you too, Isaac. I'm gonna see if I can get us a car - we can wait for Tess' call at the marina. Unless someone else has a better plan?" A finely-shaped nail tapped the touchscreen, then Jordan placed the iPhone to her ear, listening impatiently as it rang. She looked at Jaime, pointing at the table and mouthing, 'clean up.' Seeing Isaac's oddly curious expression, she quirked a puzzled brow at him. "Yeah? What's up, Jordan?" asked a man's voice as the phone was answered, slightly muffled with a bite of food. Jordan took a deep breath, steadying herself. Pete knew about her, one of the very few non-indigos who did, but she hadn't told him about the others. "I need a favour, Pete, I need to borrow your stationwagon, and I need you to drop it off at my place as soon as you can." Pete knew that rich, husky voice, had helped Jordan develop it even, and he was sure he had never heard it sound tight with barely restrained desperation. "And need to you ask me no questions about it. I swear, I'll make it up to you, anything I can do. Can you help us - me - out?"
  7. Tess slipped around to where Sam was splayed on the floor, quickly taking his medical vitals while again reaching out with her gift to try to understand what had happened. "Rob, keep an eye on the restaurant," she said quietly. "Valerie, call a cab to come pick us up, please." Click to reveal.. Medicine roll: Roll: 16 +9 Modifier = +25
  8. Sam hit the floor like a dead weight, a heavy dead weight. Tomoe tried to soften his fall but was only partially successful. Despite her efforts there was an audible thump as the man hit the carpeted floor. He lay motionless save his eyes that skittered and twitched beneath his eyelids like he was having an intense dream.
  9. If the man heard Melissa or Jordan neither could tell. His eyes rolled in their sockets and his mouth worked, dripping spittle down his front. He thrashed about in the bed violently and then stared blankly at the ceiling, "The metal man is not in control." His jaw worked silently for a moment, "The test has failed. Beware the pack of one." Blood began to leak from his nose as his eyes rolled up showing the bloodshot expanse of his sclera.
  10. Velocity didn't quiet get what was going on and she reflexsively grabbed Rob's hand and squeezed it for comfort. Her eyes widened as she saw what was happening to Sam - maybe they weren't as save as Tess had claimed?
  11. Isaac had actually been sleeping a little when Jaime had touched him. He’d awoken ready to fight, but had relaxed when he saw who it was. “Water’s fine,” he grunted as he levered himself upright, wincing against the pain in his body. Jaime went and grabbed it while he resettled himself, finding a position that was both upright and comfortable. The young teen brought him a plate and water, smiling at him. Isaac relaxed a little more, relieved by the nearness of his pack mates. “Thank you,” he murmured to her. “You’re welcome,” she said softly, folding her legs under herself as she put her plate on the coffee table. “How are you feeling?” “Still hurt,” he said. “We’ll get you fixed up soon,” Jaime told him, though her tone clearly said that was a wish and not a certainty. “I’d like that.” He was silent for a moment. “This is weird. I can smell Jordan on me.”
  12. "Bloody hell!" Tess immediately pulled her gift back, disengaging as gently as she could. She didn't get up from her chair, though. "Careful, Tomoe. As I said, we'll have privacy here. No one will see anything unless we make such a big commotion that the patrons in the front take notice." She swallowed and looked embarrassed. "And...um...I think that might have been my fault. I tried to see if he had...if he was...cybernetic, I guess? There was something. It pushed back." She watched Sam for several tense moments, hoping he would wake back up now that the system no longer felt like it was under attack.
  13. Jordan put away the first aid kit then washed her hands. She was setting out the dishes on the counter for supper, when she noticed Jaime's shoulders hunched, her sister focusing intently on the boiled vegetables, giving them a vigorous stirring they didn't need. The days events at the cemetery were hitting her hard now. She frowned in empathy. "Jordan..." "Shhh, sis, it's going to be alright," Jordan assured, giving her sister a tight hug from behind. She gave her a kiss on the top of her head like their mother used to. "We got through Dad and the Big C with Mom. We'll get through this too, you'll see." "Stop that! I'm not a kid anymore," Jaime sulked, but she didn't squirm in Jordan's embrace, drawing strength from her sister. Looking like she did, and the way she acted, sexy and worldly, Jaime sometimes forgot Jordan wasn't even twenty yet, despite her driver's license claiming she was twenty-two. Sometimes, she believed Jordan forgot too. "No. No, you're not, Jaime," Jordan agreed, sadly. All she had wanted was to give her sister as normal a life as possible - as normal as having a shapeshifting brother for a sister could be, anyway. "Here, looks like dinner is ready. We'll eat in the living room - it'll be more comfortable for Isaac and our... guest, if he joins us." The siblings filled plates for everyone, then Jaime went into the living room, clearing off the coffee table, set down the water pitcher and glasses on it, and started opening TV trays. Jordan brought in the plates of breaded chicken cutlets stuffed with turkey and Swiss cheese, lightly spice fries, and mixed vegetables, bringing her several weeks as a Hooter's Girl to bear. Jaime gave Isaac a nudge on the shoulder with a pair of fingers, jumping back as Isaac suddenly tensed and sat up, eyes snapping open. "Uh, sorry Isaac. Suppers ready," she informed him, pointing at the plate on the TV standing next to the recliner. "We got water here, but I can get you something else to drink, if you prefer." Jordan smiled at the two of them. She wasn't sure if her sister realized she was crushing on the burly man, at least a little, but considering how they had first met, it wasn't unexpected. And though Isaac looked exhausted and wan, he was nowhere near as bad as at their first meeting. Still, she hoped Tess would call back soon. I might have to call Pete, see if I can borrow his car... And I should probably call Nico at some point too. "I'm going to take a quick look upstairs, see if Melissa is going to join us and if Teleperceptor is well enough to eat. I'll be right back." Jordan knocked on the door to the guest room before stepping in, having heard what Teleperceptor and Melissa had just said. "This is my home, Teleperceptor. Tiresias, from the boards?" she reminded him with a faint smile. But her turquoise eyes were intent. The thought of those Goons in Black assaulting her and her sister in their home made her heart race and blood burn. "Yes, it certainly does seem like it's getting dangerous for people... like us. Are you well enough to come down stairs and maybe tell us what happened to you? We have dinner ready and we might have a friend who can help with... those." Jordan flicked her fingers at the wires coming from his head then offered him a hand up, if he needed it.
  14. Melissa looked at him. "My name is Melissa, You're in the home of a friend." She looked at him and smiled. "Why isn't it safe? Can they track you or something?"
  15. Tomoe stared at Sam, then looked around and slid off her chair...turning invisible once she was sure no one could see her behind the tablecloth. "Help me get him down," she whispered. "They must be jamming him or something!"
  16. Sam shrugged, "I don't remember anything beyond what I've told you. I-" He stopped, and seemed pained for a moment, gritting his teeth. Tess hard reached out and indeed found cybernetic systems within his body, but there was a resistance to her contact, something fighting her. "Something ... is wrong ..." Sam gasped through gritted teeth, "it's ... trying to ... ungh!" Sam slumped in his chair, as though a marionette with its strings cut"
  17. Upstairs Melissa had gotten Teleperceptor comfortable, or as comfortable as she could make him with wires spilling from his skull. For his part the young man was largely unconscious, buried under layers of blankets. Melissa could hear the others talking and moving about below though what they were saying was unclear to her. The smells wafting up from the kitchen however were not. Despite herself, her fear, Melissa could feel the growing pangs of hunger, and likewise a growing fatigue in response to the earlier adrenaline and activity. She was considering leaving the young man to sleep and going to join the others when he grabbed her wrist. Though he was weak the grip was firm. His eyes opened and he looked at her, "Where am I? Who are you? It's not safe, not safe at all!"
  18. Tess ate quietly, observing her friends and their guests as they spoke. Sam was an interesting conundrum and possibly a dangerous wild card in their midst; Valerie was more confusing in mood swings, but she was an Indigo and that gave her far more leeway in Tess' mind. Sam was a helicopter pilot for the Army, making it still possible for him to be young enough, but unlikely. Rob said that he could feel metal throughout Sam, and Tomoe said that she'd seen circuitry before when he was wounded. In that case.... She took another bite of her mushroom-and-onion smothered steak and then reached out cautiously with her gift, feeling for the networks and connections that made up complex machines and computers. If he was cybernetic, she should be able to interact with that aspect of him much as she did with House.
  19. Velocity smiled at Rob super relieved that he was still on good terms with her. She didn’t want to make him feel bad and she sensed that the others were all probably in a similar situation like her. Unlike her they had a plan and some understanding of what was happening and she realized she’d better stay with them if she wanted to learn how to get out of that devil’s circle she was slowly drowning in. She listened carefully for what the others said as she silently continued munching away her pasta. At least her hunger was gone now and with the feeling of being sated her anxiety and mood swings got under control. „It’s ok Rob.“, she answered to his confession reaching out with one hand and placing it on his. She really liked him.
  20. "You don't even remember running," Tomoe muses. She glances at Rob, but doesn't say what's on her mind. An EMP shouldn't short out a human brain. Was it possible Sam was a robot? But then what about the Army helicopter pilot stuff? Why bother making a robot think it was real? Hell, was it even possible? This wasn't Blade Runner here. She mulled these things over as she chewed her pasta and watched Sam to see what the answer to Rob's question was.
  21. "Still friends." Rob said with a smile for Velocity as the waiters left. She was emotional, vulnerable, and cute, and Rob found it hard to remain bitter with wide green eyes peeping at him. "You've got a right to be upset. I know I was." He leaned forward a little, pitching his voice low so that Sam and Velocity could hear. "The Pulse was my power, kicked out of control by something the Goons In Black were doing. Probably a machine, since as soon as the EMP hit the effect switched off and I had control back again." He nibbled at some garlic bread, then continued. "It scrambled avionics and communications tech, shut down anything more complicated than a hinge, and generally screwed New York up but good." There was a slight tension to Rob's voice, but he seemed calmer to Tomoe and Tess than he had been during the first few days. "I'm guessing that the Pulse scrambled you too, Sam. Seeing as you woke up in an alley after a chopper crash, and you're mostly machine from the feel of you, I'm guessing that the Pulse reset whatever gadget was controlling you between those two points in time. How long ago was the chopper accident?"
  22. Isaac nodded and picked up the clothing that Jordan offered him. Without a word, he put on the t-shirt and sweats. Jordan was silent, watching him in a way that might have been off-putting to another man. Some guys would have thought they were being sized up for sex; instead Jordan was noting the stiffness to his movements and the tension in his jaw at the slightest movement. He was more taciturn that was normal even for him and they all worried Jordan a little. “Can I lay down on your…” His voice trailed off as he caught himself. He couldn’t rest, not with Jaime around to guard. “I’m going to sit in your recliner,” he changed, pushing away from the counter. He didn’t get more than a couple of steps before Jordan said, “You can lay down.” Isaac just shook his head and headed for the chair. He hurt though not too badly; not nearly as badly as the last time that Jordan had doctored him. He was still moving stiffly as he sat down in the more comfortable chair and relaxed a little. Thankfully, the puppy left him alone and Isaac felt a little better. He closed his eyes, allowing his ears and nose to take over for them. He could hear the puppy barreling around the kitchen while Jaime cooked. Upstairs, he could hear Melissa moving. The most intrusive scent was Jordan’s; the unusual woman’s scent was all over the clothing and chair. It even covered the scent of the slowly cooking food.

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