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  1. What's new in this game
  2. M, I got your submission. Giving it a look; will have comments soon. It looks like you may have only sent it to me though. You should send it to the other mods too. Welcome to the site!
  3. I plan on trying to jump in with a new character, but need to go over the rules and get a character sheet approved. Hope we can get this off and running soon! LOVE M&M
  4. Rebecca OOC has stepped down from moderation of Alpha World. As of now, the four moderators are Justin, OOC, Malachite Drake, SalmonMax and myself - Dawn OOC. Please message all four of us when submitting characters or questions. Two requests: If you have previously submitted a character to some of the mods but not all four of us, please invite the missing moderators to your PMs. Also, if you have an approved character, please post a profile for your PC (if you have not done so yet). Put only knowledge you want to be public in this profile; stats are not necessary to add but will make it easier for people to collaborate with you. Any questions about this change can be posted to this thread. Happy playing!
  5. I'm still game, but I need to clean up my sheet a bit because I didn't clarify flaws and effects for my powers.
  6. There still is, we're just changing gears a bit (and I've been AWOL from posting - I think everyone is waiting on a Kenzie post in EW). The mods are talking about what next steps to make and hopefully we'll have some new posts going up soon.
  7. Hey guys. Is there still interest in this OW. I noticed no one has posted IC in a while and just wanted to se if people still wanted to play in Super Hero world before I bothered submitting a character.
  8. im here just in a holding pattern waiting to land
  9. Can I get a headcount of who is still interested in playing? If it doesn't seem like much it might just be time to give up here. I personally am stepping out. I need to focus on other things.
  10. *smirks* Just play, buddy. You're here now. Forever.
  11. My post is the most recent post under Elysian Waves. Dude, I'm stung. Stung!
  12. Uh, you're... I know you've submitted to someone, but I don't know what your character is. *scratches head, confused*
  13. My character isn't actual and submitted? You wound me.
  14. I was referring more to actual submitted characters.
  15. Okay. Thought I'd make a quick headcheck here as well... We got Unity, Gale, Tempest, and Wraith as our only official characters in this?
  16. I'll see what I can do, outside of waiting to see what comes out of your and Carv's conversation. Also, anyone else posting in Elysium Waves?
  17. I don't have a suggestion there, other than just start something and run with it. I'll talk to Carver tomorrow about helping me make the next post in Elysium Waves (still fuzzy-brained, but I understand that this needs to get moving again).
  18. A question on execution... How you guys think I could start a group thread of my own and not step on Mala's toes with her thread?
  19. Elysium had several rooms dedicated to the reception of teleported cargoes. Even though the transit system could only handle one 'package' at a time, it could direct them to any of the reception rooms. Most of them were essentially high-tech loading docks, made to facillitate distributing bulk cargo to the appropriate storage area. The passenger reception rooms were sleek and styled, with the control consoles sculpted with organic curves and smooth white farings. The walls were the same spotless white, illuminated by long glowing strips in the equally white ceiling. The floor? White tiles of course. It wasn't a lack of imagination...it wasn't just to make problems for the janitors...the transit chambers needed to be kept fairly clean. With a machine that had to tally up individual molecules present, cleanliness wasn't just a good habit. In that clean room were a pair of technicians working the panel, and an older gentleman with a distinguished air about him. The techs had jumpsuits of pastel cyan, various symbols on the shoulders and breasts in darker hues that indicated their relative position and duty stations. The gentleman wore simple garments; a white shirt and charcoal pants. His silver hair made a good happy medium between those two shades. He radiated a sense of 'classy' wealth, like old European money who had fine tastes but very little ostentatiousness. There was nothing specific about him that caught the eye, but he was almost impossible to ignore. He waited there, staring at the glowing floor panels in the alcove across the room. The lights there weren't part of the machine, they just let people know where not to stand. There were so many failsafes built into the system that it wasn't even funny, but it was still a much better idea to stay away from the integration area entirely. After a pause, the waiting man turned his head slightly to include the technicians in his field of vision. One looked up and shook her head. "The safeties keep rejecting the transmission. There's interference on the other end." The other one added, "I've got their operator on the line. He says the passenger's...oh wait, alright here we go." There was no extended special-effects sequence; no shaft of light, no particles swarming around and assembling themselves. There was a hollow FUMF made by the pressure wave of incoming material. There was a hiss under the floor as waste energy was diverted to heat sinks and bled off into coolant tanks. The first thing anyone in the room saw of the new arrival was the lenses. Where eyes should be were lenses, over large and gleaming dully in the bright overhead lamplight. Framed by a plastic armature and straps cinched tightly around a skull that seemed composed of just three things: Those lenses, a static explosion of bright orange hair, and the biggest grin that biology could make possible. The figure on the integration pad was at first glance a kind of human-dandelion hybrid with goggles, standing skinny and straight; thin enough to make her head look bigger than it should be. Her hair was wild and unkempt, splayed around her head and exagerrating its size even more. She had a white tank top on and a pair of brown cargo shorts that just showed her knobby knees, but saying that she wore those things did a disservice to the unholy maze of straps and belts and harnesses that crisscrossed her, festooned with little pouches and cylindrical containers and blinking lights and jars of ominously glowing stuff, and bizarre little mechanical trinkets. Had she forgotten to wear clothes entirely, she would have walked with her modesty intact. On her feet were a pair of boots that were bulky enough that they made her skinny legs look almost sticklike in comparison. They were thick black leather, encased in a weird cage of tubes and tanks and indicators, along with complicated machinery along the calf-line and ankle that glowed. It was all too easy to imagine this person simply exploding should they dare take a single step. Still grinning, she quickly looked at a device in her left hand. It emitted a dejected 'doop' noise, and she swore to herself...all the while never losing that manic grin. "Oh, come ON! I missed it!" She looked at the technicians and pointed at them. "Okay, do it again! Only this time someone else has to go. You!" That finger swiveled to cover the man who'd been waiting. "You can come right back, but I can't get a good reading if I'm the one going!" It immediately became obvious why this man drew a paycheck, because he didn't so much as bat an eyelash. Instead he stepped forward and offered a hand with the kind of reserved formality normally offered to the kings of remote-but-still-civilized nations. "Madam, thank you for accepting our Keeper's invitation. She is honored to have you here, and very excited to meet you later this evening. I am your liason, Thomas. I will answer any questions you have and, if you wish, give you a tour of the city." The apparition stared at him for a second, then said, "...you're not gonna get on that thing, are you?" Thomas shook his head slightly. "I'm afraid the teleporter is rather tightly scheduled. You would need to speek to the Keeper to arrange further demonstrations." She twisted her lips a bit at that, looked at the device in her hand again, then sighed and clipped it onto one of her belts. From there she was all smiles as she stepped forward and socked a gloved hand into Thomas'. "Alright, that's okay then. I'm Deezy. I guess you already knew that." He nodded sagely and shook her hand. "Indeed. Would you like to be shown to your room, or would you prefer the tour?" Deezy looked around, her goggles whirring softly and ticking. Then she reached up and shoved the lenses up off her face onto her forehead. Her eyes glittered an intense green. "I wanna see it all," she said in a tone of voice that implied deep, existential hunger. "Of course," was Thomas' reply. "We'll start with your accomodations, and you can leave your things there if you wish, then we'll..." "Actually," interrupted Deezy as she fell into step alongside him, "We can save that til last. I dunno how long we've got, so let me text you a list of the places I want to hit in order so we're sure to get the best parts first." She was fiddling with that device again, and Thomas felt his phone wobble in his backpocket to announce the receipt of a message. He reached back to get it as they headed out of the reception room towards the lifts. She was already starting in on the questions. This was definitely going to be a day he earned his keep.
  20. I'm gonna give people a little bit longer to post, but I'm working towards the next post. Given my current mental/physical state, this'll probably take a few more days.
  21. Working on my intro post. Sorry it's taken a bit of time.
  22. made a minor correction in the last part of my post I forgot to add before i posted and i added my sheet to sig
  23. One week ago in LA For three nights while on patrol across East LA, Wraith had seen the well dressed man lurking in places he shouldn't have been. The man was African American tall and solidly built and using the skills she had learned from Master Vo, she believed that he was well trained. She assumed that he was up to no good so she had been keeping and eye out for any mischief that he might be plotting. It was lucky she had been she thought to herself as she floated along above him nearly invisible in the darkness for the third night in a row waiting for him to do something... anything. But she wasnt expecting this. Curtis was getting frustrated this should have been an easy task like the other deliveries he had made. But this one, this Wraith, wasn't following his usual pattern he hadn't been out fighting crime every night like the reports had indicated it was almost like he had vanished. And questioning the locals hadn't given him any leads most refused to talk abut the mysterious hero at all. And the police had been zero help at all. So now it was time to take a more direct approach. He had spotted the Drug Dealer two night ago and followed him hoping the Masked Vigilante would show when that didn't happen he marked him with a tracer and filed it away well at dusk he had seen this tracer moving into a different neighborhood than he had been in for the previous two nights that indicated something was up and when the low life scum showed up in the company of two other low life scum he had also tracered, a plan began to form. If The Wraith wont come out and play, he thought as he made his way to that location, Ill just have to draw him out. I didn't peg him for a ganger Desiree thought as she watched the man enter a gang haven well I have been meaning to clean this place out any way but lets see whats going on in there first then ill bring the house down. She smiled wickedly in anticipation of the fight to come as she altered her density to pass through the walls and floors an insubstantial ghost. It didn't take her long to find the gang members but she was kinda surprised to find so many here then she saw the Asians with the cases. Guns and money but wheres the black guy . Just as she was thinking these thought there was a disturbance at the other end of the room. She had found her quarry and not in a way she had considered. Getting into the building had been child's play but when he found the numbers not in his favor Curtis decided this might not be a good idea. Starting a quiet retreat Curtis was surprised when the black clad fighters dropped silently in front and behind him what the.... Desiree watched the two men dressed like Ninjas dragging the unconscious man to the table, the gang bangers clearing the way for them, she could hear the words being spoken as the ninja looking guys threw the contents of the mans coat and pockets onto the table, even though she couldnt understand them she recognized the language Chinese . One of the Chinese Gangsters picked up a pistol and what looked like a passport from the scattered contents, there was also a gold envelop on the table. Flipping open the passport the gangster read in surprisingly good english “Curtis Green of Elysium , heh,†he smrked, “ I mean formerly of Elysium. Kill him.†he tossed down the passport and was reaching for the envelop when Curtis Green sprang into action. Catching his captors and everyone else off guard he manged to toss one of the ninja wannabes onto the table the other he grabbed and used as a combo leverage to make it to his feet and a shield from the guns the other gangsters were now brandishing. Gunfire erupted and the ninja was perforated, the noise woke up the stunned gangbangers who preceded to pull their guns, Curtis pushed the now lifeless Ninja at the Chinese Gangsters and lunged for his pistol. and was knocked off his feet again when the whole building shook as the little masked vigilante landed in the center of the Gang bangers sending them reeling as her six tons of mass slammed into the concrete floor shattering it and collapsing the floor into the basement. With the majority of the gang member tumbling in after. Desiree seeing that there was more to this guy than meets the eye she made a split second call and altered her density to the upper end of her ability plummeting to the floor she hit it with enough mass to cause it to shatter and collapse as the floor gave way she once again altered density this time to insubstantial just as the bullets from the gangsters started flying her way to pass harmlessly through her. Curtis was astonished it was a girl he had had no idea and a small one at that but then he looked at the gaping hole where the floor of the large room had been and shoock himself as the gangsters began firing at the Wraith now floating fast toward the the collected gangsters and him. Desiree floated between the man and the guns and altered he density once again feeling the sting of the bullets impact as she transition made her angrier and with a sweep of her hardened hand shattered the table hurling the pices and the gangsters back. As the gunfire faltered she turned and grabbed the man up in her arms as she turned shielding him he reached out and snatched the gold crumpled envelop, then she was running full tilt her massive footfalls furthering the collapse of the floor behind her shielding the man with her body bullets bouncing wildly around she shouldered her way through the wall to the outside and lowering her density so that her she made her way around the corner of the next building there Curtis regained his feet and the two continued running for few blocks until sure of no followers. The two of them grasping for breath Desiree pushed the man against the wall “Who are you and what the hell were you doing in there?†still gasping he looked closely at the amazing girl in front of him and still keeping his composure said “Curtis Green, glad to meet you and thank you. You Must be The Wraith†Desiree adrenalin still burning took her first good look at Curtis Green and found a very attractive man in his late twenties or early thirties. Kinda old but not bad to look at she thought to herself then she answered his question, “Just Wraith.†“Well, Wraith,†he said as he extended the gold envelop toward her, “You have been invited to a party.†THE PRESENT in ELYSIUM Wraith floated out of the cargo hold of the civilian osprey transport hybrid she had stowed away aboard no way she was going to miss this but she just couldn't bring herself to trust a transporter. The Trasnporter station was clearly marked so she floated over to it fully insubstantial and only solidified herself when she was there as if she had just transported in, within a few moments of her materialization a young man hurried through a set of doors and came towards her. “Please for give me Miss Wraith for the delay I wasn't aware of your arrival until just now, I'm Michael Deevers, your guide may I show you to your quarters or would you like a tour first?†Desiree found it strangely disappointing that Curtis Green wasn't here to greet her. “It's just Wraith.â€
  24. Dawn: Stole the words out of my head on a deadline. It would help Mala as well. Wraith: Don't worry... again, this is OW.

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