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  2. I've come to the realization that this game will not launch no matter how hard I try. I now only got two people active that will post reliably and now other things are starting to grab even my attention. I really should not have tried to reboot this game at the time I did. This is too much of a time where no-one is able to post or is too distracted by something. ,, What is worse is that everyone I have tried to recruit to increase the number of actives in this group have failed because the setting just was not interesting. To be honest I started this because S.T.A.R.S was stillborn and I still wanted to play something... sadly again the "want to play/has to run" paradox has happened with me again. ,, As of today I'm closing Alabaster Academy for good this time. With my joining up with the Exalted game, and the potential of me having to pick up a spare elsewhere, this is pretty much the one thing I have no choice but to drop.
  3. Abby, please correct your last post. you have 3 days. At this point I would hope you have been paying attention to the OOC. ,, I plan on moving forward this Saturday or whenever the correction is made. Plan as in it's set in stone.
  4. ,, Casey laughed and shook her head. "Oh no, I didn't mean 'tear' like that; for some reason, the rapid reading doesn't harm the paper the way you'd think it would, although I guess there could be some wear issues over time. it's more like...." ,, She held up a heaping forkful of eggs. "If I really wanted to, I could devour this whole breakfast in seconds flat." There was a brief blur of motion, and the eggs were gone before the human eye had time to register the movement. "Like that. And yeah, sometimes if I'm late for class, I pull that stunt, but in general, I try to savor each bite. But I love reading more than I love food. Now if I have a book I really like, like a good Jack London story or something, I can savor that as well. But with a big library like ours?" The blonde shook her head sadly. "That's like...locking a sugar addict inside a Pixie Stix factory; 'Om Nom Nom' doesn't even cover it." ,, Casey set down her fork and turned to Patricia. "So your father wants us to meet him at the library after breakfast? That's cool." She shuddered playfully as she resumed eating. "Maybe I can wear some horse blinders so I don't see all those tasty books..."
  5. PLEASE PEOPLE, watch this thread... I MEANT KIA not MIA. I didn't catch this error until when I last POSTED THIS. Please edit your posts accordingly. I will not post again until this is corrected. ,, That means Abby, please correct your post accordingly.
  6. Patricia scratched her head. "It's going. Outside of what I mentioned earlier. It sort of throws me off when I don't have air below me and the sky above me." She sighed. "Then again when I can see the workings of a machine with my eyes, I tend to admire the handywork of a aeronautical engineer." She said pointing to her eyes. "I can change what my visual senses can see, although I can only run one "channel" at a time. If I'm looking on the X-Ray frequency, I can't see anything outside of X-Rays, and so-on. If I turned everything on, I'd fall unconcious from the overload of information." ,, She drank some of her Orange Juice. "The most I can have going at once is 3 similar frequencies... visual with infra-red and ultra-violet for instance, which I'm running right now." She looked over Kia. "Amazing how you don't get a sunburn swimming..." She said, pointing to some peeling skin at her hairline. "...was taking a float a few days ago out in the Pacific to relax and to test my ditching gear, and I think I over-indulged." She blushed. "Next time I wear a hat or something..." She turned to Casey. "You know, you could use a Tablet... you can page through a book quickly without worrying about damaging said book. I hear Tomoko has developed a pretty sturdy, waterproof, and tough touch-tablet."
  7. "Well I WAS gonna do some flying for a bit today, but then God decided to be a giant asshole and make it rain. So I guess I will take you up on your offer, Casey. Though I'm not entirely powerless yet, It's more someone's switched me from AC to DC. (if this is the other way around correct me)" She said stabbing her food and then eating. "Sorry if I'm in a bad mood girls. How are you all doing this morning?" She said smiling a little, not wanting to get people upset this morning. ,, "haven't seen Mia today, Pat. In fact, you three are the first folks I've seen today." Alexis said with her mouth full.
  8. Patricia slipped her raincoat off onto her chair, leaning forward, her oil stained overalls for the world to see. "You know, I've not gone SCUBA diving in a while. Might be a fun diversion once the weather clears and we got a few hours to ourselves." She said to Kia, eating her toast. "But there was a reason why I was talking about the Library... seems my Dad's been hanging out in there a lot... in his usual way he disappears and I can't find him to try to straighten him out on getting me back into the air... it's weird how he does that sometimes." She shook her head. "He said he wanted to have us meet him there after Breakfast, by the way... I was sort of assigned by him to send the message... although I din't know if he'll pull one of those disappearing acts again."
  9. Casey shook her head at the mention of the library. "I have not; to be honest, I'm a little nervous to check it out." She gestured vaguely with her fork. "Due to my super-speed, I kind of...tear through books. As in, rereading the whole Harry Potter series in about thirty seconds." She shook her head and chuckled. "I'm kind of afraid that once I see all those books, I won't be able to stop." ,, When Kia joined them, the blonde girl grinned and held up her tray, which was almost as heavily loaded as the young Japanese girl's own. "Look at us; Giant Breakfast Buddies!" At the mention of plans, she shrugged, causing the shoulders of her hoodie to bunch up slightly as she started to dig in again. ,, "I dunno; I was thinking of maybe doing another scouting flight around the campus, looking for interesting stuff; you find the coolest places tucked away on rooftops. Nice places to sit and think." Then she gave Alex a slightly awkward look. "Uh, y'know. if you ever need a lift on days like today, I could-" She pointed her hands skyward and made a sort of 'psssh' sound. "Those caves sound cool, too, though."
  10. "I've been there!" ,, The cheerful, piping voice could only belong to one person. Kia took a seat across from Casey with a motion that could only properly be called a 'flounce.' A kind of controlled floppy fall that looked like it should be a little painful, but that grin on her face never flickered. ,, "Hi guys," the little Japanese/Hawaiian girl chirped as she set her tray down. She had enough food for two girls on there...two much bigger girls. She'd once explained that her body used a lot more energy than normal, but didn't really understand the details enough to say much more. ,, "Anyone doing anything fun today? I was thinking of checking out some of those caves in the reef later on. Doesn't matter if it's raining if you're already underwater after all."
  11. Oh and I will be changing the thread's current status, now people can post freely. I think some initial socialization will help start off getting people into character.
  12. Patricia walked in, her black hair in a braided ponytail, not that it could be noticed under the hood of her bright yellow school issued raincoat. Until she pulled her hood back. She seemed a bit annoyed more than anything as she grabbed her breakfast and sat next to the other girls. Muching on her bacon she scratched her head. "Oh... hey you two. Where's Kia? She's not gotten to the mess yet?" She said with her British accent. She's the adopted ward of William and Rebecca, so a lot of their habits have brushed off on the American-born Asian girl. "Was going to fly today... been practicing flying the seaplane in bad weather. Never know if it'll be a needed skill, but William grounded me yesterday without stated reasons..." She sighed. "Not sure on why... It wasn't a safety consideration or a sanction..." ,, Patricia was the #2 pilot at the school, behind her adopted mother Rebecca. Usually the seaplane was used to ferry students about to and from the school's yacht or to assist in search and rescue operations. The plane could even be hoisted into a storage spot on the yacht... But that was neither here nor there. "...oh well. I don't spend enough free time just being on the student island. Anyone visited the library yet? It's pretty amazing." ,, OOC Being as people want to ease into their characters, I will change my intent with this. Now for a little bit we'll have a social phase to the thread, followed by plot.
  13. Casey entered the cafeteria a few minutes later, looking very casual in a rain-splattered US Air Force hoodie, sweatpants and a well-worn pair of Nikes; she grabbed a tray and got extra-large portions of everything (including a simply HUGE glass of orange juice), then scanned around until she spotted Alex, one of her friends. The blonde adjusted her glasses and ambled over to her table. ,, "Hey, Alex!" She grabbed a seat and carefuly lowered her heavily-laden tray. "What's up?" Casey noticed the other girl's sour mood, then looked out the windows at the gray sky and grimaced. "Ah; 'rainy days and Mondays', huh? Sucks to be solar powered." Then she began to dig into her morning feast with gusto.
  14. Ah sorry about that. I was really frustrated and I went full stupid. Also everyone knows each other, not to mention most of the NPCs. There's only 20 students at the academy. ,, BTW, this is the island with the dorms and other student amenities on it... ,, The Academy island is much larger...
  15. Question before I post: is the understanding that we all know each other and are fairly familiar with the school at this point? ,, Also Reb I just noticed that it appears you had the original story threads deleted; while I undertand the desire to start with a clean slate, I'm kind of bummed that all that character development is now gone. Was it saved anywhere, or do we just have to start from scratch? I ask because it's been a while since I've written for Casey, and I was hoping to refresh my memory by rereading her old posts.
  16. As I did start on a holiday weekend, I think I should post up this friendly reminder... ,, I'm starting the 1 week count now.
  17. To say Alexis was a bad mood this morning was a understatement. Rainy Days mean very little sunlight, which means she has to ration her powers. ,, Still Bacon and Ham! She grabs her breakfast and sits down, waiting for her friends to show up.
  18. 12 hours ago... Venice Italy ,, An alarm rings out and police surround a building in historic Venice. Detectives encircle the crime scene's front door and walk in, looking around for anything that could clue them in to what happened. All there was, was a missing painting, the obvious sign of something on the wall was the discolored paint on the wall where a painting has sat for decades. What confused them... was the apparent lack... of evidence. ,, One of the detectives pulls out his cell phone and dials a pretty complex number... "Yes... please direct me to Professor Fortnight's office..." ,, Now... The Alabaster Academy cove, The Student island ,, It's a rainy day, it's a stretch of days off for the various students at the Academy, although the rough waters has given William Fortnight enough cause to ban any boat travel outside of the yacht or the RHIBs for fishing. That is if anyone wanted to fish in the occasional downpour. In fact it seemed the rainy season and the school's days off tend to mesh with few actual breaks for enjoyable activities. Everyone is in the cafeteria enjoying breakfast, eggs, bacon, ham... a robust meal. ,, OOC Okay... here we go! One post from everyone, please, mentioning what your character does when they walk in and meet up with the others. Then I will open to a cycle or two of socialization.
  19. Okay, Tomorrow is the day! I will be opening up with a post that will mix the plot intro with setting the first scene with you guys. I want everyone to become familiar with the house rules again, as I will want at minimum outside of combat turns 1 post a week minimum, and I will reward activity.
  20. Ok, starting this Saturday I will be kicking off the "reboot" as it were. There will be a preliminary post to sort of set up the scene, and once that is made everyone can start posting. ,, Everyone will be at the Academy, at the island where the student dorms are. The larger academy island is nearby.

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