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  2. Sad to see this go, even if I haven't been active for a bit now this was always a fun game for me (it was kinda hard to not have fun with Ryan thanks for putting up with him Dawn), and definitely a favorite for a good long while. Thanks for the memories Dawn.
  3. This was one of the first games I joined when I first found this home of mine on the web, and for that I will always be grateful to it and to you, Dawn. ,, Thank-you for all the effort and time you put into it and I wish I could have kept up the zest and drive that I had when I first arrived here, but times change and we change. And you shouldn't be forcing yourself to prop up one game at the expense of others. ,, I'm sure Sean and Swan will find a home somewhere else, someday.
  4. It's okay, Dawn...it happens, and it's not a big deal. If the worst thing that happens all night is a fun game ends, that's still a pretty good night all told. ,, I know I was struggling a bit with Dalton too, not because of anything you were doing wrong, but just struggling a bit. ,, So this is hard, but it will be good. Free up all that creative energy for something that'll work better. ,, Thanks for making the hard call.
  5. So. I'm going to do the thing that all STs hate to do, but I feel like the time has come, for me. I have been having trouble with Dalton for a while; I was able to produce posts but I have been struggling. I have started to realize that my other games are suffering because by the time I'd wrangled out a post for Dalton, I was too drained to finish a post for something else. ,, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I birthed a good idea and then couldn't follow through to the end. I'm sorry to you guys who put in time and effort for naught. I know many of you had characters that you loved here, and I'll help you find homes for them if I can in the future. So I'm sorry about the truncated stories and unfinished sagas. I'm sorry that some of you never got to really even be the person in the spotlight or find out what weirdness was in your background. ,, And thank you. Thank you for your time and effort. Thank you for the stories and the fun we have had. I wish I could have done better by you, but thank you for all you gave.
  6. The Keeper laughed—laughed—at her words. “Your anger is weak and impotent. You think because you can control my shadows that you have power. But you have nothing!” Lucia felt the monster’s shadows coil around her, their pressure increasing as the Keeper squeezed. ,, Sean felt the muscle, the meat, impact her fist. Without hesitation, she swung again, her mighty blow knocking the Keeper back. At the same time, Ravi pounced, his black form swarming over the shadows of the Keeper, blending with and disappearing into the darkness of their enemy. Sylvia struggled against the shadows holding her, making her a writhing black ball on the floor. ,, Swan danced in to mirror Sean on the other side of the Keeper, but she hadn’t seen the trick. It didn’t matter after a moment; the Keeper’s shadows rolled up behind him and over her, knocking her back once more. This time, they worked to pin her. ,, Ahvia joined the fray, pulling a small knife from somewhere on her person. She didn’t attack the Keeper directly; instead, she was trying to cut the shadows away from Lucia. Her narrow face was twisted with the force of her determination as she worked, trying to free her friend. The effort was less than fruitful. ,, The fight with the Keeper could have gone on indefinitely, but as Lucia began to have trouble breathing, it seemed to ignite her mother to action. Pandora pushed her way past the tendrils wrapping around Lucia and the struggling Ahvia to face the Keeper. “Stop it! You’re killing her! She’s your daughter!”
  7. Renata squeezed back against the wall, then tried to stomp on the weird, cold thingy it kept slithering over to her...and while it didn't hurt, it DID have the effect of distracting her. Too late, she realized that her concentration had faltered, and that the heat she'd been trying to develop was escaping into the air of the room instead of focusing on one little spot. Harmless...ineffective against the unnatural chill this thing was summoning. ,, Her fingers tightened around the metal knife-wheel in her hand, and she scowled. ,, That's what she got for trying to go all Jedi-mind meld on this thing. Time to stop screwing around and get this thing done so she could go have a chat about the risks inherent in throwing people through walls with Daddy Long-Tentacles in there. ,, She started advancing on the spot that her telekinesis was still grasping what she increasingly suspected was probably just a ball of long tentacles or something. It had some kind of mass, and if she had to reach in there and find it by hand then that's what she'd do. ,,
  8. Still firmly ensnared and nearly enveloped by black tendrils, Silvia thrashed, clawed and bit for all she was worth. But held within the mass, it was all but futile, no matter how desperately she flailed; the living shadow that held her fast proved ephemeral when tooth or claw would normally find purchase. Even her growls seemed muffled.
  9. Oh.... oh, graaaaaaaaaaaaah. Ray had the wear and tear of most decidely excruciating training, some cuts and lashes from skirmishes with the Caramine led raiding parties from time to time. But nothing created such shock, pain and shiver as the exotic, new sensation of being speared through the gut. Ray's teeth ground together, but amazingly his tongue only was coated with saliva, not blood. ,, Ray flipped the knife in his weapon-hand, so he could grasp and wrench at the spear impaling him. It faded, breaking solidity, and from the internal shift - so did the invading head. Lightly, Ray's fingers skimmed across the area of the frontal wound as he lurched back from the radius of close combat. No sign of bones or ribs being damaged. Bleeding would be an issue, but his hand could feel a lot more damp than it was. ,, Not the kind of luck he preferred out of his powers, but Ray could accept it. Better than the alternative. "Ggh- Get em."
  10. Ravi hissed as Sean heaved him off her with fury-fueled strength and climbed back to her feet. Blood trickled down her cheek from where the panther-man's claws had gouged her and dripped from her chin, and her blue eyes glittered like black ice under the flickering light, rage subsuming her aches and pains. ,, Under normal circumstances, Sean would have felt regret and self-recrimination for seeing her friends being hurt and not being able to stop it, but the raging SoulFury precluded that. There was the vague thought that she wished she had flares or some other means to make more light in her pack, but it faded away as the Chideran Amazon charged the Keeper once more. ,, With the writhing mass of shadows, there was something solid inside the Keeper, something that could be hurt. His throat, his spine, his heart, whatever it was, she'd find it and she'd tear it too pieces. Barely making out Lucia's shadowy tendrils tying down the Keep, Sean grinned viciously. ,, "Hold 'im still, Lucia!" Sean shouted, long legs eating up the distance the Keeper had thrown her. She couldn't see it, but she had a target now, hands tightening in eagerness to pulp and rip whatever was inside the Keeper, then tear it out. "We got 'im this time!" ,, Sean dipped low to avoid Lucia's shadow arms, her fist going under then up in a powerful uppercut to find the solid bit hiding inside the ephemeral shadows.
  11. Lucia shook her head, her vision swimming as pain lanced through her sides at the movement, staring at her mother with shocked reproach. "I'm not leaving them, Mom!" Her expression turned deathly pale, as pale as Frida, when she spotted the speared Ray, but it gave her an idea. "Go wait outside, we'll come out as soon as we can get everyone." ,, She didn't wait for her mother's protests, but instead stumbled away and pulled on the darkness inside of her. It came more easily this time and two shadow tendrils spilled out from her; they shot out towards the Keeper, aiming not for where a human would be vulnerable, but for the only consistently solid piece of the otherwordly creature: his face. She grabbed for him, intending to pull his head down onto the flashlight. "Leave. My. Friends. Alone. You. Kidnapping. Bastard!" she yelled between clenched teeth. ,, Mechanics Roll(3d10)+0: 8,5,10,+0 Total:23 No quality for a reroll of the 10, so two shadow arms. 8/10 Power ,, Dunno what I should really roll for her trying to face-bash the Keeper; it's mostly there for dramatic pissed-offness.
  12. Renata The temperature battled in the small space of the room, the heat and cold rising and falling as the two forces fought one another. Renata was feeling pretty good; she could feel her power pinning the creature against the wall, while she also beat back it’s cold. ,, Then something cold touched her ankle, winding around it like a tentacle of slimy ice. Renata almost shrieked. Was there another!? Had the one she had somehow reached this far?! The lack of lights made the unexpected touch worse, and the smell of frigid cold, the peculiar smell of frozen air, seemed to be gathering around her body. ,, Main Group Sean felt nothing as the weapon sliced into the Keeper’s body. It was a stunning letdown to her mentally; the sense of unrequited release was terrible. She should have cut him. He should be bleeding, spilling out his essence like a perverted version of male issue. Instead, nothing. ,, Still screaming, she sliced higher; she’d seen his face and knew it was there! This time, she struck something; not his face, but something lower and just as meaty. Shadows wrapped around her waist and her neck and hauled her away from him, the cold, black tentacles like being accosted by a frozen giant octopus. They whipped her through the air and tossed her—right into the charging Ravi. The two went down in a tangle of furry legs and muscled arms. ,, Swan made her own attack, only to be swept off her feet. The Keeper was fighting with ridiculous ease, his shadows operating with precision and strength. Had they not had the electric lights to create a focused beam of brightness, the Daltonites wouldn’t have a chance. As it was, they were still struggling to make a difference. ,, Like Sean, his first attack sliced through shadows; it was only when he struck higher that he seemed to hit anything. Ray’s shouted order also seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. With a snarl, the master of shadows a long lance of shadows at Ray again, but this time, it pierced his torso, sliding between two ribs to come out the back. ,, “Lu… Lu… Lucia?” ,, Even slurred and uncertain, the voice was Lucia’s mother; Lucia knew it. She opened her eyes to see the feathered woman bending over her, the dancing lights from the fighters turning patches of her white feathers into blazes of color. “Mom?” Lucia whispered, moving to sit up before yelping at the pain that burned through her abused body. ,, “Baby? I…” Her mother reached for her, only to stop when she saw the feathers adorning her arms. “I… I’m back here. And you’re… oh, god, no, please no, let this be a nightmare.” The woman named Pandora, better known to Lucia as Mom, covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes wide with horror. ,, “Mom!” Lucia dragged herself up and grabbed her mother, holding her tight. Had the broken cage also released her mother’s wits? Lucia didn’t know and didn’t care. ,, “You shouldn’t be here!” Pandora hugged her daughter fiercely. “You have to go! Before he…” ,, “I’m taking you out of here.” Lucia stood up, almost falling when her back lanced with pain again. Blinking past the white stars that gathered in her vision, she said, “We’re all going.” ,, Together, the two clambered out the cage through the hole in it. “Quick, while the others are fighting!” Pandora pushed Lucia toward the exit. “Go!” ,,
  13. Ray swore with Chideran relish, some choice phrases elicited from bed partners like Lianja, albeit this situation was not that kind of fun. The coat was going to be ripped - potentially to shreds if he wrenched his way to freedom, so Ray took the moments to bluntly get his arms out. ,, All or nothing, at this frantic rate. Ray scrambled to scoop up the flashlight, and while he gave it a shake to try and coax more light, his right hand pulled free his knife, sharpness glinting as it might with what illumination was present. Then, he charged, thrusting out the flashlight like the head of a spear to get it into the face of the Keeper. ,, The lower level reduced the sting, and the otherworldly being was more able to turn it's head away, but that merely confirmed the feint for Ray's knife, as he thrust and thrust again in a furor. ,, "Yield, you son of a bitch, yield!" ,, OOC A volley of things coming, if it's not an issue. Activating Superlative Luck for Ray (Resolve + Occult + Fate): Jeremy *rolls* 6d10e8: 1,9,9,8,3,9. Successes = 4 Oooh. Excellent to have 4 8-agains available for the rest of the scene. ,, ,, And now the attack: Knife attack + Willpower spend for 3 dice, and the once per two turns Fighting Style ability to reduce the Keeper's defense by 1 and the 8-again. ,, The dice pool would be Dex 3 + Weaponry 2 + Specialty 1 + Knife Bonus 1 + Willpower 3 = 10 dice. I don't know what the modified Defense would be... so subtract dice from the right to left. Jeremy *rolls* 10d10e8: 7,8,9,2,6,2,7,2,7,2. Successes = 2 Jeremy *rolls* 2d10e8: 6,1. Successes = 0 Ick. Only 2L damage. ,, Power Points: 10/12 Willpower: 3/4 8-Again Rerolls: 3/4
  14. Lucia grimaced at Sean's suggestion. S/he had no idea just how weird this felt and how much stronger the shadow-man-thing was than her. Holding him down, inky tentacles or no, just wasn't going to happen. She cast around for something useful to do and her eyes caught on the flashlight, flung into the corner from Ray's hand. One snaking tendril of blacker than black flashed over to it, lifting it up and worming around Sean to hold the light on the Keeper's face again. ,, The creature hissed and ducked away again, trying to keep his face out of the light. If Lucia had been holding the flashlight with flesh-blood-arms, that might have helped: elbows and shoulders could only rotate so far, but as it was, the shadow-arm had no such restrictions. It followed him relentlessly, Lucia's simmering-to-boiling rage over what had been done to her mother and the damage he was doing to her friends made her heartless herself to the Keeper's obvious pain at the light. He let out an infuriated howl and wrapped his own shadow-arms around the girl, flinging her away from him with inhuman strength. ,, Lucia flew through the air, panic breaking her concentration and dissipating her tendrils. The flashlight clattered to the floor again, the light blinking out for a moment, then weakly dimming back on. Lucia hit the cage like a rag-doll, the breath knocked out of her; dark stars filled her vision as pain lanced through her body from slamming into the metal bars. The bars bent inward, screaming in protest as the cage door was shoved inward and open under the impact. Lucia slid down the mangled mesh of metal, falling limply to the ground inside the cage at her mother's feet.
  15. Sean was pissed. Her SoulFire burned hotter and hotter as the Keeper used the shadows to throw Renata through a wall, bind Ms. Dorn, and to menace Swan while it was all she could do to stop him from reeling Lucia in. One thought managed to seep through the growing need to lash out in full assault. ,, "Lucia! If it's his shadows yer usin', stop 'im from usin' 'em on us!" Sean snarled, Chideran rage making her husky voice sharp and hard. She shifted position to better confront the Keeper rather than hold Lucia, flashing him an aggressive grin. "Now, asshole, if you wanna pick on girls, pick on me!" ,, Sean let her SoulFire blaze into full on SoulFury, feeling a release as intense and visceral as orgasm as her focus narrowed to the opponent in front of her and the need to win, to conquer, to triumph. With a wordless battle-cry, the unexpected Amazon launched fist after metal-bladed fist at the Keeper, powered by a strength that was greater than human. ,, Notes Entered Soul Fury as a Reflexive Action (-1 Essense) and attacking the Keeper, through still trying to keep between Lucia and him. ,, Current Physical Attributes: Str 8, Dex 6, Sta 5, Defense 6, Armor 1 (+1 vs Bashing attacks) ,, Essence: 10/12
  16. Two birds, one stone. Renata concentrated, clamping down anew on the strange, struggling little monster. It was cold, but she barely felt it. Heat was uncurling in the base of her stomach, flowing outward and through her like octopus arms. The tiny hairs on her arms were standing out, her breath invisibly fogging up the darkness in front of her, but nothing went past the skin. ,, "Ngh!" She swung her arm as if throwing a baseball, and the creature sailed back away from her and slammed into the far wall...the wall she'd come bursting in through, in fact. She heard the thump, the squeal, the struggle as it scraped at the barrier it was smushed up again. ,, There it was. ,, All it took was focus...focus, and a whole LOTTA mad. She had plenty to spare. ,, Right around the creature, where it was pressed against the wall, the temperature began to swiftly rise, making a sudden breeze as it met cold air around the edges of the new warm front. ,,
  17. Trying to figure out what Ray can do... the flashlight isn't working and he's shadow-pinned.
  18. Sorry, just been really tired this week...I've thought about it a few times, but my brain just hasn't made sense of my mad ramblings. ,, I'll get a post together. Apologies.
  19. I've just been in a down swing and distracted. I'll get a post up as soon as I can prod my brain in the right direction. Sorry!
  20. What am I not doing to get you guys to post? Please let me know if I need to fastforward through this scene or what. I know I've let things drag but I'm trying to prevent that from happening going forward. So... what can I do to help you guys?
  21. Renata For a moment, she was in control; despite being in the dark, Renata was the one winning. Then the cold crept in, the paralyzing cold that comes in the total absence of the sun. In seconds, the room went from night-cool to freezing and she had a feeling it would get worse. ,, ,, Sylvia had a moment to relish in her victory; then she was flung off by a shadow even darker than her pelt. She tumbled through the air, twisting to come up on her feet. For a second, she thought she’d succeeded; then the ‘ground’ under her feet twisted and bucked her into the air again. But this time, instead of flipping through the air, she slammed into more darkness—a darkness that began to wrap around her and constrain her against her will. ,, Ray swung his flashlight back toward the shadow-wreathed monster, momentarily revealing the too-white face of the Keeper. That reveal was only seconds-long because Ray had to jerk away from the spear of shadow that lashed out at him. He dodged to the side only to have his rush away jerked short when the spear pinned his coat to the wall. Thankfully, it didn’t pin him, but he was still trapped by a shaft of darkness.
  22. Ray was flung onto his butt, head bumping painfully against the wall - but it was only a minor sort of 'ow' feeling, and his grasp on the flashlight did not loosen in the slightest. Good, since from the looks of the first reaction from the Keeper, light was a potent weapon. ,, Ray rose up, and oriented the beam back onto the Keeper's location: "Release the Songbird then, or we'll end you!" To follow it up, he tried to yank more strings of fortune around him - but they slipped from his 'hands' like a clown. Oh, that was bad. ,, OOC Strength + Athletics to hold onto the flashlight: Jeremy *rolls* 4d10e8: 10,10,8,4. Successes = 3 Jeremy *rolls* 2d10e8: 4,5. Successes = 0 ,, Ok, that was Staples Big Easy Button easy. ,, Activating Superlative Luck for Ray (Resolve + Occult + Fate):Jeremy *rolls* 6d10e8: 6,3,7,6,3,7. Successes = 0 [Jeremy] 7:34 pm: Oh.... FUCK REALLY?
  23. In the dark, when the thing stalking her finally got the balls to do more than make noise, Ren flinched at its touch...and then pounced! Invisible force snagged whatever it had touched her with, then coursed up that appendage and up and around whatever it had for a body. Renata couldn't feel the shape of it, but she could draw those forces tight around it. The thing struggled...it was strong, but not THAT strong. Though she had to fight, she managed to keep her grip on it and cinch it up, at least for the moment. ,, "This," she told her invisible attacker, "Is surprisingly theraputic.Your boss ought to charge for this shit." ,, She hefted her cutting wheel...then paused and thought about it for a second. Maybe she had a better idea. ,,
  24. Renata blinked in the darkness, not that it made any difference. She saw the same whether her eyes were open or shut. She seemed to stand forever in that terrible darkness, listening to that loathsome slithering advance toward her. It was almost a relief when something touched her ankle, even though she started and yelped at the shock of coldness to it. ,, * * * * * ,, Sean found herself pressed between the Keeper and Lucia’s struggling form; her dark-skinned schoolmate was even pushing on Sean’s back for a bit more leverage. Swan was fighting with a mass of shadows on the other side of the monster, her white face appearing red in the filtered light. “I am not holding… Lucia.” The Keeper said her name like it was an unfamiliar word, despite speaking English perfectly. “She must release the shadows she has taken from me.” ,, That was all the shadow-being managed to get out before Ray thrust the flashlight in its face. For a second, Lucia, Ray and Sean all saw its face. Bone-white skin competed with Swan for paleness, but where her skin looked normal for her, this face bore a chalk-white appearance. Wrinkled, dry flesh twisted in rage or pain as it jerked away, its grimacing mouth full of darkness, as if there was nothing behind the skin. Only Lucia and Sean were close enough to see the brown eyes that looked almost human before the Keeper reacted to the attack. ,, Darkness rose from his body like a wave from the ocean, slamming into the students like water. It washed them back and pushed them into the cage and walls. Only Lucia, her shadows still held, and Sean were unaffected. Perched on top of the cage, Sylvia was above the wave when it hit and now she leapt, her white claws and fangs drawing the eyes like stars bearing death from the night sky. The Keeper bowed under the weight of the massive cat on him, and Sylvia screamed joy as her claws caught and tore something on the monster.
  25. Sylvia had managed to scramble onto the top of the cage after her ill-fated attempt at breaking it free from its moorings. Now she saw a living shadow that simply reeked of malevolence attacking Lucia. What happened next was more instinct than thought. With a roar, she leaped at the thing, claws leading the way. ,,

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