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  1. What's new in this game
  2. *takes off hat and observes a moment of silence* I'm sorry to see it go. I was enjoying it, but I know how hard it is when people start dropping, and post rates decline. I myself am partly to blame on that front, and I apologize for that. It's been harder and harder for me to find time lately... I will try to do better for the remaining games I'm in.
  3. KKKHHHHHHHAAAAAANNNNN!!!!! I'll go put Janos back in the "Might have been" Bin. He will yet live again!
  4. I don't like to do this but my ability to enjoy this game has gone down tremendously and we've lost more than 50% of players so I am going to shut this down. Apologies to those of you still into it, perhaps someday we could return, but I really don't know. Time of death: 2:09 pm (EST) April 23rd, 2009 RIP
  5. Its been a week. I'm still trying to decide if I want to continue this, but at the moment I am leaning toward not. I'll make a final decision by the end of the week and let you all know.
  6. Well, I'm not sure how or if I could fix the problems with Mia based on what you are saying. If we continue I could offer a simple rebuild with current exp value so that you can make a PC that will work as you want her.
  7. I'll be honest. I'm sincerely divided. I have had a tough time getting a bead on Mia - I have her personality down, but she's not terribly useful in a fight since I didn't want to make another kung-fu superhuman, yet surviving a fight is what she's best at other than research. And most of the time, with research, I wind up just repeating what the GM tells me. I'll take the blame on this one, since I built her that way. I am not sure what the solution to it is, though. With low Dex and the high cost of attributes, it would take quite a lot of XP to turn her into a decent fighter - and I'm not that happy with her other role in research.
  8. I'm going to close out the chapter. I still have not made a final decision on the fate of this game but based on comments and discussion it seems you are all still interested and willing to put effort into it. I hope to come to a verdict by week's end.
  9. being that we've lost two PCs in the past month I'm going to cut this chapter off here so that we can regroup. I'm assuming people want to continue with this game? If not please speak up now before I start a new chapter.
  10. "The Congo? Ha. I laugh in the face of cannibalistic ape men. Well, I haven't met any yet but I'll laugh when I do. Thanks for the tip. Congo it is."
  11. "Alright then, time to go. Still no one out here and we are losing the sun. Congo is it? Never been there, but how much worse can it smell than than this." "As for madness, I've seen my fair share and if the alternative is a world plunged Darkness, what are we waiting for." Looking to Marion, "My men used to ask me why we had to do something suicidally dangerous and I would always tell them because we are the one's here. It really is that simple."
  12. "Oh, she understands," Marion says as she reaches out to slide the Grimoire back to herself. "As do I. The path we walk isn't the easy one, or the safe one...maybe not even the sane one." "But the cost of turning back now far exceeds the cost of continuing forward, if you can believe that." She smiles. "The deal's done then. Our thanks, and I hope what you found is of use to you."
  13. Fazil looks at Daphne for a moment before turning back to Marion, "Does your friend not comprehend? Madness and death await all who have sought the Library. Infernal companion or not."
  14. "We go Congo now?" Daphne asked, looking up from the mask she'd been examining. She glanced back at it suddenly - had it moved? So long as she looked at it, it was still, but she could see it moving out of the corner of her eye when she looked away.
  15. "Darkest Congo or so the story goes. Some believe that the expedition was set upon and devoured by cannibalistic ape men! Specifically I cannot tell you. It was said that the Russian never let another soul see his map and that he tore it into sections and locked each in a separate box to keep any from knowing where they were headed beyond the current leg of the journey." Fazil leaned even closer, his breath reeked of tobacco and worse, "The guide killed himself ... he chewed into his own wrists until he bled out. As he died he begged the darkness to take him."
  16. The 6th has come and gone. Ben will be put into an NPC role for the rest of the current Chapter (as will Catori).
  17. Marion carefully kept her face still, though her heart leapt. Obviously there was great danger on this path, but the link to the Heart of Darkness seemed clear. "I see...cryptic, but interesting. What deep jungle was the expedition bound for?"
  18. Fazil closes the book with a thud. His eyes close for a moment and before everyone's eyes his complexion becomes less sallow and the lines on his face smooth. He opens his eyes and the cataract is gone, the deep rich brown that stares out from under his heavy dark brow seems perfectly healthy. The other eye has returned to the amber jewel that Marion has always known it to be. "The last expedition was not British as one might expect. Nor was it French, German, or American. The last man to search for Soloman's Library was a Russian. His name was Nikolai Strakovski if my memory serves and I am not aware that he was ever seen again. Only one of his party, a native guide, returned from the deep jungle. The man's mind was addled, he spoke only gibberish and perished soon after." Fazil leans forward, "Gibberish to some is often telling to others yes?" He nodded, a sly smile on his face. "The man was speaking in tongues. It was a dialect of Aramaic. I recall distinctly, he kept on shouting that the darkness was coming, though I never understood what he meant."
  19. Marion draws back a little at Fazil's display, but then she leans forward, fascinated. Clearly there was much more to this peddler than she'd guessed. She found herself wondering what answers the man (?) sought in the Grimoire, and whether or not that was something she really wanted to know.
  20. Fazil nods, and grabs the book spinning it towards him and flicking the clasp open as though it were not even locked. Marion's eyes grow wide with astonishment, she'd never seen a spell so expertly cast before. With the clasp undone Fazil's hand floats over the closed cover of the book for a moment and his eyes roll up into his skull. The jewel eye rotates fully revealing a new iris, one of blood red ruby, that begins to glow. The book suddenly opens of its own accord and Fazil, his cataract clouded eye still fluttering toward the roof of his skull begins to read the open pages under the red glare of his mystic eye.
  21. Janos spares a look into the shop. "We are losing the light outhere folks. Let the man have his turn at the book. Marion hasn't steared us wrong yet. Let's get a move on." He returned to watching the street. Janos was happy that they had attracted no more attention, but he feared it couldn't last. They were lugging around the Lodestone of Evil after all. The veteran of the Great War kept his hand on the hilt of his blade.
  22. Marion gives Fazil a hurt look. "The book's right here, Fazil. Do I look like I'm going anywhere with it?"
  23. "Eh, it's Marion's book and her choice, Archie. And if it gets us where we gotta go, then I say yeah."
  24. Fazil glares at Archibald, "The deal is done. Our word is our bond." He lays a hand on the massive tome. "I would seek the answer to my question. Or will you back out of our deal?"

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