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  1. What's new in this game
  2. I'm getting ready to start breathing life back into Cosmos Nova. If people have ideas for stories let me know... Also I will have a new character for the Department Zero group in a few weeks. I want to get Kei and Rebecca moving first.
  3. Actually now that I think of it I want to play this character, but in a different setting. Sorry for getting people's hopes up.
  4. I am considering returning with Anne. I got a solo story about her returning to action, but I'm not sure what'll happen from there. She is definitely behind the curve I wanted for her by this time in game.
  5. Ryan nodded, but remained silent a moment. Being a married couple wasn't something he was briefed on, but nonetheless, here it was far more common for couples to have such an age difference. ,, . "I wouldn't say smarter, clearly you've been doing just fine so far. Perhaps you can tell me the ideas you've had, and what they've done counter to them, and I can choose which to back." his tone was mostly neutral. ,, "I wasn't told much before coming over,and I'm jut here to help to the best of my abilities." ,, He took her hand in his, in what back home would pass as affection between a married couple. "None of us are "mere" anything, Sometimes it take the seemingly smallest of hands to turn the wheels of the world." ,, He gave he a polite smile. "Now if I am to be your husband, I should know about you, so that such a thing will appear natural to those who may see." ,, It was clear that his words and gesture were not meant to cause offense, but the work of a miltiary mind, assembling intel regarding his available assets, and playing the part that had been crafted for him thus far.
  6. “In the forests of the night.” Silvestru wasn’t sure why those words had been chosen; she wasn’t educated enough to realize it was a well-known poem. He was huge, so large it made her nervous, but she still wound her arm around his. Bumping lightly against him as they walked, she murmured, “We have a house nearby for the night, then we can go on to Berlin in the morning. Can you drive?” ,, “Of course.” His answer was exactly the one she’d hoped for. ,, “Good, my driving is…” She paused to find the right word in German. Unlike Ryan, her Deutsch was marked with the softer language of Romania. “Not good,” she finally finished. There was no shame in her words. She dropped her voice lower still and whispered, “There are papers at the house, giving us identities. Married, just until we get to Berlin.” Her green eyes, washed out to silver by the moon, gave him a slight warning glare. ,, “Once there, I will show you to my friends.” She snorted, an unladylike noise. “I hope you can talk some sense into them. They do not listen to a ‘slip of a girl playing at soldier’.” She mimicked Herr Bauer perfectly, though Ryan wouldn’t realize that until he met the man. “You do not have a pizdă, so clearly you are smarter than me.” ,,
  7. Okay, this is the idea I and Envoy got going for a IE adventure. It'll be a Sliders style game, hopping from universe to universe via the Stonehenge Gate ONLY. A random group of people, and designed where people can come and go as needed. If people want to run a story in a universe, it's a good thing, we can round-robin.
  8. [CN] " Supreme" The perfect man or so he try to be ,, spolier'' super-gifted, master of medicine and genetics, strongly involved in japan. can turn any organization to the perfect environment for both employees and customers for decades to come. but can't seem to make friends with outer novas"put foot in mouth"no matter how hard he try's. father of many children
  9. Got my character list updated to include Momoka into the list, as well as removed unused characters.
  10. "I'm just out for a stroll, enjoying my evening." His own German was perfect, even down to the inflection he used that would mark him as a native of Berlin. ,, He didn't draw himself up but looked askance at her, actively pinging her to see if this was the super he was told would meet him. She was younger, and over a foot shorter than him, which surprised him abit, not that he showed it. Getting back a strong signal from her he relaxed slightly. He spoke the code phrase that he'd been told and smiled. If he was wrong he'd have to be incredibly fast. ,, "Tyger, Tyger, burning bright.."
  11. The big man who came strolling into the valley via the path certainly looked like the ‘most Aryan American’ Silvestru had ever seen. His whistling was disconcerting; he was projecting casual native a little too well. It made her nervous, because he was either a native German out for a walk, or he was taking this too lightly. ,, Or he was a good actor. Silvestru mulled over that belated thought as she watched him stroll up the road. It must be her American contact, she finally decided, rolling off her tree branch in near-silence. Catching herself before hitting the ground, she lowered herself down and cut through the darkness to intercept him. ,, Just before she reached the path, she took off her pants, letting the skirt of her dress hang loose. It was only a little wrinkled, not that she cared. When she put her overshirt in her shoulder satchel, she looked like any German lass out for a walk. Slipping out of the woods, she fell into step with the man as if she’d been walking next to him the whole time. “Good evening,” she said pleasantly in German. “Where are you heading, mister?” ,, He is bigger than I thought he’d be…
  12. I know what I want out of any game...adventure! excitement! interesting Tarantino-esque conversations! ,, Edit: And killin' Nazi's!
  13. I don't publish the adventures here, not yet. If I did, those involved would know because I'd ask permission before using their IP. I'd be offended if someone used my characters without my permission, particularly since I'd likely grant permission if asked. ,, Forge was looking at writing the adventures of Ira and Cassie, with my full blessing. Real life has since swallowed him so I don't know what the status is. I have considered writing DR but detangling the plot from the PCs and getting their permission to be used is daunting enough that I've never done it. At this point, I'd rather to something with my two A&A characters. ,, The Magic Earth game is playing within a setting idea I have for a story. Right now, my two major writing projects are both original stories that have never been featured or played here on the site, one of which is a space opera/epic. I keep people here updated about my books' statuses.
  14. You publish our adventures? Dead Rising could make a killing right now...Zombies AND supers??? Both such hot commodities in Hollywood: release the book/graphic novel and be sure to hold on to the film/tv rights! (Lest it become bastardized like Wanted or World War Z)
  15. Not so much. I still dream about writing in it, but thus far my other projects have kept me busy. Maybe if I can convince myself that I'll convert the stories into something publishable, I'll be able to prioritize them higher.
  16. i see your point. we see if others are instrested in my adventure then ill post more and see what people like
  17. Well the first thing to consider (and this is a mistake I kept making in this game myself) is that the CN world isn't a comic book in terms of reality. It's firmly grounded in reality, but having extraordinary circumstances happening to it on a greater and greater scale. ,, We've just had in game: Mexico City shaken to the ground, a small port city in Russia was Nuked by terrorists, and a Nova civilian not only owns a aircraft carrier but it is well defended and has a small squadron backed by a government on it not to mention the fighter aircraft she personally owns is a finely crafted and tuned piece of hardware. Not to mention the youngest Nova on the planet can be anywhere not only on earth but anywhere in orbit around it (including the moon) if she desired. ,, And that is just the stuff I've been involved with.
  18. that is true but if you think how nova are changing the world. it give people new things to hate. you take a nova that you can never compete against no matter how good your are it will cause proplems after all we got those that hate because of religion, color, even nation into days world it would be not far out their to see it focus on novas ,, i am keep the terrorist group simple. remeber nova are public feature so they make a good target. if i get some people who would like to try i will post more and see what they think if not i will use genetric group but give them a name, a motivation make them seem a little more real. in this adventure would be the first act the hate group did that was very public. ,, but let see what other think. ,, ps this group will stay light they are bad guys. if players like the bad guys and this adventure they may grow but into then we will see ,, i think people will like this adventure if people have proplems with the concept them being anti-nova then i can call them anti-rich group but i will see what people have to say
  19. Actually you sent me a bit of the proposal, there is one thing I do have some leeriness on. There really isn't any organized anti-Nova factions in Cosmos Nova. Besides, there are enough real-world terrorists that can fill the void.

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