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  1. What's new in this game
  2. It started with the 'bad guys', they were taken away for obervation and imprisonment and no one spoke up because that seemed natural after what the NID did. Then it was the questionable ones, whose loyalty was suspect and who seemed to be unstable, and again no one questioned it because it was the Good Guys taking them away. Then it was others and they weren't taken away, or locked up they were simply transferred... but no one ever heard from them again. Then Cam went rogue. Then Kryia and Dec left, but didn't do so on the best terms. Now, they want YOU, the last remaining few. It is for your protection, they say. Anything could happen offworld, you could be taken by a Goa'uld and then they would have the power of a Specialist, so it's for the best for Earth as well. Your friends and families would be targets, so we are just moving them to safe locations where they will be kept secret. Don't worry, you can still see them, they aren't trying to separate you from your loved ones. We're sorry, but no you can't be all together at once, that would pose too great of a risk. Your daughters will have to remain in protection while your husband visits, and vice versa, you wouldn't want to endanger their safety would you? And so it goes, and you find yourselves in separate locations around the country, isolated, but under constant observation, not allowed to contact one another or your loved ones, all for the greater good. But don't worry, you won't be idle, they still have work for you to do based on your abilities. Yseult will be put to work on cures for various things. Ryan and the more physical types will be asked to eliminate targets that are dangerous 'for the greater good'. But somehow you know, you just know, that your usefulness will run out eventually, or you'll stop cooperating and then it will get nasty. Meanwhile you are decorated heroes with the thanks of the world and big fat paychecks that you'll never be able to enjoy because you'll be living in bunkers for the rest of your lives.
  3. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved over the last two and a half years. The game saw some really fantastic stories and tremendous activity during it's time and I think it stands as one of the more successful games on the site during it's heyday. More than 7700 posts is pretty impressive. Even though things seem to be dead now, I really enjoy the Stargate setting, and would be happy to continue to run stories, but the mission format has proven not to be terribly successful for me. I am willing to make one last stab at reviving this game if anyone is interested, but it would not be as part of the SGC. It would be Specialists out on their own doing their own thing as they see fit the way Dec and Kyria have been. There are things going on out in the galaxy that the SGC isn't aware of, that were set in motion by actions of the PCs, that I've never revealed. If people want to explore that and continue, then please let me know. Otherwise, if I don't get any takers I will ask Chosen to move SGU to the dead games bin.
  4. Needing a post from Dec/Kyria.... I threw you guys a curveball, but haven't seen a post from you in a while.
  5. Mingli bowed to Declan, hands striking together in front of his chest, left hand covering right fist in a salute as old as the Chinese people on Earth. "He will send three cloaked cargo ships filled with the poison. They will be waiting in orbit now, to see how the battle goes. If the System Lords flee, they will descend into the atmosphere and release it. But Lord, I must tell you, the plague will not only effect plants. Those who eat the plants or drink the water will sicken within days and die a long and dishonorable death." He looked sad and angry both as he finished, "With the ships cloaked I do not know how you will find them. They're orders are to not respond to any communication attempts, not even from Yiu for fear that it might be a trick."
  6. Ryan watched the others move into action and moved to cover one of the doorways. "Let's finish this quickly people, there's bound to be more on the way. Everyone stay sharp."
  7. It took only a fraction of a moment for Dec to plan, Kyria aware of the ripple and flicker of his thoughts as he considered and discarded different options in the space between one heartbeat and the next. He looked at Kyria and nodded. "It'd be best if they had someone with them that could help, and handle any more Kull that might be wandering around. I'll take our friend and the ship and go after the poison, then the System Lord flagships." If he harboured any unease at the thought of assaulting two ships full of Goa'uld and Jaffa solo, Dec didn't show it as he stepped forward and gave Kyria a warm hug. He looked at the Jaffa leader. "Mingli, I'll need details of where Yiu keeps the poison, how he intends to spread it. We're going to nip his plan in the bud."
  8. Her lips set into a stormy thin line, a flash of hatred for the Goa'uld passing through her eyes. "I see. That will have to be dealt with first," she said to Declan. "Mingli, start evacuating who you can, just in case. Take them to...P469," she quickly sounded out the chevron symbols. "The world is uninhabited; there's not even animal life there, just trees and ferns." She looked thoughtful for a moment, "Declan, how should we go from here? I don't know how useful I'd be to you in taking out the poison and you have another pilot for the ship. Should I come with you or stay here and help with the evacuation? People might move more readily with a nova to convince them to go."
  9. Through conversation with Mingli it quickly becomes apparent that this is an agricultural world and has no technology or value apart from it's crops. This small force of fifty jaffa were left to defend the stargate, but they weren't really expected to hold. It's the battle in space above the planet which is going on as you speak that will decide the fate of this world. "Lord Yiu brings his cargo ships in to collect the food that is produced too far from the gate for transport by land, but he has already harvested this season and will not likely send more Jaffa to the ground unless the System Lords win the battle." He grimaced and spat before continuing, "My men and I were chosen for ground duty here because a priest overheard me comment on what a waste it will be if Lord Yiu destroys the world." Seeing the question in Kyria's eyes he explained, "If the battle is lost, my Lor... er, Yiu will spread a poison in the skies that will kill all the crops and make it impossible for the people to grow food. He is becoming desperate and would deny Anubis use of this world if he himself cannot possess it."
  10. Click to reveal.. I'm happy for a jump ahead too. Dec will be going with Kyria to see the settlements and to get an idea of the overall infrastructure of the world both civilian and military. He'll also be working with Mingli and the other senior Jaffa, talking and getting to know them and trying to build a picture of whether or not they'll actually need to evacuate the planet. If Anubis really wants it, it's only a matter of time before he comes for it - so Dec will be assessing the place's value.
  11. Click to reveal.. Feel free to jump ahead, at least from my end. Kyria would help in finding those too wounded to speak but still alive and in general organizing where needed. She's completely non-religious, so she has no idea what the Jaffa will want to do with their dead and will let them to take the lead there. She does want to see if they can convince the settlements on the planet to join with them, as that would give them a base of operations outside of the Tok'ra base as well as access to some basic resources (to be shared with the Tok'ra while they work together, but she's also planning long-term). I don't know how much farther ahead you're planning on jumping, but that's Kyria's plan, at least.
  12. Click to reveal.. No, when the self-destruct initiated it took the surviving kull with it. He simply had no instinct at self preservation and so did not negate the order. Mingli stood and took up his staff and saluted Dec. "First Prime, we stand ready." He turned to the men on the wall and called out, "Declan is our first prime. We are ordered to see to the wounded and spread the word of what has happned to the villages." With little hesitation the men on the wall stood and saluted then broke into small groups and began to see to the assigned tasks. Click to reveal.. Is there anything you intend to do within the next few minutes? If so continue the scene, otherwise I will jump forward a bit.
  13. Kyria conferred quietly with Declan across their bond, then laid her fingertips on Mingli's shoulder. "Declan shall serve as your First Prime, then, Mingli. I am suited to lead, to rule, but he is suited to war and the battlefield." She glanced over the battlefield, at the dead, dying, and merely injured. "We should tend to those that can be saved and give honor to those that died here. We should also bring word to the villages of this world as to what has transpired. This is a start, but it is only a start." Click to reveal.. Fox - I'm not sure, did any of the Kull Kyria messed with survive?
  14. Charlie didn't give the two Jaffa a chance to fire upon the Specialists. Cold eyes regarded the Jaffa, even as in quicksilver movements that he had definitely not been displaying before, the P-90 came up. Two reports, and both Jaffa fell to the group, life draining out of their bodies with their blood.
  15. To Yseult's senses it was clear that the power flow went from a small vial of liquid naquadah, like the ones in a staff weapon, to power the device. It was child's play to interrupt the flow of power and the god of the underworld flickered and disappeared from the air. The second thing she was able to notice was that there were no hardwires leading elsewhere, the communication was coming in via a set of circuits very similar to those in a Goa'uld subspace communicator.
  16. The one who had raised his staff weapon vaulted down from the wall and landed in a diving roll that brought him up on his feet with more grace than would normally be expected from a jaffa. Once on the ground he walked toward the pair of 'more than mortals'. As he approached Red was surprised and amused to see that the man was much shorter than the average jaffa, only just over five feet tall, but despite that he looked very competent. The jaffa on the walls looked down waiting to see what would happen. When the man came within easy talking distance he stopped and saluted with the staff. "Hail Kyria Thea Donnighal. Hail Declan." He turned the staff perpendicular to the ground and laid it before him. "My weapon is yours. In the battle you promised to deliver us and you did." He looked a bit more hesitant as he continued, "I will not worship you as gods. You say the Goa'uld are not gods, buy you are clearly more powerful than they so it must be so." He looked between Dec and Kyria unsure who to address, but settled on Kyria since she had been the one to make the bargain. "We will fight as free warriors, but every warrior must have a First Prime to follow. I will follow where you lead." He slapped his right fist to his chest and went to one knee but did not bow his head as he would have to a Goa'uld. He called out to the others on the wall without turning. "Jaffa kree!" As one they slapped their own fists to chest and went to one knee. From his kneeling position the short man said proudly, "I am Mingli." Click to reveal.. Just so there is no confusion, he is meaning that he will follow your orders as if you were first prime. Or you could name Dec or someone else first prime for him to follow and he would. He's not asking to be first prime.
  17. Yseult's uncanny eyes tightened, her gaze sliding from the Jaffa to the altar, and suddenly, her vision shifted. To her sight, everything was painted in a variety of distinct hues, her acuity sharpening until she was able discern everything down to the molecular level. It was very similar to her Biological Awareness, except now she was able to witness the chemical composition and properties of the inanimate and unliving. She focusing even more intently on the altar, poised to reach out with an infinitesimally fine touch of telekinetic power, just as she would have to manipulate a biological system. The lovely doctor quickly searched for the power source, seeking to quarantine it from the rest of the altar, hopefully negating any other potential surprised while still enabling them to study it and perhaps backtrack any signals. Click to reveal.. Spend a point of Quantum to see the chemical composition and properties of any substance within 140 meters. She is focusing most on the Altar. Perception + Molecular Manipulation (1st...) = 4 successes Rolling Intelligence + Engineering (Alien Tech) to make heads or tails of it, and hopefully figuring out the power source. Int + Engineering/Alien Tech (1st 3 Dice...) = 6 successes Provided that is enough successes to figure it out, she's going to use Molecular Alteration to change what is connecting the power source to the rest of the altar into a material that won't let the power flow through. Int + Molecular Manipulation (1st 3 Dice Mega): 10d10.hits(7) = 5 successes QP: -11|WP: -0|HL: -0
  18. *My turn.* Dec thought to his other Self as they watched Kyria descend from the ship. Her appearance and the innate air of authority hadn't lost anything during her pregnancy: if anything, it was the opposite. She fairly glowed now - Declan understood why that term was applied to expectant mothers finally - and her smile still managed to stop his breathing for a second. Even Red wasn't completely immune to that, though he thought of it in somewhat cruder terms. That was Red: Declan without brakes. *Is it me, or is she even more boneable with that bun in the oven?* Red leered as he handed over the 'wheel'. Dec mentally shot his Other a frosty look, but Red was unrepentant. *C'mon, she's a telepath. She knows you're hotter for her than a thermal lance.* *Shaddap* Dec thought back to him, but without much rancor as he wiped off his knives and sheathed them, watching the shine of the sun on his lover's hair. *Boys boys boys... pay attention.* Kyria's voice intruded, the warm amusement in her tone making it clear that she'd been listening to both sides of that conversation. Red cackled as Declan rubbed the back of his neck and moved to Kyria's side. The bloody-black aura was gone now, but the soldier was still spattered in the vital fluids of his kills, particularly the last one. He stood by her, watching the Jaffa carefully as they absorbed her words.
  19. Kyria landed the ship and she and Kornan agreed that for the time being he should stay inside. *One last ace in the hole, just in case,* Declan thought to her. She smiled; ever since they'd bonded mentally she'd been able to understand so many more idioms and social customs simply by knowing them from his point of view. The ship uncloaked and Kyria stepped out, her eufiber configured to a black maternity blouse and comfortable relaxed jeans - casual for Earth and certainly not what the Jaffa were used to seeing from the Goa'uld (nor were the gods ever seen pregnant as she obviously was), but still exotic - and coupled with her inhuman beauty, more than enough to tell them that they were in the presence of no mere mortal. She made her way towards the group of Jaffa that were left, nodding to Declan as she passed him but giving him time to pull himself from killing machine to commander. "My name is Kyria Thea Donnighal. You may call me Kyria. This is my partner, Declan. We came to your world to defeat the Kull warriors sent here; as I said before, Yui has abandoned this world to the forces of Anubis. We could use allies, if you would be so, be we do not need worshipers. We are more than human and more than Jaffa, but just as the Goa'uld are not gods, neither are we. We intend to topple the rule of the System Lords and prevent Anubis' rise to power in the galaxy in order to free the many worlds and races that the Goa'uld have enslaved to be able to pursue their own destinies. Would you join us in this task? Not as slaves or servants, but as true free warriors fighting for your own freedom and honor as well? We may ask you to make sacrifices for war, but we will never abandon you as callously and completely as Yui abandoned your entire planet today. Will you join us?" Click to reveal.. Using Awe Inspiring, The Voice, and Commanding Presence (mostly for the perception as a competent leader). Per conversation in DR, I'll be using colored text for Kyria's speech to show that she has a quantum-enhanced voice and general presence. It seems fun. Fox - Let me know if you need me to make specific rolls, right now I'm just leaving things to rp.
  20. No sooner had his arms covered his head than he felt an instant rush of intense heat on his back followed instantly by a 'whoomph" sound that was as much a kick in the gut as it was a sound. After a few seconds the heat began to abate. When he finally rose and looked at where the bodies of the Kull had been there was little left but a smoking hole filled with a slag of melted metal. From the ship Kyria saw Dec dive toward the ground and then the screen went black for a moment to protect against the suddenly intense glare. When it cleared she could see Dec standing and looking into a small crater where the kull had been. Across the battlefield the Jaffa stood stunned waiting for the next shoe to drop. A man among them seemed to snap out of it first and moved up to the top of the wall. He raised his staff weapon over his head in salute to Dec. "Come and let us speak. We have made promises in the heat of battle that need to be discussed." The other jaffa began talk amongst themselves, but continuted to glance out at the field where thier unnatural savior stood.
  21. "Everyone stay down!" Red barked in a voice that cut across the cheering and the damned-souls-wail of his anima. At the same time, he pulsed the warning along with a mental snapshot of the blinking lights to Kyria through their mental link as, following his own advice, the warrior turned and dove impossibly fast for a dip in the rough ground. He rolled and flattened out at the bottom of the decline, covering his head with his arms...
  22. The end of the battle seemed to happen all at once and unexpectedly. Red destroyed one of the two remaining Kull and Kyria caused the other to stop and look around as if for another enemy. The Jaffa defenders did not waste their opportunity and all concentrated fire on the one remaining kull who was no longer attacking. Even with it's almost invulnerability to energy attacks, that much concentrated fire was too much and the last kull went down with smoking holes bored through it's armor. It seemed over then, but Red's ever calculating mind saw what was not apparent to anyone else. There was a tiny red light blinking on the wrists of both of the kull near him. There was a menace to the red light. It was getting faster very quickly. When the last kull hit the ground the Jaffa let out a cheer. Click to reveal.. Dec/Red estimates perhaps 5 seconds before the kull self destruct. There is a small depression in the ground within range if he chooses to dive for cover.
  23. Red didn't know whether to be enraged or disappointed that the Kull barely paid him any attention. Actually, that's probably not strictly true. Enraged was Red's base state of being. He tossed aside the body he'd been using as mobile cover, knives held reverse-style. The Jaffa and the observers in the cloaked spaceship suddenly became aware that the faint keening that had hovered on the edge of hearing during Red's charge across the open ground suddenly rose to a chorus of wailing voices. A strange substance covered the nova's forearms and weapons, roiling and shifting between the crimson of blood and dark thick black of oil as he moved. Contrails of the stuff followed his hands in the air before falling to the ground, as though whatever it was was unable to decide whether it was vapor or liquid. Red's face was likewise coated in the substance, the oil/blood oozing from somewhere in his hairline and dripping down over his killer's grin. He cut a nightmare figure as he closed with the Kull warrior, the wailing voices rising to a crescendo of hungry screaming as he struck. The long knives punched through the heavily armoured figure as though it were made of wet tissue paper, the roiling bloody stuff coating them disrupting the cohesion of the solid form, so much so that it was almost as though the Kull's body ripped itself apart under their touch. The Kull was already dead but, his bloodlust not even close to abated, Red whipped the blades back and pirouetted to the engineered creature's side. One blade stabbed up and under the armoured head's chin, it's tip emerging from the top of the skull as with a final slashing motion the other knife parted the head from the shoulders. The Kull crumpled to the ground at the gory killer's feet, it's head held high on the long knife that impaled it as quicksilver eyes searched the battlefield for more victims. The roiling liquid-smoke haze around him wailed with a thousand voices, male and female, their keening a dreadful paean surrounding his presence. Click to reveal.. Activating: Multitasking (1qp) Wailing Doom (Claws 2qp) Combat Pool of 5 succs from Combat Sense power. Main Action: Splitting dice pool for 4 actions. Half penalties due to Multitasking, so -2, -2, -3, -3 NOTE: Mega-dice will be the first ones counted on all rolls. First attack: Right hand Dex 5 & M-Dex 3 + Melee 5 + 1 die (Ambidextrous) - 2 dice (Multiple action penalty) 1d10=6, 1d10=10, 1d10=5, 1d10=7, 1d10=10, 1d10=10, 1d10=9, 1d10=2, 1d10=8, 1d10=3, 1d10=6, 1d10=5 8 succs to hit - ignore 16 levels of soak Damage: 10 auto + 13 dice = [10]13d10L 1d10=4, 1d10=3, 1d10=6, 1d10=2, 1d10=6, ... 1d10=8, 1d10=1 popping 10 (Powerful quality) 1d10=1 3 succs + 10 Auto = 13 Lethal Second attack: Left hand Dex 5 & M-Dex 3 + Melee 5 + 1 die (Ambidextrous) - 2 dice (Multiple action penalty) 1d10=2, 1d10=6, 1d10=8, 1d10=9, 1d10=3, 1d10=7, 1d10=3, 1d10=7, 1d10=4, 1d10=8, 1d10=9, 1d10=2 7 succs to hit - ignore 14 levels of soak Damage: 10 auto + 13 dice = [10]13d10L 1d10=9, 1d10=8, 1d10=2, 1d10=7, 1d10=2, ... 1d10=3, 1d10=9 popping 10 (Powerful quality) 1d10=1 6 succs + 10 Auto = 16 Lethal Third attack: Right hand Dex 5 & M-Dex 3 + Melee 5 + 1 die (Ambidextrous) - 3 dice (Multiple action penalty) 1d10=3, 1d10=10, 1d10=5, 1d10=10, 1d10=6, 1d10=2, 1d10=10, 1d10=7, 1d10=8, 1d10=1, 1d10=10 8 succs - 3 succs (Called shot to the head) 5 succs to hit - ignore 10 levels of soak Damage: 10 auto + 12 dice + 2 (Head shot) = [10]14d10L 1d10=10, 1d10=9, 1d10=5, 1d10=8, 1d10=7,... 1d10=8, 1d10=6 popping 10 1d10=3 9 succs + 10 auto = 19 lethal Fourth attack: Left hand Dex 5 & M-Dex 3 + Melee 5 + 1 die (Ambidextrous) - 3 dice (Multiple action penalty) 1d10=10, 1d10=3, 1d10=2, 1d10=1, 1d10=9, 1d10=7, 1d10=9, 1d10=7, 1d10=7, 1d10=6, 1d10=8 9 succs - 3 succs (Called shot to the head) 6 succs to hit - ignore 12 levels of soak Damage: 10 auto + 13 dice + 2 (Head shot) = [10]15d10L 1d10=5, 1d10=6, 1d10=1, 1d10=4, 1d10=4, ... 1d10=4, 1d10=9 popping 10 1d10=5 3 succs = 10 auto = 13 lethal Total: A shitload of Lethal damage.
  24. Seeing the first success on altering the mind of the Kull, Kyria tried again. This time she focused on the last Kull engaged with the Jaffa, slipping into its mind and making the same adjustments she had before, only adding that the Jaffa were allies to be protected. Click to reveal.. Telepathy memory alteration roll:Roll(6d10)+0: 8,2,6,8,8,6,+0 Total:38 First die is mega, so 4 suxx.
  25. Sorry meant to address that and forgot. No, he doesn't detect anything mental, it's purely technological. He can however sense the two Jaffa in the room and the two outside. The ones outside are distrubed, they seem to have heard the announcement.

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