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  2. The Morrigan was in a black mood. Einherjar wasn’t sure why, but she was not happy. Since her happiness usually factored into whether or not people got hurt, he was concerned. A casual trip by her room hadn’t helped clear up the confusion. If anything, it had made it worse. She’d been bent over a piece of paper on the floor, scrawling something with a pencil gripped in her hand. Her young face was screwed up into a fierce scowl of concentration and she was laboring over the note as brutally as he’d ever seen her work on anything. She’d write and write, then snarl and rip up the paper, clearly frustrated but refusing all help. When anyone came close, she had flattened herself over her papers and snarled to be left alone – well, she said, “No! Go!” but that was typical eloquence for the feral. Miner had attempted to find out what she was working on by offering to throw away the shredded discards. Morri had railed at her wordlessly and then started to eat the papers. Einherjar had stepped in then, shooing Miller away and assuring Morri that she could just put the papers through the office shredder when she was ready to throw them away. He definitely didn’t want her to think of her mouth as a safe place to discard things she didn’t want people to find. That had allowed him a covert peek at what she was working on, the ex-Elite ordered her left alone. He asked a few questions, and gradually found himself speaking to Ausrine. When she told him about the conversation she’d had with Morri, the puzzle was solved and he went about his day, pleased at this turn of events. Six hours later, as night was falling on the Congo, Kazuo heard a tap at his door. Expecting a ladyfriend’s arrival, he opened the door with a smile. That smile disappeared when he saw Morri. “Whadda you want?” he gruffly asked her, even as his gut clenched up. The feral hadn’t said two words to him since their meeting, but she’d stared at him a lot and he was waiting for another attack. Instead, she thrust out a piece of paper. Kazuo slowly took it; the moment he had a grip on it, she was gone, vanishing in a blaze of speed. Scowling, the Elite peered at the labored scrawl covering the page:
  3. Shae's mental glee came clearly across their link. *Then you shall have them, beloved. Husbands, perhaps you could subdue the others and give our lovely wife even more playthings? They are interfering with us, after all.* Even as she was conspiring with her family, she was giggling at some inane joke of Turaj's. She leaned and his kissed his chest, working way down while she deftly undid the zipper of his pants; the feel of her hands, and then mouth, on his cock nearly caused him to run the car off the edge of the highway. With a slight mental push, Shae gave him the brilliant idea of pulling off at the next ramp and letting his companion finish pleasuring him without getting them both killed. Once they were securely parked off the road and out of sight of any curious cars driving by, Shae switched the inhuman pleasure of her touch into a blinding pain, one nova-strong hand coming up to cover Turaj's screams. Just before he passed out, she whispered in a tone of seductive malice that made Tomas smile in pride at the house. "We'll be back for you later, little monkey." She pulled him out of the car and tied him to the base of a tree with his pants, covering him carefully with underbrush and ensuring he'd stay unconscious for as long as they needed with a deft telepathic push. Sliding back into the car, she pulled back onto the highway and sped towards the house, weaving to and fro between the heaving traffic with perfect and sometimes terror-inspiring precision. She stopped a few blocks from the house, killing the engine and scanning the area for any stragglers of the strike team in the car. Her thoughts caught on the concentration of a man in a high building looking down through one of the darkened windows of Turaj's mansion. A sniper. At least they're not complete idiots. Her push into his mind also revealed another detail of their plan, one that tickled her imp of destruction. *Loves, they've rigged the building to explode once they're done here. They would have killed the wife, Saori,* she pouted to her mother-wife. How unfair of these lower creatures to have planned to take away a new pet of her beloved. *I'll take care of him. Enjoy yourselves, but loves, do be a little gentle with Saori's new toys, please? We do break them so easily.* She was moving even as she sent to them, her features flowing to match what her target most desires: she looked younger, a mid to late teen with strawberry blond hair, soft pink lips, sea-green eyes, an ample bust, and just enough curves to show that she'd just passed into womanhood. He wasn't a pedophile, but for him there was nothing like a hot teenage ass and perfectly perky breasts. She leaped to the top of the fire escape, landing silently and taking the time to adjust her dress to baby-doll tee and fashionably faded and ripped jeans, looking just like someone caught between the edges of being poor and middle class. In essence, a girl that wouldn't be looked too hard for if anything happened to her. She took the last two steps loudly enough for him to hear, rubbing her arms in the chill wind that flowed over the roof and affecting a frightened, vulnerable look, complete with tears streaming down her cheeks. She'd learned from Tomas how to look like a baseline when she needed to, and she employed that now to keep his suspicions just that much lower. Still, he turned with a quick, violent movement, pointing a handgun at her on instinct. The girl jumped back as in fright, her eyes going wide as she stammered out, "P-please don't shoot me! I...I was just...just trying to..." She broke down completely, falling to the pebble ground of the roof and covering her face with her hands. "Please don't shoot me! I just-just needed to get somewhere s-safe...away f-from them." She was already working her subtle powers on him, pulling her to him and making her vulnerability simply too attractive to ignore. He stalked away from the edge of the roof, abandoning his sniper rifle on its tripod and holstering his gun to his side. He lifted her up roughly by the arm. "I'm not going to shoot you, but you can't be up here." "Please," she begged him, looking up into his eyes, "don't make me go back down there. They'll find me and they'll....they'll hurt me...beat me..." She looked down and let herself color in shame, making it clear that whoever they were would do more than just rough her up. He looked her over, frowning as one set of instincts warred with the other set of his instincts that told him he'd better get his ass back over to his rifle and do his job. She's hardly pretty. Just get rid of her and do your damn job. Yeah, but look at her. She's got a great rack, even if her face isn't something to write home about. Besides, she's obviously easily frightened. Just tell her you will shoot her if she ever says anything. An insidious rising arousal pushed him to his first mistake. "Fine, you can stay." He glared at her, but his eyes were on her chest not her face. "Just keep to yourself, don't make any sounds, and stay away from me." "Oh, thank you! Thank you!" She jumped up, wrapping her arm around his neck and kissing him deeply in appreciation. Those lovely breasts pressed against him and a jolt of desire flooded through his nerves, making him instantly hard. Well, she started it, and it's not like they guys can't take out the wife and some servants without me. He pressed back against her, teaching the teenager a thing or two about how to really kiss someone. They stumbled back together, ending up pressed against the low wall that surrounded the roof; he pivoted them so she was on the outside, his hands grabbing her hips and setting her on the narrow ledge. He wrapped one arm around her to steady her and slid the other underneath her shirt, cupping a breast over her bra and pinching down on her nipple. She gave a startled half gasp and half moan and stared at him, trying to pull back and feeling herself leaning out over many floors of open air. "Wait...please...I..." she pleaded. "Don't start something you don't want to finish, girl. Beside, you'll like it, trust me. Much better than the alternative." To prove his point, he loosened his arm around her and let her nearly fall from the rooftop. She stifled a whimper and tried to push him away or squirm back onto the roof. He held her still, his hand still fondling her breasts; he pulled up her shirt, giving her a look that said he'd be perfectly fine ripping it off if she didn't help him remove it. When she reluctantly slid it over her head, he grinned. Slut. I knew it. She probably teased some club kids and then ran off when they demanded she follow through. These girls are always like that. Well, lucky me. He pushed up her bra with one hand leaning his head down to suck her nipple into her mouth and bite down to elicit another gasping moan. His other hand fumbled with the clasp on her back until it finally sprung loose and fell from her chest. The breeze teased over her base skin, rippling goosebumps over her body. He kept caressing and torturing her breasts for several more minutes before he unzipped his pants and deftly stepped out both the jeans and the boxers; he pulled her off the ledge but kept her caged against him. First he rubbed his cock against her breasts and then pushed her head down. She looked up at him with pleading eyes, but he grabbed her hair and thrust his hips towards her. "Don't tell me you've never done this before. Come on, get to it," he ordered. Hesitantly, she lowered her lips to the head of his cock, her tongue flicking out lick the tip. He gave a grunt of impatience and flexed his hips again, forcing himself past her lips. She wrapped her hands around the base of his dick and began to stroke and suck his length, her tongue teasing around his head. Knew it. She's had practice. Little whore. Brad grinned down at her, his hips pushing him farther in and picking up speed. It only took a few minutes for him to cum, pulling out after a second to spray the last surge across her naked breast. Now she looks like a whore, too. God...I was just gonna get a blowjob, but she's...wow, she certainly knows how to get a guy up, and it's not like she hasn't asked for it. What woman doesn't want a nice large cock and good fuck? He pulled her back up, yanking her jeans and panties down hard enough to break the button on the pants and rip the underwear. She did let out a whimper that time, but he ignored her, picking her back up and putting her on the ledge again. He spread her legs and pulled her forward enough to position her cunt just perfectly on the edge of the stone; he pushed her legs apart and stepped up just close enough to touch the tip of his cock to her heat. And she was warm and wet, just waiting for a man to take her. She whimpered again and he kissed her tenderly on the neck, moving up to her ear to whisper, "I'm going to fuck you. Like I said, you're going to like it. Trust me. And make all the noise you want. People might hear you, they might even see you. A young woman up on a rooftop getting the best lay of her life. What do you think they'll think? They'll think that you're a slut and want to be seen and heard." He just barely pushed into her, years of self-control and an mentally abusive streak inherited from his father keeping him from just drilling into her already. "So go ahead. Yell, scream your head off. You'll be moaning and screaming soon enough anyways." With that, he did thrust into her. And she was everything he loved about fucking the barely legal (and sometimes the not quite yet legal): she was warm and wet, and almost too tight. He pushed harder, feeling a resistance that eventually gave way in a flood of heat and something even slicker than her natural fluids. Blood spilled out of her and down the stone as he pulled out. He stopped in surprise for a moment, the thrust again in again, harder now knowing that he was the first man to ever be inside her and he'd have to stretch her out enough to get his length all the way in. God, I love fucking virgins. What a perfect night. His thoughts flashed for a moment to his nominally 'official' girlfriend Felicia, a sophomore at Sarah Lee College, chosen mostly because she wasn't that bright (she had an art scholarship), was exceptionally hot in that sultry, sorority girl way, and she didn't ask many questions about where he disappeared to all the time. He'd met her at a bar and was screwing her in the alley just outside fifteen minutes later; he loved doing that, threatening the women he seduced with the embarrassment of getting caught. Some loved it, some tried to keep quiet and he would do his best to make them moan loudly enough to be heard out on the street; either way, he got off, usually several times. He and Felicia had been 'dating' for a few years, ever since she was a senior in high school. She also had a little sister, three years younger than her, named Alexi and she was the quintessentially cute girl-next-door type. He'd started banging Alexi about two months after he'd started dating Felicia and on Alexi's sixteenth birthday - what better gift to give? She'd been a virgin, too, and nearly got them thrown out of the lodge he'd taken her to for the night with her incredibly loud moans and pleas for his cock. It'd taken him over a year to break them both down to where they'd do whatever he wanted just on the promise of a good drilling for good behavior; he'd had every fantasy he'd wanted from them, from fucking them together to getting them to sixty-nine each other while he fucked one and then the other him. Man, I need to go see them again before they get old and saggy. Such pliant little cunts and so well trained already. I'm gonna hate having to start over. The girl currently receiving his attentions whimpered loudly as he thrust particularly hard from the memories of fucking the sisters; the thrust finally managed to penetrate completely inside of her and his tip pressed against her cervix. He moaned at the pressure of her sex and the knowledge that he'd be coming directly into her womb; he never used condoms and couldn't care less if the girls were on birth control. That was their problem and he moved around enough and didn't give out his actual name to the women he screwed, if he gave a name at all, so it wasn't like he'd have to deal with any resulting brats. He continued thrusting into her, finally giving her a possessive and predatory grin as she began to moan uncontrollably. His dick was thick enough to rub against her clit at the the angle he was fucking her at and he'd finally found that place inside of her that drove women to the edge faster than anything else he knew of. She was clinging to him now, making small half-word pleas between moans; unlike before, now she was pleading for him not to stop. He kept one arm around her waist, just to make sure she didn't fall, but her new complicity gave him a free hand to feel up the rest of her body and play with her breasts as he pleased. Maybe I'll keep her. Victoria is just as easy to get to as New York and she's obviously a closet nympho. I bet she'll let me fuck her however I want tonight, without having to go through all those bullshit games and wasted time like with Felicia and Alexi. She moaned louder and he could feel the tremors in her body as she built up to her climax. He kissed her on the lips and then down the neck to her breasts again, biting down hard on one of her nipples. She let out a cry and came hard, her legs clamping around him as her inner muscles rippled around his cock and pressed tightly against him. Knowing his own stamina, he let himself cum with her; extending her orgasm as he trust hard and fast into her until his head pushed all the way past her cervix and he spilled his seed into her. They clung together for several moments, the heat of their exertions warring with the breeze over their sweating skin to keep them warm. He pulled her down from the ledge again, pulling out of her with a smug smile; but instead of letting her go or giving her back her clothes, he turned her around and placed her hands on the ledge, forcing her to bend over and placing her face just in front of the bloodstain of her broken maidenhead. "I told you. And we're no where near done yet. That tight little pussy of yours is begging for more cock, and I might just take your ass cherry as well. We'll see how I feel or if we'll keep that for another night." He was definitely keeping this one. He'd be her only man, her only cock, until he got tired of her. He stroked himself for the brief moment it took to get hard again while staring at that taught ass and exposed twat. He took her again, just as hard and with just as much relish as she descended into uncontrollable arousal and orgasms. He kept fucking her, on the ground of the roof, from the back pushed up against the wall of the stairwell exit, and finally with her on top, forcing her to admit that she did want him and would fuck him if he told her to. While this was all well and fine by Shae, time was passing, and she had other business with her family than just ruining some baseline for ever having satisfying sex with another baseline again. His finally orgasm was the strongest he'd ever felt, making him dizzy and disoriented. Shae pushed herself off of him and made her way over to his equipment, still entirely naked. She broke down the rifle with the ease of someone familiar with firearms (a slight revelation that she filed away to talk about with the family later), and stowed the gun and the rest of his gear in the over-sized duffle he'd brought them in. Only then did she go and retrieve the pieces of her eufiber, flowing them back together into a outfit much like the one her recent rapist/lover was wearing. She made her way over to him and pulled him up, pulling his arm around her shoulders and leaning him against her. The plan was that once they got back down to the streets they'd look like two rich security or bodyguard buddies that had had a little too much to drink and were wandering their way home. That was the plan, anyway. As she tried to shift into shape, something odd happened. Her shoulders widened and her muscles grew to body-builder proportions, her face took on a much more masculine look, but that's where it stopped. She looked butch, but she was still undeniably female. Her breasts had even grown in proportion to the rest of her, making her current sex undeniable. She tried again. And again. Confusion had set in first, then annoyance. Now panic was taking hold. What was wrong with her? She sent frantically to her family, trying to be calm and failing utterly. *Something's wrong with me! I've got the guy, the sniper I found on the roof, but...but I can't change! I was going to change to a man, but... but I'm still a woman! I can't change!* Shae's Shenanigans Shae is using the following Enhancements during this scene: Mr. Nobody Appearance Alteration Quantum Leap Catfooted Bad Influence Lure Perfect Balance Restorative Activity (Sex) Seductive Seductive Looks Symphony of Touch The Voice No...she's not playing anywhere near fair and yes the guy is still a dick, but he's not an out-and-out rapist, just a asshole womanizer.
  4. The two men had been given the shit-detail – pass through rooms that were known to be unoccupied and catch up with them downstairs. Henry Tanner rather hated this job; he knew that Washington felt the same. But Nikolai didn’t trust either of them because they were new. Gotta do the shit jobs to get higher on the totem pole, Henry told himself. It wasn’t really helping. They stepped into what they knew was a guest bedroom, sweeping it. The woman was so slight and still that Henry’s goggle-aided gaze swept past her before coming back to her. He almost fired on her, but something stopped him. It was the way she stood there, so inoffensive. She was slim and slight, clearly Asian. She was beautiful even in the odd green cast of the goggles. Her body –and he could see all of it because she wasn’t wearing a damned thing – was perfect. Her sleek legs rose to the cleft of her body, and he saw she was completely shaved. And then he realized: he didn’t want to hurt her. She was too pretty for that. “Fuck me,” Washington whispered. “No,” the woman said, “fuck me.” Henry’s gun clattered to the floor. This had to be a dream. Thoughts of violence were far away as he walked across the room, his cock already pressed painfully hard against the fly of his BDUs. He was dimly aware that Washington was trailing close to him. “Undress,” she whispered, moving backwards to the bed. The two men looked at each other and rapidly decided that so long as they didn’t touch each other, it wasn’t gay. It was a threesome, that was all. Their uniforms were quickly shed; they only hesitated when it came to the goggles. “All of it,” she murmured. “But then we can’t see,” Washington replied uneasily. She rose off the bed and glided over to them. It was like watching a living wet dream and Henry felt his cock throb. The woman touched their hands, taking one in each of her tiny hands and pressing them to her generous breasts. Her skin was like the finest silk; Henry had never felt anything better. His fingers curled around her nipple as she whispered, “You don’t need to see.” Henry put his hand on her hips as she reached up and tugged his goggles off. The room was plunged into darkness, but he didn’t care, because she led him to the bed and drew him down with her. Even bumping into Washington in the dark didn’t matter anymore, not when she straddled him backwards and slid him inside of her. She was hot and dripping wet and he thought he might come right then. When she lifted herself off, he caught her hips, trying to prevent the loss of her. “I’m just getting you wet,” she assured him; then he felt her ass pushing at his cock. A moment later, he was slipping into the tightest ass he’d ever felt. A moment later, he felt Washington around the front of her and then his cock was inside her, too. Henry waited for her to protest, but her breathy cries were all ones of pleasure. The erotic feel of the pressure of Washington’s cock was incredible; he now knew why guys did this. Her fingers were on his thighs, blazing fires of pleasure up and down his nerves. Then he came, so fast, too fast. He thought he was done, but that pleasure coming from her never waned and any thoughts of softening faded. * * * *I have mine subdued,* Saori sent over the link, along with other, titillating sensations. *In fact, I think I’m going to keep them, and the wife too. I’ve needed some toys to play with for a while now.* *Toys?* Edward sent, bemused. Saori wasn’t fond of baselines, but he knew that she wasn’t one to joke about things like this. He also seen hints that she missed the days of long-term manipulation of her victims, such as her tutor whom she’d seduced and broken. *I want to see what I can shape them into,* Saori answered, even as her new ‘pets’ were lost in the endless waves of her pleasure. *It should prove… enlightening.*
  5. *Shae, distract him for now. Incapacitate him if you must, my dear, but keep him away from the house. We shall have to deal with this troublesome interruption first. Saori, if you'll take the team upstairs, Tomas and I will handle the two teams of three. Safe and to the shadows, my loves - I don't want anyone leaving here unless it's babbling, or in a box." He turned to the woman, grabbing her by the upper arm and directing her towards a large hall closet. He grabbed the door and opened it, pressing her into the relative safety of the expensive coats and elegant furs. Her pathetic husband might consider her a poor catch, but she was still a well-dressed poor catch. "Hide here and be silent until we've dealt with the intruders." The quantum-backed authority in his voice left no room for arguments, and the terrified and trembling woman curled up in the corner of the closet as Edward closed the door. He could sense Saori's mind, though she had already disappeared upstairs, and Tomas's as well as he disappeared into the darkness. *And don't forget to have a little fun. We don't get many of these opportunities, now do we?" _____________________ Nikolai's team glided silently in through the servant's quarters. His two teammates stepped forward, performing a brief and efficient sweep of the kitchen and dining areas of the mansion. All was silent, though a small dinner for one had obviously been interrupted at some point in the evening. Indeed, the only thing out of place was something they'd brought with them - Nikolai. As both of the other mercenaries stepping back into the kitchen, they found Nikolai right where they'd left him, but in a far more disturbing state - frozen in mid-stride and completely unresponsive, holding his gun tightly, like a tribute statue to special ops. There was no sign of the cause.
  6. It went dark. Suddenly, suspiciously so. Tomas blinked as his eyes adjusted to the gloom, better than a humans would have, but still hampered, and looked at Saori and Edward in the darkness. *That is not part of our plan, is it?* he sent, the question rhetorical. Even as his lovers sent back in the negative, the young Terat stood up, scanning the house for the mental patterns of intruders. It didn't take long. *Eight men. Two teams of three at the side and servant entrance, one team of two upstairs.* A pause as he scanned a little deeper, and his mental tone changed to one of amusement/concern. *They are professionals, ruthless and focused, and after the bust same as we. It appears the night just became a little more interesting.* He glanced at Edward questioningly, even as his insidious psychic abilities worked to pull the details of the plan from the intruder's leader, a man named Nikolai. *They plan to destroy the building and kill anyone here. Entertainingly, we may actually be in the position of saving baseline lives in order to accomplish our goals. How should we proceed, my loves?*
  7. I have to make a correction... Due to observed circumstances, I am considering all my chracters shelved in 200X. As from the previous shelving, Ryusei has permission to use my character as needed for his fictions.
  8. Nikolai Grigorovich pulled his goggles down over his eyes. His team were kitted and geared for the entry, with guns loaded and equipment stashed. One of the men carried the demolition charges they would be using to flatten the building once the bust was extracted. Brian Stann’s orders had been simple enough. They were to infiltrate and extract. Stann’s upgrades on the security system included multiple in-built weaknesses, the easiest being a way to kill the power with a simple cut wire. Radu’s orders required the house’s demolition and the disappearance of Nikolai’s team. If caught, the men were ordered to do this by Stann. Such were the orders Grigorovich had passed on. The real orders were in his head alone, as team co-ordinator. They were in their dark, unmarked van, speeding to Turaj’s mansion. Tonight was the night. Nobody said a word. Alexei rotated his shoulder. An old problem, it would either kill or retire him in a year or two. Several surgeries had not fixed it. Vladimir kept ejecting the cartridge from his AS Val, checking it, and then slapping it back in and cocking the assault rifle. Dimitri would be on sniper duty from across the street, playing watchman in case of trouble and there to help with unwanted surprises. He was whispering the lord’s prayer, the way he always did. Nikolai Grigorovich possessed no nervous ticks. He sat, AS Val between his legs, waiting. Ten minutes passed, before the van stopped and there came a banging on the outside. The back doors opened as the team rose from their seats and began to file out. They split off fast, heading towards Turaj’s mansion. Nikolai’s vision turned infra-red as his goggles activated. While his men grouped up and made for the main building, Dimitri went in the opposite direction to seek high ground and Nikolai moved to the fuse box that would cut power to the building. Brief, coarse Russian bounced across their comm links, checking that their connection was tight and ensuring they were grouped correctly. There were two three-man teams at two different entrances, a two-man team climbing to the second floor to enter through a certain window. They waited in the dark, red-eyed shadows with guns hidden against their bodies, until Dimitri confirmed he was in position. Nikolai took out his bolt cutters and sliced the wire in the box. Every light in the mansion went off instantly. “Go,” he said. His team went in.
  9. He smiled. "You do love to tease me so." His hands wrapped around her waist and he uttered words that were liable to make the evening interesting. "Surprise me." As he pulled her to him and kissed her again with almost ferocious abandon. "I've missed you to Katya." It took a great deal of will to disentangle himself from her, but he did, and smiled. "I thought we could go play Tourist, a little this morning, and Maybe the park for Lunch." "After that We can do whatever you like until dinner." He smiled. "Or as so often happens, we can simply play things by ear, and enjoy each other's company through it all." It had been two years since they'd met, and Through it all, he could only smile, thinking about how happy she'd made him. There were things it'd taken him time to get used to, but he accepted it, and for her part, she asked so little of him. "We have the house to ourselves today, and ALL Japan is our playground."
  10. There was no sense of satisfaction, no triumph in Jason's heart as The Devil-With-Fire-Blood tumbled into river, his sheath of flames winking out in a large cloud of hissing steam. All she could see what the injured man she had brought into village, who then revealed himself to be the Devil. Father Johns and Jean-Claude, good, decent men both, had paid for her mistake with their lives. She didn't plan on repeating it. She stalked through the river - no longer dancing atop it - an unrelenting warrior queen, with each supple stride, the water parted effortlessly against the immense strength residing in her long, perfect legs. She found the over-muscled form of the Devil laying on his back, an elongated pinkish penumbra around his head in the water. Without the fiery wings and writhing flames over his skin, he seemed... smaller, less. And she still didn't trust him not to be faking. Bombshell grabbed him by the neck, slim fingers constricting with diamond crushing force, and lifted him in the air, her other hand cocked back for another blow, to make sure he was down for the count. There were no refs here, to call the match before it went to far... "You motherfuckin' sonavabitch!" Jason cursed venomously, her voice rippling like angry chimes across the river and through the forest.. "I'm gonna drag you back to your men, show them what's left of ya, then I'm... I..." Only know did Jason notice the thick, turgid flow of deep crimson leaking from the Devil's head and nose, trickling over her fingers, and trailing down her arm, to drip from her elbow. He wasn't breathing. Swallowing hard, Jason turned him around, and felt her gorge rise up in her throat. Her rock was still imbedded in his head, in the chunky, shredded mass of greyish brain matter. The back of the skull had completely shattered under the power of her missile, but it still had enough resilience to prevent the rock from penetrating all the way through. The Devil had been slain, and she had slain him. She had killed a man. She shuddered in the aftermath of the revelation, then her head snapped around, silver hair lashing like a whip, as she heard the sharp report of gunfire in the direction of the village. The Devil's minions were still on the loose. Jason took a deep breath, she had no time to collapse now, she had a gang of unrepentant bandits to deal with. Later would be time to come to terms with the blood on her hands...
  11. *I'd love that darling,* Saori sent to her daughter, smiling up at her husbands. They were loitering in the parking garage of Turaj's building, keeping people away from the scene by merit of their mere presence - and a bit of quantum persuasion. If someone came too close, it only took a touch of her empathy manipulation to get them to move away, bored; when that didn't dissuade one person, Edward subtly dug out a memory of an overdue errand of importance and sent him hurrying away. The codes were delivered, and the three entered. Almost immediately, a voice called, "Turaj? Are you home already?" "No, my dear," Tomas said softly, his green eyes trapping the baseline as soon as she stepped into the room. She was a small woman with large, doe-like eyes and an athletic body. She was wearing a house robe; her hair was still wet from a shower or bath. Her face wasn't ravishing, but there was nothing wrong with her symmetry or coloring. "I don't know why Turaj complains," Saori said, gliding forward from behind her husbands. "Her breasts are small, but she is lovely." "What?" the woman gasped, but her words were cut off by the crippling pleasure of Saori's touch. All the woman did was trail her fingers down her arm, but it was enough to drop Turaj's wife to her knees. "The statue," Saori purred, taking the woman's face in both hands. The poor baseline cried out and arched her back as an orgasm racked her body. "Where?" "Whhhaa?" the woman whispered. "The bust Turaj bought," Saori explained, her coaxing fingers sliding down the woman's neck to slip into her robe. Saori's electric fingers curled around the other woman's small nipples, drawing another cry from her. "Boo-o-xxx," the baseline hissed. "Crate... unpacked in den... his den." Saori smiled at her husbands. "I'd like to play with this for a while. Do we have time, darlings?" Edward sighed, his expression rueful. "I'll have the bust warped out of here shortly. You two can... start the education with this lovely subject." Tomas had already moved behind her; he yanked her robe down from her shoulders in a smooth motion. Edward paused to watch, his phone out of his pocket, as Saori, soft to Tomas's rough, undid the sash on the robe and revealed her body. "You married a fool," Saori whispered into the woman's ear as her hand slid down her belly to tease at the woman's throbbing, swollen sex. Tomas used the sleeves of the robe to bind her hands behind her back. As the woman trembled like a bird between them, he kissed a line of pain across her shoulders. "Thankfully, we're going to take care of that for you, as well as take care of you." The woman's moan was both terrified and excited, trapped between the two predators.
  12. "Honey! I'm hooooome!" Ryusei's heightened perceptions caught Katya's husky contralto - though she had exchanged her Russian accent for a softer brogue - and the click-clack of her heels on the floor. Striding through his home, following the sound of Katya's teasing laughter, Ryusei found his girlfriend standing in the doorway to his - their - bedroom, her back braced against the frame in a seductive pose, the wicked grin he loved on her lips, graceful, intoxicating fingers beckoning. It was his Katya, but one native to Ireland than Russia. About the same height, her milky pale skin was dusted with freckles and her midnight tresses were now a fiery auburn, complimenting the same intensely green eyes. She was dressed in an astonishingly short skirt-suit of emerald green straining against a bustline that would give Bombshell's a run for its money and spike-heeled thigh-highs of shiny, black leather. It was one of her latest games, altering her appearance to spice things up... and she was getting more adept at those alterations. She had been working hard for the last few weeks, especially for one client that wanted their working relationship to remain quiet. Now, it was time to play hard. Ryusei came up to her and she pressed herself against him, murmuring as she felt her heavy breasts flatten against his firm chest. With her towering heels, she barely had to tilt her head up to give him a fierce kiss. "I've missed you, Ryu." Mischievous eyes cut to the bedroom as a hand reached down between his legs, with just a hint of delicious power her fingers could induce. "I'd show you how, but then I don't think we'd get out of the house." Katya took a step back, gesturing at herself, hair flowing back to black, her clothing shifting into stunning little black dress with twining, sapphire dragon pattern, then arched a brow at Ryusei. "But first, what kind of woman do you want to be seen with tonight." Her voice dropped to a smokey whisper. "And it doesn't have to be just one." With smooth fluidity, Katya began shifting her features and figure subtly, along with her clothing, and then not so subtly, taking on forms nearly indistinguishable from other nova celebrities and friends they new. Only her wickedly teasing smile and vivid emerald eyes remained the same, her arousal rising.
  13. Chang favoured Shae with a smile. “Well, if that’s not a good impersonation of a raven, I’m not a nova.” She glanced down at her shaft, resting high up her belly underneath her shirt. “And if I’m not a nova, I am at least a medical mystery.” She left herself looking down for a time. Chang always kept the quantum flowing so she could see all around her all at once. She never liked to miss things. For a time she sketched in that position, almost as if drawing while asleep. The crowd behind noticed that, made the connection. Some knew better, some found it funny. Chang raised her head after a while, simply because it felt an ounce more comfortable to have her head held high. She disliked the background in the first sketch and stretched out her neck to find a better angle. It took three attempts before she found one she liked. Sunshine was framed by uneven masses of scrap, with a ‘STOP’ sign positioned artfully not at the top – that would be contrived – but near the top, cocked at an angle due to a bending of its pole. The battered red sign with its dirtied but still bold white writing stuck out from a mass of concrete where a bridge had collapsed. On either side of him, collapsed buildings rose up high before cracking off abruptly. The presence of the raven added so much more to the “Perfect,” she said, and went to work. The complete sketch took her a few minutes, but she went through nine versions with different faces, levels of detail and other qualities, before being satisfied that she was ready to begin painting. “Done,” she said. “At least the base sketches are.” Chang’s arms went all to rubber. She smiled softly at the sensation of them lengthening, coiling down to her back. She unzipped it and gave another surge of quantum so as to speed her hands. Then her arms became flexing blurs, emptying the bag in seconds. After seven seconds – with one and a half spent adjusting the easel’s final position and height – Chang was done. She turned her head left and right, winding it down as she retracted her neck, then took up her paint brush and set it spinning on the back of her hand. Her paints were arrayed before her in their tray, the easel blank and white and offering infinite possibility. She savoured that moment, the way she always did. Then she let it pass, wet her brush with paint, and set to work.
  14. Evo reacted, flipping backwards in the air, but he perhaps had misjudged Tank's speed with the railgun. The slug fired rippled across his chest, still the groove was barely nicking the quantum-hardened skin. But this time, Evo knew more combat and hand to hand skills. This time, he was faster. Charging in as soon as he landed while Tank was still hands holding the railgun, Evo was a flurry of claws and snarls, moving fast and swiping dangerously from every angle. OOC 3 Multiple actions, Dodge, Claw Strike, Parry (-3,-4,-5) Dodge Roll (Megas) Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 7+4+5: 16 (Regular Dice w/ Nimble Quality) Jeremy *rolls* 6d10: 3+4+8+3+10+5: 33 Jeremy *rolls* 1d10: 7: 7 5 sux... Hit's but the +2 overage equals 13d10 L vs. 15L soak... Ping still. Ping Roll Einherjar *rolls* 1d10: 5: 5 No Damage. Claw Strike Roll (w/1 QP for Rapid Strike) (Megas) Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 9+6+9: 24 (Regular Dice) Jeremy *rolls* 6d10: 9+8+9+8+9+4: 47 Wow... 9 sux. Base Damage: [15] (Finesse) + Strength 4 + Claws Extra 1 + 1 Strike Dmg from Style + 3 from Rapid Strike = 24d10 L Parry Roll (Megas) Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 2+9+6: 17 (Regular Dice w/ Nimble Quality) Jeremy *rolls* 5d10: 8+3+9+4+6: 30 4 sux. HL: Unharmed QP: 25/26 WP: 7/7
  15. The Devil was clipped hard on his left side by the first ballistic stone, snapping several of his ribs with a loud crack and spinning him in the air. Jason's second rock, expertly aimed, took the twisting, falling nova right in the back of the head. There was a spray of blood from the impact, and the flailing limbs of a nova desperately trying to regain control became dangling, useless limbs of a nova beyond any care as the red-skinned man dropped like a 300lb stone into the river fifty yards from Jason.
  16. "But right now I don't see you hand up, so time fuckin' die, hey?!" Tank laughed like a pirate as he swung the cannon he was carrying up and fired. There was a hypersonic boom as the solid metal slug left the barrel of the railgun, ionising the air behind it with it's velocity as it headed straight for Evo's chest. The fight was on!
  17. Jael felt that same sense of alarm – though Sunshine had made his choice clear after she’d tried to dissuade him, she was still worried that he wasn’t thinking clearly. How could he? He’d never known heartbreak and loss, and part of her cringed at the thought that she might teach him about those emotions. Instead, she bent just a little more. “I love you, too,” she simply when the kiss broke. It was, as the truth went, true enough. Sunshine was hers and she’d be damned if she’d drive him away in a fit of morose emo sobbing that would only make both of them miserable. This was going to blow up in her face painfully someday, she was sure, but until then, the sex and companionship was great. Sunshine’s face lit up at her words; he caught her lips in another kiss, his movement so fast that it spun them around the air. “I know,” he told her when he released her so she could breathe. “I know, but it is good to hear you say it.” “Alright, then, I love you,” she told him, grinning at the dazzling smile he gifted to her. “Every golden inch of you.” She began to kiss those golden inches, until he pulled her back up. They had drifted a bit closer to the door and it was then that reality intruded. “Blegh,” Jael said suddenly, stopping her kisses. “I think last night’s Thai is in revolt. We should… do something about that, before Jason’s carpets are ruined.” Despite being the voice of responsibility, Jael was reluctant. So was Sunshine from his expression. “The cleaning crew can get it,” he murmured, kissing her jawline as his hand cupped her ass firmly. “Not until we call them,” Jael added, even as she all-but purred at his caresses. “I want to stay here and blow your brains out a few more times but I’m a guest here and it’s rude to ruin Jason’s carpet and furniture. And the sooner we get it, the sooner the nasty smell is gone.” Sunshine sighed. “All I smell is you,” he said softly. Jael kissed him. “Then for once I wish my nose wasn’t this strong. I'd love to smell only you.”
  18. *****Directive Dossier***** ***TOP SECRET***EYES ONLY***ULTRABLACK***EYES ONLY***TOP SECRET*** Subject: 107Z9AN00X Alias: Tora Name: Yushiro Tanaka Nature: Paragon Theme: Ghost in the Machine ATTRIBUTES -(6 NP) Physical (Primary) Strength: ●●●●● (Hydraulic) Dexterity:●●●●● (Precise) Stamina: ●●●●● (Relentless) Mental (Secondary) Perception: ●●●●● (Observant) Intelligence: ●●●●● (Questioning) Wits: ●●●●● (Quick) Social (Tertiary) Appearance: ●●●●● (Stylish) Manipulation: ●●●● (Persuasive) Charisma: ●●● ABILITIES -(8 NP) Athletics: ●●●●● Awareness: ●●●●● Computer: ●●● Drive: ●●●●● Endurance: ●●●●[●] Firearms: ●●●●● Interrogation: ●●●● Intimidation: ●●●● Intrusion ●●●●● Investigation: ●●●●● Linguistics: ● Martial Arts: ●●●●● Resistance: ●●●●[●] Stealth: ●●●●● Streetwise: ●●●●● Style: ●●●●● Subterfuge: ●●●● Weave: ●●●●● BACKGROUNDS - (1 BP, 4 NP) Attunement: ●●●●● Backing: ●●●● Contacts: ●●●● Eufiber: ●●●●● Influence: ●●● Node: ●● Resources ●●●●● MERITS Eufiber Attuned- 3 Runner- 2 FLAWS Curiosity:- 2 Enemy:- 3 QUANTUM: ●●●●● (14 BP) Quantum Pool: 30 WILLPOWER: ●●●●● ● (Confident) (3 NP) Permanent Taint: ●●●●● ● Temporary Taint: 0 ABERRATIONS Low: -Aberrant Eyes -Altered Physiology Medium: -Multiple Personalities MEGA ATTRIBUTES -(8 NP, 63 XP) Strength: ●●[●●] (Irresistible Force) Dexterity: ● (Tainted)(Enhanced Movement) Stamina: ●●●●[●] (Adaptability) Perception: ● (Electromagnetic Vision, Hyperenhanced Hearing) Intelligence: ● (Compartmentalized Mind) Wits: ● (Multitasking) QUANTUM POWERS -(21 NP, 29 XP) -Bionic Construction Armor: ● -Ultrasonic Sabers Claws [Armor Piercing]: ● -Vectored Energy Force Shield Force Field [impervious]: ● (Tainted) -Cloaking Field Invisibility [Enhanced Effect]: ● (Tainted) -Limit Break Quantum Overdrive Boost [Dexterity and Hypermovement]: ● (Tainted) -Akatora Clone: ● (Weaknesses: Only one clone.(5) While active, only the clone body has access to Hypermovement, Bodymorph and Body Modifications (2), Linked (3): Bodymorph (Simultaneous) Strengths: Reduced to Level 1, Cosmetic: Clone body manifests as Akatora.) -ExoArmor/Motoslave Mode Bodymorph (Technology): ●●●●● (+1 Bruised HL, +2 Maimed HL, +2 Dice Damage in Melee) -[sizemorph Grow ● Flight ● Armor ●● Psychic Shield ●●] (Weakness: Linked (3) to Hypermovement (Simultaneous), Strength: Increased Duration: Scene) -Tigeroid/Motorcycle Mode Body Modification: Digitigrade Legs/Wheels (Weakness: Dependent (2) on Bodymorph) Body Modification: Quadruped (Weakness: Dependent (2) on Bodymorph) -Gyroscopic Servo Arm Hardpoints Body Modifications: Extra Limbs (Weakness: Linked (3) to Bodymorph) -Quantum Supercycle Hypermovement [Extra Mode: Flight]: ● (Tainted) (Weakness: Linked (3) to Bodymorph (Simultaneous), Strength: Increased Duration: Scene) -Quantum Cyber-Link Psychic Link: ● (Weakness: Only usable with Clone, Reduced Range: 100 miles, Strength: Reduced Quantum) Combat Statistics Initiative: 12 Soak: Soak: 12/7 Eufiber: + 8/8 Bodymorphed: +7/7 Average Force Field: +19/19 Average Combat Total: 46/41 Movement Yushiro: Walk: 7m Run: 24 m Sprint: 44m Enhanced: Walk: 14m Run: 88m Sprint: 88m (60 mph) Akatora (Motorcycle/Tigeroid Mode): In combat Driving/Running: Run: 84m (58 mph) Sprint: 300m (205 mph) Enhanced: Run 168m (115 mph) Sprint: 600m (410 mph) Out of Combat Driving/Sprinting: 311 mph Enhanced: 622 mph Akatora (ExoArmor Mode): In Combat: Run: 42m (29 mph) Sprint: 150m (103 mph) Enhanced: Run 84m (58 mph) Sprint: 300m (205 mph) Out of Combat Sprinting: 155 mph Enhanced: 310 mph Flying: In Combat: 50m (35 mph) Enhanced: 100m (70 mph) Out of Combat: 311 mph Enhanced: 622 mph Health Levels: [bruised, Bruised] Bruised, Bruised, Bruised, Hurt, Injured, Wounded, Maimed [Maimed, Maimed] Crippled, Incapacitated, Dead Note: Never suffers any wound penalties. Special Gear: Brain-implant Data Connection with Full Op-Net Connectivity and Symbiotic Slave implants -Outcome Prediction Program -Best Route Program -Shot Placement Program Nanotech Mosquito Canisters (2) Nanotech Dragonfly Surveillance Drones (2) Directive Nova Restraints with Mox Injectors (4) Eufreeze Grenades (6) Quantum Scanner Watch Weapons: Laser Electro-Shock Sidearm Twin Portable Laser Cannons with Hardpoint attachments (double capacity power packs)
  19. Shae listened to her friend speak, frowning when Chang said that she had never been loved. Silently, Edward explained to his young wife and apprentice that sex and friendship and fondness were all different types of love; Chang meant a love like she felt for her spouses. Shae thought about this, and about what else Chang said while they relocated for another round of sketches; she mused to her family that perhaps they should look for someone to love Chang as they loved each other. She wanted her friend to be happy and if she couldn't provide that herself, she wanted to find someone who could.​ It was, perhaps, the first altruistic thought the changeling had had. Then again, Chang was in all practicality the only friend Shae had so far made and spent significant time with. Her mind mused even as she listened and filed away Chang's words of wisdom to think on later. She chuckled at Chang's question to Sunshine regarding animals; this she could do herself for her friend and for the young godling so like her in history if not in life after his rebirth. Hopefully he would become a friend like Chang as well; Shae was coming to like having friends. She used what she had learned in her time merged with Chang, what she had learned from Chang, and flowed like organic quicksilver into the form of a large white raven. She flapped a few times, getting a feel for the new body and testing out the idea of flying, before silently ghosting over to Sunshine's out-stretched hand. She was heavy and only his quantum-enhanced skin kept her sharp talons from slicing open the back of his hand. She looked up at him, then over to Chang, and cawed triumphantly.
  20. Chang listened to them talk while she sketched, her hands a blur, eyes still as she filled page after page with concept sketches. Each time she did something new to Sunshine. One drawing was intended to capture him in likeness, every line so exact that it would have stunned anyone in its artistry. After that, though, she planed away one feature or another, blurring the godliness of him to emphasize something new. Impressions and ideas swirled in her head, each a different slant she could take with this work. Novas made good subjects. Most were a coagulation of ideas and drama, a fundamental interplay of concepts as simple as strength or as faceted as beauty or as upsetting as pain and betrayal. Sunshine was no different in that regard. The touch Shae had put on Chang’s hip stayed with her. Such a simple, casual thing, but it hung in her flesh like a memory. It made her yearn for more. Perhaps that was Shae’s intent. Chang observed baselines gathering behind her, peering at the trio. She idly sought out reporters or journalists. They were the ones who felt it their honour-bound duty to be as annoying as possible when a nova tried to do much of anything in the public sphere without a dedicated bodyguard. No sign of them as yet, though. She had not forgotten the realities of the baseline world when proposing this venue. In fact she hoped they would influence the final product in some way and intended to work a journalist or two into the painting. Sunshine had lived his brief life in the public eye, a darling and a victim to their avarice for nova news. To paint ‘him’, Chang felt she needed to address that in some way. It was a topic she rarely touched in her work, though, and so she approached it with a tender caution. Time and hard experience had taught her that other novas could sour on her swiftly. Scrambler may have stood out from the pack, but other experiences in the Teragen mimicked it. There were others she spoke with in those fine days who found her fascinating in the early days, frustrating in the latter and despicable in the twilight of their relationship. One thing Chang had learned about the average Terat was that they did not like to be balked, and the more their thoughts seemed to go about in circles, like water tracing the circumference of a plug hole, the more argumentative and contrary she became. I wonder if that makes me a hypocrite. She mused on the page in front of her, which depicted Sunshine in full detail other than his face, which she had rendered as a featureless mask save for his eyes. I yearn for contact, yet have worked hard to drive away those like myself. When I could have been trying to stir up old friends and rekindle relationships, I went into the wilds of Greece alone and spoke with nobody for months. What is it that I want? She meditated on that question often. It did not concern her that she had yet to come to a definitive answer. People changed, and desires with them. Chang felt affirmed in her want for a sexual and emotional partner, though. Shae’s presence served to strengthen the conclusions of prior meditations. Nor did she doubt her larger desire to further her physical and spiritual evolution. But there was a trough between peaks, and she needed something to fill it. Chang listened more attentively when Sunshine addressed her particularly, even as she began a new sketch. They would need to move soon. She had near-exhausted this perspective. "I don't think so." Sunshine said slowly, his brow furrowing. "It's just that... Well, Chang for instance. She has her art, and her music. She has these things that she defines and that she defines herself through doing. I don't think I have anything like that. And I wonder if I need it, sometimes. I'm a nova, and I don't really need food, or clothes, or shelter. I don't need a job to survive. Some of the things you can buy with money are cool, but do I need them? Not really. So whatever I do, whatever direction I choose, isn't going to be for money or survival. So it has to appeal to me like Chang's art appeals to her." He smiled wryly at Shae. "What do novas who don't need anything material do? Really? What do you do?" ‘Appeal’. The word bothered her, somehow. She turned it over in her mind as Shae and Sunshine continued to banter, wondering how to vocalise her thoughts. Listening to Shae talk of her family inspired a heavy feeling in Chang’s chest. A sympathetic, primal longing, in recognition of something beautiful that she had imagined once but never had. The face of her brother, twisted up in disgust, swam in the forefront of her mind. Her own feelings responded, with anger, and hurt, and pain. Chang ripped out the page she had been working on, scrunched it up and ate it. That sort of emotion would taint the work. She paused a while to let it pass. "Is there anything you have done so far in the past year that has given you a feeling of fulfillment? Something that sweeps you away from all thought or awareness of time? That would be something to pursue." Shae brought Chang back to the glory of their union with that question. That had been art. Glorious, impossible, and born of a true emotion, that creation eclipsed much of her output over the last year, if not all of it combined. She doubted even Shae fully understood how beautiful that moment had been, or how much Chang would cherish it. Sunshine finally talked of music, and that made Chang smile. "Because I feel like people would like it just because I'm 'The Crush Kid'." Sunshine said with a wry smile. "I don't know if I'm really any good, and there's already loads of novox artists out there with more heart and message in their music than I have, like Chang. I just play other people's tunes and enjoy that. Maybe when I'm older and I have stuff to actually write music about, I will." Chang rose, the simple wooden stool losing its form and flowing back into the soft roundness of her buttocks before her ‘clothes’ closed up over them. The watching baselines started talking at that. Some were disgusted, some were amazed, some lustful. Others knew what to expect, but were glad to see it for themselves. Idly, she wondered if there would be a video of that on the OpNet soon. She spied fourteen different sorts of camera and more than thirty phone cameras turned their way. Most of those could capture video. "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts," Chang declared, walking over to Sunshine. “You can put your hands down now.” She turned her head one way, then the other and stretched it out a meter or two to get a new perspective on where Sunshine stood. She tried a few angles, seeing what lay behind him, but liked nothing. Retracting her neck, she nodded. “Yes, we must move to a new location now. A little further down the coast. I need to get the right background for this, and I feel that there is something… lacking here. A good start, though.” She led them back down the pier and along the low concrete railing that lined the coast. Below it a mixture of rocks and mud led down to the water, bedecked with birds perching and preening in the midday sun. “If you desire to play, Sunshine, you must play. Music is self-expression. There’s no need to record anything if you don’t like. But what’s to stop you taking your guitar with you and perching on a rooftop, and playing for a few hours? Just you, your songs and the sun,” she said, voice four-toned, dream-like and whispery like a soft winter breeze. “We over-complicate the question, almost obsessively. Not just me, who overcomplicates everything on a near-instinctual level, but everybody. “’Where am I going?’ ‘What am I doing with my life?’ ‘Was it worth it?’ ‘Am I wasting time?’ On and on and on, a constant cycle of self-doubt and recrimination, never stopping to look about them and realize that things are not so bad. If you’ve found someone that pleases you, there’s no need to seek anything else. That is enough, and it’s more than many will ever have. You have both been loved,” she said, smiling at them, “I never have. Perhaps I never will. I envy you both on that count. Sometimes I wonder if I have it in me to be loved.” She paused fifty meters or so down the railing and turned to face the ruin of Victoria across the bay. She studied the birds circling the ruin, the boats patrolling its perimeter, the water all around, the rail, all of it. This could be the place. “As for my art… I’m not sure ‘appeals’ is the right way to phrase it. Speaking of which, could you be so kind as to perch on the railing? That’s it. Not quite like a gargoyle. No need to stick your tongue out.” She smiled again. Had she ever been so playful at any point in her life? “Stand up straight. That’s it. Lovely.” Chang backed up, again molded a chair out of herself and sat down into it, sketchbook at hand. No point in getting the easel out yet, though she felt she might be doing so shortly. “My art defines me, but it frustrates me. It hurts me. I’ve agonized over a single line in a painting for days, trying to get it to match the perfection in my mind. It is agony and ecstasy, suffering and joy. No sane person would be an artist if they could be anything else. Does it appeal to me? Maybe. The truth is, Sunshine, I could not be anything other than an artist. I simply am. The same applies to the worthless hacks and the baselines I’ve surpassed who are, nonetheless, still artists. They are because they cannot be something else. What you have yet to find – from the sound of it – is the one thing that defines you.” She put a hand to her chin, stretched her neck out again to study him from different angles. She snaked back and forth in front of him, elongating and coiling. “Don’t follow my head, silly. I am seeking the right angle to sketch you from. When drawing perfection, one is obliged to do it correctly.” Again retracting her neck, Chang moved her chair three and a half inches to the left, added a foot of length to her neck so that she looked down on Sunshine a little, and then began to sketch, hand flying across the page and leaving pencil lines in its wake. “Keep looking for it,” she said. “But do not worry if it tarries looking for you.” She paused, frowned, then quirked an eyebrow. “Sunshine, are you any good with animals? I think it might look interesting if you were to have a bird – a white raven, preferably – perched on the back of your right hand.”
  21. The only sense in which novas rule the world is the sense that people wish we did to make us an even more convenient target. How many novas sit on the governing board of Project Utopia? How many novas sit on the UN Council? How many of us are president or prince, king or queen? Our power is purely personal at this stage, and it is intellectually dishonest to pretend otherwise. Every law that governs our existence was created by and is largely enforced by baselines. It might be more accurate to say that we rule our world, the personal space in which we exist, for we almost all have the power to define the world directly around us should we so choose. But ah, then steps in the iron hard social doctrine with which we all grew up. Many novas do not even exercise their powers to that extent, preferring simply to do as they have always done, with more sparkles. Claiming that novas 'rule the world as a collective' is missing that there is no nova collective. Any gathering of novas has differing agendas, and most of them compete or are subsumed for the desires of baselines. See Utopia. I won't pretend that we aren't dangerous. Of course we are. But we're a long, long way from being able to take over even a small bit of the world, let alone rule it as a collective. Ask this question again when a social hawk has charmed their way to the presidency and begun to repeal a few laws and pass a few that give genuine favour to novas. As it stands, the halls of power are barred to us.
  22. Ryusei had been so busy as of late, he'd had to force himself to slow down. Katya as well was occupied. Still a day was set aside for the two of them to spend together, free of business, or anyone else. He smiled waiting for her to arrive at his home. They'd planned to start early, about ten am local time for him, and he was anxious. His watch chirped. She'd bought it for him, even though he always knew the time. "Alright, where are you now I wonder..." A day in tokyo, a picnic, then a show, maybe the bars, finally home for a nightcap. That was the basic plan...
  23. "We can do it again?" Okay, so perhaps it wasn't the wittiest reply, but Sunshine's face - a picture of amazement and revelation - made it plain that he wasn't quite firing on all cylinders right now. Jael started giggling, the euphoric high of their lovemaking adding to the funny notion that she had, temporarily at least, banged those nova-sized brains out. Sunshine blinked, then smiled up at her as he realised what he'd just said, darting his head up to kiss her nose. Jael caressed his face, trailing her fingers through the spun-sunlight of his hair. "Sure we can." she all-but purred between giggles, flexing her hips slightly and feeling him move within her, delighting in how his hands reflexively tightened on her waist. "You feel like you've got plenty of life left in you." the blonde girl grinned down at her young lover. "So how many times can we do it? Is there a limit?" he asked earnestly, innocent curiosity mingling with intense desire in his blue eyes. The everpresent motes of golden light danced in their depths, fireflies in a noon sky. Jael felt herself tighten around him on instinct, her need for this closeness with her Sunshine permeating her body's reflexes as she propped herself on his chest, keeping her hips twitching in small, rhythmic circles as they spoke. "It varies." she told him, running her fingers down over his shoulders and chest. "With novas, it varies a lot." She pondered that as she felt up the gorgeous body. Sunshine was energy personified - he barely needed to sleep and, with a source of light to drink up could function completely without rest, or so it seemed. There had to be some limits, though... Right? He smiled up at her, his own hands roaming sensually up her spine before trailing down around her ribcage to her breasts. Jael felt those warm hands cup her flesh and murmured in pleasure as he rubbed his palms over her sensitive nipples. "Let's find out, then." Sunshine said softly, a husk of desire in his angelic voice that caused small tremors of delight in Jael to hear. Without pulling out he rolled them over, his long hair tumbling down around both of their faces as he kissed her with sweet, urgent passion. The young nova felt Jael's long, tanned legs come up over his hips, scissoring around his waist and pulling him into her eagerly as they flowed into and around one another. "We can keep count." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Ten hours later... "...ten..." Jael murmured in a voice hoarsened by yelling, her body shuddering through another orgasm as Sunshine flooded her with warmth. The room smelled of sex and summer, the bed - currently ten feet below them - was damp and rumpled with sweat and fluids, the mattress having half-fallen onto the floor and the sheets rucked up along one side. Sunshine was behind her, one hand playing with her breasts and the other lightly rubbing her clit as he pulsed inside her. He nuzzled at her ear, kissing her neck as she felt his heart pounding against the skin of her back. "Hmm?" he sighed, his breath sending prickles of heat across her hyper-sensitised skin. They'd been going now for so long that the smallest motion, the slightest brush from his hand was enough to set of a micro-climax in her pleasure-soaked body. "Ten times... for you." Jael clarified, turning her head and kissing him hungrily. "Twelve." he replied when his mouth was free again, his smile radiant. "Twice when you used your mouth." He kissed her again, loving her dishevelled, wide-pupilled expression. "Oh, yeah." Jael purred, pressing herself back against him. Apparently, it wasn't just Sunshine's blood that had motes of golden light dancing in it. That had been fascinating... and hot. "I kind of lost count of you, though." Sunshine admitted apologetically. "I think it was eighteen?" Jael giggled, floating apart from him and turning before coming back into his arms, her head nestling against his shoulder as their bodies pressed together. "More." she told him quietly, contentedly. "Much more." His openness and free-spirited nature extended to sex. He soaked up every lesson, both taught and observed, remembering both what she said and how she reacted to different touches and kisses. And as his confidence had grown, so too had her pleasure. She felt so good right now, so right... even as she also pondered that it might be time for another shower. But that would mean washing away Sunshine, a small unreasonable part of her complained. "I love you." he told her softly, his warm hand stroking through her hair. She was perfect, he thought. There was no one more perfect, no-one with whom he could be happier. The fact that he was young and inexperienced was brushed aside - Sunshine knew Jael was the one for him, with all the certainty that young love can give. "I've always loved you. I always will love you."
  24. The heat of a man filling her body was always enjoyable, but this time was different. It was Sunshine; he made everything different for the blonde nova. Her fingers played over his chest, her nails biting in a little. Jael’s motions became more fevered as they both pushed toward their climax. His hard length entered her again and again like a lightning rod, sending sparks of electricity up her spine. When he shuddered and cried her name, Jael felt her own climax rock her body. Her nails dug into his skin, heedless of his potential discomfort. Her body joined his in a long, drawn-out shudder, slowly relaxing in waves of bliss. When the last quiver had passed from her flesh, Jael found herself lying across Sunshine’s chest. He was still panting, though more slowly, each breath an expulsion of the pent-up energy still spiraling over his nerves. Jael lifted her head, her lips parting to say something to him. Her words were cut off by his kiss; desperate and ardent, Sunshine tried to express everything he was feeling in the wake of such wonder. His blonde So-Cal girl replied with equal passion and fervor, slipping a hand under his head to pull him closer. The kiss broke sweetly; Jael became aware that Sunshine was hard again, or perhaps still hard. “Again?” she asked softly, a slow, sexy smile lighting up her face.

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