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  1. What's new in this game
  2. sigh... Thanks for giving it a shot anyway. (I know this is somewhat late, but I wasn't around for a while)
  3. At the risk of repeating what was said, Originally Posted By: Dawn, OOCDitto what was said above. It's your call Titan, and we'll miss having ItB, but if this is what you have to do, then that's that. Thanks for trying again. Ditto.
  4. Ditto what was said above. It's your call Titan, and we'll miss having ItB, but if this is what you have to do, then that's that. Thanks for trying again.
  5. This is surprising. I thought it was going along nicely. Still, I understand. If you change your mind, let us know.
  6. But, but, but.... *shocked/surprised/dismayed look* But we just started... we were just getting things going... I'll be honest about two things. 1) I don't think the game has been going long enough to say whether or not the story is coming together or not (less than 1 day IC). 2) If you truly feel that way, I'll accept it, but I will never believe that ItB is dead, and I will always be ready to jump back in.
  7. I think that the time has come to take a hiatus from ItB. As it stands now, the story isn't coming together. This is my responsibility, and I have failed to make it cohesive. I wanted to, but it's not working. So, I'm going to put ItB on the inactive list. Thank you all for your participation, and I am glad to have re-integrated into this community. Though this game did not achieve the success that it had previously, I will always remember it fondly, as I hope you will. This is not a good-bye, but merely a change in focus. Some will be surprised, most will be sad, but I think many will be relieved. It sucks to have something that you care about and want to be good to... not. So, we'll try again another time. I'll see you around the boards.
  8. With a reproving glance, eyebrow raised in rebuke, the Titan Omega shook his head at her words. Nevertheless, he saluted her casually before departing. "Farewell! And know that you can ever count on.... THE TITAN OMEGA!!!!" A flash, and he was gone. Fahrenheit hovered over San Francisco's Chinatown section, the Golden Gate Bridge off to her right, clutching the Malnomicron to her chest.
  9. Josh approached the Interpol agents, eyes merely glowing blue not blazing as they were before. He had overheard the conversation and now felt pity for the man he had suspended in the air. That didn't mean that he would let him down or lower his defenses, just that he didn't feel like hurling him into the river. "Ok, you've got him here, and we were able to avert another disaster of his causing. I don't know what they can do for him here, but if anyone can do it, they can here." Josh said that as much to the Interpol agents as he did to the gathering mob. What had happened wasn't this guy's fault, even if he was the cause. Hopefully they'd be able to sedate him or hold him in such a way as to keep this from happening again. Who knew, there might even be a nova here who could cure his disease. Still concentrating on holding him in his cage of air, Josh tried to move the man towards the building. There should be enough people gathered in medical so as someone would know something to do with him... ...hopefully.
  10. Aeon - Inside and Outside Originally Posted By: Nathan Dayes"Everyone, this is Nathan Dayes. I know everything just shook and that things are calm now. If anyone sees anything suspicious, call me. Here is my phone number."Inside The dust had literally begun to settle. A half-dozen Novus and a score of doctors stood frozen, waiting fearfully to see if there will be another tremor, Nathan's announcement notwithstanding. The unnatural silence following the announcement is broken by a deep voice echoing through the hallway leading to the examination rooms. "Where is he? I need to see him!" A....man?... shambled from the hallway into the waiting room. At first glance he looked like the comic monster 'The Swamp Thing'. He seemed to be made entirely of vines and plants. The spaces between seemed like rich, black soil. He swung his shaggy head back and forth, looking at the assembled Novus and doctors, ultimately dismissing them all. He headed for the door. Jay King made a quick conduit of the lower floor. The damage seemed minimal, confined mostly to roof tiles and furniture. He ducked outside, only to find a different situation. It was vaguely reminiscent of the mob that had gathered a few weeks ago in the exact same spot, against a Vietnamese delegate who had had the misfortune to be the unwitting carrier of a 'Stormbringer' nuke. The crowd had been bigger, but ultimately contained by his friend Wei Fang. Looking at the woman made of electricity, and the gathering Novus, he was unsure whether this one would be so easily dispersed. Outside The young man had stopped his convulsions and hung limply in midair, heaving shaky breaths. One of the men in suits, a black man with a tightly trimmed afro, attended him as best he could, mopping his brow and checking his pulse. He seemed as unfazed about the man's floating in midair as he had been about the quake. The other man, a tall white man with hair so blond it was almost white, interposed himself between the young man and the approaching Novus. He kept his hands out in front of him, seeming more to display a lack of aggression than an actual warding gesture. A tic in his cheek was the only display of stress of any kind. When Juno vaulted in front of him and demanded an explanation, the blond answered in a thick Russian accent. "We bring him here to help him. We are not interested in a fight. This man is sick. The...-" The black man, without leaving his patient, interjected. His crisp, Oxford educated accent is at odds with his companion's. "He is an epileptic. Also a Novus. He was being sought in conjunction with the Los Angeles earthquake, so when he was found in Berlin last night, we were called. We brought him here, for treatment. Frankly, because we are unsure of what to do with him." The blond produces a badge. "I am Agent Solovyov, this is Agent Waltham. We are Interpol."
  11. Rich answered, "I think like that because I met a serial killer who didn't change his nature after he converted. Then we have me, and every other nova I've met with the possible exception of you. Granted, we're going to have to work hard to avoid being an oppressed minority or worse. And..." Rich struggled but Fahrenheit was persuasive and it'd be dishonest to not continue, "And granted, my success isn't certain. Yugoslavia. Rwanda. It can happen, it can happen here, it can happen to us, and it may already be in motion. There's a quote you may like, 'The avalanche has already started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote' "The system wasn't built for us, or for the potential existence of us. You want to start fresh, I want to work with what we have, make adjustments to what exists. I think I have the easier task, and more importantly, I think it has to be tried. If I'm just holding back the tide, then think of it as buying you time. The world is big enough for both of us to succeed... and god help us all if we both fail." Rich looked into an uncertain future and wondered if he'd regret this. She could be right.
  12. Yay! As a primarily physical nova, Juno will benefit greatly. The new bodymods are especially nice, since Shapeshift can easily emulate them.
  13. Ok, we are moved back into our house, which only smells faintly of gasoline. Yay. But, it does mean that I have interwebs when I am not at work, and am able to resume my Storytelling. Yay! In addition, I have had some ideas about where to go from here, and I'm really excited to get started on them. As I predicted, I am happy to announce that I find Aberrant - The New Flesh to be of a quality that I will allow it to be canon for our purposes. Some of it (most of it) won't be available anytime soon, unless some bright boy gets on it. The rest of it, I give you license to freely use.
  14. "You think like that because you cling to old habits. You may call it human nature to try to fit in. Maybe it is even universal and something that social beings strive for - fitting in. But you have to learn that your destiny goes further than making the most profit out of your powers. Now is the time to make any change happen. You can be the architect of a future that will make everything made by human hand appear like the clumsy attempts of a toddler. All I'm asking Rich is to consider my words and I want you to know that I'll be there waiting for you should you decide to join my cause. If you need time to evaluate what I said, that's fine and I absolutely understand but you have to make a decision sooner than later because each day that passes without us making the most of it to built our future is not only wasted but also giving them more time to find a solution to the problem our kind poses." Fahrenheit took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as she waited for Rich's response. Something told her he wouldn't agree with her but maybe she could befriend him? Win his trust and stay close...
  15. Still struggling with domestic issues. The landlord has installed air filtration systems in the house to mitigate the fumes. The oil company has billed me $860 for the luxury of coming out to look at the spill they caused. We are continuing to bunk at my in-laws, which is awesome. But the end is in sight. Thank you for your continued patience, I will attempt to get some sort of postage up in the next day or so.
  16. Rich was silent for several moments. Fahrenheit got the impression he was measuring her arguments and fitting them into his past, then he said almost hauntedly, "Fahrenheit, I've seen a lot, experienced a lot, which says we still have the old human flaws. Greed, lust, you name it. Whatever we've gained, we haven't given that up."
  17. Fahrenheit blinked several times completely caught off guard by Rich's words. She looked down at the table, then to the door and after a moment that seemed to last an eternity she looked back at Rich, almost past him or through him. "Your vision is short-lived and will lead to war sooner or later. You are trying to play their game and be better at it, since you have the power and the ability to provide a unique resource. Given the nature of humanity as it is today you will have guaranteed success... but you're not building a future, you're wasting your time.", her nostrils flared as she struggled to keep her temper in check. The conversation had taken a turn she wasn't expecting and didn't even consider as an option. "You preach Novus Supremacy? Is that what you want? To be recognised by... humans for who you are, for what you are? I believe this path will create more suffering than it will heal. But your selfish approach is admirable, you are only focusing it wrong. Why should we waste our time with trying to fit into a system that was never designed for us? I have no problem in treating them like trading partners but as long as there are Novus who think like you... who want to get what they deserve - that's the kind of poison that will cripple the growth of our People. You already shed your human skin, Rich - why cling to it's antique ways if we can choose to walk a completely new path? A path we create unfettered by human flaw?", this was definitely her last try to make him reconsider, she didn't know a different way to make him believe. Maybe it was enough to make him rethink his options, but she couldn't force him to deviate from his chosen path. Rich would have to realize for himself what her message was - or maybe he understood too well and simply decided to oppose her... she didn't like that thought, it would delay her plans.
  18. In the face of Michelle's electrical display, and the scene by the car, Juno was momentarily unsure what to do...then she decided. With a flick of her wrists and ankles, she launched herself into the air on a shallow ballistic arc that landed her directly beside the black car, and the men...and the kid. She planted her fists on her hips and glared at them. "You boys got some 'splainin' to do," she said in a faux-suthun hick accent.
  19. Originally Posted By: TitanAnyone who wishes to continue discussing the morality of Rich, or lack thereof, may take it into Private Messages. I do not feel that it is appropriate any longer in this thread. We've all had our say. Fair enough, Titan. I just wanted to make sure that anyone bothered by the conversation understands that those are my feelings toward the character, not the player. Two very different things.

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