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  1. What's new in this game
  2. Thank you, but not to worry. I had planned for it and we are taking this time to actually live a little. Spend time with the kid, learn how to fight with a sword. You know the important stuff.
  3. I will have to take a look at that. I am officially un-employed now, so I have some time on my hands.
  4. It's just that he and I had a conversation one day and I asked him to just let us know if he ever needed to bail and not just vanish. He promised that he wouldn't do this again. Even if he does come back at some point, and I hope he does, and that he is okay, my trust has been hurt. I was reeeaaly looking forward to this one...
  5. Sorry, I'm in a couple games atm, and not feeling any real inspiration to run an Aeon game. I hope we find out where our GM vanished to, though. . .
  6. it gives me time to recover from my surgery and work on my character. heh.
  7. Sent him a second PM, hopefully his email notifies him. HE may be having some kind of real life crisis. The important thing is to be welcoming when he comes back in case part of the reason he hasn;t logged on is because he feels guilty at dropping the ball. He should know that he can come back and we will still want to pick things up again. Still, I have to admit after Prometheans and this, I am sensing a pattern.
  8. Yeah, sort of lost my luster at this point. I'll keep checking in from time to time though. Hopefully he comes back and the game is successful.
  9. Well, paperwork is being run now for me to re-enlist. As much as I'd like to shout "FTN!" at the top of my lungs while running down the pier, I literally cannot afford to exit the Navy without a job already lined up. On the upside, I do seem to be able to access the internet while out to sea. Hopefully, this encouraging trend continues. ::happy [edit] Anyone who lives near Seattle and would like to attend my re-enlistment ceremony, it's being held off-base. Drop me a PM for directions. [/edit]
  10. ...aaaand that makes two weeks...sigh. He either does not love us or his computer is down again. Only if his computer was down you would think he would at least go the public library and tell us. If and when he ever comes back I am going to ask him for his normal email so as to keep better apprised.

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