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A D6 Star Wars game taking place several years after the Battle of Endor as the New Republic trying to find it's footing while what remains of the Jedi try to find their way.

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Star Wars



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A D6 Star Wars game taking place several years after the Battle of Endor as the New Republic trying to find it's footing while what remains of the Jedi try to find their way.

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  2. Will there be a continuation on this? Saw that there was some interest, so I thought I'd ask...
  3. Cool. Just checking to see who else is in. Anybody?
  4. Ok then! It was a bit unclear as to what was going on. Glad to know you're still up for continuing.
  5. I was pulled away due to holiday obligations. I have not dropped the game and in fact just game to write the next post.
  6. It didn't last very long. Sad face, but thanks for the time, guys.
  7. It doesn't appear as if this is happening. I'm gracefully stepping out of this one.
  8. "Emperor's ass cheeks!" Gavin flew up from his slab and stomped to the particle screen. "Some of us are trying to relax before we're collared and sold back into slavery. But you wouldn't know that because you've never been!" [Persuasion, 20] He looked at the guard. "Stun her. Please? Just shut her the hell up so I can get some rest. So we can all get some damn peace and quiet. Because until you do, she's just going to keep raising hell, I know. I live with her."
  9. Arcata's eyes flicked from the direction she heard Aurora's voice in back to the guard. There was just a second, where he was weighing her words but hadn't made a decision. Just a second where she might be able to undo the damage. She needed a point of leverage. There. On his left sleeve, a red stripe with a black mark shaped like an arc with sharp projections inward. A styled fanged maw, gaping wide. Somehow, out of somewhere in the back of her head, two words came to her. Rabid Rancors. With the words came a slurry of information. Swoop gang. Nar Shadda. Arcata was dimly alarmed that she had no idea why she had such detailed recollections of a minor swoop gang so readily memorized, but in this case it was useful. She remembered they were bitter rivals with the far larger and richer Black Vulkars gang. "Gavin, pay attention!" she shouted angrily. "I want you to take note of this." She then got near the forcefield and directed her voice in Aurora's direction. "Whoever you are over there, you've made a very bad decision crossing me! One word from me to the rest of the Black Vulkars, and you'll never have safe berth anywhere in this arm of the galaxy! There's no outrunning us!" Inwardly she tensed, subconsciously trying to prepare for the incoming blaster bolt, even though she knew it wouldn't make a difference. All Operatives were subjected to stun bolts during training and remembered very well how it felt. She also knew from experience that there were a lot of variables. It wasn't impossible that she'd get lucky... Hopefully Gavin would listen to her and break out of his funk...and if not, hopefully she could fend this ganger off. Thin hopes, but much better than none.
  10. Gavin fumed and rolled his eyes while throwing his hands up in the air. "Are you serious lady? Stupid schutta." He shook his head and walked away from the force field, collapsing onto his slab and lying down. "Real smooth, lady. Real smooth. Now we can all just die in here, because they're not going to let you out. This doesn't, like you, doesn't care about anyone but himself and he can fetch a decent price and prestige for a few of us, I'm sure." He rolled over and faced the wall. "Oh, well. We tried."
  11. Frankly the whole stuck in cells with our memories wiped just isn't jiving with me. And since Aurora is deliberately working against us, wake me up when we're done with this prison phase. I've not the time, nor the inclination to play 'escape from prison with no memories of how you got there' before I've even had a chance to get the character's feet wet. Gavin will retire to his slab and just simply wait to either be sold back into slavery, killed, or freed by the others. Personally, if we do get out, we should leave her behind and take the ship for ourselves. I don't see any value to having someone who is just going to sell us down the river the first chance they get. I don't have time to play 10,000 posts of plotting an escape while one character does their best to undo it all. Let me know when we're past this part.
  12. Aurora motioned Kel away from the forcefield, he gave her a quizzical look but obliged. she moved to the corner of the field. "Hey Guard!" The guard looked over at the red head, shifting his weapon toward her. "Don't listen to them, they're just trying to goad you into doing something stupid," she warned. His brow furrowed "Look I told your master the truth, I am not one of them I am a pilot, call him tell him I will cooperate. Tell him I'll do anything he wants."
  13. Just because your target knows the scheme, doesn't mean it won't work. The familiarity of the taunting and back-and-forth seemed to clear up Fetch's senses a bit. She shook her head and assessed the current setup. Agitate the guard and wait for him to stun them through the force field with the blaster. Then, get his blaster or open the other cells with the console. From the voices, every cell seemed to have people capable of pulling this off individually, if randomly chosen. Gavin may have some issues to deal with, but his words felt comfortable, like he spoke of things she herself had felt from time to time. Just...through a more negative lens. If their cell was chosen for the guard's stun blaster (to make a point) she'd be the least likely to resist it. And yet, if the guard was taunted from the other cells, she had to take into account that he would choose one of the other cells to make a point with. She had to be ready.
  14. Arcata listened quietly, weighing the chances. If he stunned someone and entered the cell, he'd have to operate the force field. Which would mean Gavin would see how it was done, and might be able to use one of his 'jedi tricks' to do it again. But only if he wasn't the one getting stunned. Damnit. "No, clearly not," Arcata said after the mercenary. "You wouldn't bother with threatening if you were. Coddling prisoners isn't the Imperial way...I wonder why not? Oh yes. Because threats telegraph weakness. Especially ones that aren't followed up on. They put you in the awkward position of having to take the risk of carrying the threat out, or losing all credibility." She smirked. "Which is it for you, I wonder?" You'd better be paying attention, Gavin.
  15. Clarifications on the Wild Die Wild die when rolling dice in Discord The first die result of your roll will be treated as the Wild die. For example: if you roll 4D6 and get Details:[4d6 (1 3 4 6)], then you got a 1 on the Wild die (not a 6). Rolling a 1 on the Wild die To clarify, rolling a 1 on the Wild Die is not an automatic failure or botch. If the Wild Die comes up as a 1, tell the me and I will do one of three things: 1) Just add the 1 on the Wild Die to the total normally with no effect. 2) Subtract the 1 on the Wild Die and your other highest die from the total 3) Add the 1 on the Wild Die to the total normally, but award a "complication" - something unusual (and often, but not always bad) has happened that livens things up for your character. Complication example: In a space battle you shoot a quad-laser cannon at a TIE fighter. You roll and get a 1 on the Wild Die and are awarded a complication. - If your total roll was still not enough to hit the TIE fighter, then you miss, and due to the complication, your roll might be applied to a friendly ship to see if you it the friendly instead, or the turret might malfunction. - If your total roll is enough to hit the TIE fighter, then you successfully hit it (Yay!), but due to the complication the TIE fighter might now on a collision course with your ship or maybe the TIE fighter spun and hit a friendly ship, damaging it and/or forcing them to make a piloting check.. Complications can apply to any roll, not just combat, from mis-remembering information, to not realizing you just hit on the alien you are trying to talk to in their native language. If dropping the 1 on the Wilde die and your highest die from your total would result in failure then I might even offer you the choice of taking the failure or succeeding with a complication. Sometimes a complication is bad, sometimes they just make things more difficult or interesting, and sometimes they are just funny. Rolling a 6 on the Wild die If you roll a 6 on the Wild Die, then it 'explodes', meaning you add it to your total like normal and then get to re-roll that 1 die, adding the result to the total. As long as you keep getting a 6 on the re-roll, you keep adding it and re-rolling.
  16. Kel tried to dredge up his memories on Chell Kremaru. Unfortunately, the answers seemed to just slip out of reach, until finally the words of some shadowport talk clicked in his mind. Chell Kremaru. Black marketeer dealing in exotic materials: in this case rare compounds, minerals, elements, metals, gasses. Bacta, Tibanna gas and Mandalorian Iron were solid examples. A purported Imperial sympathizer. Clearly more than that with Stormtroopers as bodyguards. It stood to reason, Kel determined, that Kremaru was doing brisk enough business with the Imperial Remnant that they wanted to protect him. Probably for his Tibanna gas trade, being a power source for the blaster of all types and sizes. "For what it's worth," he told Aurora, "I'm pretty sure this was a big enough bounty that you were willing to get in on it." It made sense for this lot. Ex-Imperials, a bunch of street kids, a cold-gazing bounty hunter, the pilot, and Kel Uno, slicer extraordinare. It was then that the guard reacted to the others' rackets. Definitely one of Kremaru's people, and unfortunately, someone with basic sense. On the other hand, it occurred to Kel that if someone was able to resist the stunning and play dead... well, he certainly wasn't going to take that gamble. Would the ex-Imp or bounty hunter dare?
  17. "So it is true, eh? You lot really do have no idea what happened or where you are. You're just stabbing in the dark, hoping something lands, to.. what? Pull some amateurish scheme like pissing me of so I step right in there to 'teach you a lesson' or something?" the guard laughed as he shook his head. He then drew his blaster and pointed it at each cell in turn. "There's no need for that. Ya see, these forcefields are great great from keeping you in, stopping you from spitting on me and all that." he explained as he tapped the forcefield in front of Arcata and Kel's cell with the barrel of his blaster, causing the the forcefield to flare brighter at the point of impact for an instant. "But energy? Like, say, a shot from a blaster, it's a lot less effective at stopping. So keep making a ruckus, and I'll just stun you and then come in there and beat you to bantha fodder." he threatened with a grin that made it seem like he would enjoy beating an unconscious captive just a little too much. "And I ain't no Imperial." he added, holstering his blaster as he walked back toward the table. OOC
  18. Fetch gathered her thoughts as people she supposedly would know began to initiate their actions. There was familiarity, and yet there was pain and hazy thoughts. She tried to block them out and figure out what she could do to assist in the inevitable escape plan. Unlike what her cellmate asserted, she did not believe anyone would be unwilling to escape, and the moment the higher-ups left would be the right time to start anything. Two obstacles, force field and guard. Weakness of the field was that it was people-operated. So was the guard's. A card game, huh? That was something she could work with... She heard the taunts spoken by the man with the soft, dangerous voice, and decided to wait for after that moment to add her own brand of agitation. "Don' bother with that one, really. He's playin' cards all by his lonesome, he is. An' even then he has to cheat to win. I saw that, I did. Put a card back in'is deck and then drew another one. Nice upstandin' imperial justice yer representin' - can't even be straight at a game with yerself!"
  19. Acato burst out in loud laughter, the chime of her voice crossing the whole cell array, and hitting the guard's ears as another annoying sound. Hearing him asking for silence, she lowered her voice. She then looked at her cellmate with a large grin, revealing her sharp canines. "Alright, my apologies, Lohkimian. My name is Acato Seros." Somewhat satisfied that she decided not to butcher his surname anymore, Lohkimian crossed his arms. "That's more like it..." The exchange between Jan and the guard caught Acato's attention. The other prisoners' voices began to sound familiar now, but she couldn't quite put a face on them. At Jan's last wry line, her jaw dropped, and she went for another round of pealing laughter.
  20. "Yeah, cut the cut-rate Stormie a break." Jan called out, putting every bit of scorn he could into his tone. "It's not his fault he washed out of maintenance technician training and ended up here guarding a bunch of losers." "You're one of those losers, buddy!" Gavin yelled back. "You amateurs probably karked-up my stalk. I bet none of you are even licensed hunters." Jan sneered. He thought he recognised the kid's voice, and the women - the pilot as well as the ex-Imp. But it was hazy, and he wasn't sure how he recognised them. He was pretty sure he wasn't hunting partners with an Imp, even a reformed one - if that was even a thing. Plenty of Imps had tossed aside their uniforms when the Emperor had gone bye-bye at Endor, and they weren't worth Bantha spit. Ones that went Rebel before the war turned, now, they could be respected somewhat. "You kriffing asshats fouled up so bad even this vape-bait here could have caught you. Am I right, vape-bait?"
  21. The more Jan moved his muscles and got his blood pumping, the better he felt. The stiffness and ache in his muscled began to fade and even the headache was beginning to subside faster than before. The small size of the cell was limiting his movements though, as it was not much bigger than a closet and clearly not meant for any long term confinement. The lone guard glanced over at Jan as he began exercising, but did not seem concerned, and instead turned back the some card game he was playing alone. Jan could see in the middle of the wall opposite of the cells and next to the table, a small control panel which seemed to have the intercom they all heard him use before, as well as other controls. It was not missed by Arcata either, as it was almost directly in front of her cell, taunting her with its proximity. While Arcata intentionally listened for the sound of engines, for Aurora it was second nature. Neither heard such sounds, nor did Aurora feel even the faintest motion which meant that they are planetside. As far as what planet, they could not be sure with their memory impacted as it was. "You don't shorten surnames. That's insulting every member of the family, living or dead." the diminutive being stated firmly as he poked, or more like stabbed, Acato in the thigh with a finger. Despite his small size, the fellow had quite a forceful personality and could be strangely intimidating. "So you can address me as 'Lohkimian', or 'Sir' even." He looked up at her, his large eyes narrowing to a near predatory gaze. "Or are you going to be a problem?" The guard chuckled as he heard the exchange between Acato and her cellmate, but did not look up from his cards. That changed though as Gavin and Arcata starting going back and forth, causing him to set down his cards and look toward their cells. "Shut the hell up!. All of you!" he ordered as he rose and walked down the line of cells, glaring at the captives with his hand resting on the blaster pistol on his hip.
  22. "I was watching our flanks! They hit us from behind." He yelled across the way, then held his head. "Ow. Hurts to argue with you." "Then don't." She said with a stern tone of finality. "Hey." He snapped. "I was trying to help, okay? Geez, no wonder no one likes you're a complete pain, and ungrateful. I can't stop everyone who wants to shoot you in the back, you know. Which you still owe me for, by the way." "Owe you? Owe you? You didn't stop anything, kid." Her head peered around the corner of the archway of the field, looking down at Gavin's cell. "You tripped and fell into an assassin who I already knew was tailing me!" "See?" He shook his head. "Ungrateful."

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