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  2. Zac was holding the cold pack against his left ear, but the right one totally heard the creepy scream screeching through the speakers. Putain, impossible to be quiet today. He rose up from the bed, stood on his feet. Wow, they gave me some good stuff. He was feeeling a little numb from the painkillers, but he had known worse, so he would deal with it. Voices on the right caught his attention. That was Jael talking to the doctor. Hurrying out of the room, he leaned on a wall, close by Jael and Dr. Foster. "Care to tell us what is going on ?"
  3. Sebastian wasn't too far off from the nurse, offering a leap of surprise that brought him to his feet "What on God's green..." he said with a start. "Sir, the heck is going on in this place? Why you mumbling?"
  4. "Two things," Deezy said, munching avidly on M&Ms. "First, I was kidding about the M&Ms, but that was really cool of you, thanks! Second, how about sending in some human analogues, like monkeys or pigs or...wait, those are loud and big and annoying...I don't know, mice? Basically, lets find out if this radiation even affects creatures that don't have the cell changes to interact with it. Because if it doesn't, we don't have to stay in here another few days. Lots of things emit radiation, but most of it's harmless. This 'n' and 'psi' radiation isn't ionizing, so it shouldn't damage cells or anything."
  5. "Careful," Wendy said with an amused tease. "Jensen - our rather cheeky pathologist - has already started giving all of you codenames. Give me a minute to get ahold of Dr. Ballard." After that, things moved quickly. Deezy was asked first to duplicate HIPPA releases for everyone so that medical information could be collected by those in quarantine, and then she was sent the specs for nearly a dozen different pieces of medical equipment. The large barracks room went from 'socializing space' to 'medical lab'. Samples were taken from everyone but Sebastion - they just couldn't figure out how for anything beyond hair and nail clippings and weren't willing to try anything too likely to actually injure him. Machines hummed and whirred and eventually spit out gigs of information for the CDC scientists to pour over. The poking and prodding had eaten up most of the day and the group eventually dispersed back to their rooms for sleep. Which again Sebastian noted he didn't seem to really need as much anymore. Not that the squints needed to know that. The next morning medical reports were handed through the airlock, along with a massive food shipment that included the requested food. Even a bag of blue-only M&Ms. The medical reports were detailed on each person's current general health, observed abilities, and a score next to a listing that was marked "Radiation ν" or "Radiation ψ". Over the speaker Wendy said, "The good news is that the tests we did yesterday have given us more information on the changes with you all and it appears that everyone's radiation levels are dropping steadily. We've manage to differentiate the radiation out into two kinds, which also seems linked to some shared changes between around one half of the group or the other. Those of you with the n-radiation also have cell clusters throughout your body that seems to interact with the n-radiation. Like process it instead of being harmed by it. Those of you with the psi-radiation instead, well, your brain is different. Just a small part of it, but like with the others it seems to process the psi-radiation. We're not sure why there's this split. These tests are what showed us that there were two distinctly different energies at play. Before that it was just considered all one new type of radiation. Anyways, if the radiation drop-off continues, you guys will be down to the new background level of this radiation in four or five days. At that point we'll want to take some measurements why you're actively using your abilities, just to check for spikes and make sure the use of the abilities aren't cause your body or mind problems. That will probably only take a few days itself. If everything checks out fine, the CDC will have no reason to continue the quarantine at that point."
  6. Jael turned to Sezja. <Stay in here,> she told her ward/friend firmly. <”No, don’t go out there!”> Sejza grabbed her hands, her eyes scared. <”Please don’t leave me here alone!”> Jael gently extracted her hand. <”I have to assess the threat,”> she said firmly, but in truth, that noise excited her. She wanted to hunt it down and find out what it was. Maybe it was something to kill, and if she waited too long, Zac would find it first. <”Lock yourself in the bathroom. I’ll be back soon.”> Sezja raised an eyebrow but slipped into the bathroom, locking the door with a loud snap. Jael smiled to herself as she slipped out of the room and caught up to Dr. Foster. “What is going on?” she asked in English, flipping back to her native language easily. “What is making that sound?”
  7. "Medical training? No. But that's not what you really NEED right now. If someone can explain what a machine needs to do, I can figure out a way to make something that'll do it. Might not work exactly the same as the original, but it'll get the job done! As for interpreting the results, again, all you have to do is tell me what to look for. The radiation part, I can handle. The effect of it on living tissue I can probably figure out on my own, but worst comes to worst I can rig it so it sends information to you guys too." "I get that it's a bit of a leap of faith for you guys to take help from one of the 'infected'," she makes scare quotes around the last word, "but remember I chose to come here. I'm on you guys' side. I just want to get to the bottom of this, and I knew this was as close as I'd be able to get for awhile." "Shoot me some info and either wheel down some equipment or tell me what I need to make, and we'll get this science-party STARTED!" She then tapped her bare wrist. "Or, you know, tick tock tick tock, superfriends getting antsy and who can blame 'em really?"
  8. "Do you have the doc on speed dial?" Donald asked Wendy. "You probably should." Honestly, it wasn't like he had any way to know for sure if the CDC was spewing nonsense or just jargon nobody save perhaps Deezy here understood. Donald felt he could afford to be patient about it, at least for a little bit longer. What mattered was that others weren't so patient, and everyone here knew there was no way to stop them. "Actually, maybe you can lend a copy of that report to Deezy now?" Donald suggested. If Deezy read it and agreed there was something legit, well, that might help tempers a little. If not, or they refused. "Might help speed things up even more since you're waiting for the equipment anyway." His tone suggested great care should be taken before saying no.
  9. Ryan nodded. "Any help I can be in transporting equipment here, I'll gladly give. No one wants to extend this quarantine, and if you'll trust us as much as you want us to trust you, then we can all be out of here faster, and get on with our lives." The Former Air Force pilot nodded. He understood how the others felt, the desire to leave, but he knew the government would only let them go when they were certain they weren't an immediate danger to those around them. He also understood, that no matter what, from now on that they'd be watched and scrutinized quite closely, because of their new abilities.
  10. "What are you suggesting, Ms. Klatta? Making equipment inside the quarantine? Do you have any medical training?" Wendy sounded intrigued by the idea and maybe a little relieved at a suggestion that might prevent people from fleeing the base. "I'll have to run things by by Dr. Ballard, but anything that gives the CDC more data - well, I can't imaging that being seen as anything other than good." Deliah, Emily's roommate in quarantine, piped up with, "I'm not a doctor, but I know my way around most medical equipment. I'm all for whatever will get us out of here faster." She gave Bastion a glance that said yeah, I don't believe her either. "I've got kids to get home to."
  11. Deezy poked at the inside of her mouth with her tongue, then said, "You know, I could probably speed things up for everyone if you brought me on board," she suggested. "Just need some equipment, access to whatever data you've already gathered. That, plus a little Klatta know-how and we'll be able to give everyone a clean bill of health in no time!" "...and probably save some costs on patching up angry person-sized holes in the walls at the end of the day."
  12. "Ma'am, with all due respect, when I'm ready for home, I'll go there myself, not send a letter." He said calmly. "My courtesy to you and this place is currently as enduring as my patience. So, you might wanna work a little faster."
  13. "The HAZMAT suits the doctors have been wearing do have badges built into them, Mr. Stone." Wendy said. "It's how the differing level of radiation was detected initially, according to the report. I can ask for more information in it, if you would like. I have what's effectively a synopsis of what they've discovered or theorize right now. It's only been two days since the Storm - everyone's scrambling to try to figure this all out. If you'd like to write a letter to your folks, Ms. Klatta has made clipboards and pen and papers. I can get a letter taken out tomorrow morning when the shipments come in."
  14. Sebastian had, for the most part remained quiet and kept his head down the entirety of his time here in quarantine. There was no real to associate with the people here, he'd listened to them for awhile now and while they all seemed like decent enough folk, he just wanted to go home to hi family and stop being treated like a lab rat. He could have left any time he liked and they didn't to be respecting the notion that he was cooperating with them and wasn't some juvenile delinquent. Still he lay there quietly in his cot, arms resting behind his head and under his pillow. He'd managed to avoid several of the invasive tests, mostly because they couldn't get through his skin without a drill. When a technician suggested it, even in jest, Sebastian's reply of 'Yeah, you try it. See how that works out for you.' was probably the beginning of his downward spiral of rapport with these people. Still, he still got swabbed and did as they asked, although he did his best to lie a little here and there, like how strong he actually was. He didn't like these people and didn't feel a strong moral obligation to help them. Especially since they were lying to them. "Now," he sat up finally and looked to the speaker. "I know, at times I ain't the sharpest tack in the sock drawer... but I'm far from dumb Speaker Lady. I know people with me here are a lot smarter than I am, so how come, if we're giving off all this radiation, you doctor folks aren't wearing those fancy radiation badges, huh? I mean, would stand to reason if we're possibly dangerous you'd be taking the proper precautions, right?" "You're good folk, and I get that you're trying to make sure we're not gonna hurt people. It's nice of you to want them safe. I can't... now, I just can't stand me a liar though. I don't like them. See, once a lie is told, all trust is lost. No matter how honest you are with me from this point on, ma'am, you still have that one lie planted in the back of my mind that will always make me doubt every word you speak." He stood and looked at the speaker. "I'm sorry ma'am, but I believe my relationship you and your people here is done. Let me know when I can leave please. I'm sure my folks are missin' me." He walked back over like massively huge sulking teenage teddy bear and laid back back down in his cot with his arms resting behind his head.
  15. I would prefer one story be finished before I move on to the next.
  16. I've been a bit busy these last days, but I'll work on a post for sure. Looks like weird stuff is happening, I can't miss that.
  17. I think you could start other threads and leave Peers Pressures open, so folks can have their RP and action both. PBP lets us run concurrent threads when warranted.
  18. Hey, for those in Peers & Pressures, this first part was mostly meant to be for characters to talk with each other and start forming bonds. If people are bored at this point, I can move us forward a week to the point where the main quarantine has been lifted. There's still a "populated areas" quarantine in effect until they make sure that using your powers doesn't spike your radiation levels, make you go nuts/mutate, or the powers themselves don't cause others to go nuts/mutate. That would be montage scenes of people showing off with their powers and seeing how they work with each other. There isn't meant to be deep plot here other than some of the push-pull of people being awed by the super-humans, wanting to control them, and figuring everyone would be better off if you all just disappeared permanently. The game seems to have slowed down and I just want to make sure that's not because the social quarantine thread is just boring everyone. Let me know what you guys would prefer, because I can also just wrap up Peers & Pressures and move everyone to the three month jump so you're all loosed on the world and can go from there. For those in Angels & Demons: Do you need anything from me? I can add to my last post if there isn't enough actionable info there, or you can just tell me life's swallowed you for a bit and everything is elsewise fine. Ein: I promise, I'm getting to you!
  19. The sound of paper flipping came over the speaker. "They're not entirely sure where it's coming from. They want to take some more samples and have apparently ordered an MRI to be flown in, along with a list of a lot of other medical equipment. As for the radiation, it's the same that came with the Storm. Everyone's got some of it now, but you all have just more." She made a small sound as a thought occurred to her. "Some of you talked about having better sense or just different new ones. Can any of you sense things about each other? Or different from the soldiers at the doors? More information gets the science done faster and the quarantine lifted sooner." Several notes to some random song sang out over the speaker and Wendy sighed. "I've got to step out for a minute, everyone. If you all think of anything else, please let me know when I get back." The speaker clicked off and this time the Latino man didn't squint it back into life. He was standing with his arms crossed, a pensive and distracted look on his face.
  20. "Everyone relax," Deezy sighed. "We're obviously not radioactive in the normal sense of the term." She scowled at the speaker. "That was careless ''for laypeople' talk." "Now...it IS interesting if we're radiating some kind of particle. Hey, speaker-lady! What kind of radiation? Is it localized to a particular part of the body? I'm gonna guess the BRAINZ, or maybe wherever mutations are...case by case basis...huh." Then her eyes swiveled to give a sidelong look at Renata, who had gone rather still and quiet in the wake of the overheard conversation. "Old man giving them trouble, you think?" Deezy asked with a little grin Renata shot Deezy a glare and flipped her off. Deezy giggled and shook her head, waving her hands in mock surrender.
  21. Emily puts her hands on her hips and gives Ryan her best 'I told you so' look.
  22. Over the speaker, Wendy's voice came again just as Emily reached the hallway down to the rooms. "The quarantine is for two reasons, Ms. Thompson. The first is that those of you here represent a very very very small number of people that have been altered by the Storm and didn't start attacking others or wreaking havoc on the landscape. We want to make sure you're going to be okay, psychologically. You all do have superhuman powers. Second to that-" There was a sound in the background, a deeper voice, interrupted her with murmuring. The speaker clicked off, but the Latino boy squinted at the speaker and it flickered back to life. Wendy's response to the intruder carried over the microphone, "Withholding medical information from them is not a good idea, Colonel. Not if you want them to trust you or stay put here when most of them certainly could leave." The male voice said something again and Wendy's voice carried over again. "Well, this is quarantine, not prison. The CDC has jurisdiction, not the military. I don't work for you. Bring it up with the Congressmen you've been complaining about. These people haven't been charged with a crime and Thompson is right, most of them are heroes. They're confused and getting angry. Understanding the situation will help them calm down and not fight their way out." They could hear the door slam and then the click of a button as Wendy though she was turning the speaker back on. "Sorry about that, everyone. As I was saying, the other reason quarantine is not 'bullshit' is because you're all still some sort of radioactive. You don't seem to be getting sick, but we need to make sure you aren't going to make others sick. So, please bear with us. I promise I will keep you updated with whatever the CDC doctors discover as I get reports from them. For now, perhaps try to get to know each other? You all belong to a rather unique and small club. Even after you leave here, I think it'd be good to keep in contact with others that can empathize with what you've been through and how your lives have changed."
  23. "And so far, we're the only ones doing the giving." She stands up and looks at the walls and ceilings, looking for the cameras. then stalks over to the food box and grabs another MRE.
  24. "Emily, calm down. Of course, I can. I know how things can go, but I'm willing to wait, and see how they're going to play this. They know We don't have to stay, but at the same time, running from them across the country isn't viable, even for me. Eventually someone will catch us, only they won't put us in accommodations like these, but an actual prison, and they won't be asking for cooperation, but demanding it." He knew they were watching and listening. "I don't like being cooped up like this, I wager no one here does. Now, they're aware of our discomfort, and can probably feeling the heat from outside too, It's hard to keep incidents like the Storm quiet, and there's tons of witnesses They probably want to know where we are. That means sooner rather than later, the powers that be will need to make a statement, and release us." "They know we're not stupid, and that we've played along for now. Situations like this are give and take." It was obvious he wasn't speaking purely for her benefit.
  25. "And use us." Emily had not liked the reality check the conversation was giving her. "They will try to control us and use us that what they always do, isn't it. And here we are just sitting in their quarantine zone which could easily become a prison or worse. while they figure out how to control us." Emily hugged herself, she had been a victim and had just gotten a measure of freedom and now here she was right back where she started. "There is nothing wrong with us and this quarantine is bull shit. we save a ship load of people, hell we saved the ship. Do you see any of them in here they didn't catch anything from us because we aren't contagious. Ryan you can get us out of here."
  26. Jael & Zac The sirens of the ambulance made normal conversation inside the vehicle nearly impossible. The EMT checked Sezja's pupils several times and asked her to follow a finger or say her name or the date. When Sezja kept slipping back into Russian to answer, he gave Jael and Zac a pleading look to translate. Despite her linguistic confusion, Sezja seemed mostly okay. At the hospital - the Marias Medical Center, they could read from the brightly lit signage outside the ER entrance - all three were swiftly moved through triage and bedded down in the ER rooms. They didn't even protest with Jael insisted on staying in the room with Sezja instead of moving to one of the other rooms to be seen separately. The level of accommodation set her on edge. She hadn't been in the American medical system since she was a child, but she didn't remember anything about it being so cavalier with normal procedures. The ER doctor appeared just as unusually swiftly - a steel-haired middle-aged woman with a badge that read "Dr. Foster" and two nurses in tow - and set to working on Zac first. His ear was stitched up and he was given a cold pack and several hospital-strength painkillers. Once he was settled back in, Sezja was seen to with similar efficiency: several cuts were stitched up, others bandaged, she was run through quick basic tests for a concussion, and one of the nurses was sent off to arrange x-rays on her shoulder and right arm and to get a full body MRI. "Just a precaution," Dr. Foster said in that way that's supposed to make you feel better but just ends up sending you down the rabbit hill of 'what if?' Finally, she turned to Jael and smiled. "The EMTs tell you me you seemed to come through pretty unscathed. You're a very lucky young woman. I'd still like to look you over." There were sounds in the ER room as someone else was walked back; Dr. Foster waved her nurse off in the direction of the newly occupied room. As the young man left Jael caught the unmistakable look of a deep bruise form along his jaw and the slight hitch of someone trying not to limp. Bastion Sebastian's mother did in fact fuss at him all the way to the hospital. When his parents had arrived at the wreckage she'd pushed through any of the feeble attempts by the deputies to maintain a 'do not cross' line and had done a quick check of him before hugging him tightly enough to make his father wince. He'd barely been able to convince her to let him sit in the back seat of the car alone; his father had looked to the plane, looked to his son, and given him a wordless nod of approval. The elder Stone knew he'd get the full story from his son at some point and right now was more about making the woman of the family feel secure than about either of of the men. At the hospital, the ER was nearly silent, only the triage nurse on duty. Sebastian went though triage and was settled into one of the three ER rooms in less than ten minutes. A haggard young nurse stepped into the room with Sebastian and his parents with a clip-board; a large red mark along his jaw showed where he'd have a deep bruise in the next day or so. "Uh, so, you were at the crash?" He glanced over Sebastian and asked, "Are you having any trouble breathing? And feeling of weakness in limbs or dizziness or naus-" Everyone The hospital began to howl. It was the only way to explain the sound screaming out over the speaker system - unmistakably human but seemingly drawn from the pits of Hell. Dr. Foster frowned and stood up. "Stay here," she said firmly before quickly making her way to the ER entrance into the hospital at large. The nurse in with Sebastian nearly jumped out of his skin, flinching away from the speaker and whimpering, "Oh God please, not again."

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