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About This Game

Modern day. It is December 31, 2018. The ball is about to drop, and the party in Time Square is rocking. Trump’s in office, George W. Bush just died, bomb threats have swept the US and Canada with nothing coming of them, and the US government has been in shutdown for 10 days. [i]Aquaman[/i] and [i]Mary Poppins Returns[/i] are the top two box office movies, [i]Thank U, Next[/i] by Ariana Grande is the top song. Animal print is in on the fashion runways and #2019resolutions is trending on Instagram. All seems right with the world, but that's about to change for a small group of people.

Game System




Full Description

I am starting a new game.  This one is a Hollow Earth Expedition game, using the HEX rules.  The posting speed for this game will follow my posting schedule, so will be updated weekly minimum. If I go to update and you haven’t posted, that’s life. If there is a month or more where I’m the only one posting, then I’ll talk about shuttering the game. If life gets crazy and I can’t make a weekly post, you’ll know. As a note, a move is coming up and posting may get weird at that time.

I’m limiting the number of PCs to six. If I receive more than six, six will be selected and the remaining characters will have the option to join at a later time. Selection will be based on concept, backstory, and party roles. As a note, those who come in later will have wider options for characters and will not be left behind in XP.

IC Setting

Modern day. It is December 31, 2018. The ball is about to drop, and the party in Time Square is rocking. Trump’s in office, George W. Bush just died, bomb threats have swept the US and Canada with nothing coming of them, and the US government has been in shutdown for 10 days. Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns are the top two box office movies, Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande is the top song. Animal print is in on the fashion runways and #2019resolutions is trending on Instagram.


PC requirements

The PCs are ordinary people from all walks of life. Any background, any walk of life is acceptable, so long as they would have reason to be in Times Square to see the Ball drop for the New Year. Maybe they live in New York, maybe this is the trip they scrounged quarters for, or maybe they got lucky and won a trip to New York. Regardless, this is where gameplay starts, so this is a requirement. 

As a heads up so that people can plan their characters appropriately, you’re going to be captured at game start. The plot revolves around this, so be ready for that kind of game. Please don’t make characters that rely on Surface World Talents to work. Don’t have your character leave behind a life that they’re desperate to return to unless you want to RP through that loss. 

Also, I’m going to strongly recommend that your character be competent and cooperative. Cooperative doesn’t mean holding hands and kumbayas, it means willing to set aside disagreements for the group’s greater good. Competent characters should be able to hold their own in physically demanding situations, so I advise buying at least one rank in one of the fighting skills. Survival would be another good skill to find reason for your PC to take. If we have roles or skills that need to be filled, I will make NPCs but the PCs should be the focus of the plot.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. HEX is on hiatus until January 5th as I get through the holidays, work out how to move forward with two less PCs than planned (not upset, just saying I need to adjust), and dealing with moving. Yes, finally, we plan to move the 2nd and 3rd, so I'm giving time for that to pass as well. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
  3. As I let Dawn know today, I'll be pulling out of HEX. Not, I want to stress, because of or due to any of the recent drama, but because I keep getting the dreaded block when trying to write for him. Dawn OOC is free to make whatever use of LaHaye she wishes as GM fodder.
  4. I'm out for the weekend in a self-care way due to site toxicity. I'm unavailable for RPG Post stuff until Monday. Have a good weekend.
  5. Juno spotted a good looking blonde woman coming over as she looked around for more spiders to kill. It only took a second to realize what she was about to do, and Juno quickly glanced at the nearest Nazi...the one over by Siobhan. He wasn't looking this way yet, but there wasn't much that'd stop him from doing so. She quickly went over to Teagan. "Wait," the ex-soldier said quietly. The pick clinked onto the chain, and Juno looked back at Felix again briefly. "Just...hold up a second. If any of them see you, God only knows what they'll do." Juno gave Teagan another head to toe assessment and nodded. "You're not chained up. Go distract that guy...keep him from looking over here and make some noise so he won't hear me working." "Alright? Leave the chain to me."
  6. In the noise and confusion and then the screams and purple flame, Teagan made her way back over to where Pickaxe Guy and Death From Below Girl were fighting. She found the length of chain connecting Pickaxe Guy back to the other prisoners that would very much like to not be handed pickaxes or really be dealing with anything right now were. Aiming for links on laying flush on the ground so she didn't drag Pickaxe Guy down with the swing, she started working on Operation Spiders-Aren't-Our-Only-Problems.
  7. Round 2 is done; Teagan is the first post of Round 3. I don't know if this fight is going to last more than another round or two; feel free to engage in pulp action fun! Init order: 5 - Teagan 4 - n/a 3 - James & Juno & Siobhan & Giant Spiders (will all act at the same time) 2 - Ali & other prisoners (just lumped all together) 1 - Nazis
  8. As the spider went down, the prisoner reacted three different ways. Those hiding continued to hide but dared to peek out. Carl and Jeanie jumped forward, she with a stone in her hand, and he with his boots, to attack the down spider and keep it down. Graham and one other man dashed toward the wagon, grabbing pick axes to arm themselves. At the far end of the company, a half-dozen gouts of flame erupted from the Nazis, bathing the spiders in a sinister purple flame. The monstrous creatures retreated, screeching as their caraprise smoked and turned black. Ava, Chase, and the brunet recruit still went back to back, firing at the spiders in a group. The blond Nazi stopped his charge toward the prisoners’ attacker and turned to scan the room, looking for other targets. Felix followed Siobhán closely, his eyes widening in alarm when the spider dropped on her. Ali’s intervention earned him a shove when Felix bumped him, dropped his rifle, and grabbed the spider in his gloved hands. Ripping it from the lovely singer’s shoulder, he dropped to the floor and pinned it under his knees. “Get out of here!” he yelled to her valiantly (at least that’s how he pictured it in his own head).
  9. Ali didn't know what had suddenly happened with Siobhan and the red spider. All he knew was that the girl with the gun had proven to be the most effective so far against the spider. If more attacked, or the big (comparative to normal spiders rather than the giant specimens rampaging in these underground depths) spider had a poison bite... Ali hurried over and delivered an openhanded smack to the big red. It had too much mass to fall off from the blow, but it seemed stunned...
  10. Str+Brawl to smack the spider off Siobhan's shoulder: DiceParserBOT Today at 12:12 PM # 5 Details:[4d2 (1 2 1 1)]
  11. Post is updated with result of the WP contest. Jer, Ali is now up.
  12. Willpower roll. DiceParserBOTToday at 9:28 AM # 6 Details:[4d2 (1 2 2 1)] 2 successes
  13. The spiders rallied brutally, striking out at the Nazis. Thanks to the efforts of the prisoners and the musician Bride, they were spared as their spider had collapsed, but the arrival of new spiders into the ranks of the Nazis left their captors struggling. Siobhán felt something drop onto her left shoulder, about five pounds worth of an eight-legged nightmare. She looked and saw an iridescent red spider about the size of a breadbox clinging to her coat. It had eight eyes, but two were larger than the others and pure white, and as she instinctively looked at those pale orbs, she felt her will draining away as her muscles locked in place… The caverns and the spider faded, leaving her standing on a stage in a crystal city. Tall, beautiful people turned their eyes to her, waiting for her to begin. Her guitar was in her hands and a microphone in a stand before her. Performance was as instinctive as breathing, and Siobhán started her concert. To all others, Siobhán and the Spider were locked in a staring contest, neither moving in their battle of wills
  14. Siobhán stumbled as Felix jumped backwards, pushing her back unexpectedly as well, but with the use of of Felix' shoulder, she steadied herself and kept from falling. The stumbling did cause her to turn and catch sight of Juno, splashed with spider ichor, swinging a pick at the spider in an awkward, upward arc due to the creature's size, but she only managed to bare scratch it, leaving her more or less face to face with the creature. "Oh shit! It's gonna eat her!" she exclaimed. Juno was her bodyguard, and now, of all times and places, Siobhán was gonna need her. With a small swell of confidence from her first time discharging a firearm, Siobhán leveled the pistol at the creature and began walking towards it until it's segmented body fill her view, virtually ensuring she could not miss. "Get the fuck off her you Lord of the Rings reject!" she shouted at the spider as she summoned up and focused all of her anger,fury and frustration of the days into the gun in her hand and fired. She was ready, or at least more ready, for the sound and recoil of the pistol this time, hardly jumping or flinching at all this time (a fact she was quite proud of). She watched the round hit the spider's side and tear through it's body, sending out another spray of more ichor, knocking the creature to the ground in a heap near Juno.
  15. Siobhán is gonna close to point blank "there's no way I can miss this big-ass spider" range (5 feet or so) on the spider Juno attacked, and shoot it, spending both Style points. 3 Dex + -2 Unskilled Firearms = 1D + 2D for the Luger pistol +1D for pistol at point blank +2D for 2 style points spend = 6D !6d2 DiceParserBOTYesterday at 7:30 PM # 11 Details:[6d2 (2 2 2 1 2 2)] Woot! 5 successes! DawnYesterday at 7:33 PM It rolled 2 on its defense; You do three lethal.
  16. "Thanks!" called Juno as she grabbed the pick. Immediately she charged the spider attacking Graham, hauling the heavy instrument back over her shoulder and swinging it down as she came in, like she was trying to shatter a block of granite! A pick was a heavy thing though, hard to swing fast...and spiders were quick little bastards. Even when they weren't so little... The weapon bounced off the spider's underbelly, but Juno could see that she hadn't done damage.
  17. "Plenty more - and try not to get everyone shot!" LaHaye said over the sounds of screeching spiders, shouting Nazi's, screaming people and gunshots. It was a testament to the extremity of the situation that he didn't even stop to smile charmingly at the pretty girl, instead grabbing a second pickaxe and running back over to his embattled comrades-in-chains. "Juno!" he yelled, and the pantherish Latina looked up in time to grab the handle of the pickaxe that LaHaye extended to her as he charged past, swiping at the spider menacing the group of prisoners with the one in his other hand. Cussing in Cajun French at the disgusting beast, LaHaye's wild swing was good enough to make the thing scuttle sideways on it's hairy legs, letting out a chittering whistle of outrage as it avoided the makeshift weapon. "More tools in that wagon!" LaHaye called to the other prisoners, waving them towards where Teagan currently stood.
  18. I've posted NPC information for those NPCs you are interacting with the most. If anyone wants to engage the NPCs, I have left notes so you can write for them. I've also included Skills, so feel free to have them mention a factoid or something relevant in your posts, or have them come up with ideas or say something. The Fanaticism score for the Nazis is how difficult it will be to turn them against the Reich. I welcome interaction with the NPCs if you want it.
  19. Nazis Ava and Chase Hamill Ava and Chase, along with their younger siblings, were raised in a white supremacist militia compound in Idaho. Their family has recently developed a relationship with the Third Reich, a group who claims to be the continuation of the 1000 year Reich. Ava and Chase are the first to pass their loyalty tests and be invited to join them at their secret headquarters, Chase as a soldier in the military, and Ava with a future husband. Ava is bubbly and excited for her new life, eager to help strengthen the Reich and prove white superiority. Chase is quieter and far more willing to let his sister do the talking when they're attempting to recruit -- especially as he's secretly starting to question it. Ava's skills: athletics, Survival (Foraging); Chase's skills: Firearms, Survival (Hunting) Ava's Fanaticism: 9 (Die-hard Patriot); Chase's Fanaticism: 7 (Raised in the life) Ryan Schmidt Ryan came to the Third Reich from a Odinist MC called the StormBringers. He caught the eye of a recruiter and put through their loyalty tests. Once he passed, he was offered membership in the Third Reich, and woke up on a train in a Nazi uniform. Despite his sometimes hard demeanor and dedication, Ryan betrays signs of being emphatic to others, often showing concern for people who aren't of the Master Race. Skills: Con, Drive Fanaticism: 10 (Believes in his cause) Felix McCall Born in a poor part of Jersey, Felix grew up knowing that he was being held back in life by Affirmative Action and political correctness. After complaining on many message boards, he found like-minded kinship with a Third Reich recruiter. Snarky and geeky, Felix has a deep respect for authority and fascists. Skills: Computers, Firearms Fanaticism: 8 (Personally bought in) Simon Taylor Simon joined Ava and Chase's militia group after his wife was mugged by Latino men and badly injured. It changed his worldview on minorities and he sank into white supremacy. His anger at what happened to his wife made him an easy mark for recruitment. Simon rarely speaks, focusing on his job as a Reich recruit, but he can be a chatterbox on his favorite topics, which include his family, football, and guns. Skills: Firearms, Survival Fanaticism: 6 (Came to beliefs through trauma)
  20. Well, I guess the diva can take care of herself, Teagan thought, staring in disbelief at Siobhan's shot. Her eyes caught on James and his newfound pickaxe; she made a dash for him. "Is there another one in there?" she shouted as she ran, adding when she was close enough to speak quietly. "Maybe we can get people free, too."
  21. Round 1 is over. Teagan is up at the start of Round 2. Init order: 5 - Teagan 4 - n/a 3 - James & Juno & Siobhan & Giant Spiders (will all act at the same time) 2 - Ali & other prisoners (just lumped all together) 1 - Nazis
  22. The hairy spider recoiled from Ali, raising one leg to run the bristles of its leg over its eyeballs. As Lana pushed her brother under a wagon (despite his attempts to Do Something™), Jeanie screamed like a banshee and began to club at the spider’s closet leg with a rock. “GET! AWAY! FROM! MY! SISTER!” Graham pulled Ali back, growling, “Medics in the back!” Other chained prisoners grabbed rocks and started to throw them with varying degrees of accuracy, including Jenny after she scrambled to her feet. The remaining prisoners hid under the wagon, shivering as the spider backed into it, fleeing the barrage of stones. Felix snapped off a shot at the spider with his rifle, spraying the air with ichor and drawing a pitched scream out of the monster. Chase and his sister went back to back with the brunette Nazi, firing at the two spiders closest to the Brides. The blond Nazi turned away from the group and bolted toward the chained prisoners. He didn’t cover the full distance, stopping to shoulder his rifle and snap off a shot. Ichor splashed over Jimmy, Graham, Jeanie and Juno (OOC: that’s a fuck-ton of J’s, ya’ll) as his shot hit its bulbous thorax. That screeching cry filled the air as another spider was badly hurt.
  23. Captives Jenny and Jeanie Shang New York natives and daughters of Chinese immigrants, the two sisters share an apartment in Queens. Jenny works as a paraprofessional at the Queens High School for the Sciences. Jeanie has a culinary degree, and works at an upscale French/Asian fusion restaurant. They are still close, but both have boyfriends and are starting to talk about splitting up their households. Jenny is the quiet twin, generally following Jeanie's lead in stressful situations. Jenny's skills: Science (Chemistry), Athletics (Running); Jeanie's skills: Crafting (cooking, preserving food) Carl Smith Carl is from Atlanta, where he works in construction as a drywall hanger. He has a girlfriend who came with two kids that he treats like his own. He was visiting a friend in New York for the holidays. Carl is pretty easy-going and light-hearted, but will fight for himself if he believes it necessary. Skills: Crafting (Construction), Brawl Graham West Native to the Rockies, Graham has always loved the outdoors and physical activity. He joined the Army out of high school and saw combat in Afghanistan. He didn't integrate back into civilian life very well, ending up homeless in New York. Gruff and surly, Graham is a pessimist, quick to see the worst in a situation and in people. Skills: Firearms, Survival Lana and Shawn Lana and her brother have been struggling to care for their mother, who is suffers from advanced Lupus. She works multiple jobs and he even has a part-time job at a greenhouse after school. Their night out on Times Square was supposed to be a break from the constant care required for their mother. Lana is protective and vivacious. Shawn is just as outgoing as his sister, though he's a little more nerdy than her. Lana's Skills: Medicine, Bureaucracy; Shawn's skills: Science (Botany) Sarah Harrison Montana born, Sarah grew up on her parents' ranch. They raise show horses, cattle, and bison. Sarah's got a knack for dealing with animals, and her family was in upstate New York at a Paint Horse show. After Sarah's Paint won Best of Show, she took the train into the city to see the ball drop. Sarah is an all-American Midwest girl. She is friendly with everyone, though she can become quite catty if people don't fit her preconceived notions. Sarah's skills: Riding, Animal Handling
  24. Giant spiders. It had to be giant spiders. For a moment, Ali was four again, frightened by the tiny arachnid climbing up the wall. Little did his pre-school self imagine there would one day be spiders of a size that could actually eat him. It just wasn't enough to be kidnapped by Nazis. But he wasn't four, and people were in danger. Unfortunately, Juno throwing rocks wasn't enough to deter the monster from trying to eat Graham and Jenny. LaHaye was searching for weapons but there wouldn't be enough time. So instinctively, Ali put himself in the way, between Graham, Jenny and the arachnid terror. Self-sacrificing? True. But he'd scooped up some dirt before running and now tossed it into the thing's eyes. With so many of them, something ought to get in and weaken its assault.
  25. Ali gets in the way and throws dirt into spider eyes! Dex 2 + Athletics 2. DiceParserBOTToday at 12:24 PM # 6 Details:[4d2 (2 1 1 2)]

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