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Weirder Stuff is a Trinity Continuum game using an re-imagined version of our AWS setting. In Weirder Stuff (henceforth WS) you will play a teenage high school student caught up in the weird happenings and mysteries in the northern Montana town of Shelly. The characters will begin play as normal humans and will have the opportunity to develop into either Talents or Psions. This is primarily a Modern setting with Thriller, Sci Fi, and Supernatural components.

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Weirder Stuff is a Trinity Continuum game using an re-imagined version of our AWS setting. While we will be using the Trinity Continuum Rules (also called the Story Path System) we will be using none of the published setting. Any material I introduce from the published setting will be adapted to our setting and does not imply that the two universes co-exist. As far as we are concerned WS is a self contained Universe.

In Weirder Stuff (henceforth WS) you will play a teenage high school student caught up in the weird happenings and mysteries in the northern Montana town of Shelly. It is a modern setting which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality i.e. the year is 2019, the president is Trump, Avengers End Game made a billion bucks in its first week, and so on. The game is loosely inspired by Netflix's Stranger Things, the teen dramas of the CW Network, and of course our own canceled Aberrant Weirder Stuff game. While the game features teens it is an adult game with adult themes and such. If you want to know how it would be rated I would say mostly PG13 and R.

The game is set in the small town of Shelly Montana. The town is a Fictionalized version of Shelby Montana which can be googled (  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelby,_Montana   Map https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelby,_Montana  ). If you want to know something about Shelly, and I am not available, you can look it up and see it for the most part at the Shelby website. I will note in a setting post any concrete differences and changes I make. The general public are not aware of the strange things going on in this area of the state, although if your a nerd and google every weird thing in the world there are stories of... well weird stuff happening, some of which are true.

While the characters are human, this is a game using the Trinity Continuum rules and will feature both Talents and Psions. Talents ( The Inspired from classic Adventure RPG) have always been around and there is no special classification or even understanding that they are anything more than lucky or skilled persons. For all intents and purposes Talents are just people who are good at what they do, maybe even exceptional.

Psions on the other hand are an unknown. Knowledge and understanding of Psioncs in the world of WS is just like it is in our real world, an unproven pseudo-science which is more often ridiculed than taken seriously, a staple of science fiction stories, the subject of hoaxes and charlatans running money grabbing schemes. There are those who think it is real and those who don't and then there are those who want to make it real and to use it for their own purposes. To date in the world of WS there has never been a Documented, Verified instance of actual Psionic activity.

Characters while starting off as normal human can become either Talented or eventually Psionic. Psionic characters will use a some what modified version of the Psion rules found in Trinity Continuum Aeon the modifications to those rules will be detailed later.

I wish to be clear about something, while this game is obviously an iteration of the former AWS game, it is not a continuation of that game nor is it a remake per se. It takes what I had wanted that game to be and has re imagined it into what I hope will be a better and more satisfying experience for all of us. But let me be clear, WS is not AWS. Even though there will be and are similarities with AWS, they are not the same. Internally as far as WS is concerned AWS does not exist. It is not an alternate world, it is not a story written by one of the current characters, it is not a program Sean is working on for a game. As far as WS is concerned AWS isn't a thing.

Characters based on the Original AWS Characters are welcome as are new characters. Those based on the AWS characters may have to alter some of their background to better fit into the new setting but the changes required will not be drastic.

We will be using the new Trinity Continuum Core and the Trinity Continuum: Aeon books. No other published material will be used by you the players although I as Story Teller may use some material adapted from the 1st Edition of Trinity, Aberrant, or Adventure or other non Trinity resources. In some instances I may make these additional resources available to some or all of you as the story demands.


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  2. "If only your knack for understatement was as keen as your daily haircare regiment," Marissa grumbled as she kept straightening Autumn's fiery mane. After a few moment's of silence she nudged her guest. "I'm kidding, lighten up." She chuckled and stopped brushing. She stepped around to face Autumn and leaned against the dining table that was not far from the 'bar'/island that sat divided the small kitchen, dining room areas. "Why do I scare the hell out of you?" "You're kidding, right?" The red haired teen looked at Marissa like she was out of her mind. When her hostess just raised her eyebrows and nodded, she conceded an answer. "Marissa, you're intimidating, an absolute bitch, now let's tack on that you're also incredibly rich, gorgeous, and powerful in terms of the social hierarchy. You've never been nice to anybody, as far as I know - you twins have been godawful to everyone for a long time. Hell, you were friends with Courtney." Marissa's eyes went wide as she took it al in, slacking her lips into a frown and nodding in appreciation of Autumn's honestly. When it looked like she might apologize for something she she said, Marissa raised her hand to stop her. "No, no, it's okay. You're right. Except the Courtney part. We weren't friends so much as associates. I've never had friends before, I've never even had a sleepover. Hold on..." She gestured for Autumn to wait a moment and scurried off not far to the book shelf just by the massive television and gaming consoles. She lid a book off by its spine and ran back over, handing it to Autumn as she leaned on the table again. It was an old book, or at east, it seemed to be old. It was folded, creased and worn with all manner of writing and little post-it tabs sticking out from practically everywhere. It was titled '200 Tricks for Making Friends and Finding Self-Confidence'. Autumn turned it about in her hands, looking at it from all angles, expecting it to maybe explode or be a glamor that concealed the fact that she was holding Marissa's spell book and she was really a witch. She thumbed the pages like a deck of cards and inside the book were all kinds of notes, either scrawled on the edge of the pages or on little post-its or torn notebook paper. "Wh-what's this?" She asked, a bit confused. "Origin story time," Marissa smiled, pushing her butt from the table she went back to brushing Autumn's hair. "Listen for the pizza. So, Devin and I have never really had friends before. Our mom was always trying to use as a stepping stone to get into Hollywood, because, well, California. From as long as my brother and I can remember it was pageants and talent shows and commercial auditions. We did the whole Disney casting thing every year. I mean, we were twins, and we were attractive... so mom just wanted to get rich making us child stars." "So, as you might imagine it was a lot dance classes, acting classes, all manner of instruments and of course gymnastics and singing. You name it, sister, we did it." She said in a rather unenthusiastic tone. "Can Devin really do flips and stuff?" Autumn asked. She tried to tild her head back to ask Marissa directly, out of habit, until Marissa pushed her by the cheek with three of her fingers so she was looking ahead again. "I heard he was like doing all kinds of flips and stuff over the picnic tables at school, once." "He can, and he was," she laughed. "He took to that as his outlet. I just walked away with stage fright." She sighed. "Anyway, school in Malibu is a bitch. We were going to school with children of actual celebrities and senators and the richest of the rich the world had to offer. We all know kids are brutal, well, rich kids are worse. By Malibu standards, out family's almost seven figure income was like trailer park living, so we got treated like the poor kids. Picked on, talked down to, and when they heard our mom was trying to get us into the child star racket, well... it got worse because overtime we didn't get a part or win, they destroyed us over it." Marissa laughed. "You think I'm gorgeous? Autumn, these kids were professionally pretty. They were living, breathing, walking images of what their parents needed them to be in public so they made mommy and daddy's cred look better. We had a girl in our class, we were," she paused to think for a moment. "Twelve maybe? Right before we moved here, so yeah. Anyway, she started filling out her training bra and within three months... she had implants." "What?" Autumn exclaimed, shocked. "Yup. Like, is that even legal? Answer: In the real world, no. In California... yes. I swear to god when I tell you that this was her reply when she was asked about them... 'my mom said I'd grow into them'." She fumed and although Autumn couldn't see it she was rolling her eyes, heavy on the roll. Devin used to be beat up all the time. Sometimes just because, most times because he was standing up for me. I was just average in a world of glam gods. So, through out the years when Devin needed someone I was the person who he collapsed into and cried. When Mom had ran us ragged with dance and gymnastics classes and my ankle was swollen to the size of an orange? He was the one rubbing my ankle with Icy Hot for hours until the swelling went down. We were the only friend the other had." "Growing up for us was a miserable experience," she chuckled but Autumn caught the stress in her voice, like she was trying not to get emotional. "I mean, look at this place. They even moved us down stairs and gave us our own apartment-like basement so we wouldn't bother them." "So, what about the book?" Asked Autumn, wincing as Marissa caught a small knot in her locks. "How does it play in? Because honestly, I thought you were going to say something like you were bit by a radioactive mantis or something..." "When we moved here we hated the idea, but we had all summer to prepare for, well, Shelly High. We were the rich kids now, frankly Shelly was a fun-void, and we were bored as hell. So, we discovered that if you applied those two hundred lessons to ourselves, and bullied the opposite into others, we could rule the school. We wondered if it would actually work, so I started wearing more makeup and YouTubed up my Diva vibe, and Devin, well, he just kept acting like himself, honestly, and we gave it a shot. Sure enough I were elevated to god-like status in only a few months. We were never going to feel like we did in California. We were weak, bullied, picked on, constantly put down because have the life all the other kids had. Three years later, I guess the persona has stuck, it's who I am now. You should have met me in California. I was the sweetest thing, naive, completely stupid and fighting evil spirits in four inch hiking heels? Not a chance." Autumn laughed. "You know that's not a thing right? Hiking heels. Ow!" Marissa tugged her hair. "I stand by my purchase." She said flatly. "So, you and your brother, as a demented social experiment, decide to use a self-help book, emotional abuse, and reverse psychology to brow beat and bully an entire school district into worshiping you," she shrugged like she was guessing because the idea seemed so ludicrous. "...because you were bored?" "Pretty much." Marissa replied as a casually as the raw truth could pass a woman's lips. There was a long moment of silence. Marissa sat her brush down and it appeared she was done with it for now. Autumn did all the math in her head and shook her head with a grin. "The is, without a doubt, the single most messed up, evil, and maladjusted thing I've ever heard... also, the coolest. Points for dedication, you two are beasts." "We try." She smirked and handed Autumn a mirror. "See?" At that moment the door bell rang and Alexa announced the pizza had arrived. "Duh, stupid robot voice. Be right back." With a bounce in her step that seemed out of character for Shelly's unofficial ruler, she ran up the steps to collect dinner.
  3. “Tickles, tickles!” Lona gasped, dropping her phone and grabbing for Devin’s face. He resisted, adding kisses to the laughter that had Lona squirming. For several minutes, they tussled before Devin relented and allowed her time to breathe again. “So, what did Clara want?” he asked, propping himself up on one elbow while his other hand toyed with the hint of white lace peeking over the top of her jeans. “She wanted to be sure we weren’t having unprotected sex,” Lona said with a sigh. “So, she really is like your mom,” Devin noted. “I’d get tired of her mothering me all the time.” “It’s not like that, not since we had our fight. She’s just worried about me, she cares. And, no, my mom is lame and Clara at least cares more about me than getting laid,” Lona groaned. “Your mom’s got a boyfriend already?” Devin asked, idly dipping his fingers into her jeans far enough to realize that it was all lace. Lona froze, debating what to say. She was quiet so long that Devin stopped what he was doing and looked at her expression. Before he could ask, she said, “So, I’m invoking the ‘don’t talk about this with others’ rule you mentioned earlier, but…” She swallowed and said, “She’s banging Clara’s parents. Both of them. Has been since Dad died. For all I know, they were doing it before Dad died.”
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  5. The sensation of having her hair brushed- the repetitive, surprisingly gentle tug of the bristles as Marissa coaxed knots and snarls into loose, voluminous waves- was a soporific one, lulling Autumn into a near-trance state typically achieved only by high-level yogis, Buddhist monks, and that guy in Algebra who listened to Phish and smelled like Little Tree air freshener. So it was, then, that the redhead was less guarded in the Mantis's lair than she would normally be. "I'm not trying to be rude or anything, it's just weird to be here, I guess," she murmured dreamily. Had she ever been pampered like this, indulged in such a simple luxury with someone else? She couldn't remember. Maybe... there was a vague memory of her grandmother doing something similar when she was really young, brushing and curling the fine copper strands through her fingers until Autumn had fallen asleep in her lap. It was odd to compare the two scenarios, she acknowledged distantly, but it also felt kind of the same? There wasn't a name she could put to the feeling, but it was nice. Not for the first time that day, she let herself be vulnerable, baring her metaphorical throat before the fangs of an unfamiliar beast and trusting that it wouldn't bite. It was a risk, definitely, but something had cracked Marissa's perfect, exquisitely deadly mask for just a moment when she'd thought her brother was in danger, and Autumn had seen something far more beautiful, in her mind, underneath. Humanity. "I haven't had a sleepover since my birthday, in like, fourth grade, and you scare the hell out of me," she sighed, exhaling the words more than uttering them. "This weekend has been wild."
  6. "Don't thank me yet," he said with half a breath, one hand squeezing her gently as his other slid across her side and up her back, arcing her spine with a shivering glide upwards. Within the span of him touching her back and tracing over the strap of her bra it was undone. His grace and precision in the maneuver reminded her that he was far more experienced at heavy petting than he was leading her to believe. "Still plenty of time to disappoint or offend." He smirked. Without warning he gripped her tightly and spun her about, hefting her hundred or so pounds like she was nothing more than a feather and he was a breeze. it was her turn to lie on her back and thankfully the rich kids parent's sprung for the Queen-sized mattress or she was sure they would have rolled off by now. With a tug, he pulled his tank top off and Lona realized she wasn't the only one holding out on a fit body with loose clothing. Everyone knew Devin was a gymnast, but no one had ever seen him actually perform, but judging by his hardened frame, working out was a way of for this guy. Yeah, the thought returned, a month ago, she did not see herself making out with a guy like him... more many reasons. They both lost track of time in the flood of desires. She could feel how turned on he was and certainly all he needed was the green light, but the more involved she became, the more he met her enthusiasm. His mouth explored every inch of skin she bared to him, allowing herself to be lost in the waves of new sensations and drown, if only for awhile, in her passions. This, she knew Devin would agree, was living.Just feeling his skin on hers was as electric as any kiss or touch and it was simple to understand why Devin always had these sorts of thought on his mind, it was addicting. He kissed down her body, moving lower and lower, getting more confident with every heavy breath and soft moan his partner gave him. Her jeans were already undone but still on. That happened maybe ten, twenty minutes ago? Neither knew. Her stomach quivered and she laughed slightly as his kissing her lower tickled. Then her phone rang... They both sighed, Devin's head collapsed into her stomach and Lona rolled her eyes, groaning with the poor timing. "Sorry, thought it was on silent. Shit," she said looking at the screen. "It's Clara." "Answer it," he urged while taking a small nibble at the side of her tummy. "Or they'll know we're up to something." Avalon groaned with frustration through the tiny laughs of Devin' nibbling on her. "Fine." She feigned irritation and swiped her screen. "Hello? Hey." She replied to Clara. Devin could hear Clara's muffled voice through the receiver and Lona shot him a look as she tried to keep a straight face as he continued to kiss and nibble on her stomach, still slithering himself lower and lower. "No, he's okay. Still a bit bruised up but he's definitely up and active." Devin's lips rolled under his teeth and he bit down to stop himself from laughing. He glared at her as she smiled back devilishly, sticking her tongue out at him. "No, no... he just headed downstairs..." Devin collapsed on her, cupping both his hands over his mouth until his laughter was nothing more than compressed wheezes through his nose and back of his throat... like that dog, Muttley. "Yeah... sure. Call me if you need anything. I know. I know. We're not. Jesus, give me some credit." She clicked off her phone and Devin began laughing, burying his face in her stomach.
  7. "You could always-" Charlie started, then immediately thought better of it. No, he couldn't. "No, I couldn't." Jason said, as if echoing Charlie's thoughts as the smile faded from his face. "You should probably go and find out what she's telling everyone, though if you want my advice you'll avoid asking her to repeat herself. Or indeed to pass the salt. No telling what'll light her fuse." "It might be important for you too." Charlie ventured as Jason ducked into the driver's seat of his car and glanced up at him. "It probably is, if she read Cook's mind. But she didn't want to tell me - she wanted to have a tedious discussion about ethical use of power first, which would have started a prolonged debate with everyone expressing their views, and I would be sitting there listening to my brain cells dying while people scored oh-so-sassy snark points against a backdrop of the philosophical equivalent of 'I like the orange crayons' filling the air before anything of real import was discussed." He gave Charlie a narrow smile. "I'll get the Cliff Notes assuming anyone cares to share with me. See you tomorrow." With that, he pulled the door closed and started up the engine. Music roaring through the windows as the MP3 player flared to life, the Charger growled once like an angry beast before peeling out of the parking lot.
  8. Cassandra, having watched the drama play out while feeling unsure about how to intervene...or even if she had the right to...finally piped up when Clara mentioned 'people like us.' Here was something that plugged into something else she'd seen today. "What if it's not just people like us?" she suggested. "Scientists test these kinds of things out on animals first, right? What if there's...super...animals out there?" At the looks she got, Cassandra scowled and looked at the sky for a second. "Okay, let me rephrase. There are super animals out there. Me and Cade met one. I don't know if it's because of this Proteus thing though."
  9. Clara had smacked her forehead with her palm so many times in her mind, a bruise was forming from sheer frustration. Snapping at Jase for being too inflexible or Marissa for being hypocritical wasn't going to help, so for today she just ignored it. "Sara, even if it's not all of us, those willing to be in a mindlink can at least help create a bit of a safety net. At the least, if I'm connected to you, I can provide a boost for you if you need to broadcast to someone that isn't in the link. I don't know if Jase is going to be up for our plan after this now, but if Etienne does check out, perhaps he could be in the link. We could get realtime updates on what Cook is doing or whatever Etienne might be able to dig up on this 'Project Proteus'." She bit her lip, looking nervous and keyed up. "If they've also got people like us, do you think being in the link might keep people safer from being messed with by another telepath?"
  10. “Well, your case is difficult,” Lona said, wrapping her arms around his neck and playing with his scalp. “You seem to have accelerating symptoms. Hmm, I have a procedure in mind.” Tilting her head to the side, Lona kissed his neck, sending a shiver through him. Startled but delighted at the response, continued doing it, trailing her lips up and down his neck. “I’m not sure you’re responding to care,” Lona whispered when she came up for air, wiggling in his lap a little. “I might need to get a little more aggressive in your treatment.” “Whatever you think,” Devin murmured, catching her lips in a kiss. She felt him striving to be gentle and not push her, but she pressed herself against him more firmly. With lips and tongue, she deepened the kiss so that it resembled their first kiss. This time, there was no audience, no parents yelling at them to stop, only their own restraint. Lona, for one, had no intention of stopping, at least not yet. Each touch, each kiss inflamed her desire for more. She might chicken out later, but for this moment, she wanted to do this. She also really wanted to do this with Devin; a month ago she would have been appalled at the idea and assumed that she was drunk or stupid enough to fall into his “trap”. So much had changed, mostly Devin, and she was amazed to find herself here with him. She wasn’t sure how long they kissed, but at some point she felt ready for more, and she guided Devin’s hands to cup her breasts. “You feel so good,” she murmured, “you make me feel so good. Thank you.”
  11. Sara watched Bannon's retreating back and then Charlie's as he went after him, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before turning back to the stares which she imagined were condemning. "All I am saying is that these powers we have are part of us and not using them is well, like forcing yourself to walk around blindfolded with your arms tied. And I don't think that any of us should be judging the way someone is using their power unless they have that power as well. And even then you shouldn't. That's all I have to say." The rest looked at each other questions and statements forming "What about Cook," asked Cade? "What?" "What about Dr. Cook? Did you read him or what ever you call it." "Yes briefly Like I said when Sean was talking to him. He isn't THE DOCTOR, he is the face of the project. He doesn't really have anything to do with the science and other stuff about us. Everything is told to him via that pad he always has. He reports to Dr Ryan, that the guy who runs the hospital but he isn't THE DOCTOR either. The project is bigger than we guess there is a whole other hospital underneath the one we see. most of the people in the main hospital don't have any clue. I was only in his mind for a few seconds before I got out. Cook has a lot of memories and some of what I saw were contradictory. different memories of the same thing. Like maybe his mind had been tampered with. By a Telepath. By the way the project has a name ... Proteus"
  12. Those cold eyes narrowed slightly, and for a brief terrifying moment Charlie wondered if he had overstepped some mark, let on that he had seen too much. He wondered if Sophia Fingleman would wear a low cut top and weep over his closed casket or clasp the urn with his pre-cremated ashes in it to her bosom... And then Jason smiled. It was a faint smile, but it reached the lanky boy's eyes. With a faint ripple of relief, Charlie realised that the predatory stare was studying him as if seeing him anew. Jason understood, at least on some level, what was being offered. And though his outlook was indeed quite removed from any definition of 'normal', the odd teen did respect insight and bravery: Charlie was nervous, but had gone ahead and offered a hand of friendship anyway. Still outwardly expressionless, apart from the faint smile and slight warming of his gaze, Jason slowly nodded to the young actor. "Maybe I'll take you up on that sometime." he said quietly. "Appreciated."
  13. Charlie Cole was an excellent actor. That required understanding, not simply how to emote, to bring those emotions into a fully convincing persona, but to recognize them, and recognize from people's expressions, voice, tone, and the totality of it all what might be beneath the surface. But the truth was that Jason, though a friend, had always been a hard read. Charlie had simply attributed it to Jason's extremely standoffish nature. Hearing Jason admit he was a high-functioning sociopath had been a bit of a shock. But Charlie realized he hadn't fully understood what that meant. Difficulty with emotions perhaps. Not wanting to let this end there, Charlie semi-consciously reached out and rapped on the car. Jason whirled around, locking Charlie with his own gaze - a flash of freezing cold. And now Charlie saw. Jason truly meant what he said. Arrogance? Extreme self-confidence and reliance? It all blended together in so potent a mixture Charlie couldn't guess where one part started and left off. Jason was brilliant. Jason was determined. Jason had psychokinetic powers. Jason didn't have shame, uncertainty or hesitation. It did remind him of the classic media portrayal of sociopaths, ala Lecter. It made you wonder why Jason bothered with their company. Jason saw the world so differently, and Charlie was frightened, unsure of how to deal with him. "You've earned more than enough, Jase. Safe travels." A brief pause, because there was something else there. If Bannon was a normal person, Charlie could say this with certainty. Instead this was a guess, but Charlie would go with it. "When you want to talk about what happened today, I'm here to talk." "What happened?" Jason asked with that calm, impassive tone. Charlie looked back at him with a sad smile. "Something happened, something that hurt you. Something that helped push you towards snapping at Sara. I don't need to read your mind to tell that."
  14. "What's tiresome is how oblivious you are." Jason didn't slow down his stride, forcing Charlie to hurry to keep up or else be left behind. "She knew I met with Cook. The only way she could know that is by reading his mind or mine, so spare me the 'delicate feelings' excuse." He drew on his cigarette, then snorted smoke like a particularly scornful dragon. "I was trying to focus on the practical. I asked - not demanded - to know what Sara saw or read or heard that led her to suggest a permanent surrender of my mental autonomy. She ignored me, and when called on it decided to tell me I hadn't earned it rather than address the practical issue at hand." He glanced sideways at Charlie as he walked. "I've saved her life. And others. I have given a lot of focus to ensuring that my friends-" and now the word dripped ice. "-were informed and safe. I have even been honest about myself. Have not earned. Indeed? Then we shall see what has been earned, and to each their due." The last word was almost a quiet snarl. They reached his car, the sleek dark shape of the Charger gleaming in the late afternoon sun as Jase finally stopped and turned, facing Charlie and meeting his eyes, his tone becoming calm once more. "She was right about one thing. I'm the center of no-one's universe save my own. She meant it as a slight - but it's not, because you see I do not need to reflect the light of others. I shine with my own light, and that is all I need to see by." He gestured back towards the bleachers, the lock on the drivers side popping up behind him. "Now leave me alone." he said, turning to climb into his car.
  15. Charlie let out an exasperated noise and went after Jason. This was getting a bit ridiculous. "Jase, please. I get it, you and Sara have some significant disagreements. But we're not going to get anywhere with people storming out of meetings. Is it really too hard for you to show some forbearance and agree to disagree on the subject of ethics and focus on the practical. I get it, Sara could just have said she doesn't prefer to intrude into people's minds. But please, this is getting tiresome."
  16. Devin didn't show surprise often, but he wasn't expecting that. His eyes locked on her chest and his sudden loss for words told her everything she needed to know. He bra was light blue with a simple pattern of lace. Avalon was also lying to everyone, Devin included, and it would have hurt his feelings if it wasn't for the fact that under all the baggy clothes she was rocking on hell of a body. All the running and sweating on stage certainly paid off for her, and Devin wasn't about to complain. Her body tightened as he ran his hands ups her body and he wondered if all this was hers or had her powers sloughed off everything that was harmful to her and left her in perfect health. Her skin was smooth and free of a single blemish, body toned and hardened but still normal, if you didn't know that she had powers. His hands stopped, his thumbs tracing under the cups of her bra, sending a slight tingle through the material, teasing and reminding her that this was real. "Uh, wow," he said with a smirk. Staring at her 30B body with lust in his eyes and slew of ideas storming around in his brain. "Avalon, where were you hiding this body? Jesus..." He pushed himself up so he was sitting wrapping his arms around her he kissed her once between her breasts and trailed two more gently up her chest. He looked up at her, his arms wrapped around her tight. "Shortness of breath, swelling, lack of circulation to my brain... nope. I'd say I'm worse off Doc." He gently kissed the bottom of her chin. "What else y'got?"
  17. Sara spoke to Bannon's retreating back, "No Bannon you didn't ask a question you made a demand, twice, and I don't do demands. You haven't earned that. You aren't the center of the universe for anyone but yourself, so go ahead run away and be the lone cowboy, it's what your best at."
  18. “Okay, so I know this is sad and lame, but it was the choice I made at the time,” Lona said softly as her gaze fell to his neck. Imma gonna have to nibble that, but not during this pathetic confession. “I was focused on Dad and spending time with him, so I didn’t date or spend a lot of time away from the house. I just figured that after he was gone, I could start living my life then, that while he was with us, I’d get as much time as I could because there was a limit on it. “I’m not completely ignorant about the mechanics,” Lona continued. “I’ve read stuff.” “Please tell me not on the internet,” Devin snorted. “Yes, on the internet, but on sex-positive sites and things like that,” Lona said, aware she was blushing but trying not to care. “You know, they talk about how to have sex, not try to tittilate.” “I’m sorry,” Devin said with a grin, “did you say ‘tits’?” Lona sat up and smacked his chest. “Ow! I’m hurt, remember?” “Please,” Lona laughed, “I’m your healthcare specialist, and I know what you can and can’t take.” She paused and her smile turned coy. “Like I’m pretty sure you can handle this.” Just hope I can handle it, Lona thought to herself as she pulled her shirt off and tossed it aside. The urge to cross her arms followed immediately, but she put her hands firmly on her hips. She nibbled on her lip ring, feeling her skin goosepimple. “Do you agree with my medical assessment?”
  19. "Well, I am glad I took time out of my day for this." Jase stood, shouldering his satchel. "Where-?" several people began to ask. "I gave my answer on the network issue. I then asked a question. Twice. I got no answer. I'm pretty much done here." Jason stated curtly, then glanced at Sara. "The morality question is irrelevant to me - Just as with my mind, and my loyalty, the use of my powers is mine to decide on. You can of course do likewise. Just bear in mind that if anyone sees fit to use their powers on me without my consent and I do find out about it, I will consider myself similarly unrestrained should it prove convenient for me. Causality - choice and consequence. As Marissa says, things have a tendency to come full circle. And yes, I'm well aware I am not excluded from that - but I'm perfectly content to deal with my own consequences." He indicated Mari with a faint smile. "Case in point." He turned, putting a cigarette between his lips and flicking the end to life with a fingertip. "Etienne is a cockroach to me, as much as Liam is. But his ultimate fate isn't mine to decide so long as he stays away from me. Cook, I have use for. At least for now, I would consider it a favor to be repaid if Cook were left alone." He exhaled a twin jet of smoke from his nostrils, then glanced at them all once more. "At least for now. Up to you, though." With that he strode off towards the parking lot. "Good talk. I miss these little get-togethers. Sometimes I forget why I prefer my own company." he said without looking back.
  20. "Are we really on a morality bend, still?" Marissa fumed. "None of you have any right at all to be appalled or put off by the use of powers being used amorally. Jason almost killed a guy and not a single one of you seemed at all put off by it. Etienne is working for Cook, and Cook is spying on us, invading our privacy. Etienne and Cook are both amoral and I don't give a damn about their rights. For all I care, Sara could leave him a drooling wreck the rest of his life, and I hope she does." "I'm not my brother, I'm not full of inspirational speeches on how to heroically use your powers. I'm the bitch that doesn't care what you do, but will damn sure remind you that you have no place to be pissed when that same treatment comes back on you full circle. You knew what Jase did, and none of you cared. That blood is on your hands, and yes, I'm judging you for it." She smirked evilly. "We need to understand that Cook and The Dark are not playing by our rules, they're playing by theirs. So we need to do the same. If Cook messes with us, we drop Etienne from a cliff. We burn his lab. We break his legs... hell, I don't care at this point. We visit every piece of twisted, mind fuck torment back on him that he's been putting us through. We're fighting The Dark, and he's in our way, Etienne too. I say snap them both like twigs."
  21. "First, I am not any body's tool. the network is part of me as are the rest of these abilities, as are the abilities each of us, well most of us, have developed. Erecting the network for so many takes effort and isn't some thing I can do in an instant or in an emergency not for all of us. This is something i thought to put out there but it takes commitment. With Clara's help I think I can erect the network for everyone and make it virtually permanent, but if your not in the net work when I do it, well your not in the net work and can't be added not without going through he whole process again for everyone." Sara pause to let everyone mull that over before continuing. "Second, and this pertains to your very demanding question Jason. We all have abilities now which have a moral and ethical impact on how we behave and perceive ourselves and others. Clara you were appalled when i told you that i could scan Ettein earlier today that that would be an invasion of privacy. And yes I suppose it would but being able to do that is now a part of me. Just like Lona's ability to see if some one is healthy, or Cassandra's ability to see where we have been or where we are. Even you Clara have the ability to see if someone has a power or is using it and who knows what else. What I am saying is these things are a part of who we are now. Do we only use these powers when we need to or absolutely have too, or do we use them for everything. For instance like Jason uses his Telekinesis, or Devin flitting all over the place on a whim. Or even myself scanning people because I can. It will make each of you uncomfortable but you need to know I can scan each and everyone of you and there is little any of you could do to keep me from doing it, out side of developing your own Telepathy. In most cases you wouldn't even know I had done it."
  22. "Seconded." Jase said from where he was sitting. "The network is something I would be willing to use as a tactical resource, not a strategic utility." He didn't visibly react to Marissa's 'bat-shit crazy' comment. "I'm in favor of setting it up when we're aware it's needed, not having it in place in case it's needed." He leaned forwards, regarding them all. "Because here's how I see the situation devolving. At first, it's great. People only use it for emergencies. It saves lives, even. And then people get cozy and start to use it instead of talking face to face on matters other than critical. It will be filled with chatter about the play, or sports, or people asking me for help with their homework. If left in place, we will become a collective." He paused, then shook his head. "So my answer to that is 'no'. My autonomy is sacred to me and means more to me than anyone's safety or convenience. Even my own." He sat back. "If the rest of you wish to do it, then by all means go ahead. Now, what was on Cook's mind earlier, Sara?"
  23. "I don't know exactly what my brother is capable of. I do know he can take people, because we went skydiving yesterday evening. Pretty fun." The Diva said nonchalantly. "I know he can take objects too, he warped, or beamed, or whatever his schtick is, his whole bike into the garage. He's so lazy. As for whether or not he'd be up for it, you'll need to ask him, and good luck, since you and him aren't exactly on speaking terms." "As for permanently having people in my head? Yeah, no thanks. I don't like you guys enough to offer you a ride to school, let alone trust you to be talking in my mind. Last thin I need to be infected with Jason's special brand of bat-shit crazy, and while I hate to say it," she sighed and rolled her eyes. "Cade is right. I think Sara's ability make a great tool, not a utility. Using it when we need it means we can lower the risk of someone else like her tapping in or The Dark assaulting us all. We don't know what these monsters are capable of, if they can track us or 'smell' our powers, but don't you think it's weird that they always know where we are?" "As Queen of Communication, Sara is our biggest asset. Nothing is more important than communication, but we need to be more cognizant of our enemies capabilities before we start opening up mental networks. These powers are cool, but let's not get out of hand. That said," she cooed mischievously. "If Sara feels like sharing all your dirty little secrets with me... that's different."
  24. "The Dark is an unknown quantity. If we don't do things because '...the Dark might...,' then we're never going to do anything," Clara said to Cade, not with rancor or harshness, just the truth as she saw it. She gave Jase a look, running her thoughts through the filter of what she knew of him. "So far as we know, Sara's link can't be hacked, doesn't leave a paper trail, doesn't cost money, is truly instant, and allows us to communicate as a whole group as well as providing a link to each other's Shine-boost over distance. In short, it allows us to act as a single unit no matter how spread out we are. In short, it is giving up being isolated for advantages that could likely save your life and the lives of the Fellowship, as well as advancing our ability to fight the Dark. That tactical advantage alone is worth having us mentally at your front door, I would hope." "If Devin is willing to be a part of the link as well, his ability to 'port around gives us even more mobility when he can be told when and where we need him or something else." She gave Marissa a questioning look. "Do you know if he would be up for that? And if he can move other people? I know he can do Athenian pizza."
  25. Cade looked over to Bannon, and nodded. "I understand where you're coming from. One of the better arguments is safety. Will we always have our phones, will we always even have service? The Network doesn't rely on anything more than our minds, letting us get ahold of each other, whenever there's a need. It won't be like we're in each other's heads, seeing memories and thoughts." He shrugged. "That said, there is a concern I'd like to voice. With a permanent network in place, who's to say the Dark couldn't affect one of us, and through the network, get to all of us? Has us all in one swoop sort of thing? I mean we don't know exactly how the Dark's doing what it does, so I think that should be considered." He lacked powers in the same sense as the others, but he had been able to be linked in the network. He looked to Sara, and smiled "Will making it permanent reduce the burden on you? I mean having to set it up each time we need it seems like hassle, when time can be a factor, but having it already in place and dormant seems like it would reduce the load on you some."
  26. "So, you know Cook spoke to me." Jason said from where he sat, legs folded Indian-fashion, on a bench. "That implies you read him, so tell me, what did you see in there?" "Wait, Cook spoke to you?" Lilly looked at Jason. "This morning? You didn't say anything." "Nobody asked." Jason replied evenly, his expression composed. "What did you speak about?" Cassie inquired, eyeing the lanky genius curiously. The answer was a shrug of his bony shoulders. "I am certain Sara can tell you. What I want to know is what was going through Cook's head when she dipped her trawl-net in there, and why it means I should subject myself to being 'on-call'. I don't even like the idea of having a cell-phone - what makes you think I'd be any more sanguine about having people knocking on my mental door at whim?" There was no particular animosity in Jason's tone - he wasn't being snarky or hostile, rather matter-of-fact as he held up a fore-stalling hand. "I know, the network allows for private communication as well as amongst the group. It is not mind-reading, rather mind-speaking. The advantages are many, moreso for those of us with psionic gifts. We found that we can 'tune in' to each other, boosting each other through your link on Sunday, remember? That's a powerful tool." "Then what's the problem?" Sean asked. "Simply my own preference." Jase shrugged again. "I'm happy to use the network as a tool when needed. But to be permanently linked to others? I need a really, really good reason to agree to that. At least one."

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