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Weirder Stuff is a Trinity Continuum game using an re-imagined version of our AWS setting. In Weirder Stuff (henceforth WS) you will play a teenage high school student caught up in the weird happenings and mysteries in the northern Montana town of Shelly. The characters will begin play as normal humans and will have the opportunity to develop into either Talents or Psions. This is primarily a Modern setting with Thriller, Sci Fi, and Supernatural components.

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Weirder Stuff is a Trinity Continuum game using an re-imagined version of our AWS setting. While we will be using the Trinity Continuum Rules (also called the Story Path System) we will be using none of the published setting. Any material I introduce from the published setting will be adapted to our setting and does not imply that the two universes co-exist. As far as we are concerned WS is a self contained Universe.

In Weirder Stuff (henceforth WS) you will play a teenage high school student caught up in the weird happenings and mysteries in the northern Montana town of Shelly. It is a modern setting which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality i.e. the year is 2019, the president is Trump, Avengers End Game made a billion bucks in its first week, and so on. The game is loosely inspired by Netflix's Stranger Things, the teen dramas of the CW Network, and of course our own canceled Aberrant Weirder Stuff game. While the game features teens it is an adult game with adult themes and such. If you want to know how it would be rated I would say mostly PG13 and R.

The game is set in the small town of Shelly Montana. The town is a Fictionalized version of Shelby Montana which can be googled (  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelby,_Montana   Map https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelby,_Montana  ). If you want to know something about Shelly, and I am not available, you can look it up and see it for the most part at the Shelby website. I will note in a setting post any concrete differences and changes I make. The general public are not aware of the strange things going on in this area of the state, although if your a nerd and google every weird thing in the world there are stories of... well weird stuff happening, some of which are true.

While the characters are human, this is a game using the Trinity Continuum rules and will feature both Talents and Psions. Talents ( The Inspired from classic Adventure RPG) have always been around and there is no special classification or even understanding that they are anything more than lucky or skilled persons. For all intents and purposes Talents are just people who are good at what they do, maybe even exceptional.

Psions on the other hand are an unknown. Knowledge and understanding of Psioncs in the world of WS is just like it is in our real world, an unproven pseudo-science which is more often ridiculed than taken seriously, a staple of science fiction stories, the subject of hoaxes and charlatans running money grabbing schemes. There are those who think it is real and those who don't and then there are those who want to make it real and to use it for their own purposes. To date in the world of WS there has never been a Documented, Verified instance of actual Psionic activity.

Characters while starting off as normal human can become either Talented or eventually Psionic. Psionic characters will use a some what modified version of the Psion rules found in Trinity Continuum Aeon the modifications to those rules will be detailed later.

I wish to be clear about something, while this game is obviously an iteration of the former AWS game, it is not a continuation of that game nor is it a remake per se. It takes what I had wanted that game to be and has re imagined it into what I hope will be a better and more satisfying experience for all of us. But let me be clear, WS is not AWS. Even though there will be and are similarities with AWS, they are not the same. Internally as far as WS is concerned AWS does not exist. It is not an alternate world, it is not a story written by one of the current characters, it is not a program Sean is working on for a game. As far as WS is concerned AWS isn't a thing.

Characters based on the Original AWS Characters are welcome as are new characters. Those based on the AWS characters may have to alter some of their background to better fit into the new setting but the changes required will not be drastic.

We will be using the new Trinity Continuum Core and the Trinity Continuum: Aeon books. No other published material will be used by you the players although I as Story Teller may use some material adapted from the 1st Edition of Trinity, Aberrant, or Adventure or other non Trinity resources. In some instances I may make these additional resources available to some or all of you as the story demands.


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  2. "I could use a bite," Sean agreed. There was an extra bounce in Sean's step as he walked briskly to keep up with the hungry, amazonian Sara on their way to the cafeteria. It was immeasurably satisfying and liberating being able to drive himself to school and about town in his own vehicle, and only a day after the purchase, the wonder hadn't come close to wearing off yet. Nor could the comments that he was overcompensating for his lack of masculinity or over abundance of feminine attributes ruin his mood when classmates had seen him drive up in his new vehicle - they weren't even completely wrong, he had to admit to himself, pragmatic reasons he had for choosing as he did aside. He'd been slightly hesitant at first to offer Little Bigfoot (as he'd begun to name his lifted Grand Cherokee Trailhawk) to the shop class to work on, but Mr. Bishop's clear confidence in Sara's capabilities, as well as his own experience with them at the auction had gone a long way in easing his worries. As did his home-made drone he'd left in the back that he'd kept a link to. He might might not be able to catch much on video, but it had audio too. If it would help Sara with her grade, bonus. Sean couldn't thank Sara enough for her help in getting his vehicle in the first place. He was wearing a pair of black cargo pants with actually useful pockets - though the hip pockets were still too shallow for his phone - and an open flannel shirt over a faded red Nuka-Cola t-shirt that was snug across his chest. Perhaps it was having a vehicle of his own, as well as growing proficiency with having fucking psionic powers, but Sean was far less self-conscious about his appearance and the snide, contemptuous, or mocking comments or glances it garnered. Indeed, with his lack of concern, it seemed he actually drew less overt attention or derision, fewer people seemed to feel the need to pick on him about. There might be more about one being victimized for acting like a victim than Sean had been willing to admit. Or maybe it was the flat expression on the hulking girl at his side. It was an effort not just to peek into anyone's phone that his curiosity turned his interest on. With his senses attuned to the right frequencies, every phone and tablet and the transmissions flying about seemed to him to be jumping up and waving their arms, yelling 'Look at me! Look at me!'. He couldn't help but look at some of the transmissions that appeared to be practically zipping right across in front of him. Most were banal stuff, the rare bit salacious. He didn't catch anything about him or the Fellowship off-hand, and was kind of surprised he felt surprised about that. Sean and Sara walked into the cafeteria and got in line to get breakfast. Sean just got a blueberry muffin and an orange and an orange juice. "Get your tits back in line with the rest of you, Cassidy," one boy snarked, sharing a chuckle with his friends. Sean snorted and rolled his eyes, setting his bottle of orange back and picking up a carton of milk instead and giving it a shake at the boy. "Thanks for keeping an eye on them, Randall. They're growing girls and always wondering off like that if I don't leash them down."
  3. "We're fine." Charlie said, knowing how Cade had been in the dumps over Cora leaving. "Come on. We've got class." Kyle nodded. "I heard about Cora. It sucks dude, I know. But nothing you can do. Maybe you should ask-" "No." Charlie interrupted. Somewhere along the line he'd let slip that Lona had been crushing on Cade, something which was not necessarily true any more, but Kyle had become convinced they would be a great couple. Not that Kyle had anything against Cora, but it had been an aberration in his worldview of the great high school tapestry of couples. Charlie didn't want to be presumptuous, especially in matters of the heart. "But!" "Just drop it." Charlie groaned. Cade looked confused. Charlie shot him a 'don't ask' look. "Let's go."
  4. Cora had been a big part of his life since she came into it, and to be honest he was already missing her presence. Still Life would go on for both of them. he'd been fixed on watching Chet's almost demonic hateful stare, and then it was gone as if it had never happened. When Charlie banged on his jeep, he turned and was about to lay into him, but stopped himself. Cade recognized Kyle, and smiled at the two of them. "nah I'm good, just getting used to having quieter mornings than before." He got out of the Jeep and locked it after grabbing his backpack and coming round to meet with the two of them. "So how are the two of you this morning?"
  5. Shelly High - Track Lilly blinked, clearly surprised and even slightly confused by the question. She had only seen him sparingly over the summer, and since school hard started, they had barely even been around each other with him missing most of Friday. He had even left Bunnee's on Friday night right after she had arrived. If anything, Marissa had been far more chummy and close to him at school, and when her and her bother often hanging out at the farm over the summer.. "Huh? Jason Bannon me and me? Why the hell would you ask that?" she asked, still confused as she tried to get a read on her friends and why they were even asking such a question.
  6. He froze, a sudden wild surge of mostly-dormant feelings causing his consciousness to go into a flat spin. For the students milling in the halls the lanky teen who was the subject of so much gossip stayed motionless for only a few moments, whereas he was elsewhere... "...look at me like that, Jason! I can't do this." She set the suitcase on the bed and started packing clothes into it from his closet, muttering. "Bad enough when I thought you might be autistic. Then your damn father goes and gets himself locked up for his ethical concerns..." She looked up to see him standing in the bedroom doorway, pale eyes large in his young features as they watched her. His wasn't crying, and that somehow made this harder. No tears, no snot, just clear comprehension that he was being abandoned by the one person who never should do such a thing, and a faint evidence of pain in his gaze. "I said don't look at me like that!" she snapped, trying to push aside the nagging doubts and turning away before her own tears could flow. "Come and pack your things." ..and the Now snapped back, Jason's mind reasserting it's control as he began walking towards the school office, towards where his mother- Towards where Kaitlin had disappeared, his thoughts racing with their usual quicksilver clarity. She had smiled, and it hadn't been a mean or malicious or smug smile. It had been pleased, appreciative. Like she'd been happy to lay eyes on him. He did not hate her, not as normal people would define the term. Hate required chemical activity in the same portion of the brain that governed other social bonding reactions. Nor was he, at the moment, angry with her. His default state of mind when considering his mother was quiet contempt for her weakness and vestigial pain/resentment, a phantom ache. Stronger than those now was curiosity. What was she doing here? Because it sure as hell was no coincidence. He suspected Cook - but to what purpose? To emotionally unsettle him was a fools task - though Cook might not realized that yet. Do not assume. Work on the presumption that Cook might know his star pupil was a psychopath. What then? It would have to be societal or material pressure. She had abdicated her rights to maternal custody years ago, so it was unlikely to say the least that she could be trying to take custody of him now. Besides, he could choose which parent to live with at his current age - unless Cook took steps to discredit his father and further ruin his life... At which point Jason would consider himself to be at war with Cook's project. Surely Cook would have considered that, if he knew Jason's true nature, which meant that the question looped back around again - cui bono. Who benefited from reintroducing his mother into his life? "Shit." he muttered under his breath, a rare expression of frustration as he fixed a bland look on his face and entered the school admin office. "Hiya Mrs Jauntsen." he said to Misti, glancing at the other blonde woman currently at the counter who seemed to be writing something down. "Jason. How many times to I have to tell you to call me Misti?" the Twin's mom smiled at him. "At least once more." he deadpanned, then smiled faintly back. "I need to reschedule with the school counselor about the Medical Prep class? Friday was kind of a bear." The gorgeous blond, who glanced at Jason with that same appreciative smile but no indication of recognition, let her eyes rove down and then back up drinking in his matured beyond his years physique. She was checking him out. Any other teen would have freaked out at A: not being recognised by their own mother and B: then being checked out by her. Fortunately, Jason had already come as close as he could to freaking out back in the hallway and so met the blonde woman's eyes with nothing more than a faint polite smile and an unwavering gaze, as if she were a stranger who had been caught checking out a youth more than half her age. "There, you're all set for study hall." Misti said, printing off a slip and passing it to Jason, who smiled back at her as he tucked it away. "Thanks, Mrs Jauntsen." His smile turned slightly teasing, causing her to smile back. "Why, you're welcome, Mr Bannon." she said with mock-formality as Jase turned to go, letting his eyes once more pass over the blonde woman who was the spitting image of his mom.
  7. WEIRDER STUFF SESSION IV - A CHASING RAINBOWS Monday, Monday, so good to me Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be Oh Monday mornin', Monday mornin' couldn't guarantee That Monday evenin' you would still be here with me Monday, Monday, can't trust that day Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way Oh Monday mornin' you gave me no warnin' of what was to be Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me Every other day, every other day Every other day of the week is fine, yeah But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes A-you can find me cryin' all of the time Monday, Monday, so good to me Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be But Monday mornin', Monday mornin' couldn't guarantee That Monday evenin' you would still be here with me Every other day, every other day Every other day of the week is fine, yeah But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes A-you can find me cryin' all of the time Monday, Monday, can't trust that day Monday, Monday, it just turns out that way Oh Monday, Monday, won't go away Monday, Monday, it's here to stay Oh Monday, Monday Oh Monday, Monday The Mamas & The Papas - Monday Monday Songwriters: John Edmund Andrew Phillips The halls were mostly empty when Jason made his way to the same bathroom where Courtney and he had shared their moment only three days ago. He slipped inside and stopped taking a good long look at the sink, which was not broken, and his senses told him that the pipes also were not damaged. More importantly there was no evidence that any of it had even happened. He strode to the sink in question and examined it with all his senses both tactile, visual, and psi. as far as he could tell it was the same sink, he had broken Friday, shattered it actually. The door swung open with a bang and three boys, freshmen, came into the bathroom laughing and cutting up they stopped when they saw who was in there with them and quietly went to the urinals to do their business. Jason left the bathroom and stopped in the middle of the hall, it was filling fast with students, he glanced at his watch it was still early not quite 7:30… The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as a series of goose bumps traveled up and down his arms. He never got goose bumps. Jason looked up from his watch and glanced up and down the hall seeing nothing unusual, nothing alarming, then he saw her. All the way at the far end of the hall just inside the entrance a blond woman, she had just entered the building the door behind her still swinging shut. She was looking at him across all that space. The hall seemed to narrow and compress all the other kids an the few teachers seemed to be pushed out of Jason's frame of vision and the distance between them seemed to shrink until he could see her as clearly as if they stood face to face her looking down at him from above a serious look on her face almost a scowl but that was just a memory. Jason’s mother smiled, turned away and walked into the school office. Sean looked at his jeep as Sara and he walked toward the shop office, he had never felt so proud of a thing before especially not a thing he hadn’t made, but the jeep just made him beam. He had picked up Sara to give her a ride to school, this morning, she was going to do some maintenance and go over the vehicle with more care to see what needed to be done sooner than later. Sara had suggested the school shop, which would give her access to some more modern equipment and wouldn’t cost any more than her dads shop since the school got a deep discount on parts and there was a flat service fee instead of labor. It was also, Sara had said good for her grades and, if she found something she was unsure of, she could go and get help from Mr. Bishop. Sara stood by while Sean filled out the forms authorizing the school to work on his vehicle and use it for teaching purposes. “Don’t worry Mr. Cassidy, we will take very good care of your vehicle. Trust me, Sara here is the best student I’ve had in these bays since her dad went school here.” Mr Bishop smiled at Sara who looked at her feet not liking the praise. Sean went to hand the keys to the teacher who just nodded for him to give them to Sara. As they made their way out of the shop office, he passed the keys to Sara. “I’ll pull it inside after breakfast. I want to change the oil and lube it up. Then put it on the computer and see if there’s anything wrong there. But right now, I’m hungry, let’s go eat,” said the muscle girl. Clara tugged her blouse down smoothing the imagined wrinkles, she still wasn’t used to wearing a uniform and while she didn’t have to wear it all day, she did have to wear it while performing her duties, “Atten…. shun!” her voice surprised her it was a sharp and crisp and the four other ROTC students snapped to attention just as they had been taught. Today was the first day the ROTC would be assuming one of its new daily duties, that of raising the flag in front of the school. “Forward…. march!” The Honor guard led by Clara, under the watchful eye of Staff Sargent Maureen Doyle, march around the corner of the school there was a small crowd. How they had heard about this Clara didn’t know there had been no announcement, but still there they were. Clara saw Lona out of the corner of her eye so at least there was one encouraging face. The rest were mostly curious but there was Courtney and her hag squad, and they were making faces, all smirks and whispering, all except Courtney herself whose face was a mask. For just an instant Courtney and Clara made eye contact and Clara almost made a misstep but she cut her eyes down to get back instep and when she looked back up Courtney was halfway up the steps to the school entrance the hags squad racing to keep up. Cade parked his Jeep in his usual spot and just sat there with the motor idling. Haruka had sensed his mood and been quiet during the drive and had hopped out with a quick “See you later,” then she was gone. Cade had gotten very used to driving to school with Cora, even before they had started dating, now he was going to have to get used to driving with just his sister. He looked up when Chet, Will Beckett, and a couple of other football players walked by the jeep. They were laughing and joking and still riding high on Friday nights win. As they passed Chet looked through his windshield and straight at Cade his smile vanished, and Cade could almost feel the hate pouring off the boy. Cade shook his head to clear it and looked again. The boys were just past the front of the Jeep and Chet wasn’t even looking his way none of them were. Bang! Cade jumped again and looked at the passenger side of his jeep where Charlie had just hit the door with the flat of his hand, a huge grin on his face and his friend Kyle standing behind him shaking his head. “You going to sit in there all day, “ Charlie asked? Cass parked her bike just as the ROTC honor Guard was starting to raise the flag and she whipped out her phone to at least try to get some pics. She zoomed in on Clara and mutter “Wow looks good in a uniform.” “Who does?” Cass spun around at the voice wondering how anyone had snuck up on her and stared into the smiling face of one of her oldest friends and someone she hadn’t talked to in ages it seemed. “Beth! Wow, how are you?” “I’m good, You?” “Good,” Cass was aware of an awkwardness then Beth stepped closer. “Do you want to get some breakfast?” She asked Cass with hope in her voice. Lilly slowed to a trot as she finished the lap, she had arrived early today to run laps and think. She had a lot to think about but in the end had just gone through her routine morning exercise regimen and hadn’t really thought about anything. She notices Lori and Lacy Heath coming onto the track neither were in running gear. Lilly stopped and waited for the girls to get close before greeting them. “Hey Lilly, great game Friday.” The three girls made small talk for a minute or two, but Lilly could tell that some thing was on their minds. “So what’s up guys,” she asked “Oh nothing really,” began Lacy only to be cut off by Lori. “Is there something going on between you and Jason Bannon?”
  8. this thread is on hold while we wait to rework the part associated to Autumn. It will remain open for a time to allow comments on the added material by other characters but you may wish to hold off until i have made corrections above. This will not impact the beginning of session IV which may happen later today (no promises)
  9. "Multiverse theory states that every probability becomes a reality, somewhere. We're just not directly aware of them. So when Lilly sees probabilities, she is glimpsing potential alternate realities." Jason said quietly, nodding at Laurelei. "In the diner fight, the 'past' was already set. Even if it was only a couple of seconds in the past, it's fixed. Lilly can't undo Devin's decision to hit Chet. All she could do was 'pick' - subconsciously - what outcome she preferred." "That said, she is also altering which branch of reality we hurtle down. And yes, it does change us, just as all choices we make change us." he went on. "In a sense, we all do that, every day. It is the essence of the human condition - choices leading to consequences. Lilly and Cade just have a more... direct impact and can choose more solidly, making them - to the outside observer - absurdly 'lucky'. She could pull the lever on a slot machine and win the jackpot by choosing the reality where that happens." He smiled faintly. "But addressing your point that we would all be different versions or ourselves, that happens already." Laurelei looked at him askance. Jason met her gaze somberly. "I made a choice on Friday night. I made a choice today, telling you all my secret. And now you are different people - you are treating me differently because I am different in your eyes, though objectively I am the same as I was on Friday, indeed the same as I have always been." he said quietly. "Now you all have choices to make - whether to be my friend, how much to trust me, whether to go to the authorities, perhaps even whether or not to put me down, as Devin suggested." His voice was utterly calm, as was his expression. "And from those choices will come other changes, for good or ill." He spread his slender hands. "Voila - I have altered your realities. And my own." "Lilly, for what it is worth you are beyond Olympic competition now. As the others have already said far more ably than I. If you wanted to compete, to win glory and acclaim then I would of course support you. I also agree with you that it would not be a competition, any more than what I did to Liam Day was a fight." He shrugged slightly. "I am sorry your dream will need altering. I know the Olympics meant a lot to you." It was perhaps as close an expression of empathy as he was capable of - conscious sympathising with another. He stepped back and went over to his previous seat by the fire, settling on the ground with his back to the sturdy log. The lanky teen's eyes gleamed and flickered as he leaned his head back on the wood and watched the bonfire burn. Though he was still close by, still physically part of the gathering, in that moment there was something remote about their strangest member, as though he had turned his fierce intelligence inward and retreated from the world.
  10. Autumn had nodded along as Clara had soothed the other girl, and caught up in the weirdness of it all missed the bonding moment. . "Hey, maybe it’s part of the other thing the reality-changing thing, maybe it works retroactively, giving you a history that matches you to the skills needed in your future. You find yourself in this situation with your friends, but you lack the freaky mind powers that they have, so you just shift reality, working backwards to make choices that just so happen to give you all these skills that you will need to make up for it." Autumn theorized. Lilly’s brow furrowed at Autumn’s comment while Laurie wandered over closer to the other three girls and folded her arms looking at Lilly while Autumn continued. "Seriously. Ask yourself how many other high school juniors, especially girls, have the mix of skills you do, and at your level too? Most teen girls can't fight like UFC belt contenders, or shoot a gun or bow with your skill, or throw with the power or accuracy you do. Most have not busted their ass training like you do to run as fast, jump as far, lift as much, climb as fast or whatever as you do. And how many have the determination to train like that so they can reach that level? You can find girls with one or two, maybe, but you have ALL of those things, and probably more. You have the skills like some spec-ops person or something." Autumn said, pointing out the unlikeliness of Lilly's training and skills. "Lilly, it's like you were born for this." Autumn commented. “I don’t think it works like that,” Lauri finally said something. “First of all, if Doctor Cook is to be believed all of us were born for this. But in Lilly’s case I think we are confusing things. For one thing, we don’t know if there are any others like you and Cade, what did Bannon call you, Hero-shines. The only reason we even know about the three of us being different is because of the mind powers the rest of you have sensing the shine. For all we know every single Olympic athlete shines.” Jason had wandered over by this time as well and listened as Laurie spoke. “What about her changing reality at the diner and in the woods?” Cora asked as she and Cade and the squirrel joined them. “I don’t think Lilly is altering realities, if she were I would imagine even the smallest change would have large, even serious repercussions, most notably that, aside from Lilly, the rest of us would be different people now, we would be different versions of ourselves that inhabit the new reality. Or if we use the multiverse theory of Jason and my brother an alternate version of us from the alternate universe. But, see if Lilly is seeing alternate universes and choosing the best one. Why didn’t she see or choose the one where there was no fight in the diner at all? Or one where the saber tooth cat didn’t exist or that the gunshot was car at the party backfiring. I think what she is seeing isn’t alternate realities but probabilities. Look, from what all of you described Jauntson had already committed to hitting Chet at the diner so the fight was going to happen, what I think Lilly saw was the probable outcomes and that the action she chose is what determined determined which outcome came true.
  11. Lilly shrugged, but also shook her head, at Autumn's question. She was clearly not okay though as her life's goal was crashing down around her in her mind as she sat there on the log with Clara trying to offer some comfort. "That's the thing though.." she said to Clara, managing to speak clear enough and force some composure to return, "I know I could qualify now and have a place on the team without a doubt, probably in a bunch of events if I really wanted. But it *wouldn't* be a competition. Like, at all. It'd be like competing against elementary school kids." Lilly shook her head, somehow hoping she could make the situation or maybe realization go away. "I... I get what you are trying to say." she said to Clara, turning to her and trying to force a small smile through her despair to show her appreciation, "But there is a difference between being born with athletic talent..." Lilly made a sweeping gesture at herself, from head to feet, "...and this. I have an unfair advantage now. I can do things that are beyond the norm, even for the best athletes in the world. And I can't just choose to not use my gifts the way you guys can. My body is fundamentally altered." she explained as she held out her toned arms and opened her hands wide, looking them over. "I mean, I could hold back, but I would never be sure if it was enough or too much, so any victory would just be hollow, because if I went all out, then it would not even be a competition, and if I held back and still won, then I'd always wonder if I held back enough. Hell, the 'Shine' might be why me and Cade were so athletic and stuff to begin with, and it's just that now we are finally getting to the point where we're exceeding human norms or potential or whatever. And, like, at the Olympics I'd be representing my country. If it was then discovered that I had Shine, and therefore an unfair advantage, I'd accused of cheating and it would be a big, international scandal and bring disgrace to me, the US, and the entire team, casting doubt on any other victories too. That's something I would NEVER want to do. Ever." she stated emphatically. "Now I have to give it up, because it is the morally right thing to do, at least for me. So this thing I have been training for most of my life is now forever out of my reach. Hell, maybe it was all along and I just didn't know it." she said with a shrug as he dragged the sleeve of her hoodie across her cheeks, wiping away tears. "Maybe that's not what you were training for." Clara offered. "Huh?" Lilly replied as Clara's suggestion seemed to come out of left field. "Knowing what we know now, about our shine and such, have you considered that maybe the Olympics is not what you were training for in the first place? Maybe this is. With your 'Hero-Shine', maybe you have been subconsciously preparing for what we are doing now and just told yourself it was for the Olympics because you were not mentally ready, especially years ago when you began training so hard, to handle the truth. In literature, going back millennia, when the protagonist is on 'the Hero's Journey', they have to suffer some big loss or something, passing through 'the Abyss', but that also brings about a revelation in them, and a rebirth. Maybe this is yours. " Clara suggested sincerely. Lilly blinked several times, wide-eyed, at Clara and sniffled as she considered what Clara had just said, calming down considerably. Could Clara be right? If her athletic talent had come from her Shine to begin with, then maybe she had been preparing to stand against the Dark and didn't even realize. It certainly made a certain sense. Whether it was the actual truth, did not even matter right now. It did make quite a bit of sense though, and was something for Lilly to latch onto and for her refocus on, washing away all self-pity and despair. "You know..." Lilly said, sniffling one last time as a new calm and resolve washed over her, "... I hadn't though about it that way." she admitted with a and then leaned over, giving Clara a full, warm hug in gratitude. "Thanks. I needed that. Like, really, really needed that." she said sincerely and then broke the hug with a small smile on her face.
  12. Everyone seems to have a grasp on Long term Aspirations, but we are still having problems with short term and that is no one fault. Aspirations are a player’s goals for his character, not necessarily the character’s own goals. A player wants his charac­ter to get into a fist fight, even though his charac­ter might be the kind of person to abhor physical confrontations. Aspirations are story moments a player wants to see happen. Aspirations should always push action, not re­strict it. This means that players should phrase their Aspirations as something to do rather than some­thing to not do. “Don’t get into a fight” removes a character from action. In contrast, “Use your words for once” keeps the character in a potential conflict, but nudges them toward using a different resolution tactic than usual. A short-term Aspiration is something a charac­ter can achieve in a single session. The Aspiration may be a Scene a player wants to see happen, an ability he wants to use, or a character moment he thinks would be interesting or cool. Examples: Use your words for once, Solve it with science!, Have a heart to heart with a teammate, Snag a big scoop, Coax a secret from a mark. This kind of aspiration can begin with “I want a scene…” A long-term Aspiration is something that takes multiple sessions to achieve and is related to one of the character’s Paths. A long-term Aspiration may be how a player would like to see his character grow or change. Examples: Betray the Transcendent Alliance, Build a working freeze ray, Bring Jackal’s kill­er to justice, Find my twin sister I have fallen down on aspirations a lot of that is simply because There is so many of you and so much to keep trak of this is why I want everyone to make a second Spoiler in their signature with only the current aspirations. This way I and everyone else can easily locate the aspirations of everyone without having to wade through sheets. You can have up to 5 active short term aspirations and 2 long term at one time. Once and aspiration is fulfilled it needs to be removed and another may be added. You should always have at least 2 short and 1 long active. I will try to do better at keeping track and creating scenes and situations that can involve your aspirations going forward.
  13. Within seconds the door swung open and Marissa stood there with an annoyed look on her face. Then again, she always looked annoyed, so it was hard to tell of it was her 'hello face' or her 'you're late face'. She was in a pair of solid color maroon leggings and a pull over hoodie of their high school's team, the Coyotes. She was wearing make up, with her trademark maroon lips and even while 'bumming around the house', the girl made low fashion look expensive. "You're late," she said flatly and with that telltale tone of superiority. Autumn knew it was later than she intended, but felt she had a solid defense. Still, the girl was intimidating. "But... you said 'whenever'. I got caught up in a few-" "Whatever," she rolled her eyes. "Come in. Welcome to Casa Del Dysfunctional." She stood aside and waved Autumn in. The inside of the home was as amazing as the outside, with a log interior and was about as rustic and 'Montana' as a ranch home could get. The living room was cozy with a working fireplace and all manner of trophies on the walls and skins on display, even a bear on floor in front of the fire. The kitchen was as modern as one could expect, with tons of room and an island in the center for prepping food and one of those fridges that when it lit up you could see through the doors and it ordered groceries. From the kitchen was the dining room that led out to a massive back deck that looked down over the huge pool. On railing was a faded sign that read 'No diving into the pool, Devin.' underneath the writing in parenthesis was a handwritten note that read (We're serious. Stop it. You're going to get hurt.) Marissa noticed her reading the sign and smirking and rested her chin not far of Autumn's shoulder, startling her slightly. "Yeah, he's an idiot. Can't be left unsupervised." She walked off to the kitchen. "I was going to order pizza, you okay with that? You're not like, vegan or whatever, right? I'm just curious, i never paid much attention to you, aside from knowing all the hippie stuff you do like hiking, and... hiking." "Is Devin here?" Autumn asked. "No. When left on his own he is a torrential storm of anarchy and constant frustration for other... so I turn him loose whenever possible. Besides, we're twins, we need a break from each other sometimes. He's not been home all weekend, now that he's learned what he can do, he's seeing the world. And, I wouldn't try floating that boat, honey. He's kinda got a thing for Lona, they're 'talking'." She air quoted. "Alexa!" "Yes, Queen Bitch? How might I be of service in your domain?" Alexa's voice answered from the base on the kitchen counter. Marissa smirked at Autumn. "What? You can program her to say all kinds of things, might as well have fun with it, right? Order pizza, please. My usual." It didn't escape Autumn's notice that she didn't wait for a confirmation of Autumn's dietary habits. "Hope you like pepperoni." "Your pizza is being ordered." Replied the house's internet service/servant. "C'mon, I'll show mine and my brother's domain. Our parents generally keep to the upstairs, we hang in the basement, our rooms are on the second floor but we can do all this hair stuff down there, it has a full bath." Marissa led her downstairs into the basement and it was the of a house in and of itself. Huge living room, massive television, xbox, ps4, a kitchenette and two more bedrooms with a full bath. One wall of the basement was a massive patio door underneath the deck on the first floor that led out to the pool that was massive and obviously very expensive. Beyond the pool she could see the workout equipment and gymnastics set up out in the yard. "Alexa, lights. Pool's heated if you want to borrow a suit, unless you brought your own." The basement lit up as the sun strained to keep the their side of the world lit. "So, do you want to just jump right into this, or are we supposed to bond or something? I'm sorta new to this whole 'friends' thing."
  14. Her faded bicycle looked utterly out of place on the edge of the beautifully manicured lawn, and before she even made it to the door, Autumn could swear she heard the faint sound of whirring gears and gyros as automated defense systems prepared to eliminate the peasant who dared approach the manor. At least, that's what it reminded her of: some grand, lordly estate way out in the middle of Nowhere, Montana. The two-story ranch-style home was huge, with a tall fence enclosing what she could only assume was probably a golf course, tennis court, and personal air strip in the back yard, and the timers on the dazzling array of outdoor lights kicked on just as she was wondering if she was supposed to tip the butler when he answered the door. It was later than she'd meant to arrive; only the faintest glow of daylight still lingered on the horizon, and the path lights delineating the boundaries of the front walk created pale half-moons on the bright white concrete. She hadn't really planned on being out after the trip to Helena with Sean and Sara, and she did feel a little twinge of guilt about spending time with the others, when the twins hadn't been there- they'd been involved in all of whatever-this-was longer than she had, and it just felt wrong somehow. Especially since Marissa had, uh... said they were friends.The redhead rubbed her palms on her denim-clad thighs and tentatively pushed the doorbell.
  15. The redhead stared at him in stupefied amazement, cheeks still flushed from the sheer, uninhibited, unadulterated thrill of whoosh!ing through the air around the campfire like a toddler at an amusement park. Was he... was he serious? "Are you serious?" she asked as soon as the thought crossed her mind, utterly incredulous that he could possibly not know that it had probably been the coolest-to-date thing that had happened to her. Seriously. Like, better than finding out the best way to use the handheld showerhead. "Wait." Regarding him through narrowed eyes, Autumn reconsidered. He was... weird, maybe, but not stupid. He had to be fucking with her. "You're not serious." Right? The unspoken question, one merely suggested by the tentative nature of her declaration, received an equally unvoiced answer: a twitch of the lips that might have been a smirk, but could also have just been the flickering of the firelight. "You really- UGH!" she huffed loudly, rolling her eyes and pushing the unruly tangle of curls back out of her face as she spun on her heel. "Fucking Bannon, I swear!" As she turned, the newest, still uncertain addition to the group saw Lilly curled into herself, shaking, with Clara nearby and dropped all pretense of being annoyed. She wasn't crying, was she? As she approached, the other two girls were talking, and she shoved her hands into her jeans pockets; keeping them out usually meant she was expected to offer or receive hugs, or consoling shoulder rubs, and she still wasn't sure about the whole physical-contact thing with people she had to admit she didn't really know. "Hey," she began, interrupting as politely as she knew how. "You okay?" Her gaze darted first to Clara, who always seemed to have her shit together, and then back to Lilly, unsure whether things were already being resolved.
  16. Clara gave Lilly a sympathetic look. "You could, but if you got outed for having Shine, there would probably be a lot of people saying your wins shouldn't be kept. You can do things other people can't. So can really any athlete competing at the Olympic level. Yours is just nearly unique." She said this while staring at a rock weirdly intently, then shrugged and sat down next to her, setting the rock aside. "The more important thing to think about is do you think you shouldn't compete anymore? Think of it this way," she pointed to Sean. "There are competitions for hacking that have big prizes and can lead to all sorts of job offers for the government and international businesses." She pointed to Charlie, "Like you, he could probably win at every Olympic sport if he can morph is body for the perfect set of characteristics for each sport. Should they not participate in any of that? Do they have to cut themselves off from anything where they have a Shine-related advantage because.....others don't?" She sighed. "I'm not talking about if they should when we're all still hiding what we can do from the world, but it's something to be thinking on. Just because we can do things others can't, do that mean we have to not when it gives us an advantage on something mundane." She grinned, "I bet Lona could win any off those hands-on-prize competitions. She can make you feel like you've had a full night's sleep even if you haven't closed your eyes in for 48 hours. Heck, should Cassie never use her abilities when investigating things because other journalists can't do the same thing? "I thought the same thing, by the way. I was making up the list of all the careers I couldn't have because of this. Now?" She took a deep breath and looked around at her burgeoning group of friends. "I think the scarier things is that we can do all those things and more. People are going to want to use us. We're going to always wonder 'Could I have done this or that without the Shine?' and we'll drive ourselves crazy if we obsess over it. So. The better question for you would be: Knowing that it won't be much of an actual competition, do you still want to go to the Olympics? You certainly can qualify."
  17. Lilly sit back and watched as Jase flew Autumn through the air, smiling at the sight. They had been testing and pushing their abilities all afternoon and still it was no less spectacular to see when she just sat back and watched. Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, healing, shapeshifting, far seeing... it was all amazing. Her own abilities were, for the most, a bit less showy and unbelievable, but still remarkable. "Hero-Shine" he had called it, and it certainly did seem to be as he described. She was becoming an idealized version of a human being, or "Peak Human" as Sean as described. Her sense where sharper, and her minds seemed to be going along the same route. She was was so in tune with her body that it was actually kind exhilarating. She could feel each nerve and muscle and somehow just knew hot to use them to move, spin and contort her body, pulling off feats of agility that Olympic gymnasts would be envious of. Then it hit her. The smile quickly faded from Lilly's face, the upturned corners of her mouth gradually inverting as she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, bringing her hands up to rest her head in them, covering her eyes as she fought to hold back the tears she could feel welling up as the realization grew and set in. "What's wrong Lilly?" somebody asked, but Lilly didn't even seem to hear the question. "Damnit." she sighed."Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. Damnit!" Lilly lifted her head, her eyes blinking quickly in a futile attempt to fight back the tears that were slowly finding their path down her cheeks. "No more Olympic dream for me..." she managed to sob out, shaking her head.
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  25. Cade’s trick, despite the humorous comparisons, was impressive and, in addition, served to break up some of the tension caused by fresh discussion of Jason’s... unique outlook on things. People took a break for a soda and, in Jase’s case, a smoke before continuing. The breakthrough of the psionic teens ability to ‘tune in’ to each other’s Shine through touch proved important, not least of which for being able to assess whether someone had ‘Psi-Shine’ or the ‘Hero-Shine’, as Jason labelled Lilly and Cade’s gift. “With you two, it’s as though you are becoming idealised human beings – figures from story and myth. They are not usually outside the scope of human experience – great strength, speed and so on are still ‘human’ traits, which makes the Hero relatable. The Hero’s actions have massive ramifications, for good or ill.” He explained. “Heroine.” Lilly grinned, though she liked the term. “So our ability to ‘choose’ realities is us being able to steer the story.” “For good, or ill.” Jason repeated. “King Arthur was a Hero. He became king, established order and enlightenment, and then was brought low by his own failing and the failing of another Hero he trusted, Lancelot du Lac. The result was a dark age following the golden.” He smiled slightly. “A cautionary tale for all of us.” He tossed the butt of his rollup into the firepit and glanced around. “We know Sara is telepathic, so she’s definitely psionic. If you’re willing to sit down with me, Autumn, we can get you placed in the right weight class.” Autumn looked doubtfully at the Effing Bannon. He was clothed, at least. And a psychopath, a word that conjured all sorts of nightmares – and yet... He’d looked after them, in the woods. He’d stood and fought a monster (something she’d wished she’d done at the time). And although he was odd and had a way of smiling that made her tense up, he hadn’t ever threatened her. Finally, he seemed to know what he was doing. “Right.” She said slowly, watching as he moved to sit on a clear patch of grass, gesturing to her to sit opposite him. “Is this going to hurt?” she asked as she sat down, shuffling closer with some reluctance, eying the hands he held out to her in invitation. He smiled slightly, but it wasn’t amusement at her expense this time. Well, mostly. It was even, in the right light, reassuring. “Not a bit.” = = = = = Autumn had psionic Shine. Jase could feel it within her through their link, a similar vitality to that shared by Lona and Charlie. Power over life, over cellular matter. It was a rich cascade of sensation and vibrancy that made him feel stronger just by proximity to it. It had taken maybe five minutes of careful coaching, but finally he felt the field of her Shine interacting with his own as she relaxed, her sea-hued eyes on his icy green ones. She was warm and emotional, like Cassie, but restless where Cass was focused, her energy pacing back and forth waiting to be unleashed. He marvelled at the simple, yet profound insight this link could provide. For Autumn, it was an odd experience. Intimate, yet not too invasive – There were no thoughts exchanged, nor could she read his emotions like she might have imagined. Instead she was aware of Bannon’s energy – his Shine- and how his psyche reflected upon it. He was control, focus and crystalline icy clarity over a simmering, banked furnace that waited and wanted to be called upon. Like Cassie earlier, she noted he didn’t feel twisted or evil, just odd. Alien. A matter of his intelligence, or his ‘condition’, or both? Oddly, she found his focus to be stabilising, taking on a fraction of his calm fearlessness for herself while they were linked. “You feel it?” she heard him ask as she swam in the cool green of his eyes. She nodded. “Now focus on your own Shine. Be aware of it. You feel somewhat like Lona. She can heal, has an awareness of life around her and it’s relative health. Focus on the Shine, feel it.” He said calmly. Autumn focused, drawing on the calm clarity of Bannon’s energy to still her own restlessness. She felt the pale glow of the Shine... and then under it something else. The redhead’s eyes widened as she realised she could feel the life-force in her own body and, with only minor concentration, that of those around her, being able to focus on each in turn. Charlie there had a couple of minor bruises, Cassie ached a little as if from intense exercise, Lona fairly glowed with good health – as did she herself, she realised. Lilly and Cade likewise were pictures of health, whereas Bannon... “You’re hurt.” She said, blinking as she regarded him with this new sense. She had spotted the faint purple bruise on his jaw earlier, but now she could feel all the bruises under his baggy shirt and pants. He was in painful discomfort. “What the hell happened to you?” “Training this morning.” He said calmly as if that explained everything. “Don’t heal me, please. I’m learning to work through it. It’s a self-discipline exercise.” “Jesus, Jase.” Lona said as she, too focused on his vital aura, alerted by the conversation. “You could have said-“ “I know.” He interrupted with that same calm tone, smiling a little at his friend. “But it’s part of my personal training, Avalon. My choice.” “But-“ “Do I have any broken bones? Or internal injuries?” he asked rhetorically. “They’re just bruises. Bruises fade.” He met her eyes. “When the day’s training is over, I’ll ask you or Autumn to heal me so I don’t turn up to school bruised.” He said quietly. “Fair?” Lona didn’t like it, that much was obvious, but she nodded silent assent. “Thank you.” He said softly, then turned back to Autumn. “Alright, now we’ve gotten your feet wet, let’s get up and see what you –and we all - can really do.” = = = = = Sean had a pretty good handle on following and controlling the flow of electrons that gushed like blood within the wires and microchips of electrical devices. He demonstrated again by making his pair of drones dance in the air in an intricate ballet. But doing so had spurred him on to consider how else he might manipulate electromagnetic energy. He could change how it reacted inside devices, could he do it to all the other such energy about them. When he focused, he could see all the threads and fireflies of visible and invisible light, various frequencies of radio waves, and more.... "Hold on guys, I'm gonna try something, don't freak out," Sean warned them, as he inhaled and reached out with his mind, grasping all the strands of visible light and... twisted them, turning them into sourceless radio waves. The practice area was plunged into utter darkness, pitch black to all but his eyes, which could still perceive in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum. It made his friends look very odd to his perception and took a while to get too. He could still perceive the threads of visible light he had twisted, see them starting to unravel into their true forms, but slowly. "I turned the visible light into harmless radio waves. I think, unless I did something, it'll stay like this for a few hours. But I think that'll make practicing harder than is has to be." Sean twisted the strands again, changing the frequency of the ambient photons, and as he did so, the darkness faded away, a bubble of light encompassing the clearing shifting through the hues of a rainbow. Sean grinned, everything tinted faintly green. "Pretty sure I can put on a decent light show." The light shifted to a pale indigo and Sean cocked his head to the side, considering. He could twist strands of electromagnetic energy, but could he combine them? He tried, holding his hands about a foot apart, fingers waggling as through playing with a cat's cradle. The purplish-blue light seemed to be pulled between his fingers, growing brighter, harder. The entire area seemed to grow slightly dimmer as he twisted the threads of light together in an ever tighter rope, the light shifting to blue then green... Sean felt it just a moment before it happened, eyes going wide and lips peeling back in excited panic, as he felt the tightly bound braid of light snap together. "Look away! Look away!" Sean shouted, as a searing, razor thin line of blinding green light blazed into being, forming between his hands to a point just pass one of the abandoned pieces of farming equipment, severing it in half, the edges glowing orange and the acrid scent of burnt steel in the air. The unexpected intensity of his personal laser made his stumble back and land on his plush behind. A trickle of blood trickled down Sean's nose, staining his upper lip as he tried to brush is away while he climbed back to his feet. He had pushed himself hard with that, too hard. "Um, oops? I didn't think it would be that big." “Phrasing.” Jason said dryly as he offered a hand and helped Sean up. The others snickered, tension released as laughter. = = = = = Perhaps the biggest discovery was that when Sara linked multiple psionicists in a mental network of sorts, they could tune into each other’s Shine (provided the other allowed it) and perform the same boosts as though they were touching. “This implies that the subquantum layer is one point in space – or rather than space doesn’t exist there. Cassie can see and sense over massive distances. Devin can teleport to Greece for pizza.” Jason mused. “They don’t literally project their senses or body through space, they dive down into the subquantum, then back up again where they want to be.” He snapped his fingers as a thought occurred to him. “Cassie. You said at Bunnee’s the other night that you saw what had happened in the past, with the bear and the tree?” he looked at her intently. The pretty blonde nodded, curious why he was bringing it up. “Time as well.” He said with a firm definite tone. “Time doesn’t exist down there, which makes sense because space doesn’t. So you send your senses down to the subquantum, then bring them up not just where you want, but also when. Within reason, I suppose. I wonder if Devin could teleport through time...?” “Oh, come on.” Sean looked askance at his friend. “Time travel now?” “Why not? We’re all travelling through time anyway. I can walk across the field in ten minutes. Devin can teleport across it in an eyeblink. Time and space are linked – if he can dodge one, then there’d have to be some kind of special law that stops him dodging the other.” Jase looked thoughtful for a moment, then shrugged. “It would go towards explaining the smilodon and other weirdness. Something to consider.” That set aside for now, people got back to learning the extent of their gifts and how they interacted with one another. Jase’s emphasis seemed to be on the physical – objects became easier to affect, sense or manipulate when he was assisting in a link. Lona and Autumn, by contrast, had an affinity with living organisms that made affecting those more easy when they were part of a link. In addition when the pair of them linked their Shine grew stronger, something Jase and Sean theorised to be the sympathetic wavelength of their Shine reinforcing each other. Charlie (who still was not at all drunk – the test had been a success) seemed to make tasks more effortless when he was lending assistance, whereas Clara and Cora brought the effect of massively increasing the Shine of whomever they linked with. Cassie extended the reach of a person’s powers, allowing Lona to heal Charlie’s bruises from his training with Lilly from a dozen feet away, rather than having to touch him. Sean seemed to be an extender of a different sort – rather than extending the range of a power, he extended the time it could be maintained. They all learned together, sometimes serious and sometimes playing as the afternoon wore on. The Shine seemed to replenish itself swiftly enough, provided one didn’t completely exhaust it. Some discovered power they didn’t realise they had, such as Cassie exhibiting some small psychokinetic ability – a defensive reaction to slow incoming attacks similar to that possessed by Jason. Or Clara realising she could work with the subquantum to produce and manipulate energy in a manner similar to Cora. = = = = = Sometimes linked by Sara, sometimes touching hands the psionic Fellowship members played, practiced and learned. And the ‘heroic’ ones too. Lilly and Cade were both highly athletic, somehow increased by their own brand of Shine. The two put this to the test, racing each other in sprints from one end of the field to the others at speeds that the other teens couldn’t get close to. Cade displayed uncanny aim with throwing or projectile weapons, though Lilly seemed able to drive an arrow through slim steel plating with the force of her draw. Cade’s empathy with wild creatures was perhaps not as flashy as some abilities being displayed, but nonetheless was unusual, to say the least. Arguably somewhat more impressive was Lilly’s straight right. Focusing on how she’d kicked the burning monster through a tree, she set up a roughly man-sized log and, pausing to wrap her hands, began to tentatively jab at it. After the first few impacts she stopped, unwrapped her hands, then began once more to box at the log. Her fists slammed home with more force, the bark splintering but leaving her hands unmarked, something that Sean, currently taking a rest nearby, remarked on. “Go on, Captain America.” The feminine boy grinned as he took a swig of water. “Stop tickling it.” Lilly smirked at him, but furrowed her brow as she turned back to the log. Okay. Let’s do this. The psionic teens paused in their practice as the sound of hammers splintering wood filled the air. Lilly unleashed a flurry of blows into the solid log as though it were a hanging bag, focusing her will through each contact, imagining the fishasaurus in front of her. The bark where she had been hitting the log was all gone now, her fists having started to deform and crack the solid pine underneath when, with a final explosive impact, the log flew twenty feet into the already abused farm machinery that people had been using for arrow and (impromptu) laser practice. There was a horrendous crash, then the log fell forwards with a thud. There was a pause, then Jason gave his strangely happy laugh. “Whoa.” Charlie breathed. He went over to inspect the fallen log, noting the cracked and dented condition it was in. “You pounded the shit out of it.” “Really went to town on that wood, huh?” Cora said with a giggle, her cheeks reddening as the others stared at her. “Phras- No. No, it’s too easy.” Cade deadpanned, causing another round of snickering and laughter. = = = = = The sun was getting lower, the sky darker as the teens called a halt more by common consensus than anything else. A flicker of Jase’s power caused the bonfire to bloom into life as people settled down on or leaning against the logs around it as sparks crackled and flew like fireflies in the purpling sky. “Right. Deal’s a deal. Let me heal you.” Lona said, laying a hand on Jason’s shoulder. He sighed as the aches and pains he’d suffered through vanished, first with a weird pulling sensation and then were gone, replaced with a sense of wellbeing. He smiled up at her from where he sat. “Thank you.” He said softly, then turned to look at the fire. He was content, in this moment. Tomorrow was a new week of school, and fresh problems, and old stale ones too. He wondered if the Fellowship’s experience today had bonded them at all. He didn’t feel it but then, he wouldn’t. He thought perhaps people were working better together, having an improved awareness and appreciation for one another. But he was outside that, and for a moment briefly regretted not knowing what it was like. Perhaps something like the link through the Shine, he mused, only not requiring touch or Sara’s power to access. He’d been very careful when in the mental network to guard his thoughts, which was easy enough – nothing went out over the network that the individual didn’t want to. He was aware, though, that his mind was likely not like any of the others, even the more cerebral teens like Clara and Sean. He was isolated, and yet did not register it as a pang or negative feeling. “Hey.” Autumn said from her spot by the fire, regarding him with a little more warmth than she had at the start of the afternoon. “Earth to Bannon. I’ve got a question for you.” “It’s already laundered and back at the house.” Jase replied without missing a beat, causing her to blush. “Not that.” She scowled as some of the others snickered. “You can lift a lot with your telekinesis, right?” “Right.” Jason tilted his head, curious. “And you don’t slip – like, you don’t lose your grip suddenly.” She pressed, clearly working up to something. “Not unless Clara makes me by damping my power.” He replied steadily. “Right. So, I want an airplane.” She said, her attitude somewhere between challenge and request. “An airplane.” He replied levelly. “Yep. Fly me.” Autumn got to her feet and regarded him. “C’mon. Up, up and away. I want to fly.” She was gratified to actually see him blink, taken aback for the first time she could remember. “You want me to fly you around?” he asked in a careful tone. “What, you don’t want to?” Autumn put her hands on her hips and stared at him. “C’mon, Bannon. I loaned you my hoodie-“ “I’m fine with it.” He said. “I’m just surprised you asked.” “So that’s a yes?” Autumn smiled wide. “It won’t be very fast.” He warned, but an answering smile was playing around his lips. “Running speed, tops.” “I don’t care. I’ve been freaked out, chased by monsters, visited the effing underworld and seen us all do some weird and wonderful shit these last few days.” Autumn said defiantly. “So I want to flyyyyyyyy-“ Her words turned into an excited yelp as she suddenly rose into the air and began to drift about ten feet above the ground. Some of the Fellowship laughed, others whooped or yelled encouragement as Autumn circled the fire at a safe distance, Jason’s invisible grasp on her a gentle impersonal pressure. She wasn’t motionless as she flew – Autumn found she could move her arms and legs and did so, alternating between the classic Superman flying pose and the arms outstretched like a bird pose as she banked, rose, dove and whirled, a grin on her face. She never went too high, nor did she dive too fast. He didn’t pretend to drop her or do anything to scare her, rather he just watched from where he sat, a smile on his face and his eyes reflecting the firelight. The sun was above the horizon still, it’s rays turning everything red-gold and causing her hair to flame crimson as the girl spun and danced in the air, finding that Goddamn Jason Effing Bannon was responding to her arm and leg movements and steering the way she wanted, rather than flopping her around like a rag doll. She made as if to dive and, obediently, the force lifting her made her dive in a swoop above Charlie’s head. She whooped as Bannon put her through a slow loop, then another, before he brought her gently back to touch down just outside the circle of log seating. “How was that?” Jason asked the Fellowship’s newest member, his gaze on hers.

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