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1945 changed The world in so many ways.   There'd always been rumors of superhumans before then.  Legends and myths people would say, they weren't real.  Those who said this, are wrong.
They just weren't as common as they are now.

That's not to say the world is overflowing with people with special abilities, but they aren't hiding so much anymore, indeed, more than a few cannot hide who they are, or what they have become.   Technology advances ever onward, and along the way produces new and strange creations along the way, and some that are uniquely powerful and dangerous.

The world at large still thinks of Magic as fake, the sort of show that people use to draw attention to themselves.   True magic exists, and it is powerful.

The harnessing of the Atom, the exploration of space, these drew the attention of Other spacefaring races, and while humanity at large still remains unconvinced they exist, There are certainly those who know otherwise.  Not all who have come are friendly, mostly they simply react to the antics of humanity with amusement, and some disdain.

What most separates this world from what we know is a sort of Tolerance for Vigilantiism.   The public sees their heroes taking down badguys, fighting the Good fight, and they cheer.  Few know real details of the Agency behind the scenes that's actually regulating things.  

Assessment and Emergency Global Initiative and Security, or known simply as the AEGIS agency is one that carries the primary backing of the United States, as well as many First world Nations, and it is solely responsible for regulating the activities of the Metahuman population.  For every scene of a Hero taking down the badguy that gets play in the news, there are five instances of AEGIS agents doing the same that never see the light.   

Everyone knows AEGIS exists, and only the unwise garner their attention.   AEGIS has access to nigh unlimited funding, and the bleeding edge of technology.  All of this serves to let AEGIS see the big picture, and react at the Strategic and Tactical levels, Often working with the various heroes.   

Now this is where you all come in.   You may be any sort of hero, save Alien.  You must have a form that is looks completely human.  You may have any sort of powerbase, though I reserve the right to say no to anything I think will not fit this game.  

This game is meant to resemble Marvel, let's be honest, AEGIS is SHIELD.  Don't expect me to follow it precisely, or to not put an homage to the comics or movies we've all come to enjoy over the years.   I intend for us to have fun with this, and will probably be going fairly rules light on it.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. "I will try one," Elastica said, reaching for the chocolate bar. For a moment, the confection seemed to start to sink into her hand, then Elastica recalled herself and popped the entire thing in her mouth in one bit. Mega Girl wasn't sure she was imagining or not Elastica's neck and throat expand to pass the chocoloate bar. She could taste it, but she wasn't sure if it was good, bad, or somewhere in between. She glanced at their unconscious comrades, affecting a frown, a concerned frown - or should it be a sad frown? A frown in any case. "If someone will direct me, I will take the fallen heros to the... the hospital! Yes, hospital, where humans go to be repaired." So saying, Elastica stretched forward into the street, onlookers moving back to give her space, then twisted and flowed into the form of an ambulance. A completely real and seemingly functional ambulance... if somewhat exaggerated in proportion, the wheels particularly big, as though the ambulance had been modded for off-road duty. The Elastica-Ambulance beeped enthusiastically, her rear doors swinging invitingly open.
  3. "Well. That's something," Alison commented, one hand shielding her eyes, floating there soaked in the biomechanical gore of her kill. She reached down into her fanny pack and produced a Payday bar, more out of habit than any real hunger. For eleven supposed hours of exploration and fighting, it sure hadn't felt like eleven hours of exploration and fighting. She could see the crowd of New Yorkers surrounding them and imagined the chaos about to engulf them for however long, however official. Flying away into an alley didn't seem like a viable option at the moment. "Payday anyone? I always deal with weirdness and crowds better on full stomach," the blonde cyborg offered, blue eyes more openly wary of the cheering crowd than she'd ever shown inside the deathtrap. A quick wipe of her free hand on the inside of her cape, and Mega Girl was taking her own advice, chewing on the peanutty goodness.
  4. Mega Girl's attack actually cracked the armor of the minotaur, succeeding in knocking it flat on't back with a resounding crash, smashing several teeth. Starsign's blast skewers the hydra's torso like a luminous drill, actually severing a head at the root, which cause it to scream out in pain, and before it could do more, Columbian moved in and finally broke the creature's left leg leaving it on its belly. Elastica tore into the Kraken, and found it's skin to be pliant like hers, but nowhere close to as durable. The Astovik sisters continued their own battles, with Autumn trying to freeze the minotaur to the ground, as Summer blasted the hydra burning off the leg that Columbian had broken. Starsign yelled at Columbian "Finish it off Columbian!" and Leaps to Maga-girl placing a hand on her should and filling her with health, even the damage to her cybernetics starting to mend thanks to the Cosmic nature of Starsign's healing power. "Thanks, SS," Alison replied, shooting off to try and finish the job on the monotaur, but despite its massive size the minotaur reacted fast, dodging the powerful metahuman's aerial punch by sitting up. Elastica was busy sinking her claws deeply into the Kraken, drawing a loud keening wail from the beast, but it still had plenty of fight left. Hex, rising to her feet quickly reestablished her defensive barrier, surprised that something could even knock it down to begin with, but undettered, as she launched a firebolt at the hydra. The minotaur rises to it's feet, shattering the ice binding it with it's vastly enhanced muscles,, even as it backhands Autumn, sending her flying away from it, knocked unconscious. Summer succeeds in fireblasting another head from the Hydra, before her sister is sent sprawling and rendered unconscious. Before Columbian can Finish off the Hydra it manages to bite him with two heads in a lightning quick double strike, dropping him to the ground with a scream as his wounds hiss and burn. Psypher is still locked in mental combat with the Kraken, blood now flowing from his ears and nose under his costume, but he was still upright and fighting. The tentacles of the Kraken had wrapped around Elastica, but failed to do any damage, though it was surprisingly strong. "Oh no you don't. If you're hitting anyone, that's me." Mega girl growls, booming at the robot after her missed strike, anger at herself burning in her blood. Mega-girl's attack was truly one of vengeance, as it literally blew out the back of the minotaur's head in an explosion of metal and soft tissue, causing it to fall to the ground, defeated. Elastica's cut deep into the space squid, cutting rugged slashes in the tapestry engulfing. It entangled the tigrish Elastica in its tentacles, but almost like thick water, she oozed out of the grapple. "You cannot stop me," she said in a chipper growl, "And you are strong, but not as strong as me. You will not resist me." The tentacles couldn't stop her, but they might stop her allies. Elastica reached for the base of one tentacle, claws digging deep into its pliant, rubbery flesh, and feet braced against the Stellar Kraken's bulk, she began to pull and tear. Starsign spins at Columbian's scream and rushes back to kneel between him and the hydra one hand touch letting her power flow into him healing the damage from the bites as much as possible, but the poison was another matter entirely. Summer, enraged over the injury to her sister, cut loose with a torrent of flame that seared off another head from the hydra, though one of the remaining two bit deeply into her sending poison coursing through her leaving two hissing wounds and intense burning pain. Hex once again cut loose with a powerful eldricth fireball at the hydra, more than a little happy when it connected. The blast incenerated the second to last head which caused the it to scream in pain. The combined assault of Psypher attacking mentally, and elastica physically starting to rip it apart was enough to bring down the Kraken, which landed wetly on the ground, it's tentacles going limp, and it's body simply laying there, ripped open by Elastica. Unceremoniously, Psypher fell backwards, unconscious, but victorious along with his comrade. Starsign moved to heal Columbian further, channeling more of her power into him, but the damage from the poison wasn't something she could stop, though she was keeping it from killing him. Elastica moved to pounce on the Hydra but didn't quite judge the distance right, overshooting, striking only the air and the ground with her fearsome claws. In an Ironic coincidence, MegaGirl came at the hydra from above but also misjudged, likely thanks to being covered in gore from the minotaur, hitting to the other side of it. Hex however was still there, and before anyone else could be harmed, she unleashed a final fireblast, removing the last head, and moments later the rest of the hydra, along with the remains of the other two felled creatures turned to ash and dissipated on unseen winds. In the quiet aftemath, a pillar of blue-white Arclight appeared. Within the pillar was a pedastal with a single red button and a timer that was counting down, with less than an hour remaining. Above it a full body projection of their foe stood, and clapped his hands once. "Very well done heroes, though having three of you unable to continue would normally be horrible, it's a good first effort. I am a man of my word. You have beaten my challenge, and by simply pressing the button, you will release a Counteracting wave that will spare the inhabitants of the city. Until next time brave heroes." with a flourish of his cape, the projection vanished into motes of light, leaving the question of who he was, and if this would really save the city. The issue of questionable time passage was forgotten for now as MG went to check on Autumn. Airway. Breathing. Circulation. Don't move the victim if, say, they got smacked around by a giant robot and might have spinal injuries. Triessa goes to check on her unconscious comrades checking in with the other person who could heal. "How are they doing?" she asks Starsign. Elastica flowed back into her Barbie-esque form, once more wearing a figure-hugging, dark blue bodysuit (or was it just her skin with a different texture?). She joined the others by their fallen comrades. Blank expression shifted into one of concern. She didn't really know how humans fixed themselves other than a vague sense picked up from her once owner. It seemed to involved a lot of laying down or sometimes bedroom athletics with a man. "We might need tot get them to a hospital but we need to shut this down and let the authorities in." came Starsign's reply, followed by Elastica's offer of aid. "Can I help?" Summer knelt by her unconscious sister, as the two male teammates were brought there, as the healers tended the three of them. Triessa stopped to prepare her magic for a curative spell that would remove the poison, knowing they couldn't keep just healing them forever. idly she said quietly "Someone hit that button," she says as she hunkers down to begin. "We need to wrap this up." MegaGirl relinquished her place by Autumn's side soon as Summer arrived, moving to hover next to the proverbial Big Red Button, "So. I'm willing to risk getting zapped pushing the button if no one else has a problem with it." Triessa nods at Mega Girl. "Don't worry. If somethig happens, we've got the tools to keep you alive." With that, MegaGirl hit the button. With the press of the button, the countdown stops, and the pedastal recedes into the floor. A red pulse expands outwards bathing the building, and then the entire city, with no ill effect aside a light tingling sensation. The group of heroes found themselves in the grand lobby before the doors they came in, their comrades gathered there on the floor. Working together they carry them out and no sooner than the door closed, than the entire building began to dissolve into motes of white light, leaving them standing there standing before nothing more than a massive foundation, and before thousands who'd been watching in the square. Their faces were plastered on the screens for a moment longer, and with the roaring cheer of the crowd, the screens went dark. They'd won, the city was safe, for now.
  5. I have not forgotten this game, simply put things on hold. Saturday 8-31 at 6pm EST we will get together in the IC discord chat and finish this fight then
  6. The Doctor Man had cover the alien creature in a wall carpet, yet he still reeled back as though struck. That was unfair. With a feral, feline growl and the powerful explosion of synthetic muscles, Elastica pounced on top of the entrapped Stellar and raked with immense might and terrible claws, sharp-tooth maw opening in a savage roar.
  7. Starsign took the hit full force, the symbol at her forehead glowing as it absorbed most of the energy, the remainder reminding her that she wasn't invulnerable. She was gonna have a hell of a bruise later. She slammed into the ground and using that very same momentum flipped back to her feet and unleashed a cosmic blast at the monster using its own energy as fuel! The spiraling beam shot from her symbol in a multi colored array of twisting Cosmic energy!
  8. Mega Girl lay there for a second or three before levering herself back into the air with a soft groan and the patter of falling bits of rubble. She ignored the scrolling warnings in the corner of her eye, the list of damaged subsystems complaining and cueing up for a share of her long term repair systems. She was going to need to eat an entire cheesecake or two after this... Still she could move, she could see, and, oh yes, there was Autumn with an assist. The bleeding cyborg offered the other woman a smile of gratitude at the distraction. Looked like the hydra wasn't doing so hot, either. She snickered at her own stupid pun, blaming the twin impacts. Alison exploded into the fray once more. No shield this time, sadly enough, but she boomed flat along the ground before arching upward at the icy bulwark around the robot's feet, one fist extended like the tip of a javelin. She homed in the minotaur's chin, hoping to take it down with this hit. It'd just be *so good* to tank her target and take him down, to boot. That'd show Shen. Yeah.
  9. The second hit from Mega Girl staggered the Minotaur, which was abit surprising, but it's return swing caught the shield and split it in half, not to mention sending her crashing into the ground. (3 damage again from the impact, which left a large crater) As Starsign answered Hex that her power wasn't fire, the hydra slammed its tail into her knocking her to the ground from where she was (3 damage) and forcing her to release it's heads. Quickly working it out, Autumn used her powers to form ice around the feet of the Minotaur, keeping it in place as Summer launched a firery blast at the hydra, which hissed in pain as one of its five heads was severed. The Hydra lashed out at Hex and Starsign again, the bites missing, but the tail sweep slammed into Hex as the beast spun around, and hit mightily, smashing aside her defensive shield to send her flying (2 damage) Columbian continued his assault on the hydra, going after the same leg again, hearing a satisfying crunch as bones broke roughly. The Kraken was successfully blinded by the tapestry, but that did nothing to stop its attack against Derek. The Psionic assault was easily the strongest he'd ever been hit with (4 damage) and giving him a pounding headache.
  10. This target selection was all off, Triessa thought as she glimpsed some of Psypher and Mega-Girl's plight. "Hey, you!" she shouted, waving at Doc Psypher. "Mind powers, right? Can you mind-whammy the big dumb BULL? I bet he'd be an easy target! Maybe have him fight for the good guys or something?" The sorceress then turned back to her own Herculean (Sissyphean?) task...the hydra itself. Would it grow new heads if she started trying to blast them off? The body shot had hurt it, but Triessa suspected that this whole asshole exercise wasn't really about killing monsters. It felt more like an utterly demented, psychotic team-building retreat. Which meant... "Starsign! Is your power a fire-blast by any chance?" Even Hercules had needed help to defeat his hydra. Triessa thought she might know just the spell for this... (As a Daughter of the Elrich Line, Triessa can recall a variation of her Blast spell that will be especially useful here; either a cutting spell, or a fire spell, depending on Starsign's powers. Intellect maneuver to activate this quality: Intellect: 1d6+5 9 )
  11. Starsign struggled with the two heads, they were hard to hold. Her stun blast had had no effect but she hadn't really thought it would. She needed to hit it with something more powerful, and for that she was going to need a boost. "Alright you eight headed freak time to get serious!" Starsign shouted and let go of the heads and then punch and kicked the beast and got ready to receive the attack she hoped was incoming.
  12. Derek frowns behind his face-plate. He knew that a straightforward mental blast wouldn't cut it. A creature whose entire biology was geared towards psionics would have natural mental defenses. Well, what other options existed? How could he help the shape-shifting Elastica defeat this creature? Looking around at the manufactured stage set created by their overly dramatic host, he notices some large tapestries hanging from the arena walls. They had a somewhat medieval look about them -- perhaps a little anachronistic for a classical Roman-style arena, but he was a scientist, not an art critic. Perhaps -- Using his telekinesis, he tries to remove a tapestry and aim it through the air to wrap itself around the Kraken, hopefully to immobilize it as well as to blind and disorient it. Unless the abomination could read his mind.
  13. Head ringing from the impact of the monstrous axe and diagnostics tallying off light damage to just about every non-core system she had, Alison pulled to a halt in midair, telekinetic force murdering her momentum like it was easy. She wiped her lip, pausing to take in the smear of blood on the back of her hand. It'd been a few fights since she'd been hit that hard... And this thing was going to have to do it over her dead body before it was going to get the chance to try and hit anyone else that hard. "Nice back hand. Let me guess. Tennis bot on steroids?" she quipped more for the watching audience than anyone in the cavernous room, exploding straight back at her opponent full tilt from a football field out. Somehow she still had her shield, and so mecha cowzilla found itself on the receiving end of a second railgun shot.
  14. With Starsign making their battleplan, the team of heroes sprung into action, with her own attempts to grapple two of the heads of the Hydra. She had them but only just barely, the creature hissing violently. Summer and Autumn were there on the ground still, with Autumn questioning why they were so quick to jump on the attack. Elastica quickly moved to engage the Stellar Kraken, even as she transformed. The transformation made the creature blink it's massive eyes, and it lashed out with two tentacles, which moved out much faster than should have been possible, only just managing to dodge the attacks thanks to her catlike agility. Seemingly all at once the rest of the field exploded into action, as Mega Girl flew towards the minotaur with her improvised shield. The impact against its golden chest seemed to make the whole area reverberate like a gong being struck. There was abit of light damage, but if anything it only made it mad. As she bounced back from the strike the axe moved toward her, striking her full force with the flat of the axe, the power of the impact causing her pain and knocking her over a hundred yards through the air. (after toughness, Mega girl takes 3 stamina damage) Doc Psypher launched his psychic assault on the Stellar Kraken, and it blinked, and then nothing. The attack seemingly had no effect, as he felt a tough mental barrier of some sort. Hex's eldritch blast did hit the preocupied hydra, and indeed it's hide wasn't so tough as the Minotaurs, as the smoke rising from it's chest was clear indication it had been harmed, but even though Starsign was holding two of heads that left several more to lunge at Hex. They didn't connect, having misjudged the distance but where their fangs hit the ground left hissing and bubbling puddles. Their venom was highly corrossive, and would cause serious injury. Columbian not to be outdone, was quick to dash in close with his own weapons, delivering mighty blows to the left leg of the hydra, drawing forth a hissing roar from it. He'd hurt it, obviously seeking to impeded it's mobility. (we are up for Round 2)
  15. Triessa had a bad feeling about that minotaur...with Elastica and Psypher both on the Naughty Tentacle Beast, Mega Girl looked awfully lonely out there with the bull. There were plenty of things she could do to try to stop it of course, but preparing the spells would take precious seconds. Maybe it was best just to join in on the hydra and hope to take it down so everyone else could get on the minotaur ASAP. She moved around sideways, trying to keep the hydra between herself and the spot where the minotaur and Mega Girl sparred, and reached deep into the well of power that seethed under her skin. Then with outstretched hand she incanted strange syllables, and a rotating circle appeared over her palm, complete with a shifting geometric pattern, all outlined in lines of blue and violet light. A blast of brilliant light lanced out from the center of the circle at where she estimated the hydra's heart to be!
  16. "Wait... I, uh, don't think I'm the best one to... Oh, what the bloody hell!" Looking briefly at Mega Girl, Derek realizes that no matter what, decisions had to be made. Good, bad, or indifferent -- there was no time to second-guess. This was a battlefield situation. Starsign had the most experience amongst the lot of them dealing with superhuman menaces. If she said to do it, then you do it, whether or not the, um, "Juvenile Stellar Kraken" had any natural mental defenses. Hmm... perhaps as a youngling of its kind, that ability had yet to mature, the scientist mused. Maybe. In any event, with great power comes great responsibility! Doc Psypher lets loose with a psychic blast against... the Kraken!
  17. "Autumn, I don't think these things are real," Jessica shouted as the beast tried to bite her with two of it's head and she grabbed at them. one hand for each," I don't think anything here is real not in the sense we are used too. Now would you please both shoot it!"
  18. The twins' jaws dropped as they were faced with the three monster. "Uh, I don't even right now... Summer?" "Not even evening... so not." Summer stuttered. Starsign yelling her commands snapped them both back into the seriousness of the moment and they looked around for the massive hydra beast. They glanced at each other then at Starsign who was already engaged with the mighty beast. "Um, yeah, Autumn spoke up over the clamor of battle. Wh-why are we killing these things? I-I mean... sure you're the hero, been doing this awhile, I get that... but... as heroes, aren't we tasked with preserving life, not stripping it away from creatures who are obviously just as imprisoned as us? They could be pawn in this game too!" Starsign dodged a thunderous bite attack, flying nimbly threw the beast's jaws and coming to a rest not far from the twins, plotting her next attack vector. Her expression was deadpan. "You can't be serious." "Oh, she is," Summer chuckled. Fire interlaced with purple highlights began dancing up her arms. "Try living with her."
  19. Elastica frowned at the golden minotaur. She had defeated one called Minotaur but he had not been so big, nor gold. She didn't understand Starsign's references to traps and fire - there was no fire on the ground and any traps would affect their opponents as much as themselves - but she nodded at her exhortation to hold off the tentacled sea creature "Yes, I can do that," Elastica proclaimed with brash confidence. A plethora of long tentacles didn't unnerve her, possibly because she didn't have nerves as humans did or the fact she could form tentacles of her own at need. The creature was squid-ish. In Elastica's limited experience, all sea creatures were fish, and cats liked fish. As Elastica stalked up to the psionic squid, she swelled larger, limbs growing thicker and longer, shoulders hunching. She took on a definite feral cast, pupils turning into slits, ears growing long, pointed, and furred, face pressing out in a short muzzle full of sharp teeth, sharp, curved claws extending from her fingers, and her flesh and bodysuit transforming into striped, glossy furred hide of pink and black. A long, mobile tail stretched out from the base of what would be a spine in a human. What engaged the Stellar Kraken was a hulking yet graceful hybrid of humanoid and tiger.
  20. "Elastica, see if you can hold that tentacled monster while we take care of this Hydra thing, Doc Help her out it's a psionic creature." Starsign jumped at the Hydra shooting out a stunning bolt to get it's attention. "The rest of you focus on this thing lets kill it fast!"
  21. Noting that she still had her solar shield with an impish grin undiscouraged by the sudden shift in their surroundings, Mega Girl cracked her knuckles and rolled her neck once to work out any lingering kinks. Three monsters, eight heroes, millions of lives on the line, and one maniac to catch? Okay. The climb had been just the warm up she needed, shake lose those doubts after she first noted her flight being screwed with. "So, Starsign, Doc. Which of these three do we take out first since I assume aiming at our host is against the rules?" "Distract the kraken and the minotaur. Focus down the hydra," the curvy brunette answered first, obviously having thought this out, "Then the minotaur and the kraken. Watch the floor for traps and don't stand in the fire." "I like it. My cape's the wrong color, but I've got the cow covered," the blonde answered back with a final chuckle, hefting up her oversized shield like a ram. And then she was off like she was shot out of an oversized railgun herself, angling for a center mass hit to knock the bullish robot off it's feet. Blue cape fluttering behind her, she peeked just over the rim of her weapon, gaze focused on her target as she closed for terminal impact.
  22. As Doc Psypher has grown attached to both Mega Girl and Starsign, he will follow their lead readying a mental blast at the appropriate menace. If the two heroines attack separate targets, he will choose to help Mega Girl instead of Starsign, since he assumes that Starsign would stand a better chance of surviving without his help. If either of the heroines tell him to help someone else, he will heed the advice.
  23. I'm going to move things along for us all, as it seems some are losing interest. I do have new players waiting to join, so with that in mind, I hope you'll all understand. Enter the Dungeon The Twins, shaken by the trap, but inspired by the whispered faith of their father, strengthened their resolve and chose the door Marked C. when nothing came out and a path forward was revealed, it was Autumn that put it together. "It was a musical puzzle, based on the number of sharps in the particular musical keys. This hammered home how close they'd come the first time, as they'd chosen the worst possible door upfront. The next two hours were spent in mmore puzzle rooms, deadly fantasy traps, though The firepit did nothing to Summer, and the icy Blast trap Autumn was able to tank. Working together they overcame the dungeon's traps by relying on their bond as sisters. Finally they came to a large golden door, and together, pushed it open, the world going white. Office Space The minotaurs did nothing, surprisingly. In the end, they'd simply said goodbye politely, and moved on. After their previous agression, it was disconcerting, but revealed that behaviors that followed those which were acceptable in the modern office workplace would keep them from being attacked. It didn't solve the labyrinth for them, and that took the longest, finally finding their way to the door marked "Management" Pushing it open with all three at once, the world went white. Ascending Eternity The trek up the stairs took them through the corona of a star, to the Event Horizon of a black Hole, and through various nebulae, seeing the wonder of the cosmos, and experiencing the dangers. Working together they stayed with each other, protecting those who needed it and recording it all via Psypher's suit. Finally they reached the top of stairs, a great Golden door. Even with her Strength, Mega Girl couldn't open alone, but when all three placed a hand on it, they were able to open it with ease. The world went white. All Together Now After the brilliant flash, the heroes found them in a massive arena, the stands were empty but they heard the roar of a crowd, louder and larger than any ever before. Before them were three great creatures. One was a Golden minotaur, armed with twin axes. it stood over twenty feet tall. The Second creature was a Hydra, it's green and black scales seeming to shimmer in the light of the stars above. The final creature looked like a Squid, though not nearly as large. It's body was black, and dotted with tiny dots of luminescense, and the Starsign identified it as A Juvenile Stellar Kraken, known for powerful psionic attacks. Those who had warning or sensory powers active were warned of the incredible danger, as even as a juvenile, the ten armed Kraken was a massive threat, evidenced as it took to the sky. The Minotaur was physically powerful, and the Hydra's fangs were poisonous in the extreme. this wouldn't be an easy fight. "Well well, you all finally made it through the Tower. Congratulations are in order I suppose. Nearly two hundred million people have been watching this whole broadcast. It's been a total success thus far, but I wonder, can you all go the distance?" Their host's masked face appeared over the arena, easily twenty feet tall. "So here's your final challenge, defeat these three champions, and you will save the city, fail here, and as I promised, New York City dies." (time to roll initiative, and declare your first actions everyone)
  24. "Columbian, eat your heart out," quipped the blonde cyborg with a grin that threatened to split her face in two. She floated up and gripped one edge, planting the other hand in the bulge as a pivot point. Blue eyes danced with silent laughter behind her domino mask. Sure it could all come crashing down in a heartbeat or a wrong move, but moments like these amid the peril..? Yeah, these were good moments. The thing that made being out here worth any number of sleepless nights and doubts since she'd fled her creator. And if this was her last hurrah? Well, she'd enjoy every single one of these good moments she earned, a heady cocktail of determination and pseudo adrenaline surging through her. "Let's fly, team. A city needs saving," she chuckled, positioning herself in the center of the group, wondering if this was what the front man in a phalanx felt like just before the first clash.
  25. "Alright, give me a minute." Starsign stepped a few feet away and concentrated on the three meteors, she knew what she wanted to do and through her will the starsign began glowing. A golden beam sort of flowed out from the symbol at her forehead and as it flowed it grew in seconds the meteors were engulfed in the warm golden glow. The glow began to pulse, Starsign closed her eyes to better visualize what she wanted. The three meteors began to deform, it looked like they were melting,then they began to flow into each other until there was just the one blob of material which started spinning. The blob spun faster and faster and soon it had collapsed into a large disc slightly bulged in the middle making a large flattened dome the Glow faded and there floating above them was a meteoric shield.
  26. "Unless Starsign has the power to manipulate the shape of a meteor into a larger, flatter heat shield, I would say that simply carrying a large enough meteor above us should do the job. Splendid! And, Mega Girl? Perhaps you could lose the excess meteors -- unless you're planning to use them... against our... adversary? Ah, excellent! Very clever, Mega Girl. I wish I had thought of that." Derek positively beamed beneath his face mask. He was very pleased at the ingenuity and resourcefulness of his two allies, but wondered how the others were faring against their adversary's other challenges.

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