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Space... the final frontier... In the furthest reaches of the Beta Quadrant the Federation has establish a presence to explore regions of the galaxy which had been closed to them before the Peace and subsequent Alliance with the Klingon Empire. One of these regions between the newly opened Shackelton Expanse and the Romulan Empire is the Bifrost Nebula and the unexplored spaces beyond. This Game will be based in this Frontier. The Lonley outpost and research base Deep Space 3-9 also known as Asgard Station, located in orbit of a blue and white binary sytem at the edge of the Bifrost Nebula. Asgard Station is the furthest outpost of the federation in the known Galaxy. Here Star Fleet and Federation scientist and explorers are pushing the boundaries outward. And it is here that Star Fleet will do it's duty to seek out strange new civilizations and boldly go where no one has gone before... STAR TREK: DESTINY

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This is a Play by Post game where the players take on the roll of the crew of a Federation Starship assigned to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. The game itself will be using the Star Trek Adventures Rules by Modiphius

The Game will begin in the time frame of 2368/69 corresponding to the 5th season of TNG and the first season of DS9.

While removed from the main stage of the television series the events of those series will have impact and Familiar adversaries and allies will make appearances.

The Main Characters will be crew members of the Starship Destiny, a New Orleans class vessel, assigned along with several other starfleet ships to support and explore this newly opened frontier. Their Base is Deep Space 3-9 also known as Asgard Station.

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  2. I'm still here. I was just occupied with RL, but I''m back and did not vanish. Please don't kill it.
  3. It was fun while it lasted, and not your fault it didn't work out. No need for apologies. Thanks for running it!
  4. i want to thank everyone who made characters and posted but I am having too much trouble working this one up that and several of the players have vanished. my apologies for your wasted efforts
  5. Anjala nodded slowly. "All right. Mission accomplished for now. Open a channel to the Destiny, I'll brief the captain." When the comm channel was open, she addressed the captain's face on the small screen. "We located the Crater, drifting with minimal power. She was emitting a distress signal warning it had been disabled by gravitic mines. Further scans showed no evidence of that kind of weapon being used. We did chart the locations of the cloaking emitters so they can be targeted and destroyed, but...I think we need to consider the possibility that the crew of the Crater may be hostage. Charging in, blowing up the cloaking field, could endanger them." She leaned over, sending the gathered tactical and sensor data they'd collected to the Destiny. "Just before we pulled out, we used an active sensor pulse to look for mines. Not only did we not find mines, we didn't see another ship either. It could be cloaked, but that would be a cloak inside a cloak, which seems extravagant. I still have no idea what's going on here, but I think we have a better chance of approaching the Crater without escalating the situation than the Destiny."
  6. Jensen spun the shuttle and set his course while T'Set ran her scan. The shuttle lit up electronically like a small sun and Jensen engaged the impulse drive rocketing the tiny craft back out of the cloaked field and toward the Destiny. "Did you get it?" asked the XO of the ops officer. "I did not detect any mines Lieutenant. Furthermore, I am detecting no indication of a wide spread gravitational burst like that which a standard gravitic mine would produce." The Vulcan swiveled her seat to face the shuttles commander. "I do not believe a mine crippled the Crater."
  7. "By the time that 1.3 seconds is over, have us back outside," says the Lieutenant. "We should have everything we need at that point to take out the cloaking field, navigate the mines, and reach the Crater. We'll transmit it to Destiny and rendez-vous with them as they move in for the rescue."
  8. T'Set did some mental calculations, "I will narrow the focus of the scan to minimum safety tolerances for the shuttle's width. I will need 1.3 seconds for the scan." Jensen turns in his chair to look at Lt. Batim, "Is this a slow back up, or do you want me to take us out of the field entirely?"
  9. "All right," Anjala said as she leaned over the chairs to see the instruments. "J'sira, take a look at these readings. Can you tell us anything about the condition of the Crater we're not seeing? Signs of damage?" She then went on, "T'set, on my mark conduct as thorough a sensor sweep as you can of the corridor between our present position and the position of the Crater. The goal is to map the minefield to the best of your ability." "Ensign, on the same mark, start backing us up out of the cloaking field. If anyone's watching, we'll light up like a star on their screens when we start that scan. Keep the window of exposure as brief as possible." "What's your estimate on how long you need, T'set?"
  10. Jensen glanced at what the doctor was showing him on her tricolor. Jensen looked up at the doctor and was about to say something pithy when he remembered his earlier conversation with the chief from engineering. "It's about 175,000 Kilometers doctor." before he or the Doctor could say anything else, T'Set's voice called everyone's attention to the viewscreen "I have them XO," she said her fingers flying across her controls. On the screen the blackness of space shifted and a small speck appeared which grew in steps as the Vulcan brought the image to full magnification. "That is full magnification without active sensors. We are not getting much information. Energy output is sub optimal and the ship appears to be drifting. I can not make out any damage but that is not surprising at this distance. Also direct damage to the hull would not be likely unless the mine had detonated adjacent to the hull." The Crater floated silent and dark and no one was sure what awaited them.
  11. "Not pirates," stated Miriam softly, her attention diverted to adjusting the secondary console to display the passive sensor readouts. "Piracy is about profits. There's no profit in blowing up a ship using mines unless you're the one selling the mines. Even then it's iffy. Mining a three dimensional space is expensive but once its done its hard to sell a service contract." Leaning over her console, hair falling forward to create a curtain hiding her face, Miriam changed the subject abruptly. "How long would their auxiliary power hold out under that kind of load J'Sira?" Miriam asked as her fingers stroked the console, continuing to refine the display. "Whenever that is, that's the outer edge of when this stops being a rescue mission." While the XO considered options and the Chief Engineer calculated, Miriam continued to work her own problem. It was outside the scope of her normal duties but any first year cadet would have known how to access the shuttle sensor logs and sensor data was sensor data regardless of whether it was a medical tricorder or the much more powerful passive sensor array built into the hull of the shuttle. More important than than any skill was the simple fact of the existence of the barrier itself. With the barrier behind the shuttle there was no ambiguity to resolve in absolute direction as to whether the signal was ahead or behind, which meant she had only to resolve the bearing of the repeating signal from the Crater. It was simple problem at that point; find the bearing displaying the highest amplitude of signal, compare that to the sensor log from the first seconds after they crossed the barrier then overlay both onto a single display of the local map. It would better if the Tiburon had traveled further between the two sampling, the estimation of distance would be better, but it was a good place to start. "Ensign Jensen," Miriam spoke up suddenly, "can you tell me how far away this point is from our current position?"
  12. "It's the Kobayashi Maru all over again," muttered Anjala, feeling a fist close around her heart. "Jensen, full stop. Prepare to get us out of here, but don't execute just yet. T'set, record the exact coordinates of as many of the cloak generators as we can detect, then scan for energy readings on the Crater. If it's that badly damaged, it shouldn't be too hard to find." She shook her head. "This is a really complicated setup for pirates, but we're not near a hostile border. What the hell is going on?"
  13. "Passive sensors are picking up the cloaking filed generator satellites and we are receiving a distress call form the Crater." Said T'Set as the shuttle plowed through the darkness. "Put it through but hold off on replying." ordered the XO "... this is the USS Crater we have struck what appears to be a Gravitic mine. We have sustained serious structural damage and both warp and impulse drives are inoperable.Our auxiliary power is draining fast due to the integrity fields holding the ship together. We have sustained casualties and need assistance immediately. I repeat To any starship within range that can hear this, this is the USS...." the message repeats
  14. The shuttle Tiburon slid from the bay and angled sharply away from the Destiny. "We're away LT." said Jensen his concentration on his controls and the view-port, "Two minutes to the boundary." "Destiny to Tiburon, Remember one hour, if we haven't heard from you by then we are coming in." On the bridge of the huge starship Reymer looked at the projection of the shuttle growing smaller with distance. "Ensign V'Lar, move us to a position five hundred kilometers from the nearest generation point." She spins her chair around to face the tactical station where Tiv and Cutter stood. "I know you wanted to go on the away mission Jack, but I need some experienced people here with me." she smiled at him then focused her attention on Tiv. "When we go in I want a full tactical scan on that generator if it is unmanned I want it erased from my sky. Hopefully if one link in the field goes down the whole cloak will go that way everything will be exposed. Let's do it." "Approaching the boundary, Lt. cutting impulse drive....now. We are gliding and under thrusters only for maneuvering." Announced Jensen as the shuttle flew like a dart through cloaking field. The stars vanished as the Tiburon crossed the boundary and the tiny shuttle sails into a void of utter darkness.
  15. The trek from the turbolift to the shuttlebay was mercifully swift. She stepped into the cavernous space of the bay and spotted Miriam and J'sira immediately, waiting near one of the shuttles. A quick glance back verified the others had followed her as well. A boatload of fresh-faced graduates, trying to fill the big shoes of senior officers. Her heart paused in her chest for a beat. Am I ready for this? It's not just my own life on the line...it's everyone on the Crater as well. And maybe the Destiny, if we get into trouble. Ready or not though, this was the job. It wasn't just Captain Raymer who had something to prove. They were trying to jump past a decade or more of experience and field work. You could be damn sure that looking down mid-jump was going to be scary as hell. So no looking down. Lieutenant Batim crossed to the shuttle, giving J'sira and Miriam a curt nod as she arrived. "We're flying into an area of space concealed by the largest scale cloaking field ever recorded. I'll need everyone on point. We've no idea what to expect in there, so eyes and ears open, report any detail that stands out to you." "Jensen, we'll launch, maintain thrust until we're a few hundred kilometers out, then cut engines and drift in on momentum. I'll trust your instincts on speed and heading, but try to be...unpredictable. And we don't really know they can't see out, so be ready for evasive maneuvers once we're inside." "Miriam, J'sira, you're here for when we find the Crater, to assess casualties and damage. T'set, you're on sensors...no active scans right away though, unless we're confirmed spotted. We're looking for transmissions, energy readings, life signs." "Our objective is to find the Crater and get enough information to plan a rescue operation. Secondary objective, determine the nature of the cloaking field and its possible destruction. Beyond that, we'll work it out as we go." She paused to let that sink in, then went on to add, "There's a lot of crew on the Destiny thinking we don't deserve the titles we were given when we came on. That we're upstarts. That we don't belong here. Some of you have had to deal with that already." "Here's where we show them they're wrong." Anjala boarded the shuttle and looked back. "Jensen, you're a crazy pilot fresh out of the Academy...lets say we throw the checklist out and just go, huh?"
  16. J'Sira watched the display on her engineering tricorder light up. Several different alarms beeped rapidly, vying for her attention as she watched various displays creep at a steady pace to the ride line, and then past. The other engineers looked to her, masks of concern very obvious on their faces at the growing stress on the Main Deflector, which J'Sira had re-purposed for something it was never intended to do. J'Sira just looked up from her tricorder at them, her face the picture of calm serenity. "It's fine. Starfleet over-engineers things and is very conservative with their placement of red lines. They can generally be pushed by at least 15% without any real risk, if need be." she explained to the enlisted engineers who did not seem to have quite her faith at the moment. Her modification was 'unorthodox' to say the least, and flew in the face of every engineering course taught at Starfleet Academy. She considered that had she not heard about what had happened to the crew of the Destiny involving susbspace harmonics, it would have been unlikely for her to have never considered this approach. But as it was, she did and right now the Destiny was managing to sustain speeds greater than Warp 9.6, even though its warp nacelles where only sustaining a warp bubble equivalent to Warp 9.6 by, putting it simply, 'softening' space in front of the ship, allowing it to be warped more easily, or as Cutter might analogize with one of his ground vehicles, she couldn't improve the engine or the fuel mix, so she paved the road instead. Suddenly, after several minutes of constant alarms and alerts, she could feel the ship shudder as it slipped back into normal space. Her eyes widened just the faintest bit at the feeling, something that only those who knew her well was likely to pick up on. She had not expected the transition to be quite so noticeable, which prompted her to wonder what else she had miscalculated... She set to work with other engineers to correct her modifications before returning to Main Engineering. She walked up to the engineering display table and scanned it for the data on the status of the warp drive as well as incidentally bringing up the recent telemetry data. J'Sira froze in place. As the usual activity of Main Engineering went on around her, J'Sira stood staring at the display in a mixture of shock and disbelief. Her modifications had far exceeded her expectations. After a moment she collected herself and tapped her commbadge. "J'Sira to engineering personnel: At the Captain's request we made temporary modifications to expedite our trip, even past Emergency speed. We did so. The data is still being processed, but the initial findings are that the Destiny sustained a speed in excess of Warp Factor 9.997 for several minutes, which I believe is a Starfleet record. We just put the Destiny in the record books people. This is quite an accomplishment and you should all be proud of yourselves, the finest engine room in Starfleet." she said as she began to clap, and action wish was gradually followed by others in Engineering as they heard it and smiled. It was no small feat to break the Warp record, much less by such a margin. This would certainly bring attention and renown to the Destiny, and to her Chief Engineer. Immediately J'Sira secured all data related to her modifications and the impromptu 'test' and then set about writing a proposal for a propulsion pod to all the construction and testing of purpose-built equipment to carry our further testing and refinement of her modifications when the call to report to the shuttle bay came in. Her proposal, evaluation of the data and further simulations would have to wait. With her tricorder and type 2 phaser on her hip and her toolkit in hand she made her way to the shuttle bay, going over her calculation the entire time, trying to figure out where she has been so off.
  17. Striding down the corridor at a brisk pace Miriam nodded or flashed her professional smile at the people greeting her as she moved past. Many of them addressed her as doctor rather than lieutenant so apparently they knew who she was even if she only recognized the faces from the Maraval. How they knew her already was a bit of a mystery but information did pass quickly aboard the closed environment of a star ship. The only thing faster than warp drive was gossip, or so sayeth the old spacers adage. Hopefully the task she'd just sandbagged her new med-tech with was going to give the angry young woman an outlet for her energies. In a larger environment with more personnel Miriam would have the luxury of reassigning the petty officer in the duty rotation. Or teaming her directly with a junior officer or a senior enlisted to train her and keep her out of trouble. That approach wasn't going to work on Destiny though. It was a small team and aside from being what Miriam would call overly confrontational there was no indications Seta didn't do her job or do it well. Her predecessor seemed to think so but then he also went out of his way to avoid saying Miriam should cut her any slack. And it did bother Miriam that Isk seemed familiar enough with Seta's antics to pointedly overlook her action and that Zoya seemed unwilling to call her on her attitude. Miriam wasn't overly fond of protocol but on a star ship underway a little aggression could become a problem very quickly. Miriam had read Bajoran's were a spiritual people but that didn't seem to explain Seta. She might well be spiritual but apparently that spirituality didn't translate to a need to repress herself in the least. The sudden image of Seta snarking at her Bajoran gods - called 'prophets' according to the database - did bring an real smile to Miriam's face as she waited behind two ensigns already in line for the turbo lift to arrive. Per ancient military tradition, officers - especially department heads and above - stood in the back of the queue to enter a lift as a courtesy. Last to board therefore first to depart. Miriam hadn't thought much of such traditions, especially considering how small most turbo lifts were, but somehow it didn't seem silly when she needed to get to where the captain had told her to meet her away team. "Flight deck," Miriam announced as they boarded knowing the computer would recognize her rank and prioritize the stops accordingly. Miriam turned slightly to the back of the lift and nodded politely to the ensigns. They looked familiar though she could not recall their names at all. They both looked young though, almost too young to be in Starfleet. And a little timid. As soon as the doors opened with that familiar sound of air being pushed out of the way Miriam stepped out and found herself outside the secondary airlock seals of the flight deck. From deeper in the ship still approaching the flight deck drifted the familiar voices of her fellow officers. Miriam shifted her medical kit to her left hand to brush her tunic with her right to straighten the lines of her uniform as she waited for the XO and the others to reach her so she could fall into the group..
  18. Jack watched the officers enter the turbolift, faintly disgruntled he wasn't on the shuttle. He always seemed to end up on the away missions. But XO was stepping up immediately and he wouldn't discount that, nor that the other two new bridge officers hadn't hesitated when called upon. Pretty behinds on a pair of them too. Jack stopped looming over Garner's shoulder and took position at the main tactical console now that Batim was heading to the shuttlebay. With experienced casualness, he checked power levels, weapon readiness and shield ratings as lighting shifted to Yellow Alert. It was a mystery yet, but who knows what might come out of that cloaking field. "Didn't 'spect the new officers would be cutting their teeth so soon, Cap'n," Jack remarked to Captain Raymer idly as he programmed several firing patterns to deal with a variety of possible circumstances. "Your point, Chief?" Captain Raymer glanced over her shoulder with an arched brow at the tall Master Chief. "No point, Cap'n, just commentin'. Thought they'd have more time learnin' the ropes 'board the Destiny, but the unexpected will test their mettle a might better, I expect. And maybe tell ya a bit more 'bout your new officers than their files did."
  19. Meanwhile, in the sickbay of the USS Destiny, Dr. Miriam Sepguta was discussing volume physics with her medical technician Petty Officer Seta Nupaye while her nurses Zoya and Isk purposely and methodically put together the twenty emergency medical kits Miriam required of her staff. The assembly of the kits had also been an issue with Seta until Miriam had asked point blank what concerns the woman - barely more than a girl really - had with the kits. In that staccato speech pattern filled with passion, Seta had leapfrogged from waste of replicator mass to storage concerns with a brief stop at the unverified need for having additional emergency medical kits ready to issue. Miriam was quickly coming to realize it was the nature of the Bajoran to question authority. For now it wasn't an issue but the moment would come when she'd need to have a hard talk with the girl. Smiling, Miriam remembered she still needed to explain to Seta she had only a qualm or two about returning the petty officer to Asgard station by way of medical stasis tube and photon launcher if she questioned Miriam's judgement in public. While Earth might be a paradise world and a virtual Utopia compared to a planet like Bajor occupied by a militaristic race of bigoted Cardassian's, Miriam wasn't from Earth and Seta was coming closer to finding that out. Squeezing the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger while she gathered her composure for a moment, Miriam suddenly looked up and interrupted Seta with a question. "How much volume, not space, does a surgical suite bio-bed require," she asked in the soft tone she normally used. "43.85 cubic meters," Seta responded. "That's assuming a width of..." Miriam immediately cut her off. "Add in surgical space for a doctor to work, not just the bed space." "Um, that would be an additional 2 meters of flat dimensional space multiplied by …." Again Miriam cut her off. "Now multiple that by 2 and reserve that volume of side by side space." Back and forth Miriam and Seta went with Miriam adding additional requirements and Seta responding to those requirements with calculations apparently made off the top of head. Each time Seta tried to ask a question, a tactic Miriam assumed was her way of trying to re-direct the conversation, Miriam would add more requirements to the increasing complex problem. Miriam was actually becoming impressed with the young woman abilities to run the calculations in her head while not getting lost in the details but she kept her tone soft and her face calm until the Seta provided her a final total. "So what facilities will that volume allow us," she asked the agitated petty officer, "according to your calculations anyway. Seta's eyes flashed fire as she visibly bristled at the implication her calculations might be anything other than correct. "That would be a total 2 surgical suites, 15 bio-beds, large enough triage site to handle at least 20 people and," Seta closed her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing, "a decontamination space big large enough to handle another 20 people. I think I could fit an additional surgical bed in with some tweaks of the gravity field." The petty officer flashed a savagely triumphant grin at Miriam, obviously proud of what she'd just done in her head. "Good," responded Miriam, her voice still soft. "I concur. Now design it." Seeing the confusion on Seta's face, Miriam continued. "You've got the calculations right, or at least I don't see a major mistake. Now I need you to build it." "But," argued Seta less certain than she had been a moment ago, "there's already a design in the computer for an emergency medical auxiliary in the Holodeck. I can pull it up for you." Seta started for the computer console but Miriam stopped her. "I already looked at it and it's a great layout for physical space," Miriam countered holding her hands up in a placating gesture, "but it doesn't conform to the physical requirements of the holodeck on the Destiny. And before you point it out I know how a gravity envelope works. I'm still not going to put someone's life in the hands of a cookie cutter holodeck template. I don't care why my predecessor didn't build one. I am telling you to build it." "You saw what happened to the command staff, Seta." Miriam stated bluntly and dispassionately. "Now build me a sickbay in a box and make it a good one." For a split second Miriam could have sworn Seta actually looked afraid but their conversation was cut short by the voice of the captain ordering her to muster on the flight deck for away team duty. She had questions but if the captain was issuing the order that probably meant things were happening quickly. Grabbing her away kit from her office she was moving out of the sickbay almost faster than the door could open automatically. "Kosst," cursed Seta staring at the door after it closed. "I think I might hate her." "Maybe she'll grow on you," responded Isk with a hidden smile as her nimble fingers put together another emergency medical kit. "She's kind of cute though," said responded the hairless Deltan woman, her own thin fingers reaching for a dermal regeneration unit to place in the kit she was building. "Hides a little fire behind that calm. More than you'd think." "Really?" Isk queried with a throaty laugh. "Are you peeping on other people again with that naughty brain of yours and what did you see?" "Oh Isk! You and that slug in your tummy are the naughty ones," Zoya protested. "You know I couldn't possibly share privileged information like that. Not in a public place anyway." As the two women discussed the etiquette of telepathic voyeurism while building more medical kits, Seta stared at the closed door to sickbay. "Kosst," she swore again.
  20. Anjala nodded, "Ma'am." She glanced at T'set and Jensen and headed for the turbolift, pausing inside to let them onboard as well before telling it to take them to the shuttle bay.
  21. Again Raymer nodded "Alright, T'Set, Jensen, your with the XO. Anjala if you can locate the Crater and determine what happened and make contact do so. I'll have J'Sira and the doctor meet you in the shuttle bay. I'll give you one hour after you cross boundary. If you haven't reported in by then, we are coming in."
  22. Anjala frowned. Her off the cuff reaction was to negate. The shuttle would be just as much at risk as a probe, and with people on board. But looking at it the other way, the alternative was for the entire Destiny to essentially do the same thing, with zero chance of evading detection and a whole lot more people in it. "I should be on the shuttle," she said finally. "We won't want to run active sensor sweeps once we're inside, and I may be able to sense threats passive sensors wouldn't."
  23. "I concur on Yellow alert, but not the probe. We would likely lose contact with the probe and run the risk o having it detected. I'm betting a field this size is a complete sensor blanket and that whoever put it up may not be able to see out of it. While I hate flying in blind I don't see a choice" Raymer said to her first officer "Captain," said Chief Cutter who was standing nearby "we could take a shuttle, cut our engines before we cross over the boundary and drift in. Take a look around then come back and report." Raymer considers the chiefs suggestion "What do you think XO?"
  24. "We're flying blind," Lt Batim says. "I'd say send a probe in ahead of us and go to yellow alert. Red alert before we cross the cloaking field."
  25. "A cloaked area of space. A ships cloak doesn't overlap so this would be a new technology. Why didn't Asgard pick this up?" Garner spoke up. "Its a huge area for what's being cloaked but not all that huge on a galactic or even sector scale. Our enhanced sensors couple with the Science pod we are equipped with give us unparalleled sensor capabilities. Any other plateform would have to be directly searching for such a thing to be able to pick it up and even then they would have to be pretty close to it to do so." Raymer nodded, "Alright, Tactical, can we pinpoint the power sources that Chief Cutter identified?" asked the Captain Ensign Tiv stiffened slightly when tactical was called on but at the captains question she studied her readouts and made a few adjustments "Yes ma'am i have them. I should be able to get target locks when we are within range." "Good," Raymer said, "Jensen set course for the nearest Power generator, drop to impulse before we cross into the field." "Aye aye captain." the helmsman replied "XO, thoughts?" Ramer asked her first officer
  26. Jack nodded with a grunt of agreement. "That sure is one helluva area to cover. Looks like what I've seen scannin' some place we knew a cloaked Klingon or Romulan ship was lurkin'. It definitely ain't a natural phenomena." The tall Master Chief said it with the surety of someone who had manned tactical more than a few times in his career in Starfleet. Jack reached around Garner and adjusted the sensors, making sure the ensign saw what he was doing, then initiated a tachyon sweep. He carefully modulated the settings and on the console, six points blinked. "Scanning for tachyons?" Garner asked doubtfully. "It doesn't always work, specially if the guy on the cloak is on the ball with adjusting the resonance frequency," Jack explained. "But if you know what to look for, you can usually tell if there's a cloaked ship about, if not with pinpoint accuracy. If they are moving at high warp, you can also look for subspace distortions." He arched a brow at Anjala and tapped the console. "It might'n't be ten starships, but there's six somethings out there generatin' that field, ma'am."

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