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When an entire kingdom is wiped out by a mysterious civil war, a group of ragtags are hired to uncover the secrets of the cause of the kingdom's demise. Yet, things are more confusing and secretive than the heroes ever thought...

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After the Kingdom of Mortell is destroyed completely by a massive civil war, a few years after its demise, a band of heroes is desperately hired by a relative of the royalty. She wants the party to discover exactly what happened to the kingdom, and bring her back any evidence of life. The heroes set off, but to their surprise, the kingdom is more full of dangers and secrets than they could even imagine.

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  2. I might be interested in this! Can you tell us all a bit more about the campaign?
  3. Hi, toybox here. Every good RPG needs good characters, and every good character needs a character sheet! Down below I've included a basic sheet for the RP I'm hosting: Red Memory. The RP is an open, ready-made adventure, and I'm very excited to start it off here. Before the character sheets, here are some simple rules. 1) If you join, you have to have a character sheet, and preferably get it approved. Your character can be anywhere from 1 year old to 101, anything from a goblin to an orc, and have any talents you'd like. 2) Think of this RP as an online D&D, but without dice and initiative. Your characters will have hit points and such, but we won't roll for fights. I'm going to be a DM of sorts, but I will play a few consistent characters. Keep this D&D 5E style in mind as you build your character. 3) I will make update posts on what everyone in the game is doing, so those involved all around the adventure can see what everyone else is doing. 4) Please keep out intense NSFW. Swearing is totally fine, but no ERP unless you feel it's necessary for the character. That's really it. Here's the basic character sheet. Feel free to expand on it all you like! Username: Character Name: Species: Gender: Age: Class: HP: (keep in mind the typical D&D 5E hit points system here, please.) Inventory: Armor Class: (typical D&D 5E AC rules, please.) Personality: Backstory: Special Skills: Please submit the sheet as a comment on the thread. Thanks, and have fun!
  4. .:.You see a notice pinned to the walls at every corner you pass. This is what it reads.:. Hello heroes and cowards alike! Today marks the one-year memorial of the fallen kingdom Mortell. I, a living relative of the royalty; may they rest in peace, wish to hire brave souls like yourself for an important mission. You will be offered 100 gold to start with, and will be rewarded 150 gold and 45 silver if you bring me the answers I ask for. If you are interested, go to the Boiling Barrell. Ask for Yolda.

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