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Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

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Things have changed. We have changed.

Earth is lost to us, but even in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, we grow, evolve and even prosper. We have witnessed the death of our mother and the birth of a new era.

In what might have been the end, the synthesis of biology and technology proved our salvation. Augmentation, ranging from basic genetic manipulation to Apotheosis, set us on the path of prosperity. But it also emphasized the importance of identity, individual humanity, and the purity of the species.

The loss of Earth and the resulting Exodus gave us an opportunity to start over with a clean slate. And we seized it.

Though the need for organization, stability and a reliable government was clear, the old ways were seen by most as archaic, clumsy and too prone to corruption.

It was time for a new way… a Nova Praxis.

Today, social networks allow the will of the people to be measured instantly, accurately and without the need for representation. The Coalition, guided by the collective voice of its people, has established new homes on worlds lit by new suns. Molecular assembly technology has made it possible for society to provide a quality of life never before imagined, at essentially no cost, to everyone.  And we are virtually immortal.

But can this would-be Utopia last?

Corruption in the Coalition government fosters decay from within. The Houses, our benefactors and patrons, run shadowy networks of intrigue, espionage and assassination. Apostates, non-citizens, condemn those who would trade their privacy for the Coalition’s false security. Remnants of Earth’s old governments wage an unrelenting guerilla war on Coalition forces. Ideological extremists commit acts of terror using the latest horror to spring from a factory or test tube…

And the value of a human soul is weighed and measured in lines of code.

Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Any drone can do a lot of damage if supplied with sufficient antimatter.
  3. Yoyo has a sparring drone that could be loaded to Vaughn if that works. It's pretty tough.
  4. Technically, Vaughn already has a drone, just not one made for fighting. So yeah, more fight-y drones are required.
  5. I'll give it some thought too. Vaughn's being a SIM makes it harder for him to be in a fight, but I could retool him to provide support perhaps...
  6. Cool, Nina. I'll take a look at my character again when I can, and see how she could be adapted to fit, even it's shuffling a few skills, and fluffing over why she left (or maybe hasn't actually left) the Centurions.
  7. Great news, Nina. Thanks for giving it this thought and time. As you say, I think Anna will probably work ok for the new direction, possibly with different choices for brainpowers than I might have made otherwise, but nothing that affects her current build. So, good to go over here.
  8. okay just so everyone still interested in NP knows whats going on. I have reconsidered my decision to end the game. I have come up with an idea to bring the two teams together with a slight retooling of my original premise and continue the game with a new direction. Most of your characters will fit easily into the new direction but some may not translate perfectly. The game will be moving away from the Transhumanist/cyberpunk Investigation procedural drama thingy it was supposed to be toward a more militant/survival Space Opera type game. All of the existing characters will still work however if you don't like your character or want to just make a new one I can go along with that. In particular Sean and Jer, both of your characters are built with the sort of cyberpunk investigation game dragon claw was supposed to be and your two characters i think may have the hardest time with the direction i wish to go in. We can talk about it in private if you wish I am still in the gestating stage of working on this but wanted y'all to get the heads up.
  9. yes this chapter is definitely finished and thanks to each of you I have an idea of how to put the two groups together I just have to solidify it in my head then work out some details. no promises but don't trash your characters
  10. Sounds like you might have an idea in your noggin, Nina, but I'm going to drop a thanks, too. Twus fun running and gunning with my Sister of Battle through the cramped guts of a space ship.
  11. Thanks for running this Nina. Sorry it didn't pan out, but I was loving it while it lasted. Savage Worlds and transhumanistic space opera is a delicious combination. Hope we can do something like this again sometime.
  12. Volkov led the way toward the airlock Anna followed pausing at the hatch to give her drone one last look. The drone floated serenely then it half turned, and its sensors swept over Ana. Maverick felt a catch in her throat as Buzzy turned back to the bulkhead. Then closing suddenly moist eyes she hit the panel closing the hatch and went after Volkov. It took them several minutes to reach the airlock and cross to the Ataraxia, “We are in and the airlock is secured,” Volkov said over her suit radio. “About goddamn time. Strap yourselves in and prep for zero-G maneuvers. I’m going to drop us from the ‘Snap and use RCS thrusters to keep it between us and the big ship. If they don’t notice us we’ll spool up and jump as soon as we can.” Jericho sounded all business, cool and collected. “Good,” Anna said, “Let me know when you want and we can blow the snap up.” “What?” Father and daughter spoke at the same time. Volkov snapped the last buckle in place. “She can blow up the ship we cannot let them have the antimatter.” “Antimatter?” “Yes we found it. The AI hid it within the bulk heads I left Buzzy there and I can remotely detonate them with a signal.” Anna explained. Penny looked at her dad who glanced at her. “What are you thinking?” “Blowing up the snap out here isn’t going to do anything but piss it off, dad. But if we have all of the antimatter and we can release it all when it’s aboard that ship…” she cocked her head. “Dammit, how long do you need?” Penny slid to another station. “Anna can you show me what you saw?” Anna didn’t answer instead she just went to work and in a few seconds Penny and her were looking at what she and Volkov had discovered. “Ok the Ai you fought is like your drone it’s a sub-routine of the thing that’s running that ship, it is cunning but not all that smart we have it trapped in a logic puzzle. It will eventually solve it and break out but we think we have time. The big AI ship is producing a noticeable magnetosphere. We can use that to trigger a command in the power circuits the spider built to power the AM containers. Releasing the antimatter when the ship enters the field. Can you do that through your drone?” Anna looked at the data penny was sending her there was a lot of engineering stuff she didn’t know but she saw what the other girls was going for. She grinned “Yeah I can, and I won’t have to leave Buzzy behind.” She opened the connection back to Buzzy and went to work. The Ataraxia fell away from the Gingersnap as the Spiders arrived, they were single minded and took no notice of the other starship the Ginger Snap held there full attention. The ghost program Anna had rigged to imitate the spider Ai fooled them easily enough though she doubted if it would the parent Ai. The Ataraxia fell. The drones attached themselves to the ‘Snap and began to thrust toward the monolithic vessel hat contained the parent AI. The four passengers of the drifting starship gathered in the command deck and all of them watched as the Ginger snap grew smaller and smaller as it moved closer to its doom, until they could no longer see it unaided. Then suddenly the sky filled with light Enough antimatter to power a whole star system for 10 years released at one. The AI vessel was annihilated. Anna was holding Buzzy in her lap, she was reluctant to let him go. He was content. “Where did it come from,” she asked dreading the answer she already knew. “Earth,” answered Penny, “We got that much from the splinter sub-routine it left on the Ataraxia.” Volkov shifted and looked at the young girl then at her father. “We have to warn them.” Jericho started flipping switches and the jump drive began it’s charging process. “Yeah, I know.”
  13. Maverick stared at her little drone buddy for a second, creating the program for it to follow even as she lamented its loss. Buzzy was dead, long live Buzzy Mk2. Once she got the payday from this. Her esper swarm tightened around the antimatter pods and swept them ahead of her up the corridor as she whirled to flee, following in Volkov's footsteps. It was actually a little surprising that she hadn't put up more of a fight...maybe there was hope for her yet. (OOC - Details. Buzzy will set off the antimatter in the pod on receipt of an encrypted signal from Maverick)
  14. So many questions and no time to have them answered or question the fortuitous solution to her dilemma. "Do it. We have ground to cover if we're going to make it back to the airlock in time," Madeline replied easily before letting go of the cord to her antimatter pod and sprinting for the exit to the space. She kept one eye behind her as she hit the first corridor, long training steadying her footfalls in the disheveled ship. The sight of the first closed hatch in her way made her frown, adding seconds to their run for each and every barrier between them and the airlock, closed during their hunt to warn them, now hindering their progress. She hoped that Anna could keep up without help, because with her having to stop and pull every single door open... This was going to be far far too close for her taste.
  15. Anna glanced over at Madeline as she already started opening the hatch again and getting pods out to transfer to the other ship. "You know...maybe...I have another idea for that right now. Hold on." She summoned her Esper Swarm again, a black mist pouring from her forearms, and set them to engulf the antimatter pods...pulling them into a bundle and surrounding them. "Buzzy." Her little wasp drone flitted over. Anna took a deep breath. "Okay, Volkov. I'm thinking we give my friend here that pod. We all fly away. Right about when those spider monster things reach the ship, I send Buzzy a signal and he pokes a leg into that containment field. Insane or awesome? Or both? I'm thinking both."
  16. Ryan listened, and nodded. "I have a compatriot who is trying to ascertain the answer to the second question as we speak. As he's not reported in for some time, I cannot really say. I will Share what I learn from him when he reports in however. What I am prepared to say is that my own house has committed significant resources to his recovery, and that is why I'm here." "So all the bodies in the first car were clones? Is there a recording of them boarding the train? The child clone is another anomaly as you said. It shouldn't be possible and by forking that many time there were likely a fair amount of errors. "
  17. Just then coms came on, suit channels on private, "You two alive down there if so listen u drop whatever you are doing and get back to the the Ataraxia asap. We have about a dozen of those robot spiders heading toward us from the largest space craft I have ever seen and the will be on the hull in a little under three minutes." The Apostates voice was low and clear and tinged with worry. Penny has the Atatraxia primed and ready. I will be undocking in two and a half minutes whether you are on board or not. We'll make a run for it and hope the Snap gives them something to play with and that they don't come after us immediately. So get to the ship now! Jericho out."
  18. Okay, Anna sounded like too much of an idiot to be a mastermind plotter. That ruled out one problem. "Something like that," responded the Legionary flatly, "Even if everyone your shadowbroker deals with is a saint, letting you walk away with that much antimatter guarantees me a court martial at best if I get back alive. But I made your employer a promise, and a Legionary keeps her word. Five out of seven alive and whole isn't a bad deal." Those zombie bastards in her squad better appreciate this. Her parents were starting to ask when she'd settle down and start a family, anyway. Assuming she could with how low her Rep would be when this got out on the optimistic possibility she got back to Luna in more or less one piece. She relaxed somewhat, still holding the cylinder in place, "And that lid would look like..?"
  19. "I saw it, just now," Anna replied testily. "I knew there was supposed to be 'volatile cargo' on board. I did not know it was antimatter." She reaches up to the bulkhead and starts trying to pull the panel that banged open back into place. "Look around for the cap for that, yeah? Leaving the containment field open is asking for trouble. If we can't find it, we'll want to jettison it or something." Finally Anna looked back and shrugged. "I don't have guarantees, but I will say this...the guy who hired me to do this isn't a terrorist or arms dealer or anything. Apostate communities in space habs or migrant convoys need antimatter to stay alive, and they don't have Cipriani making it for them wholesale. They have to take what they can get." She shakes her head. "Apostates aren't waging war on the Coalition. They're just trying to squeak by. Besides, if you take me out you'll still have to deal with the captain and his daughter. You going to take them out too?"
  20. That... was a lot of antimatter. And raised a lot of questions Madeline wanted answered before she'd let a bunch of Apostates run off with it. Anna couldn't see the Protectorate Marine's face, but her voice hardened to match her frown, "You knew this was here. How? And more importantly, what guarantee do I have your... 'employers' won't use it to do harm to the people I've sworn to protect at the cost of my own life, Apostate?" Given the other woman's hacking prowess, here and now was the only chance she'd get an answer to her satisfaction, to assuage herself that the price of survival wasn't putting hundreds of thousands of lives at risk if so much as one spoofed AR signature made it past the Legion. Here and now? All it would take was one punch and a final leap of faith.
  21. A long exhalation escaped Anna as she carefully pushed up off the floor and tried to get herself stabilized. "RIght. Now." She nodded at the cylinder. "That's antimatter. The glow is the containment field. Don't drop it. Anything made from matter pokes into that field, or the pod loses power...pow." She looked up into the area behind the bulkhead and nodded. "And those are also antimatter. Pods are still closed on them at least. Help me get this panel closed so they don't flying all over if we start tumbling again."
  22. The Protectorate Marine frowned behind her helmet, really wishing there was a decent AR matrix running so that Anna could have passed her more precise directions, but needs must. Hands steady enough to pick off a target a kilometer out reached out to catch the swinging cable as it came around, magnets in her boots securing her in place. Anna was the combat engineer in this situation, and she hadn't gotten this far in life doubting that the combat engineers knew their business. At least when it came to keeping a ship alive. Guess she was fighting an electrical fire now. Thunk. The cable was caught half a foot above the cylinder, it's momentum bleeding off like a metronome until the motion was small enough to let her free hand shield it's orbit. "Done," she monotoned over the radio.
  23. "Thank you, but no." Vaughn politely declined, not wanting to take a chance with whatever code was in that champagne. He didn't know what Kwon's motives were in letting him in, whether or not this behavior represented a trap or just calm assurance on Kwon's part. "Sigmund Kwon, I presume. Or, I'm sorry, you to be addressed as the Necromancer now? I recognize the spirit behind it, but a bit dramatic, don't you know?"
  24. "Okay," said Anna, her voice filled with unnatural calm that she didn't feel. As if by speaking in a low tone, she could convince the incredibly dangerous material not to explode. "Okay. Madeline? I need you to stay focused right now, and not panic. Cannot emphasize that enough. Now is not panic time." She pointed 'up' at the cable and the cylinder. "I need you to...carefully...get a hold of that thing and keep it secure. Don't touch the blue glow. Don't let anything else touch the blue glow. I will explain after you have done it."

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