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In the year 2120 agents of a top secret branch of Proteus known as Section Minerva, travel the known galaxy on missions for the betterment of mankind. Aliens, Artificial Intelligence and even humanity itself stand in their path as they fight a war in the stars to hopefully bring peace to Earth and its many colonies. How does one determine friend from foe in a galaxy of agendas, political maneuvering, conspiracies and red tape?

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Trinity: The Minerva Protocol is a game where Aberrants never occurred.  Instead, mankind discovered Artificial Intelligence and for years thrived from the AIs knowledge.  When the war happened all but a few AIs were destroyed, spiraling the world into a deeply seeded mistrust for intelligent machines.  Nearly were all destroyed, save six.  The Grigori are the last of the AI systems awakened by mankind and they refuse to give into to their creators.  Even now, years after the war has ended they continue with clandestine raids and terrorist activities upon humankind.  With immortality on their side, they play the waiting game, hoping to wear humanity down it's very end.

Meanwhile, humanity battles on every front to gain a foothold in intergalactic society as their ever expanding colonies find themselves under assault by hostile aliens, supply shortages, politics, and even space pirates.  With all that is happening in the galaxy they've assembled a team of rare individuals to act on humanity's behalf and even the playing field in hostile territories.  Soldiers, diplomats, humanitarian relief, spies, assassins... these agents are self-accountable, answer to only a few and have jurisdiction anywhere in human occupied space they find themselves in.  They are: Section Minerva.

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  2. Grace nodded and gave Patrick a squeeze on the shoulder. "Yeah, about that. I was going in a little hot. Lets find our people before we start opening cans of beatdown. Alright, lets regroup here." When everyone was together, rather than split up on either side of a doorway, she looked at the others and added, "Whatever anyone may think about this situation, we're playing it straight. Maybe you think it's an exercise...doesn't matter. We have the book, we're going by it." "Alright, can't do an area mind scan...what about vitakinetics? We're looking for the only large living things around here that aren't us. What about scent? Tracking. What have we got in the toolbox?"
  3. Ah, quite so! I shall post asap Monday. Thanks for the boot to the butt!
  4. Did you guys need me to move it forward? Patrick sorta left it as if you guys might have a small 'how to handle things' meeting before moving on. I'm not opposed to that, it's just if that's the case, someone needs to say something.
  5. The message popped in from Zoe. <Grace says get back once you're clear.> Patrick obediently (and quite agreeably to the idea) waited for the frames to be out of the exit and a few seconds longer to make sure they put distance between him and them before rising up and heading for the doors. The doors came open to show the Dutchman, relieved to see them. "Well, I found you targets."
  6. Peeking just a little around the corner when the 'flashlights' vanished, Grace saw the clanks starting to lumber away. The urge to take them by surprise was strong. There were hostages to consider though. As much as she might want to mix things up, once the first shot was fired it couldn't be unfired. The frames might not execute hostages at the first sign of difficulty, but then again...they might. Once they knew shit was going down, the power was in their hands. Not ideal. As long as the AIs didn't know there were people in the area, the people had the power. If they could find hostages first, that was the time to strike. They had to keep looking. Goddamnit. Grace looked at Zoe and tapped her temple. When she felt the telepathic presence she sent, Have Patrick get clear, get back to us. We're trying to find hostages before we make our move. It was risky this way too. The longer they took poking around, the bigger the chance they'd get caught. A call had to be made though and this was it. They'd keep looking.
  7. At Graces orders, the team fanned out, pinning themselves to the walls and walking slowly towards the large open doors. The closer the got, the less and less they were in the Frame's field of vision. Those on the left side of the door (facing the lab) could see where Patrick was hiding, a frame no more than a few feet from him, unable to see him through the large thermal signature the furnace was giving away. He slowly shook his head, notifying them not to move. They waited... and after a few moments the Frame's curiosity was sated. The beams shut off and the rose up back into 'walking' mode, standing their full six and a half feet of steel and wiring. The strange binary noise of their language could be heard from the one in the back and they proceeded to continue with their rounds. The group's patience had paid off, and PAtrick breathed easily as the Frames turned their backs on the group and made their way for the exit (the same way they'd came in).
  8. Sometimes things do get lost in translation, which is why I'm clarifying. While you guys are out of the range of it's passive scan, it's 'eye' is just as good as our and it's a straight shot down from where the labs are, to the door Pat pried open, and into the hallway beyond. Think od it like a hallway in a school... just wide, and open. You may not be able to tell who is all the way down at the end, but you know people are down there. That's sorta the issue you guys have at the moment, at least one of you (or one of the two NPCs) is standing in its field of vision. Grace has the military background. Take charge. Don't ask people to do stuff, tell them. She's in the Legion, she's been in The Suck. She shouldn't be making requests, she should be stating expectations. You don't have to be mean, and I know you (as a person) are a nice guy, Max, but you're playing someone who doesn't have time for nice or debates. Stay low, take cover, remain out of sight, then plan. Not the other way around. Get to it Sergeant. Be a leader. Save those hostages. Get everyone out alive. No pressure.
  9. Ah! I had the impression Patrick went through a door farther down the hall, and we were clear of it. Thanks for the warning!
  10. You guys may want to consider not standing in the hallway and having long conversations. Passing info back and forth, while handy, takes time. You guys are at about 40 seconds of standing in the hallway where honestly the Frame in the center of the labs should have seen you already (I'm being nice). Activating a power, conversing, deactivating, reactivating, conversing... Telepathic communication is not instant thought travel, it happens in real time and activating a power (even without a roll) is an action... time is moving forward while you guys figure things out (and I'm keeping loose track of it), I won't wait forever in between posts for you guys to spend 20 minutes (in game time) coming up with a plan, when you really don't have 20 minutes to spare. I understand you want to wait for them to drop from a passive scan, and that's cool (and feasible), just don't do it where they can see you. Moving to either side of the doorway Patrick pried open will keep you our of sight. This one's a freebie.
  11. Zoe took a deep breath as she cut the connection with Grace and her mind sought out Patrick again. <Pat, Grace says to stay put and keep an eye out but don't move. She is hoping that they will come out of search mode. So just hang tight and I'll be back with you asap with further instructions> She then telepathically relayed Grace's instructions to the rest of the group.
  12. Grace nodded at Zoe's message and looked around. No other movement in the hallway. That was something at least. The operation was delicate, but they couldn't just sit around all day. Three frames were bad news...three frames with no hostages to recover was even worse. All right. Review the parameters of the op. Eleven hostages, unknown frames...amend that to at least three. It wasn't specified that the frames holding the hostages would execute them immediately, but it wasn't specified they wouldn't. Assume worst case scenario, but don't freeze up. We have firearms. I have a rifle. If it's suicide to use them, that makes no sense. She looked at Zoe. <Have him sit tight, don't move. Everyone else, clear the door, weapons out.> She demonstrated by getting to one side of the door way and crouching down with her rifle ready to fire. <Vasquez, you've got my back. Zoe and the doctor go next and Shaw has rearguard. We're giving the frames five minutes to see if they cycle out of scan mode so Patrick can get clear. If they stay scanning, or look like they're getting too close to him, we take our chances and rush the frames.>
  13. <Hang tight> Zoe shot back and then Reconnected to Grace and relayed everything Patrick had revealed, <What do you want me to tell the others>
  14. <Y'all got a fine sense of timing.> Even in his mental voice, Zoe could pick up the drawl, but also the undercurrent of relief at her connection and contact. <Three frames are in the lab. I'm hidden, but they picked up on my movement.> He added a mental picture of their relative position to her. <Collectively, they've got the entire room covered. I'm stuck where I am.>
  15. Zoe nodded and stared at Grace. It was easy since she wasn't resisting. Their minds touched a gentle kiss sensed rather than felt <I can relay your orders to everyone here one at a time. Patrick will be harder since I can't see him, give me a second and I'll try to contact him> Zoe closed her eyes and tilted her head toward the room Patrick had entered she tried to envision him in her minds eye and sought his mind. Her mind reached out as his mental pattern solidified <Patrick, This is Zoe the redhead,> she gave him a mental smile <we are connected telepathically so I need you to tell me whats going on so I can relay it to the others. Just talk to me without speaking, I'll understand.>
  16. Grace held up a closed fist suddenly, without even thinking about it, to signal all stop. The lights shining through the little viewport...moving around like searchlights. Shit. She looked back and held a finger to her lips, shaking her head. It was impossible to know how sensitive their hearing would be, but when they were scanning they'd be much more alert to any kind of disturbance, not just visual. If they hadn't already started signaling others, or shooting, they hadn't found Patrick. If he kept cool, and they didn't find him, they should return to whatever they'd been doing before fairly quickly. Multiple frames, can't really tell how many just from the lights. Patrick may need a distraction if things get hotter. Grace turned around and locked eyes with the redhead, Zoe. She tapped her temple, then made a circular gesture, indicating the group. They needed some silent communication here that couldn't be tapped into by a machine-mind.
  17. The moment Patrick moved the frames caught on. In the poor lighting of the room Patrick saw only their shadows creeping about, but they were punctuated by heavy, metal footfalls. Their heads panned around, cone shaped bluish beams ignited from their central eye, bathing the area in a night club style lighting as they scanned the area for movement, heat, or anything out of place. They exchanges clicks and buzzes in their language, keeping each apprised of what data they were collecting. His trick worked however, the heat from the furnace was keeping him hidden, his breathing was under control... but a new problem had arisen. They were too spread out now. If Patrick tried to run there was no way he could escape unseen. He was trapped. From where the rest of the group is standing you all catch the shimmer and glimmer of blue light... like someone is going nuts with blue laser pointers at the end of the hallway. [Grace, Military Background] You know those lights. Frames are in the room ahead and they're in passive scan mode... it'll take a miracle to sneak up on them at the moment.
  18. From what Patrick had been given in training, AI frames might have such problematic things as infrared vision, ultrasound, and technologically enhanced vision and auditory sensors superior to humans in both range and detail. Rule of thumb: when in doubt, err on the side of assuming they can. Which placed the Dutchman in an inconvenient position. With bodily control and awareness, he could most likely suppress most tells by breathing or motion, but there was no way he could transform his body heat. Before he could decide on taking the chance and retreating, Patrick spied what looked like a large lab oven. Praying it had been recently used enough to provide something to obscure his heat-signature, Patrick dove in behind it and waiting, controlling his breathing and remaining damn still.
  19. Patrick entered the labs, sliding himself the person sized width in the door he'd pried open. Slowly he progressed, keeping low and keeping alert. He'd made it about halfway through when the 'swoosh' of the doors on the are side of the room could be heard. The hard thump of mechanical feet could also be heard as well as the clicks and whirs that made up their binary language. From his vantage Patrick only saw three, but as the door slid closed, he settled on that number. Three... and he was half way into the room, which meant he was half the room's distance to his only exit: back into the hall where everyone was waiting for his report.
  20. So far, so good. But Grace had insisted on targets, so Patrick had to move forward a bit more down towards the labs. Again, he moved cautiously, with lighting so bad and the risk of happening on AI frames without warning. Just a little further, and regardless of what he found, he would report back. Being caught alone out there would be a lethal prospect.
  21. [Patrick] Aside from poor lighting and the constant flickering ballasts above him, the hallway was quite bare and quiet. There were several more doors open along the hallway, all to clean rooms that were empty. He arrived at the door at the end of the hallway, the only noticeable exit. The holo ribbon alerted him that this door, to, was locked, but this time, thankfully, he had tools to assist him in bypassing the security. He considered reaching out his senses, but frames didn't show up to on lifesense. Nope, there was only one real thing to do and that was move forward. The security wasn't difficult, once the panel was removed he sequenced the security code and within a few moments the ribbon turned green and the door unlocked. Partick disabled the automatic function the door and manually slid it open a few inches. Beyond were labs, by the looks of it. The lighting was poor, if not worse than the hallway he was in now. There were holgraphic displays providing minimal light and a few three dimensional holograms spiraling images of scientific things that really didn't mean much to him. From where he knelt, the coast seemed clear.
  22. Well, Temnikova got him to shut up. That was a plus in her favor. Patrick turned to Grace and threw a lazy salute. "Aye aye, Cap'n." But there was no laziness in the way he set off, checking sight lines, movements much more controlled. Keep his distance, keep an eye out, and not get spotted. Patrick could complete that objective.
  23. Grace watched the drama between the doctor and Vasquez unfold with skepticism written plainly on her face. Combat enhancer drugs were risky in this kind of situation to her way of thinking. Usually they revolved around kickstarting adrenalin or aggression until someone couldn't feel pain or fear...but by then they couldn't necessarily plan more than two steps out, or stick to a plan either. Not really what you wanted on an op like this, test or no test. But then again, doctors were crafty as fuck, and Machiavellian in their manipulations. Especially combat docs. "Alright. Patrick. Scouting. Find us targets."
  24. Dr. Temnikova crouched down, opened her Portable Medical Kit (PMK) and entered some command, causing the med-computer to emit a soft beep. "Here. Zhis vill help." she said as she removed a syringe, that the computer had just filled, from the case. "I'm not letting you stick me with shit." Vasquez said emphatically, drawing another look from Shaw. "Iz not shit. Iz combat enhancer." she explained, which only cause Vasquez to look at her slightly less wearily. She rolled her eyes and sighed, "Dis iz test, da? But zat does not mean iz not lezal test." she elaborated. "Little? What the fuck do mean, 'little test'?" Vasquez asked. "Not little. Lezal. Le-zal." she tried to explained, but only drew a near bovine-esque look from him. "Deadly, okay? May be test, but could still be deadly test. So zhis vill help you. Ze better you all are fighting, ze sooner ve are done." she said, offering the needle again. "Fine. Shit. I just want out of here and there's no way this is a fucking test either." Vasquez spouted. Dr. Temnikova rolled her eyes and stuck the needle into his neck, pushing down the plunger. "Ow. Shit!" Vasquez exclaimed, though keeping his voice down. "Ow? Zat is sound voman makes. You are no voman, are you? No. You are big, strong man and fierce varrior, da?" she stated, more than asked, though it was not entirely clear if she was teasing him or not. She crouched down and placed the syringe back in the pack, ejecting the needle. "No ve go, pass test togezer." she said in her ever-present thick, Russian accent.
  25. "Your cigarettes?!" Vasquez gave her a 'you must be joking' look. "There are Frames here that are gonna kil us, if they don't kill the hostages first, in which case we do too, and you're worried about your fuckin' smokes? I'm outta here man, these bitches are gonna get us killed, bruh. We can handle this without them." "Second time," Shaw said. "Secure that talk, Vasquez." Shaw gave the ladies an apologetic look, knowing there was only so much apologizing one could do for someone else. "Seventh Legion, twelve years. Civilian pilot and indie contractor now. Good to have you with us, Grace. Doctor, Mrs. Santos, van Saanvelt. Vasquez isn't a bad guy, he's just... under a lot of pressure. He never did handle it well. He's a cop, one of the best, working out of L.A., I've flown for his precinct several times, we've had a few beers... he's always been an asshole though." He shot them a wink with a small grin as Vasquez paced around nervously, looking for some way to escape this entire situation. Suddenly Vasquez dashed over pointing to Grace. "And why the fuck does she get a rifle? Huh? Man, this is fucked," he waved his side arm about. "What the fuck are we gonna do with these, huh? Piss them off enough to kill us quick?" "Given the limited space," Grace chimed up, keeping an eye on Vasquez and the way he was waving his piece around. "I doubt they'll be using heavy frames. Armor will be light." "Servos in the joints, power core in the mid chest, memory core in the head. These are your weak spots, just like on humans, heart, head, limbs," Shaw added. The combined experience of the two military professionals was lifting the morale slightly. "But remember, unlike us, they do not feel pain, or fatigue. Conserve your energy." "You can't be serious. We're gonna be slaughtered by those things!" Vasquez added in as he wiped sweat from his brow with his sleeve. [Dr. Temnikova, Medicine] - Vasquez is showing early signs of psychosis. Possibly brought on by an abundance of fear and anxiety.

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