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  1. What's new in this game
  2. Hey Gypsy. Unfortunately, plans to run the PbP game here seem to have fallen through and there are no currently active SPI games on the site. =( Sorry that I don't have better news.
  3. Interested in playing Requiem. Need help creating a PC? Please respond when you can. Dee
  4. Yeah, I was really looking forward to the Werewolf one.
  5. I think this is it. Sad - it showed a lot of promise.
  6. Sorry for not being online in forever... Just life hit me and I didn't have the energy to try build a player base.... If anyone is interested I've been having some ideas for games that could be done via roll 20?
  7. while i am not in any way an official, since there has been zero movement in months, and I have not seen any SPI activity on site in months, It's probably safe to say it has died but that is just my opinion
  8. Are we officially calling this thing? If not, is there a game plan to get things moving?
  9. Alas, poor y0rrick. We didn't get to know you at all.
  10. Really? But... but.. I just got here, and was all excited to play. damn it.
  11. Understand Malachite. I've been there and it is amazing how much time a baby takes. Best wishes. Gabe - are you going to be able to take over? If it means the difference, run by live chat and I'll drop out. I'm a bit worried we're dead in the water
  12. Okay, at this point I'm going to have to bow out of STing Vampire. Between baby, work, and just life, I simply don't have the time. Gabe, if you would be up to running the venue, please do so. My apologies, everyone, I've just been smacked with entirely too much to do this year. I've already stopped all other online PbPing I've been doing, and I'm still just too pressed for time and energy. Hopefully I can come back at a later date, but I have no idea when that might be right now. Again, my apologies.
  13. Sorry, I've been following this but the recuperation process for this surgery has been a little slower going than the last one and I've been frogetting to reply every now and then with "looks good" or the like.
  14. I like both wind and storms, to be honest, deciding which one I like better is hard. I also like the purity aspect, so really, storms is fine.. we can add wind later.. maybe, when our totem grows stronger.
  15. I just re-read the Banish Rite. I think that would be excellent. I had not initially thought about having Rites. We might have to ask Wing if it is alright to have it in lieu of a merit. In the Advantages section on building a Totem (page 92) it doesn't explicitly include Rites as an option, but it makes sense. I switched things from Wind to Storm, but have no problem switching it back. For Influences, how does Wind 3, Purity 1 sound? If you want three different influences, we could do that. I think that Wind and Storm have some kind of metaphysical overlap and lean against it a little bit. I do think being able to potentially go to our totem for learning at least some purity facets would be great. The Purity facet of the Gift of Evasion seems like it might make sense to learn from a Wind and Purity spirit. The Purity facet of the Gift of Technology... maybe not. My $0.02 only, of course. Wing makes the call there. I am really happy to see things coming together.
  16. I like it.. though I'd also like to add wind as an further influence, something to consider in the future perhaps.. also if one part of it's influence is purity, does that mean it can teach purity gift facets if we pass it's tests? I'd like that idea, if it's ok, though I suspect we'd have to get Wing's acceptance of the idea.. if it goes, however, Kaitlyn here has the purity facet of the evasion gift, maybe she learned it from the pack totem, that could be part of her close relationship with the totem (aka 5 dots of totem) If it's a purity spirit, the banish rite would be the best choice for a rite everyone in the pack knows.
  17. So, assuming we have 4 influence total (spending the latest numen on influence instead), how should the influence points be spent? I tossed Fleet of Foot out there because it makes a certain amount of sense. A storm wind tends to be fast. If we wanted to pick up a level one pack rite instead, what would be appropriate? I'm entirely open to the idea. Mostly I am throwing concrete things out here and barreling along ahead to finalize this so that we have something finalized. Consider my thoughts a default answer, but one that I am happy to have overridden if someone else has a different and better idea. With that in mind, here is my latest proposal for Influences: Storm 3Purity 1SMS is a purifying storm spirit that sweeps away corruption and leaving the landscape cleansed with its passage. This also feeds into its conflicts with magath. Anyone have an alternative pitch?
  18. Personally, I say ether increase influence, or add another influence like weather.. I'm good with either. As to your other idea, fleet of foot is a nice one, but you know, we could also give everyone a level one pack rite, as a pack rite, even our wolf-blooded brothers and sisters, and the humans in our pack could do it, if they knew of it.
  19. ... and we also have another available Numen. This can be used to acquire a Numen, instead increase an Influence by 1, or to purchase a new Manifestation ability for The Wind Where Spring Meets Summer. My general inclination would be to increase an Influence by 1, giving us 4 dots of Influence to identify. I am open to an alternative proposal. Thoughts?
  20. That places us with 13 points confirmed. Once Mavuto's CDD is approved, I'll put 2 more points into Totem, putting us at 15. That will get us the Wits +1 advantage and 1 experience to share. Any objections to 1 dot in the Fleet of Foot merit rounding out the gap? Mavuto: 1 (+2 once CCD is approved)Glint: 1Kaitlyn: 5Aaron: 2Okpere (Aaron's wolf-blooded): 1Darrik: 1Tamara (Kaitlyn's wolf-blooded): 1Ariel: 1With 4 more totem points overall, I suggest the following additional adjustments: Attributes Power: 5 -> 6Finesse: 4 -> 6Resistance: 2 -> 3(w/ appropriate adjustments to derived stats) At the 15 points mark, SMS has also upgraded to a Rank 3 spirit and gets an additional dot of Influence. Any thoughts on what that should be? SMS seems to be a kind of liminal, quick, chaotic, cleansing storm wind, so something along those lines might not be inappropriate. Purity? Change? Pressure? Conflict? Water? Lightning? I'm also opening to clarifying the default Influence as being Wind to Storms or the like if there is another idea or one that complements our interests..
  21. Ah I thought he was back. My bad then. As for the pack stuff, if Ariel is joining she can contribhte her free dot.
  22. Tamara, Kaitlyn's wolf blooded adopted niece should add another point there, over all I like your spirit synopsis there, I'd consider adding a second influence though.. an maybe at dot of some combat ability at this point, until we can get the bonus to wits?
  23. That places us with 11 points confirmed: Mavuto: 1 (+more once CCD is approved)Glint: 1Kaitlyn: 5Aaron: 2Okpere (Aaron's wolf-blooded): 1Darrik: 1Below is an initial write-up. Please give feedback. Name and Concept The Wind Where Spring Meets Summer (TWWSMS (SMS for very short)) is one of several spirits in the Cape Doctor's ilthum. SMS is associated with the occasionally violent storms that rage through on South Easter winds during the transition from Spring to Summer as warm and cold fronts clash along the Cape. SMS is quick-moving and forceful, proud and fickle. It is the most combative of Cape Doctor's ilthum, driving out things it perceives as illnesses upon the land with force. Aspiration and Ban SMS desires nothing less than to sweep the Cape clean of any magath. It perceives them as an illness upon the spiritual landscape to be eradicated. This urge has become a ban for SMS, compelling it (and those who hold it as their totem) to act to confront and destroy any magath they encounter. Totem Points: 11 (at present) [3 experiences] Advantages [We don't have enough totem points right now to get +1 to Wits, which had been the key thing we had all expressed interest in. If we get 4 more totem points, that'll be a shoe-in. If not, what other things would people like to see here?] Attributes Power: 5Finesse: 4Resistance: 2Rank: 2 Essence: 11 Corpus: 2 [+ Size] Willpower: 6 Initiative: 6 Defense: 4 Speed: 9 [+ "species" factor] Size: ? Influence Wind 2 Numen BlastSpeedTelekinesis

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