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  2. Arr, it's okay man. I know it's been rough on you. No hard feelings. Hope things get better soon.
  3. As of this writing, I am closing this game. RL is hitting me hard, and I do not have the energy or inspiration to manage this game, and give you all the fun experience you deserve. Thank you all for the work you put in, I'm sorry to do this, but it's how it has to be for me.
  4. Datura bellowed her fury at the metal-shelled monster before and the other Saiyan. In her current mind, there was no questions or doubts about this other one; he was the same as her now. Her tail rose as she charged their challenger. Her first attack was a pounding leap that threw her feet into the invader’s chest. The metal groaned as her feet found a grip on its hips; lifting her hands over her head, she smashed it down onto its shoulders. It shoved her off but she just rolled backwards and landed in the snow. With another roar, she tackled the giant, trying to shove it off its feet. She didn’t manage that but she did hit it with a resounding thud.
  5. Datura seemed to be taking the moment to size up their foe, but Gen wasted little time and leaped at the massive metal titan, his powerful fistas crashing against the metal hide with a thunderous racket. it knocked him away with one arm and then fired a blast at him, which he met and deflected with his own, a powerful beam of destructive energy from his mouth. The two tigers left at their master's bidding, and quickly found their way to the battle of the giants. They could only really watch as trees and the taiga were shattered and broken as the behemoths battled. Elsewhere, the bloom of lifeforce was still strong but starting to fade, as if it was vacating the area. A choice to head towards the Saiyans, or to this unidentified source had to be made.
  6. Squatro sighed. Had they forgotten dinner this soon, to be hungry again? No matter. He kicked off and followed them. OOC Health: 750/750 Energy: 465/465 Divine Relationship: 4/5 Own/Fail Counter: +1
  7. Monte! Christo! Find Genichiro and Datura GO!" The Tigers race off into the night with Karmalh following behind, she briefly tries to fly but still to know avail. "By the Holy Forge Its too cold, I have to run and I'm still HUNGRY!" She really wants to beat something to a pulp.
  8. Tetsuko sighed, getting to her feet. "I can heal anyone who needs it, but the nanites I can only give one dose to for each person... wait... Shiori!" She glared. She couldn't catch up to her unless she could fly or teleport and that was offline. "SHIORI!" Tetsuko gives herself a healing shot of her repair nanites and tries to keep up. Tying some of Gen's clothes together like a backpack, as a way to keep them with her without having to struggle carrying them. There was still an impulse to stay at the camp... if no one else follows... she might have to abandon Shiori... Status Energy 310/310 Health 490/700 - +50 HP from the healing ability Divine Relationship 4/5
  9. Shiori popped to her feet. Cold temperatures were now a worry of the distant past. "They need help!" she piped, then pointed. "That way! Follow me!" She started moving through the snow, taking care to move quickly...but not SO quickly that she'd lose the others.
  10. There was a tremor that was felt for miles, and both Saiyans looked up. The sounds of metal moving against metal, and high in the sky Lights began to show, a glowing Vee, bright and angry yellow. Somwhere roughly halfway from the ground and the Vee, two blue lights began to pulse and burn, then 2 great Energy blasts annihilated the ground between the Saiyans. There were no words, the intention was quite clear. Death had again come to stalk them. A metal giant rose above them emblazoned with the NeoRedRibbon Army crest, and the battle was on. (First turn actions please Datura. You have recovered half the HP you have lost before.) The others could hear the sounds of what could only be battle, but it was Shiori who felt something else. Fifteen miles east, away from the fight, a huge bloom of life force, from experience, something like this could be an enemy stronghold. It was left to her to guide the others there, if she so chose.
  11. "If only I had access to some tarps or at least something to keep in the heat we're generating..." she said, looking about for some wood to add to the fire to increase the radius and strength of the warmth it provided. "I have to admit, I'm in agreement, Shiori. Squattro is a valuable member of our group. He seems to know quite a lot of what we're encountering." She smacked her head. "Darnit... I should have looked for any distinctive markings on those mecha or those planes we managed to shoot down. It could have been a clue to what we're dealing with. Maybe Dende or my handlers at Capsule Corp would know." "I've been spoiling for a fight with these jerks and I'd like to know who I'm going to be testing the engineering of my hand manipulator knuckles against." She said, cracking her knuckles aggressively. "Maybe Datura or Gen will bring something back. If Datura leaves anything behind." She said, sighing.
  12. Well now, THAT was interesting, thought Shiori as she contorted her face into a melodramatic scowl and playfully poked her tongue out at Squatro. Such a simple question to have such a secretive answer. Information about the Saiyan wasn't overly hard to come by after all, especially for former tournament fighters who could be expected to research potential opponents. But now he'd tipped his hand that his information had come from somewhere else. Somewhere he didn't want to discuss. Unexpected, and very curious indeed. "Nyah," she said to him childishly, then rocked back a little, grinning as if she'd just scored a telling hit. "Fine, you can be all mysterious. You're still a good fighter and you seem like a good person, so it's okay!" She shivered and sighed, letting a plume of mist escape her mouth. "I guess it's going to get even colder, isn't it?" Shiori huddled, pulling her cloak around her shoulders more tightly.
  13. Oh, right. Yes, that was going to be an issue - keeping the affiliations he had secret. At least Squatro had no reason to give it away right now. To the excited and eager priestess he cleared his throat. "Well, can you keep a secret?" "Yes!" "Then you'll understand why I won't answer your question." Squatro observed with a wry grin. Ok, that was a little unfair, but HAH!
  14. Datura was still very aware of herself but there was now another perspective on everything. The instincts of the Oozaru tinged everything with an animalistic veneer, though she was still very sentient. She heard Genchiro bellow his challenge to the night and she went still, listening for reactions to the cry. Something large darted through the underbrush behind and to their left, and she bolted after it. Running on all fours, she ate up ground in this form. Their prey was a moose and Datura rumbled in eagerness as she sprinted after it. Genchiro wasn’t behind her anymore and she grinned as she knew he was getting ahead of them. The moose sprinted out into an opening and Gen leapt out of the trees, slamming a hand down on it. The doomed herbivore was flattened and the male great ape snatched up the body and ate it in two bites. Datura roared at him and pounded the snow, making the male look sheepish. His manner made it clear; the next one was hers. He turned and scented the night while Datura sat down and waited. He’d eaten the prey she’d flushed; he could find the next one. When he snorted and dashed off, she shot after him, following him through the woods. He ran along the bluff face until they could safely jump down, then tore off across the valley floor. She followed as he shoved through a stand of trees and stopped, looking at her meaningfully. He’d found the herd of mammoths but she had to kill the one she wanted. With a grunt of eagerness, she walked past him, swatting his shoulder lightly with her tail. He sat down and waited as she stalked the herd, who had circled around their young protectively. When she tested them with a mock-charge, they held firm despite their fear. With a bellow, she hopped up into the air and landed among them. That broke their resolve and they scattered in fear. Datura zeroed in on one of them and chased it down, the animal being no match for Saiyan prowess, great ape or not. She grabbed it’s tusks and broke its neck, tearing into the hot flesh eagerly. Genchiro had moved when she’d scattered the herd, picking out one for himself. When Datura glanced up in the middle of her feast, she saw him taking his down and killing it. Grunting happily, she ate with gusto, cleaning it down to the bones. Genchiro finished not long after and together they tracked the herd through the snow. The mammoths didn’t try to huddle up this time, and each of the Saiyans took down another of the beasts before they ran away. This time, both of them were sated, and they turned their attention to finding the enemy.
  15. Tetsuko arrived at the camp, a slight bit of frost already on her clothes and skin as she collapsed near the fire, Gen's clothes carefully set next to it. "They're off, with... whatever they're about to do transformed. By the sound of that roar I don't think anyone would want to be anywhere near they are." She said, moving closer to the fire. She grabs a dead branch and starts chewing on it... that last fight did more to her than she expected and her personal repair nanites needed raw materials, and to her anything chewible was food for her. "Now, I'm thinking we should keep an eye out. just in case any panicked soldiers decide to run this way... last thing we need is something baiting those two over here." She laid near the fire, eating her branch while leaning her head on Gen's clothing like a pillow. "I just hope we go somewhere warm next... maybe with a beach. My endoskeleton joint lubricants are... not a fan of arctic conditions. At least until I can do a update patch and my internal nanites develop some insulation system for me."
  16. Tran transformation to Oozaru form was empowering, it was primal. In this form a Saiyan was at full power, and a veritable force of nature. Datura and Genichiro were both strong but this made them even moreso. Thick fur protected them from the Arctic cold, soon the hunt for food, and their foes began. The wind was strong and as night fell and they could all see the full moon, the temperature began to drop quickly, They could hear a roar from where Gen and Datura were, Something that always seemed to happen when males took the Oozaru.
  17. Shiori smiled smugly. "I'm fine. The kami provide." She hadn't eaten anything for days now, but she did seem to be all right. The priestess now turned her wide eyes to Squatro. "Alien were-monkeys? That's AMAZING. How do you know so much?!"
  18. Karmahl sat as always surrounded by Monte and Christo, watching the strange exchange between the mechanical and the two, what did Squatro call them, were-monkeys. Karmahl did not even pretend to understand and wished her chaperone were here to explain. One thing she did know that Datura and Genichiro were dangerous and she wasn't sure which was more. In fact all her companions were she thought more than what they seemed. "I do not care who leads, I'm just Hungry"
  19. Squatro tended to the flames, keeping them under control. He leaned back against the cave wall, with an odd little grin as he looked at the priestess and Karmahl. "I have a feeling Tetsuko is in for a surprise. There's a reason the clothes are off and we should stay away. I wonder how she'll process Gen's giant monkey.... form. And same for Datura. The Saiyans.are basically alien were-monkeys. Fun fact."
  20. With the tool understanding what her purpose tonight was, Datura turned away from the robot. Falling into step with Genchiro – but not too close – she headed out into the darkness. She didn’t care if they saw her transform; let them know what being a true Saiyan meant. Her thoughts made her laugh a little – she was counting Genchiro as a true Saiyan because of his ability to transform. “What?” he asked her. “Nothing,” she replied, eyeing what sky she could see beyond the trees. “Just random thoughts.” They trudged along in silence, following the bluff until they were well away from camp. The eastern horizon was spread before them, the moon already a hint of light on the edge of earth. Datura could feel the power deep inside begin to awaken, testing the bonds of her weaker body. Soon, she promised. “You need to go, toaster.” Datura pointedly turned her back on Genchiro, to give him a bit of privacy. She realized that he’d talked about having the robot do this out of modesty yet didn’t seem troubled she was here. She wondered about that but decided not to ask. She wasn’t sure what she’d do with certain answers. “The moon is coming and soon it won’t be safe here.” The robot ignored her, taking Genchiro’s clothing and leaving. With her back to the man, she listened to him shiver in the cold. Just when she was sure he was going to collapse on her, the moon peaked over the distant trees, and she felt her eyes go silver.
  21. Tetsuko nodded. "Understood. Your clothes will be as you leave them with me." She shot a look askance at Datura. "I will return here once Gen entrusts me with his garments." She said, sighing. Secretly Tetsuko started wondering if there could be a way she could transform to be more dangerous in a fight. Hopefully not involving destroying her clothes. She's already started to develop a budget.
  22. Genichiro looked at them all, blushing abit at Shiori's comments. "it's nothing like that. It's because I want to have clothes later. My transformation destroys them and since there's no getting around it I need someone to take them and keep them dry, Nothing more than that." "As to coming on Recon I promise you any enemy forces in the area will be MUCH more concerned with Datura and I than finding everyone else, It will also be a hell of alot easier. Nobody's really in charge, do as you like but I think you would best be served by staying in tonight." There was an edge to his voice, he didn't want the android along, he Really really didn't want a recording of his transformation to leak out. Datura might not care, but he was gonna have to do it bare-assed, "we'll bring breakfast with us when we get back. After we get done with this, we can go out to eat in a real restaraunt, my treat." He looked to the cloudless sky. "let's go."
  23. Tetsuko crossed her arms: "Counterpoint. My mission is to ensure Genichiro's success, and bring those responsible for the massacre at the Arena to justice. Nothing more, nothing less. I have not noticed you taking any sort of leadership role, that role has been firmly in Genichiro's grasp. I know my role, Datura. I will assist Genichiro on the parameters he prescribes. What I asked the rest of the group... not ordered... was to come up with a plan while the three of us were away. I gave advice." She actually walks up to the Saiyan. Not yet in her face. "You said I was to follow you two at a short distance during this. Now you take it back by saying I shouldn't be following. That's not the mark of a decisive commander. Is that because of the ribbing that Shiori gave?" She said stroking her chin. "There's a phrase that we on Earth have... Can't you take a joke?" Tetsuko quirked her eyebrow at the irony that she picked up on a joke far faster than a biological. "The irony is delicious." "I will accompany not only to do as you and Gen asked... well Gen asked using you as a proxy, to be accurate... but to ensure we are not flanked. It is likely, and logical to infer, that if we are going out to scout out the enemy, they are doing the same to us after the damage we done to their forces. The group left behind needs to be ready if that happens." "Now, if you have issue with that, Datura, that's how it is. I'm coming along."
  24. Shiori went to Tetsuko's side and spoke soothingly. "Don't worry about it. Datsura and Genichiro just need some alone time."

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