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  1. What's new in this game
  2. Do what you got to do. I am sorry we could not do more of it. But that is life things happen. I got to learn a bit about a new game system the hard way. Also I am curious about how I did in the rping and tatics areas?
  3. Don't stress. The game did what it was supposed to - we all got a taste for the system and the setting, and I, at least, had fun while it was going.
  4. I'm going to close this game down. I've lost a lot of my free time of late, and this game was apparently down to only 3 semi active players. I'm sorry, I don't know how much of this was my "fault" or not but I just don't have it in me to try and resuscitate it.
  5. Mechanics Guh, sorry about the long wait! Initiative: Malachite *rolls* 3d6: 1+2+1+1: 5 Perception: Malachite *rolls* 3d6: 2+2+6+1: 11
  6. Heln hesitated only a moment before unslinging her crossbow. Grimly, she drew and prepared to take out some of the darkspawn before they can reach her fellow Fereldan.
  7. Djuric rolls Init.: AceWildcard *rolls* 3d6: 4+5+2+2: 13, per.: AceWildcard *rolls* 3d6: 3+4+2+1: 10
  8. Rushing in the direction of the scream, you emerge from a thicket of trees halfway up a steep hillside. Ahead, you can see an outcropping of rock just a bit higher than you are on the hillside, at the top of a switchback trail but on the other side of a treacherous-looking, washed-out gorge. The scene lays out a routed battle with one side having taken cover in the outcropping and the other making its way up the switchback trail. There’s a leather-armored Fereldan on the outcropping, in cover, a crossbow in his hands. On the trail below him are the bodies of more fallen guardsmen, more genlocks, more blight wolves. At the bottom of the trail you see a knot of darkspawn in cover, but as you watch they emerge as one and charge howling up the trail. One falls, a crossbow bolt in his eye, but the others surge on. You might be able to beat them to the defenders, but the gorge in your way looks treacherous. Roll for initiative & Perception (Seeing) vs. a TN of 13 please!
  9. Since the only actual answers we both for quick I'll run this as a truncated combat. I've been super busy of late but I will try to get a setup post soon. Probably tomorrow.
  10. I really need an actual answer here. Either quick combat or full combat. Saying you are fine either way is not helpful, so please just pick one.
  11. I don't mind either way. I think most of us have a feel for the system at this point and another combat wouldn't be necessary. And if you'd like to move us I don't any of us will object.
  12. Apologies for not updating last week. Things were crazy at work despite the short week (or maybe because of it). The last scene is pretty much a big battle scene with some RP afterwards that closes things out. Before I get us grabbed up in a massive combat that could take (based on the prior combat) a couple of weeks at least, I wanted to ask if people wanted to run through the combat as normal or if you wanted to run an abbreviated version to help thing move along a little faster and drive resolution to come quicker. Please let me know.
  13. Shiral'ven let out an oath when Heln took off after the scream - but his feet were already moving in the same direction. Let it be some unlucky bandit at the hands of Ser Blaker, and not one of the children. Or more darkspawn. He shuddered. I can go the rest of my life without ever seeing another genlock, personally.
  14. Heln burst into motion at the scream, running for the sound. It didn’t matter that she was leaving her companions behind; the scream could be from Ser Blaker, or one of the children. Heln wasted no time in going to their aid, or the aid of whoever needed help. It didn’t matter; someone needed help, and it was most likely the people they were here to help.
  15. Nayobee had her bow already at hand and an arrow readied always alert for the worst case. It looked too much like a setup to her and she didn't trust much in coincedence. Keeping an eye out for Shiral'ven, knowing he'd be most vulnerable if caught between the lines the young elven maid tried to pinpoint the location of the scream while peeling her eyes for any unusual shapes which might have taken cover or hidden themselves in the underwood. [OOC:Not sure what I can do here so I keep myself ready for combat]
  16. Djuric heard the sound. "What was that?" he asked worried. He goes to place his hands on his weapons, ready to bring them out in a moment in case fighting was to start. He watch the others to see their reactions as well.
  17. As you set to searching the ruined campsite you find yourselves fighting the darkness, even with the help of torches, the wavering light of fire casts shadows that dance and caper like capricious sprites. There was nothing of not to be found by those searching, the wagon was wrecked, and aside from clothing and other belongings that had been scattered about it was otherwise empty. Likewise D'juric and Rymoa found little as the scouted the edge of the area for tracks. Only Nayobee managed to find sign of tracks leading into the woods. The elf had time only to call out when a chilling scream pierced the night... Rolls Ryoma jameson *rolls* 3d6: 2+5+1: 8 Nayobee jameson *rolls* 3d6: 4+3+6+3-1: 15
  18. The children weren’t here. There was hope that they and Ser Blaker were still alive. Seeing Djuric was searching the area, the swordswoman turned to help the elven mage with searching the wagon. She found nothing; with a growl of annoyance, she asked the slim male, “Do you want to help me search with Djuric?”
  19. Djuric looks around in the area. He hopped to find something that would help him discover what had happened. Yet to avail he could not find anything that help him figure out the results of the battle and who went where and if their targets were alive. He was piss at himself. He wanted to curse, but knew it was not likely to help him in this case. roll AceWildcard *rolls* 3d6: 5+3+3: 11
  20. Shiral'ven nodded to Nayobee, "You too, falon." He stepped carefully into the carnage, staff close at hand and ears perked for the sounds of an ambush. With darkspawn in the mix, though, it was more likely that this was simply a tragic example of the dangers of Fereldan than anything else, in the elf mage's mind. He prodded the body of one of the blight wolves off the fire, just to stop the oily smoke and godsforsaken smell. He lit a fallen branch in the guttering fire, a poor torch but better than nothing in the gathering gloom, and headed to the wagon. He wasn't trained to pick out tracks from the earth, but he might be able to glean something useful from the wagon. Perception Roll [Malachite] 5:36 pm: Shiral'ven Perception Roll: Malachite *rolls* 3d6: 2+5+2: 9 [Malachite] 5:36 pm: Grr....
  21. The scene around the wagon is that of a battle. The immediate area stinks of death, with the entire horse team of six slaughtered, three Ferelden guards dead, and nearly half a dozen darkspawn. A pair of blight wolves, two genlocks, and a massive hurlok lay scattered around the area. One of the blight wolves had fallen into the fire, and still burns, sending up an oily black smoke that stinks like nothing you've ever smelled before. Thankfully, such as it is, there is no sign of the children amid the corpses, nor that of Ser Blaker, the vassal that was escorting the children from Denerim.

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