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  1. What's new in this game
  2. Bah, I'm not bothered at all. Life happens at the most inopportune times. Since Ira is so young in the story, I have no opinion one way or the other on the reveal.
  3. I am sads, this has been a fun game for me, but I hope the things making your life busy are good ones. ,, As much as I like Lien, I'd probably roll someone new for the next game, so I'm all up for the reveals on her.
  4. Mike, this is one of the hardest things an ST can do. Kudos to you for not drawing it out. ,, I look forward to your reveal.
  5. Aww, well, I understand. Real life has that effect, and I'm glad you found it in yourself to be honest with us and yourself, rather than let it build to a crisis point. ,, I'll think about the reveal...I may want to bring James back. But I am also curious. So let me think on that.
  6. Everyone, I'm sorry, but things have reached a breaking point in my life and I need to cut some extraneous activities, and No Exit is one of them. ,, Playing in a game, I can still continue on with, but GMing is something I flatly don't have the time for for at least the next few months, if not the next year. And to be honest, I know I've dropped the ball very badly with this game and it's lost a lot of the very moderate amount of momentum it had. I think it's best to shutter it. ,, Damon, I'm especially sorry to you for having led you on by thinking that this game was going somewhere. All I can say is that I sincerely intended to fully integrate you into the game and I'm sorry that it didn't work out, and I one thousand percent understand it if you're upset with me, though I hope you're not. ,, Everyone, I'll have the details on what mysteries I intended your backgrounds to have in the next few days. What the actual Complex is, that I'm going to hold close to my chest. I do hope to run it at a later date when I have more time and am a better GM, and anyone here has a standing invitation for when that day comes. If you'd rather I kept secret the details of your hidden backgrounds in the event that you want to redo the character for when/if I manage to run this again, let me know. ,, Again, I'm sorry it didn't work out. I wish it had.
  7. Lien gave the cigarette a disdainful frown and waved the smoke away from her face. "Apparently. You seem fairly lucid," if way less interesting when I'm not plastered. She managed not to add the thought aloud. "You and Uriel know each other? Seems like this place is reunion-city along with being some sort of fucked up prison." ,, She gave him a level look; she may or may not have actually got to spend time being a mother, but being the only woman and medic for a bunch of Marines had perfected her 'mom' look anyways. "You want out or is desperately trying to look cool taking up all your time today?" ,, Okay, maybe not as diplomatic as she could be, but this wasn't Oktoberfest and her son was still out there somewhere. She wasn't going to waste time on Ira if he was going to be just one more prick in the pack.
  8. At the moment, Ira and the others look like they need to get caught up, so I won't update just yet. I also need to get caught up on school and as a result, haven't written up the room yet. Sorry about that - I'll take care of it when I find the time.
  9. James just frowned at Ira, and Agri's outburst confused him for a second...then he realized they knew each other, and that put a sarcastic smile on his face. Oh yeah, he knew that feeling. The sudden paranoiac burst where you didn't just suspect the universe revolved around you and meant you ill but knew it. Bone deep. ,, Then he looked over at Lien, because she was nicer to look at...and something about how she was looking at Agri stopped him cold. That intense stare, full of conflicted emotion that only showed in the eyes. ,, Jesus Christ...it was her. ,, His hand went to his chest, over his heart, and he stepped back right into the wall. The dog tags. The long talk. He'd asked her to tell him how she'd died...and she did. Seeing her was almost as bad as going through it again, but worse still was that it had taken him this long to remember. ,, What the fuck were they dosing people with?! ,, Answers. ,, "I'm with Agri on this," he said. He'd barely even registered the douchnozzle thing. Too much to process. Some stupid punk kid wasn't even on his radar. "Lien, if you want to talk to your friend..." James glanced at Ira assessingly, and shrugged, "...we'll let you know what we find."
  10. Ira's eyes flicked back and forth as he followed Lien's glance at Uriel. Yeeeeah. Somethin' ain't right here. Gotta play it cool. ,, Ira mentally paused briefly as he considered what to say here. ,, Chicks dig guys that smoke. ,, Ira took a drag on his Newport and answered Lien's question on the exhale, "Yeah, sure, I may or may not remember you." He intentionally did not answer the second question. Unless he was under arrest, he had no reason to reveal more information than necessary and even then, his lawyer would be answering questions. "I see you've taken to hanging out with douchenozzles."
  11. Dr. Volcov shook his head, examining the newcomer intensely but briefly. He then turned to face the Door In Question but did not approach it yet. He had no desire to interrupt the latest of these surreal reunions until he was sure nothing educational would come of it.
  12. Uriel's attention was not on Lien in the least, very briefly shifting over to James before neutrally retreating. Duncan probably didn't know about Uriel's involvement in 'the scares' at all, and given the guilty nature of what Uriel had taken payment for - the former espionage specialist had no intent to lit that potential powderkeg. ,, Not when that kid Ira Sagebrush was right there - Semtex and C4 mixed with a thumb on the detonator. Here Uriel had no regrets, the spoiled boy had demonstrated no sense of perspective in their previous interactions. Ira had placed at most a token effort towards hiding his activities. ,, Once law enforcement glanced his way, Ira's little clamshell business would have turned into a pile of collapsed cards, with or without Uriel. And having timed actually reporting to his clients precisely for maximum milking, Uriel had known that their prodigal son certainly still was far from penniless despite closing up shop. ,, Though if Lien recognized Ira... no, Lien had too much integrity for Ira Sagebrush. Besides, jealousy was unprofessional... wasn't it?
  13. Lien glanced at Agri, her expression settling into deeper lines of worry and aggravation. At this point, she felt she really shouldn't be surprised at seeing another familiar face. She groped around in her mind for a minute, trying to remember the guy's name. She hadn't been as drunk as the rest of the girls that night - which was why she'd woken up on the couch instead of strung out somewhere in his bedroom - but she remember that mostly they'd called him Riker, which was a play on the German word 'reiche' which meant rich man, and when you're a half-dozen drinks into a dozen bottle night and a closet Star Trek fan, it just seemed terribly hilarious. ,, Yeah, it had been one of those shore leaves. ,, No, he'd told them his name. Earlier on in the night before everyone was drunk or high or both. It started with a vowel, right? Eric? Ike? Ira? ,, "Ira?" She asked, mostly sure that had been the name. She held up her hands to keep him from just breezing past them. "Wait, do you recognize me? Do you know how long you've been here?" ,, They could get to the room in just a minute; they might have another ally here, or someone with more answers. Or, her mind added uncharitably, another pretty boy to screw things up. Her eyes slid over to Uriel for just the briefest second while she waited for 'Riker's' answer.
  14. Ira gasped in surprise and then accidently swallowed the mouthful of tobacco-laden air. He winced as it went down painfully, choked, and coughed as he did mental acrobatics trying to make sense of things. ,, What the hell was I smoking last night. ,, He gained control of himself and glanced at the group, arched an eyebrow at Lien and Uriel. ,, Do I even wanna know why those two are together? And why do they have a posse? I am either over-thinking or this is God's way of going in dry. ,, Ira took a drag to further calm himself and approached the group, "You all mind if I squeeze by?"
  15. "Yes... yes let's." Doctor Volcov wore a pained expression. If he hadn't been able to remember Agrippina, a very interesting case now that he recalled, what else had he forgotten?
  16. “Oh, for fuck’s sake. Is everyone in this nuthouse someone I bounced out of a bar, saw my worst day or let me sleep on their couch?” Agrippina pressed her fingertips to her forehead and spread them slowly, trying to hit all the pressure points on her head in one go. I am the master of my rage. I control my rage. She didn’t mention the fact that her former shrink was here, too. ,, She opened her eyes and found that she was calmer. “M’kay. We gonna check out this room or not?”
  17. The group reluctantly disengaged from Ethan, and Angie went back to cleaning the countertop. ,, ,, ,, ,, They went up the stairs, without incident, and emerged onto the seventh floor... just as Ira opened the door to his apartment. ,, All six of them locked eyes with each other, and they remembered... ,, OOC A bit of a quickie post as I still have midterms. ,, The sight of Ira has caused the new memories everyone just created (and the extra one that Ira's player made) to bubble up. You have access to the Aspects now. ,, Feel free to make new friends, or rediscover old ones.
  18. "Object attachment of that magnitude isn't especially common. At least, it is rarely indulged in more reputable institutions." The Doctor replied to James, speaking lowly and eyeing the man with the paper. "I believe we would have a better chance of determining just what this place is if we could get a better sense of its occupants' deviations."
  19. ,, Christ fuck me with a pineapple, I am losing it. ,, Ira stripped and stepped in the shower. If he was going to complain to management about cocaine smoke machines in his pipes, it was probably better to do it sans the stench of Doritoes and Johnnie Walker. He occasionally glanced back as he soaked himself, worried about what else might come oozing out of the fixture. He tossed an empty bottle of Captain Morgan over the curtain rod and numerous bars of hotel bar soaps from his caddy, where the hell did I get all these, before finding a bottle of Dove. It performed as shampoo, body wash, shaving cream and lotion before the water was turned off. ,, He dried off with a reasonably clean towel and scavenged among the clothes until he found what he thought were clean jeans and a white t-shirt. I need to fire the maid...do I have a maid? If I do, they are fucking terrible. He eventually found socks, but gave up on underwear and decided that the upcoming confrontation required going commando. He finished off with styling wax in his hair, cologne everywhere else and double-taked when he thought he saw a small puff of white come out of the sink faucet when he wet his toothbrush. ,, You are not insane yet. He couldn't locate any toothpaste, so he brushed without and vowed some impromptu mouthwash with Mr. Daniels. ,, His mundane routine finished, he scavenged for his wallet and keys before leaving the apartment. God I need a vacation, my life is hell. He closed his door behind him, fished a cigarette out of his back pocket, guess they weren't that clean, and lit it with his ever-present lighter before heading for the stairs.
  20. "It looked pretty yellow and old," James said musingly, "but...he reminds me of this woman I saw earlier. Shy, hardly said a word, but she flipped out over this one particular coffee mug. I just have this feeling if I'd tried to take that paper from him, he'd have had the same reaction. And that paper...Christmas 1975." ,, James shook his head as he tried and failed to find words for what was going through his mind. "I don't know. Maybe it's nothing. Two people clinging to little objects. Not so weird in a place like this, I guess."
  21. She just stared at him for a moment, floored that he would even ask such an obvious question. "No, I'm just peachy," she snapped at him, careful to keep her voice low. "It's been nothing but roses and rainbows around here." ,, She pursed her lips at James' comment and shook her head, still keeping her voice down and trying to herd the group to the stairwell without having to take point. "Newsprint isn't that resilient, not if he's been handling it. It would have corroded from the oils in his hands. Unless it's like the river, then who the hell knows?" She shrugged, then added after a second of thought, "But maybe that's the whole 'Kiosk' scam. Make you think you can get stuff, then double dose you on whatever it is they give you here and make you forget you even ordered something. So they look like there's a link to outside, but it's bullshit just like the quarantine. It'd be a good way to see when someone's getting too lucid."
  22. One of the requisite qualities for any proficient spy, was having a sixth sense for knowing when you were watched. Of course, situational awareness in Uriel's case pinged much quicker when he realized it was Lien, eyes boring at him. Strange, it was as if her attitude towards him had done a sudden fierce dive to sub-zero. ,, "Is something wrong, Lien?" He asked curiously, unaware of her percolating suspicions.
  23. James' eyes went from the paper to Agri's scarred face, then back to Ethan. He couldn't explain why, but he felt like the paper was important. Not in and of itself, maybe. But what it represented. She was right though, this was wasting time. ,, "Yeah," he said with a sigh. "I remember. Sorry to bother you, Ethan. Angie." ,, He got up and went with Agrippina back to the others. ,, "That paper was from 1975. He must have had it on him all this time."
  24. Agri watched everyone carefully. When James stepped away from the group, she edged after him, half-following so she could see what he wanted. When he asked for a newspaper, she rolled her eyes. Her mouth opened to say something but the barista cut them off. “Look.” Agrippina caught James by the arm and leaned close. “We have that card game to get to, remember?” She raised her eyebrows at him and gave him an urgent look.
  25. The man didn't speak, and James found that the man smelt strongly of peppermint, of all things. This close, James could also see that the newspaper wasn't fresh - it was dated December 26, 1975, yellowed and fraying around the edges. Besides the date, James could make out that the paper was from Pittsburgh. ,, Angie stopped cleaning the bar, and watched the two of them carefully. After a moment, she spoke up. "Ethan? Aren't you going to introduce yourself to James?" ,, Ethan continued to be silent.
  26. James' eye started to bounce right off the guy in the coffee shop at first. After all, what could be more normal? A guy drinking coffee, reading the news, chilling out. Sure, okay, bathrobe, but was that really such a big deal? He lived here after all... ,, Newspaper, eh? ,, Huh. That was kind of interesting. Did it come from outside? Didn't seem likely, with all the crazy security. But was that weirder than the idea that somewhere on the grounds was a big printing press with ink and newsprint just to make fake newspapers for the...like, one or two people who actually still read them? ,, A quick detour was needed. ,, He went into the cafe and to the counter. "Morning, Angie," he said with somewhat excessive brightness. "Great day, isn't it? Hi there, mister. Say, could I borrow that newspaper for a second? I gotta check the numbers and it looks like the machine's fresh out."

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