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  2. Originally Posted By: RevenantWhy not give the guy some time to sort through his personal madness and get his footing back into posting here before we begin harassing about closed games. I know it might be difficult to think of something other than your own personal enjoyment, but give it a shot. Give the guy some time, geez. I thought I stated that I know this is not going to be on Kaz's list for a while. I'm just asking if this game is completely dead, or mostly dead. I'm not trying to put any pressure or time frame on anyone.
  3. Why not give the guy some time to sort through his personal madness and get his footing back into posting here before we begin harassing about closed games. I know it might be difficult to think of something other than your own personal enjoyment, but give it a shot. Give the guy some time, geez.
  4. Well, by now we know Ante is back, but I have gotten the sense that the return to Argonauts will not be immediate or soon. Regardless, I would like to ask, (and do hope not) is Argonauts going to be shelved for good?
  5. *is a sad psiad* Well, I hope he's not gone for too long, I think all of us were having fun with this game.
  6. Ante's gone? He's the GM...which means the whole game's pretty much on hold, yes?
  7. I do believe that the only people with issues were Cent/Ante and Samantha. On the other hand, we know nothing about what is happening with Ante.
  8. Doom. My internets have been fine. Tubes are all intact.
  9. Truth Montenegro straightened up at the exam table, wincing at the soreness in her back. Bending over for long periods of time tended to make her back hurt, and most of her job, at least in the lab, was bending over a body on a table. She stared down at the body before her, mulling over what she was seeing. The bite marks embedded in the bone were consistent with a carnivorous creature, but the bite strength was utterly off the charts. That meant one thing: they had a nova with animal teeth who was removing chunks of people. Truth rubbed her forehead with one hand while stating her findings for the computer. The program would ‘listen’ to her words and translate them into her document program. She’d need to fix a few things later, but it saved her hours of typing. Despite the unquestionable help of her writing program, this work was the kind of thing that made her feel tired – the endless variety of ways with which novas could kill their fellow men. Worse, she was sure that the victim had been alive- The buzz of an email hitting her inbox pulled her out of her dark musings. Drawn back to the case at hand, she finished her summation and closed the programs. Rotating her neck, she opened her email to find a new missive from Dr. Carver. The subject was ‘Need your opinion’. Her curiosity aroused, she clicked it open to find a short message: Quote: To:Truth Montenegro Subject: Need your opinion Dr. Montenegro, I have a fat file on my desk from an associate of mine in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. I can recognize it’s an autopsy file, but I’m not sure what the cause of death is or how the body got into that state. Also, identification of the deceased is rather difficult. Would you be willing to take a look at my file? Willow
  10. "You're right. Now is as good a time as any." Bannon toyed with the apple he'd taken as if considering eating, but set it down instead and took another drink of coffee. He wished he could light up instead, but these days it was bad manners to smoke when others were eating, not to mention a health hazard. Funny how that works he grumped, looking at the healthy selections on the two female doctors' plates and wishing that he'd an appetite for something like a steak. "I know how you both came to join the Argonauts." he said over his mug. "But what do you both think of the Argonauts?" Pale green eyes watched both women carefully.
  11. "What would you like to know?" Carver asked as she assembled the turkey into a lettuce-leaf sandwich. Ignoring Jael's grumbles at the bland fare, she said, "We're here and chatting. So now’s as good as time as any." There was a hint of challenge in her eyes, but it wasn't malicious. It was more competitive than combative; an invitation to put her to the question here and now. And there was the unasked question: Do you really want to know, or were you just talking good? “Besides,” Carver added, “I’m sure I can tell you more than you get from a report anyway.” She smiled charmingly as she daintily picked up her ‘sandwich’ and took a small bite. Jael, shut up about the food. I wish we had a nova metabolism, too. We don’t, deal. I just can’t taste anything! You want me to go back and get something else? Willow chided. You wanna get fat? Do you?
  12. “Dr. Bannon,” Carver said with a smile. “Come on in. I’m helping Drs. Wesson and Gravinsky with neotic research. And Eva was dropping something off for Wesson. You’d be welcome to come and talk science with us, I’m sure.” Maybe the Prometheus Golden Boy can be a guinea pig for a while, Jael grumbled. Her sudden voice startled Willow, who hoped she hid her twitch well enough. Maybe so, Willow replied. She wasn’t sure. From all that she’d heard about Jason Bannon, he’d seemed somewhat standoffish. Say, what’s with the name-calling? Jael was quiet, so quiet that Willow wondered if she’d retreated back into her portion of their collective mind. He’s… I don’t know. He puts me on edge. Probably means he’s a decent guy, then, Willow replied. I can’t think of better character reference than a thumbs down from you. Love ya, too, Wills. Jael merely sounded amused. I’d like to be wrong on this, rather than have something wrong with our boss. That thought wasn’t comforting to either woman.
  13. Willow was vaguely aware when someone brought in a bodybag. “Here,” a gruff voice said after a moment. She finally looked up to see a hard-faced, annoyed man. He was covered in blood and holding his arm, but it was clear whose side he was on. Willow gave him a glare. “Need help gettin’ him in there?” “No!” Willow barked, losing her temper. “No, I don’t. Just leave him alone, you have done enough.” “Hey, uh, Ma’am,” Broadside said, coming back to the door, “we found one of the Up- Utopians. You wanted to see them?” “Yes,” Willow said, easing Paul’s head off her lap. She brushed her fingers over his cheek, her thumb resting at the corner of his almond eye. She kissed his forehead one more time and stood, walking past both Elites. “Mel, you mind bagging the corpse before the building comes down and we have to dig it out?” Broadside muttered as soon as the woman was far enough away. “I’ll come back and help with the others, later.” It was left unsaid that the civilian took precedent over the combatants. Willow glanced back to see her guide trotting after her; the massive Elite – clearly a nova – led her behind a bush to a mess. Another Elite was patching up a thin man in a Team Tomorrow uniform. The man was Indian, handsome if compact, but his attractiveness was marred by the open mess that was his stomach and lower chest. Willow felt sick as she saw the damage; it was like Pauls. “Butchers,” she hissed and dropped next to the man, fishing gloves out of the EME* bag. “Here, let me,” she started to say, but when her gloved hand dropped on the man’s chest, she stopped, staring at nothing. She could see, in her head, exactly what was broken in him. She could see what was torn, what was sliced and what was burned. I did this with Paul, she understood; that was how he’d lived so long. “We need to clean the wound,” she ordered. “I was going to leave that for the professionals,” the Elite told her. “I think I am one, now,” Willow replied. As she spoke, the blood stopped flowing. “We can stabilize him, but I need to clean his wound before I close it.” “You a nova – a big brain?” Broadside looked impressed. Willow nodded. “Yeah,” she said softly. “I think so. Come on, help me get this crap out of him.” Click to reveal.. EME – emergency medical equipment
  14. Daniel nodded at Bannon's words, not really saying anything, at the moment, just holding the links he had established active, which took a bit of his concentration and a measure of his internal energies to maintain. Unless Bannon had a question, he didn't have anything to add right this instant, and the visions were slightly distracting. He was also trying to interpret a third vision he had gotten when he opened up his senses, which was what he intended to speak with Bannon about, once they were a bit further away.
  15. "They found you, I'd say." Broadside admitted, causing Carver to look up at the nova elite. "Unfortunately, military intelligence said they were a different group entirely, and we found them." The ominous import of those words were clear, and Broadside didn't say another word. She merely pushed the door clearly open to the outside and walked out. ----- Mel growled as he snatched the trunk open and snagged out medical aid kits, the requested body bag and more. He was cursing both military intelligence and the damn civvies for making this a wasted crapshoot and he barely noticed Genie's expression. Grimson had always been the hardest of the bunch, to the point where like now, it got alarming. Mel, uncaring, hoisted the load of supplies, somehow finding space to reasonably carry everything, and started back to the scene.
  16. Atlanta girlishly smiled back, cyan eyes glancing over the LBD and the shoes, then peering through the glass into the interior of the shop. "I do. I really do." Atlanta and Carver burst into the boutique, eyes alight, as only a pair of girls looking for the perfect dress could. The saleswoman grunted, "Americans," in her heavily accented voice, though she wasn't sure about the shorter blonde - there was something about her that suggested French, but that wasn't much better - then came over to them with a solicitous smile. They may not have shared a language, but the language of dress shopping was universal. "Kako Vam mogu pomoći danas?*" Both women's smiles widened and they took her up on her offer. Atlanta picked her choices almost at random, inhuman grace and agility letting her switch outfits in mere seconds. A tactical portion of her mind kept up a running commentary about certain colours making it difficult to be stealthy, the lack of fabric giving no place to conceal any weapons or gadgets, and the longer skirts being in danger of tangling with her legs after quick movements until she kindly told it to shut-the-fuck-up and then ignored it. Her bio-polymer seemed reluctant to cover less of her skin too, but she was having none of it, regulating it to being underwear - and considering the cuts of some of the dresses - pretty damned brief underwear too. Tactical-her needn't have worried about the longer skirts, seemed like off-duty-her preferred skirts that ended above the knee, or at least were slit up to the thigh, to show off her legs. Which Carver and their saleswoman, Jovanka, couldn't fault her - she had a dancer's legs, obviously muscular, but long and sleek with astonishing tone. And she showed them off to even greater advantage by not being adverse in the least to a pair of high heels, in which she was able to maneuver in as easily as the most comfortable pair of walking shoes. Tactical-her grumbled to her about what could go wrong with them until she pointed out that they were no harder for her to walk in than her bare feet and that if necessary, she could drive the heel through someone's skull. Tactical her mused on that, then subsided, rather pleased with the thought. Though Jovanks was beginning to get annoyed with these women who wanted to try everything without actually buying anything, Atlanta found out she despised pointy-toed shoes, instead opting for open- and rounded-toes. She also found out she had completely forgotten how much pretty clothing cost - the price of the shoes almost made her goggle, though she quickly hid her reaction when she saw Carver murmured something about there must be a sale going on. She couldn't figure out why something with less fabric ended up costing more either... But she still wanted it. She ended up buying two dresses: a racy, little black number with an asymmetric hem and cut-outs in the bodice and a cute, pleated teal dress that flared with the lightest turn. With the pair of five-inch heels and a pair of ankle-boots, Atlanta ended spending far more than she expected, and didn't regret it in the least. Click to reveal.. (Dresses) "Now, I just need a reason to wear this stuff... Other than for the sake of just wearing it," Atlanta commented to Carver with a wry twist to her lips.
  17. Bannon glanced at Keller and nodded approval. "Good plan. Keep in contact with us and HQ, and let me know when you find something." Bannon didn't deal in 'if' where investigations had leads. There was always something to find: even the absence of clues was in itself a thing of import in this business. As Truth began to do her thing the field leader bid her, Keller and Jag a final farewell, bowed to the Devi one last time, then turned to Ingersoll and, with a slight jerk of his head, indicated that the clairsentient should follow him. As they exited the temple Bannon shook a cigarette out of his travel case and raised it to his lips, the end flaming of its own accord as he brushed it with a touch of pyrokinesis. He took a deep puff, then sighed the smoke out and looked at Daniel. "We'll wait here for Grimson to finish his sweep and come back, then go down to the jeep and get ready to travel."
  18. Truth nodded in agreement, letting the pack of equipment that she'd been carrying on her shoulder drop down to her arm. She opened it up and began to rummage through it, finally pulling out a digital camera. She hefted the bag back onto her shoulder, but before she began taking any pictures, she turned back to the Hindu nova and bowed courteously. "Devi, would it be alright if I took a few photographs - for investigational purposes? Just because something doesn't seem relevant to us now doesn't mean it might not later, and we would very much appreciate being able to reference them as we hunt for the thieves."
  19. "Someone should go to the most recent theft site too," Keller suggested. "They may have made mistakes or left clues there they didn't here. It'll be fresher too." He glanced at the others. "I won't be much help chasing down or fighting ninjas. I therefore volunteer to go to Nako. Jag and Dr.Montenegro can catch up when they're done here."
  20. Bannon looked around his bedroom/office. As promised, his secure OpNet terminal had been re-activated and his baggage had been placed on his bed. Of more immediate interest was his passkey, along with a scribbled down suggestion from Lee that his old lab space was sealed down under level 5 protocols and would need to be reopened and it's OpNet access re-established. It occurred to Bannon then that when he'd left on his hiatus, he'd left a lot of cryo-preserved specimens in the storage area of his lab, including some interesting Indian/African hybrids... Well, it couldn't hurt to reopen the lab and get it all back online. He'd need a place to store and replenish his various supplies of chemical and pharmaceutical toys. Scooping up his passkey Bannon headed off towards the science floor. ====== He'd found his lab, locked down as expected. The passkey opened it up, though, and for half an hour he'd just roamed around taking the dust-covers off his old equipment. The growing trays, the centrifuges, the miniature greenhouses complete with solar-charged artificial lights that were 99% identical to sunlight that Thierry had designed for him... It was all there. And set into one wall: a series of sliding drawers, each containing specimen jars, the plants inside frozen unto the point of stasis and no further. And at the far end was his vault. Bannon stood before the heavy door and stared at it for awhile. Then, with a mental shrug, he swiped his passkey through the reader and gripped the handle. Micro-sensors embedded in the metal skin read his fingerprints and skin conductivity. Satisfied that he was him and not under any emotional duress, the vault clicked open, the various other, less friendly security measures disarmed themselves. Inside were containers. Lots and lots of containers, all labelled in Bannon's own shorthand. He walked the length of the vault, green eyes roaming over the bottles, the vials before reaching the spray canisters disguised as breath spray or shaving foam dispensers, the pens, drink containers, pill bottles, even some wristwatches with hidden reservoirs good for one shot at the right time. His armory. Selecting a few items from the racks and pocketing them, he turned and walked out of the vault, sealing it behind him again. Briskly, he exited the lab and locked it behind him before wandering in search of someone to ask about his OpNet connection... "...back to unlocking the secrets of the universe!" Those words weren't the same as he would have picked, the accent was American rather than French, but the general message, along with the relish and humor with which they were spoken was so close to Thierry's idiom that Bannon nearly thought he was having auditory hallucinations. He stopped, turning towards the doorway the voice had come from. Pushing the door open, the first person he recognised was Willow Carver. Beside her was a harassed looking man who had the words 'assistant to a great mind' practically stamped on his head. The other two in the room Bannon recognised from his reading material: Dr's Anna Gravinsky and Michal Wesson. Gravinsky was a competent physicist, and Wesson was a nova megabrain. Finally was a slim red-head that Bannon recognised as the 'new girl', Eva Parker from Section 2. Politely, if belatedly, Bannon knocked on the door by way of announcing himself. "Good morning."
  21. To:Michal Wesson Cc: Lee Bc: Director Stefokowski Subject: RE: So far, so good Michal, Glad to hear things are going so well. Good to know. C- To: Director Stefokowski Subject: RE: So far, so good Dir. Stefokowski, Regarding Wesson's previous message: my op was need to know, so how does he know? Either way, I'm not going to reply to him further - let me know if you need my further assistance with this issue. C- Click to reveal.. (Courier New?) Courier New is not an option for me in my menu and just typing it in didn't work. Went to Lucida Console. Just giving everyone a heads up.
  22. Carver giggled. “That’s the spirit,” she said with a grin. This was going to be fun and if Jaunt didn’t want to shop too, he could bounce around and have some fun on his own. She glanced around the plaza they were waiting in, her eyes lighting up when she saw the clothing shop on the corner. Standing, she waved Atlanta to follow her. “Fortunately, I think I was kind enough to drop us near a clothing store,” Carver added with a grin as she carried on Jaunt’s joke. What had drawn the doctor was a fairly upscale boutique; the front window was filled with dresses for the skinny and wealthy. Cute shoes were gracing the manikins’ feet while various accessories completed the look. “Do you like that?” she asked, pointing at a classic black dress. “I really like the way the skirt hangs on that one.” She glanced at Atlanta. “Want to find your style of clothing?” she asked with an eager smile.

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