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  1. What's new in this game
  2. Thanks for the page annotations. It'll help immensely. Does this mean we're getting close to showtime?
  3. Before we start just a few reminders for you all (amended with pg #'s) Brush up on and do not forget about: Dramatic Editing - (pg. 193-197) pending Inspiration - (pg. 153) Your Inspiration Facets - (pg. 152-153) Bonuses for good description - (Pg. 198 sidebar "Stunts and Props") These are all things that can help you a great deal.
  4. Before we start just a few reminders for you all. Brush up on and do not forget about: Dramatic Editing Spending Inspiration Your Inspiration Facets Bonuses for good description These are all things that can help you a great deal.
  5. This is the dedicated combat thread where we can post initiative and actions. Once resolved it will be summed up back in the thread in which the combat is taking place.
  6. I am doing the final touches on some NPCs and working out the last of initial hooks right now. Beginnings are always a difficult thing. We will probably be starting this week or weekend.
  7. Yeah, as this seems to not be going off I'm freeing this character account up for other games that may come up.
  8. Shhhh... don't let the bad guys know that! It's all part of the clever ruse!
  9. There has been a change of concept... no longer a gunslinger here. Naomi uses a sword and not extremely well. She's just a detective... well a prodigal detective, but still... no guns here. Not yet at least.
  10. Some slang of the period... ,, SHWAY Cool; awesome "The new Batmobile is totally shway." RIPS Kicks ass "Have you tried the new game? It rips!" ,, SLAMMING Kidding "You gotta be slamming me." BURN IT ,, Step on the gas; Hurry up ,, "Batman is on our tail. Burn it!" ,, ,, SLAG Wreck; destroy "That was a bad accident. He totally slagged his new car." SLAGIT Damnit "Slagit! Batman is after us." DREG Lowlife; deadbeat "I have better things to do than hang around with a dreg like you." TWIP An annoying person; idiot; twerp; twit "My little brother is such a twip." CREDITS (or Creds) Money stored on cards (Credcards) "I'd go to the movie with you, but I don't have the credits." FIZ A popular beverage among underage kids/teens "Wanna hang out and get a fiz?" REM Sleep "I have been studying so hard that I am seriously rem deprived."
  11. Around the turn of the century several serious attempts were made to conquer the Earth by Darkseid and his forces from Apokolips (including a brainwashed Superman) several times, the Imperium (which brought about the formation of the Justice League), and the Thanagarians (among others). ,, The end result of these invasions has been largely twofold... ,, First, humanity now fully grasps that it is a part of a much greater galactic community. Earth has been rather isolationist though since the general populous has a somewhat negative opinion of aliens in general. ,, And second, the governments and corporations of the world grabbed up as much of the alien technology as could and began to reverse engineering it. ,, ,, Technology ,, The reverse engineering of the various alien technology, largely led by Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp, resulted in an enormous tech boom. ,, Things like anti-gravity technology become rather commonplace, the most often seen form of which is the AG car or truck. AG technology is so common that it is used in various forklifts and even arcade games. High schools even have AG Hockey teams, an AG variant of hockey played in a large, tube-shaped arenas that generate the AG field. ,, ,, ,, ,, Things like neural interfaces can be seen nearly daily, usually in the form of a 'halo', allowing the swift operation of complex machinery, such as GoLeMs. ,, A GoLeM operator using a 'halo' interface. A GoLeM (Galvanic Lifter Machine) in operation. ,, ,, Energy weapons have largely replaced the projectile firing handgun. (Most stats are still roughly the same, but now they are just energy weapons) ,, ,, Cybernetics and have advanced greatly though are highly restricted except in the case of a medical prosthetics (when a cloned replacement is not possible), and even then cybernetics are not legally allowed to exceed human norms. ,, ,, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have also seen significant progress. The most common robots are simple cleaning units (like the Rhumba's big brother) that roll or hover above the ground, vacuuming, spraying a cleaning solution, mopping, pushing chairs back in place. Automation is manufacturing is now even more commonplace as well. ,, A typical vacuum & mopping robot (roughly 2 feet long) ,, ,, Humanoid (in shape, not appearance) androids are used in training simulations and other purposes as well. Androids are strictly regulated. Synthoids (androids made to look and behave human) are illegal. ,, ,, ,, Artificial Intelligence exists in varying levels. The news in Gotham is delivered by an AI anchorman and anchorwoman. These limited AI's are programmed to be pleasing, somewhat cheerful and engaging. ,, The GNN AI anchorman in a typical broadcast ,, ,, Humanity has maintained several space stations in orbit around the Earth as well as other planets of the solar system along with several research stations and even colonies. ,, ,, Transportation ,, Most people who have personal transportation still use wheeled cars and motorcycles on Neo-Gotham's elevated roadways. Nicer cars and some large construction vehicles use limited AG, allowing them to hover a few feet off the ground resulting in a smoother ride, less wear and tear on the road. ,, AG technology has also led to the creation of the "aerodyne" (a full AG flying car). Aerodynes for personal transport come in a variety of sizes and models (from economy to luxury), just like the cars they resemble. ,, A mid-range aerodyne. Seats 4 GCPD Patrol Car aerodyne. Armed & Seats 2 GCPD Patrol Car aerodyne landed ,, ,, Police even still use mostly wheeled cars with the occasional aerodyne or and LTA craft. The fire department and paramedics use aerodynes as well, which is a must in a city that is so vertical. ,, GCPD cars and aerodyne bike (from the rear) ,, High-speed Mag-Lev trains connect Gotham to both Metropolis and Blüdhaven with much limited service late at night. ,, A city as vertical as Neo-Gotham certainly has a multitude of elevators, though most only carry 5-10 passengers and service a small number of levels (5-10 levels typically) forcing a pedestrian in most areas to take multiple elevators, escalators and/or even stairs if they wish to traverse a significant number of levels. To help compensate for this, elevators in some areas serve as major vertical thoroughfares for pedestrians (akin to a vertical bus route) servicing anywhere from dozens of levels to the entire vertical height of the city. In these areas the common elevator is replaced with one roughly the size of a bus or subway car, complete with seating, multiple monitors with a constant news feed and the occasional street performer, small vendor or GCPD officer. ,, . The GCPD in various uniforms. The white/black uniformed officers drive the patrol cars/aerodynes and respond to calls. The gray/yellow uniformed officer walks a beat. Note the rain garb incorporated into the uniform. ,, ,, More to come...
  12. I honestly don't worry about overlap with me. Naomi might need someone with a heater watching her back if she goes in unarmed. To be honest, I like some overlap.
  13. Cool! I finished the sheet for Whisper, and she turned out pretty sweet; I dropped Firearms altogether, so that can be more Naomi's thing.
  14. ,, Areodyne has been a cyberpunk term since like the 80's, and virtually every cyberpunk setting has LTA blimps with huge moving bilboards on and sides and some for police as well.
  15. Is it assumed we're sort of just starting out at this hero, and are therefore kind of growing into the role? Darlene turned out pretty sweet, but she's no Batman, which is cool and all. I didn't have the points for Cloak of Dread, but Brain Skimming, Cloud the Mind and Teledigitation are still a sweet package.

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