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  2. "Leave him be then." Adam said calmly, standing up with a tired grunt. "Things are weird enough without us accidentally hurting own while trying to rouse them." ,, He stood up and looked about. Just as Kylie said things were dimming despite the light, like the darkness was choking every bit of light they had. His hand was on his sidearm as he looked around. "Alright, Mrs. Kendrick, the important thing here is to not panic. We're awake and we're alert, that's important. Keep close your friend if he's not waking, in case he starts to come to. I'm going to have a look around, I won't go far." ,, He clicked his tongue twice and Tulpa was at his side ready to go. "We'll stay within sight, don't worry." ,, Adam and Tulpa began walking a small perimeter around their camp site. All the while they were never more that a few meters away and occasionally Adam looked back to Kylie and offered her a reassuring smile or smirk. ,,
  3. She shook her head dismissively at his apology as he awoke. "It's no problem, it's just.. it's getting dark in here. Not like dark from the outdoors, but dark in here, even though the lights are still on." ,, Jimmy, meanwhile, had made his way over to Mathis. He'd tried to wake him up quietly, it didn't seem to be working, and the teenage boy's voice took on a louder, more urgent tone. "Hey man, wake up! Come on, you've got to get up!" He grabbed his arm harder and shook him, but nothing he did would make the bookish-looking man stir. ,, "Kylie, it's not working, he won't wake up. This is freaky!" He stood up and backed away as Kylie stood, hurrying over and taking his place in front of the unconscious lawyer. ,, She didn't have much in the way of medical training, but she looked him over briefly. His eyes were moving rapidly under his eyelids, dream-like, and she pressed her fingertips into his neck as if searching for a pulse. She obviously felt one, for she renewed the attempts to wake him by slapping her hand several times lightly against his cheek, trying to conceal her own climbing sense of panic as best she could, her voice firm and loud as she spoke in an attempt to pierce through whatever kind of trance he seemed to be under. "Mathis - MATHIS. WAKE UP." ,, In a final attempt, she pulled back her hand and slapped him - firmly - across the side of the face. Still, other than the sharp movement of his head from the impact, and the continued flicker of his eyes beneath his eyelids, he didn't stir. She stood up, shrugging helplessly and looking a bit freaked out. "He's alive, but I don't know what's going on. It's like he's dreaming, and he just won't wake up." ,,
  4. Okay, can I get Perception + Awareness rolls from those in the Front Room, please. For those that are Deeper, I just need to know if you guys are gonna try to force the magnetic lock some way or backtrack to the offices or look around in this area for any conveniently abandoned badges. If the last choice, please also give me a Perception + Awareness roll. ,, Also, if you guys wanna break out in line dancing or whatever in the halls, feel free. Those were the three ideas that seemed bandied around, but don't feel locked into them. ,, Let's get Azure goin' again!
  5. It was a weird sort of rest. Adam didn't remember when exactly he fell asleep or the last thing he was doing right before, only that he was working on the survival packs then suddenly Jimmy was shaking him back into consciousness. Groggy and slow Adam came to, unsure of his surroundings as he thoguht of exactly what put him under. ,, "Tulpa?" He said lazily, and there he was, raising his head and looking at Adam with the 'what? time to do stuff?' lazy look dogs tend to get. He looked to Kylie, wiping the sleep from the bridge of his nose. "What's up? Sorry, I guess I fell asleep..."
  6. Krystal had the opposite reaction, stiffly refusing to huddle up with the others as they moved down the halls. Even if she was... concerned - and she wasn't saying she was, those were perfectly normal noises in the ducts, they were! - she wasn't about to admit it and be seen as she stupid chick with big tits in every cheesy horror movie ever. ,, Though she was starting to regret leaving Fraz behind with the others. ,, Krystal frowned at the obstinate doors, stubbornly trying them despite little hope they would open. And she was right, they rattled, but held, locks still engaged. The short, curvy woman glared at the doors, a hand on her hip, as if her disapproval alone would make the doors open. ,, "If power were cut to the locks, they'd probably disengage as a safety feature," Krystal responded to Lily's query, giving the double doors a look over. "But I'll need a lot more than my Swiss Army Knife to do that. On the other hand..." ,, The red-head pointed at the red rectangle of the fire alarm next to the doors. "... tripping the alarm should do the same, if we want to deal the siren for who knows how long. Normally, you need the fire department or a special key and know where the control panel is to turn it off." ,, Krystal suppressed a shiver, arms wrapped tight around herself. With the siren ringing, they wouldn't get any sleep, and if there were anything... unnatural like Lily and Bili claimed they saw and what she thought she saw, they wouldn't hear them coming. Hearing each other would be hard enough. ,, "I don't think that's a good idea," Krystal said, glancing over her should back the way they came. "We should head back and check the offices. Not necessarily for people who may be hiding there," she added with a nod at Bili, "but we'd have a better chance of finding a badge there, either in someone's possession or laying around on a labcoat or desk or something."
  7. I am still interested, but much like Dawn, somewhat distracted by lots of goings-on.
  8. Still in for it, just distracted by life atm.
  9. Lily found herself drifting closer and closer to the others in the group as they went, and watching the ceilings and walls more than the floor. She had gruesome images of snakey things bursting from the light fixtures and grabbing someone before sucking them back up out of sight. Spitting a bloody skeleton back down might thereafter take place. ,, She'd watched entirely too many cheesy horror movies growing up. ,, At the sight of the locked doors she shook her head. ,, "That can't be right. There must be some way to open them. What if people got trapped behind doors like that?" Lily went over to the barred portal and started hunting for some manual control or switch or something that might turn off the locks.
  10. She'd just finished a message herself regarding their location after responding to the Kansas University people. That might be something to consider, if they couldn't figure out what was going on. She clicked on the button to post her message, and then closed the laptop. ,, "Hey. Hey guys - everybody. Is it dark in here to anybody? Like.. weird dark?" ,, Jimmy glanced up then, looking around. It took him a moment to realize the darkness wasn't the result of lights going out, that something else strange might be happening. "Yeah, it's.. weird. Like it's foggy, or something." ,, "Jimmy, wake him up," she directed with a motion towards Mathis. She made her way out from behind the desk and towards the cop. She kneeled down next to Adam, not touching him yet. He'd mentioned something about amnesia, and she didn't know if he had some sort of PTSD or something, so she didn't want to startle him. "Sergeant. Sergeant Bristow, wake up."
  11. I'm absolutely still up for it. I don't think I needed to go post, but will go check and do so if it's appropriate.
  12. I'm still interested.... Just got to build up momentum once more.
  13. Finally got the Deeper post up! Please do IC posts or let me know here if you've lost momentum for the game. I know it's been a fair amount of time.
  14. Deeper ,, Every flicker of the emergency lights - meaning the normal lights, but only about every third set down the hallway - sent people tensing or even jumping. The further into the hospital they went, the more often they heard odd noises, clicks and rattles from the air ducts that could just be the air conditioner attempting to turn on but also sounded disturbingly like scraping noises. No monsters jumped out of closets or rooms on their way to the ICU, though, so whatever had happened in the police station seemed confined to there for now. ,, The doors to the ICU presented the same challenge that the doors to the ER had: RFID locks still held quite firmly shut by their magnetic bars and the emergency power. Very dimly from the other side, the group could make out what must be a cacophony of alarms sounding in the rooms beyond.
  15. I've got a Front Room update done, still working on the Deeper update. Hopefully I'll have it up by later today.
  16. Front Room ,, While Adam finished up the packs, Khris took the paper and pen and made crude little sketches of things, writing down the words that went with them, including "paper" and "pencil". On their computers, Kylie and Jimmy found the internet a stop-and-go process. Many site were already down, the power cut the servers they were stored on, most likely. Some of the blogs were still going, though, and the comments sections had become impromptu chat forums. The number of posters back and forth had dropped dramatically over the last two hours and those that were left were quickly abandoning the vestiges of "internet stranger security" and posting up phone numbers and addresses, looking for others near them. So far, the closest people Jimmy or Kylie could find were a clutch of students in Manhattan, Kansas at the Kansas State University. ,, Kylie found herself rubbing her eyes after a bit and realized that she'd been squinting at the monitor. The room had gotten dim at some point and it was hard to read the text on screen anymore. The lights were still on, but it was as if a black fog was every so slowly - and perfectly evenly - filling up the room. Across from her, Jimmy was also squinting at the rectangle of light that made up his screen, and Khris and Tejah were barely inches apart now as they went back and forth over the piece of paper and added little pictures and words to it. At some point, Adam must have finished the packs; he was leaning up against a support beam when Kylie saw him again, eyes closed and apparently asleep.
  17. Helena grimaced, rubbing her temples; the headache that had been lurking around the edges of her skull all day had apparently had enough of just throbbing ominously once in a while. As much as she'd have loved to just grab some ibuprofen from her purse, though, she resisted the temptation. It was just a headache, after all, and they might actually need it later. ,, "I say we head for the ICU, see if there's anyone who needs attention, and then the NICU and Maternity. Those are the most critical areas to start off. Any other patients should still be fine by the time we finish making the rounds." ,, Peering into the dim stillness of the hallway ahead of them, she took a deep breath and unsnapped the catch on her holster. They hadn't seen any evidence of looters or anything dangerous so far, but... Just in case.
  18. The update post will probably be delayed a few days due to pain meds. I keep trying to put j's in words. Hopefully I'll be able to work my way through today or tomorrow, but it might be as late as the weekend depending on how quickly my knee heals up.
  19. Sheba was still curled up with Jimmy, who was petting her. He had picked up a magazine that now lay open and unread on his lap as he stared off into space, trying to wrap his mind around what was going on. Resa finally abandoned her post, hopped up on the desk next to Kylie and laid down, eyes closed for a brief catnap. ,, After listening to the chatter over the baby monitor for a few minutes, Kylie picked up her iPhone and began to scroll through some internet pages she'd visited before. It was small, and web-browsing on a phone screen was never as efficient. So after a couple minutes, she flipped over to the wi-fi setting of her phone on a hunch, and waiting as it scanned for local hotspots. It picked up on a St. Luke's guest access network, so she went over and dug through her and Khris's stuff. She pulled out the laptop that the other woman was never without, pulled it out of the case, and plugged it in behind the desk. "Khris, hon, there's a guest network here that seems to be working okay, so I'm gonna use your laptop if you don't mind. Hit the internet for a bit, see what I can figure out. If anyone has any ideas about what to search for, let me know." ,, Jimmy's head perked up, and he stood up too, eliciting a mew of protest from the calico-colored cat as she hopped down onto the floor. "Yeah, good idea - I'll help. Two web browsers are better than one." ,, He pulled out his own laptop, an apple-green shell-covered Macbook Pro covered in random anime and music stickers, and Kylie grinned, the corner of her mouth lifting a little wryly at him. "You're a Mac guy, huh?" ,, "Yeah, I got it for Christmas a couple years ago, I can use it to do some pretty cool stuff mixing my music, post videos on YouTube, that kind of stuff, you know? I've got a pretty good following." He opened it up and sat back down, pressing the power button so that it would start up. ,, Kylie nodded and her smile became encouraging, as she tried not to let her worry show through too much. It didn't seem like there were many people left to care about YouTube videos anymore, and this kid's talents seemed about as useful as hers were for surviving the end of the world, or whatever this was. "That's awesome. You'll have to show me a video some time. Anyway, glad I'm not the only Mac lover around here. Mine was too big to haul around, I have an iMac with the big twenty-seven inch screen." ,, He let out a low whistle, obviously impressed in that way that teenage boys usually were by a big, bad-ass version of whatever they were into, whether it was cars or computers. "That's pretty sweet - you a graphic artist or something?" ,, "No, not a graphic artist. Interior design, actually. I'm a bit of a traditional artist too, but it's more of a hobby, and I use standard mediums for that. Pen or pencil and paper, mostly. The screen size was nice for drafting though, and that's part of why I got it..." Across the room, Khris let out a snort of amusement, and Kylie rolled her eyes in response. "But mostly, it's because I just prefer Apple stuff, always have.. and I really wanted the twenty-seven inch. I was playing a lot of WoW at the time, and let me tell you.. it looked awesome." ,, As they talked they googled, each doing their best to find anything from people who had posted after all of this went down. Kylie grabbed a piece of paper and began jotting notes, names and locations or anything else that might relate to their current predicament or help them find any of the others who had been left behind. ,,
  20. Wow... just, wow. ,, Okay, at no point in time were any of my posts passive aggressive. I did not intend them that way and if you chose to read them as such, that's on you. Go looking for a fight and you'll find one, as they say. Text does not convey tone or inflection, and had you heard me speaking my posts aloud you would had seen I was sincere and even a little tongue-in-cheek about it. ,, At this point I'm walking away from the OOC thread completely. I didn't post a single thing looking to argue with people so it's best not to be present since it's obvious that's what you're looking to do. Don't bother replying to this post because it will not be read. Do not PM me, I will delete it. Don't even send me a letter, since we have nothing to discuss. ,, If Adam is needed posting, place something in the shout box to call my attention to it. Of course, you have the option of not calling on me at all, if you don't want Adam in your game, simply don't bother letting me know I'm up and I'll fade away. No harm done and no hard feelings.
  21. Dave, please read posts more carefully. There was a discussion in the ER room about going to look for survivors and skipping the pharmacy for now. There are also two other PCs (Tejah and Kylie) besides Adam in the ER, one of whom has the receiving end of a baby monitor so that those in the ER room can hear what is going on with the other group. If Adam is ignoring that, fine, but the points you brought up were done from (as I read it) an OOC perspective and are some are simply incorrect from what has been written. ,, I have stated that I have plans for both groups. Adam is not being sidelined, I was simply trying to give all the players in each group a chance to post before I moved on. I figured for the group in the ER that there might be some conversation rp possibilities, but if that is leaving you feeling like your PC is being ignored, then I'll move on to more action-oriented moments in the storyline. ,, "That way at least something is happening in that thread." is exactly a passive-aggressive bullshit answer. You want to be pissed at Carver? Send her a damn PM. That goes for everyone from this point forward. If your criticism isn't constructive and polite - I don't want to see it here. I'm done with dealing with people's pissing matches in the OOC of my games. It's killed three of them at least as this sort of sniping in OOC makes me not want to deal with the game. If you're bored in the thread or feel you've been waiting on someone, most especially me, to do something for too long, then say so - politely. ,, I am pretty upset right now if that wasn't glaringly obvious. Kylie and Helena have until Wednesday to post and hopefully by then I will have regained enough emotional equilibrium to feel up to putting in my own posts and moving the game forward.
  22. It's hard to keep up with the posts because often they don't make sense. Example: in the first thread Bili possessed the attitude of survival of the fittest and was all for looking out for herself. One thread later she's all about searching for survivors and helping babies. She completely 180ed her personality in less than a couple of hours of game time. After Adam had mentioned the situation with the locks and the security, it goes on to say that everyone was looking for badges so they could get into places, not 'they decided not to look for drugs'. Adam saw people leave and no one filled him on the change of plans, he is under the assumption that there is a drug group and a rescue group. ,, The reason he's not looking for survivors is because you don't need a large group to do that. While everyone is out looking about it's wasting time that could be spent getting up a beacon that rescuers could see... you know, rescuers that could care for the people you guys find in the hospital. Adam isn't a doctor, he can't help them but what he can do is make sure the people he does see walking around is properly cared for and has the means to survive on their own in case they separated (which seems to be a reoccurring theme). If you need him, you know where he is. ,, I didn't have any issues and I wasn't being passive aggressive. I stated everything pretty straight forward from my point of view. ,, I have issues now. You're right, it does piss people off, I'm pretty well and pissed now, thanks for that. ,, If no one is doing anything then I'll get an Adam post started with him working on something that might lure out potential aerial rescue teams. It'll be a third team, but at least Google-Eyes and her companion will something more to do than drawing on the table. That way at least something is happening in the thread.
  23. If you'd bothered to read other people's posts, you'd know that the group in the hospital isn't looking for drugs, they're only looking for people to help. I get it, you're sore that they didn't listen to your PC. You'd think that as a cop Adam would be behind the rescue of injured or helpless people but if he's not, that's cool. Mala said she has something planned for both groups so even if you feel sidelined, you aren't. ,, I'm waiting for Helena or Mala at this point. From what I've read, I think the group in the hospital was waiting on Helena to pick a direction (IIRC most of the people there were looking to her to lead). The group in the lobby is putting together backpacks with Adam and waiting on something to change that status quo. ,, If you have an issue, don't present it like in this passive aggressive way. All it does is piss people off and in some cases, make them unwilling to post in the game at all to avoid the BS. That doesn't help posting at all.
  24. I don't see that searching for sick people who might be suddenly left alone and in need of help is wild. ,, It's one thing to play the martyr IC...but sometimes it seems like you're taking it OOC too.
  25. I'm just waiting for everyone to get back from what they were doing. I hate to play the sidelines, but Adam was a strong voice in the whole 'we need to stay away from the prescription medication' talk and his words went on deaf ears since it seemed unanimous that drugs are the only thing the group really needs to focus on. ,, Adam is in the lobby, working on things that actually deal with the survival of the group, not excursions and wild adventures to search for people or load up on drugs. Once he's done with the kits he'll go to the roof and set up a flare and a watch post and hope someone with a helicopter survived (which is not unlikely if anyone in the military has started gathering up survivors). I was giving others some time to post since it would take him some time to make enough kits for everyone. Searching the hospital is only detracting from time that could be spent on setting up a beacon that would summon nearby help (if any exists). ,, And the group needn't fear not having antibiotics. Antibiotics are quite common in the first aid kits found within ambulances, which are a lot less secure than the hospital pharmacy. ,, In the meantime, Adam is in the lobby with the googly-eyed NPC and a PC who can't speak English but is incredibly adept and glaring at white people with fear, scorn, and contempt.

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