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  1. What's new in this game
  2. I guessed as much Dari, but that is not in Akira's nature if she can participate directly. Since their Attack bonus is the same, Akira at least would not insist it be the other way around. I just assumed the answers to my questions as Dave did not answer and the site moved to really throw a wrench in the works.
  3. Okay, we moved sites and it took me awhile to figure out what was going on. Now I need to figure out how to get notification emails again.
  4. Akira follows Dari, calmly but hustling out of necessity as they move to their battle stations. As Dari settles into the controls of one gun turret, the Padawan climbs into the control seat for the other turret. "Milady, I suggest we concentrate our fire on the incoming fighters, one at a time. I will try to follow up your hits with ones of my own." Actions 2 Move Actions to get into position at the second gun turret
  5. Quick question before I can post. We have two turrets with separate fire linked cannons, not two turrets fire linked, right? Dari is intending to man one gun turret herself and asking Akira to stand and watch? I would rather know if the other turret is readily available or not before I post. Thnx.
  6. Layel stared ahead at the gunner's controls, regretting his decision to fill in at the Jedi's ship. But only briefly, as emotionless eyes tracked the movements of an oncoming TIE fighter. These fighters were fast and many, but as the speed in the world helps for frak against a good gunner... he fired away. Click to reveal.. Move Action to power up the weapons:Standard Action to fire at an oncoming TIE: Attack Bonus 7 + Ship Bonus 5 + Synergy Bonus 2 for 5 ranks of Pilot = +14. 1d20+14=25 Damage Jeremy *rolls* 5d10: 9+3+5+1+5: 23 x 2 = 46
  7. Ship statistics are posted in the rules and errata thread. Scroll down to the bottom. Sorry it took me so long, been a busy couple of weeks.
  8. The Crew of the Ambassador's ship are, namely the Captain, are taken from Dari's list of NPCs. In this case Jax is piloting the ship. There was mention of him preparing the ship and being it's pilot previously. I'll get you guys the ship's models later, this slowed down so much that I misplaced my notes (i.e threw em out the last time I cleaned the house), so get them redone and reposted. Keep in mind also that unless you're Dari... you actually don't know anything about the ship or the crew. You guys just met these people and have no idea what they're packin' in their ship. Let alone who they are and what they do aboard it.
  9. I'm winging it here Akira, and making up some of the crew as I go along, though I assume Dave will be doing the rolls for them. I'm going to assume that the ship has a pilot and co-pilot. (Davbr and Jax, respectively) I think it's safe to assume we don't have any gunners, that people fill in where they can and with what they know. There might be a protocol droid around somewhere, maybe not. Up until now it's been an Ambassadorial ship, and probably hasn't seen a lot of combat. I don't know exactly what Star is planning, whether he means to pilot the ship or man the weapons or what.. but since Dari has no idea what the free droid is capable of, I'm playing her as if she doesn't realize he's going to be contributing just yet.
  10. Dari was back in the medical bay with the Ambassador, but when she heard the pilot's announcement, she squeezed her father's shoulder firmly, and then hurried out of the room even as she was responding. "Davbr, Akira and I will try and hold them off on one of the laser cannons while you and Jax get us out of here!" She motioned for Akira to follow and hurried down the hallway and scrambled into the gunport, blinking slightly with surprise that the weapon was already powered up. She took hold of the controls and settled into her seat as she did a quick scan of the target screen and the incoming fighters. Click to reveal.. I'm assuming here that getting into position will take Dari the whole round. If I'm incorrect about that, Dave, let me know and I'll add to the post.
  11. Originally Posted By: AkiraShe inquires of the Captain, "How are you situated for gunners, Captain? Though I am not trained properly in their operation, I am fairly decent with a blaster and combat in general. If I can be of use, I offer my services." I preparing for my turn, I remembered that I still never received an answer for this question. Knowing nothing about the ship or the crew, I have no idea on the answer myself. Who's running the Captain?
  12. Okay. I've sent a quick question to Dave just to clarify a rules issue, then I'll have a post up.
  13. "Sewing something up?" Dar'Krin suggested deadpan, a sparkle in his black eyes. Shaya looked askance at him, and the slender Nagai shrugged. "We could stand here guessing, or we could simply pack the needle and thread and embark on our assignment." He smiled broadly. "Our first assignment. We've been entrusted, you and I. Don't tell me you don't feel honored by the Saarai-kaar's trust?" "Concerned, more like." she shot back, a small smile playing around her lips as she sighed. "But you're right. We should pack - not forgetting the needle and thread. Ryloth..." She glanced at the large doors behind her and shrugged. "A desert world. Bear that in mind, my friend." "I certainly shall." Dar'Krin said with a flourishing bow before he spun and strode off towards his quarters, excitement obvious in his gait. Action. Adventure. At last!
  14. Originally Posted By: Dave STThe explanation looks like no one involved has anything remotely resembling a social life.Whatever. I will go crawl back in my dungeon and come out when it is my turn in August.
  15. The explanation looks like no one involved has anything remotely resembling a social life. I will usually roll initiative, mostly because it's faster than posting for everyone to do it then waiting 24-48 hours for everyone to get around to rolling a single die. Whether I do it, or you do it the result will be the same (1d20+mod). As far as posting time, I think it's already been said that you have 48 hours to post, that's how we did it in the first combat, more or less. If it will please the court, I can go on and right up a Combat Thread, like Dawn has, and I'll post the standard 'flow' rules there so we're all on the same page. As a general rule though guys, we have 48 post once the person ahead of us in the initiative roster has their action.
  16. Originally Posted By: Dawn, OOCBut your system above sounds like we'd be sacrificing part of the game, the flow of combat, just to speed things up.Really? I don't see how, please explain. Originally Posted By: Dawn, OOCCombat isn't a numbers game to get through as rapidly as possible. It's part of the story, because some awesome, incredible things can happen during a fight. Things like initiative and which player goes first are behind the scenes of a player's post and an artificiality of the game. Regardless of the mechanics, the player is still writing their part of the scene so I fail to see how this would adversely affect anything for a player's individual part in the story. Sorry, I fail to understand your point. While my explanation focused on time as the main issue (which is our problem at the moment), it assumes the content of the player's post will be the same regardless. I certainly treat my combat posts as role-playing opportunities and situations where we should continue to interact with each other. Perhaps if people didn't have to wait so many days for their turn to come up, they would be more excited and post even more meaningfully when the round begins. So my proposal is to let the players resolve their actions in order posted during the group's turn instead of waiting around for 2 weeks every round. Perhaps 72 hours is too much for this group, but if Dave gives the players 1 week to post, that should be more than enough time.
  17. I don't care if Dave wants to roll Init for us all. That's fine. But your system above sounds like we'd be sacrificing part of the game, the flow of combat, just to speed things up. And that to me isn't worth it. Combat isn't a numbers game to get through as rapidly as possible. It's part of the story, because some awesome, incredible things can happen during a fight. I counter-suggest that Dave does Init rolls (if he desires) and has a posting time limit. The time limit more than anything else can really move things forward. 48 hours is enough time for someone to post, generally, or for the ST to get some kind of notice from them about what they would do if they could post. In my experience here, a time limit usually gets people to post at the first chance they get rather than risk losing their turn.
  18. I am an very active DM and player on two other sites (URPGs and EnWorld) where the heavy role-playing is often non-existent and general game-play is more of the focus. I have probably 100 PbP combats under my belt now from behind the DM screen and these are conclusions I have learned from observing other DMs and running games using both methods (Individual & Group): 1. DM should always roll ALL of the initiatives so there is no waiting once the encounter kicks off. No decision making on the players part, so why do they need to roll themselves? However, if one believes differently that players should get to roll for things like that, then ask for the players to pre-roll 3-4 Initiatives and the DM saves them for when needed. Needless delays in PbP should be avoided; things move slow enough as it is. 2. Group Initiatives helps keep flow going when people can only post once per day or less frequent. It means that if you are not waiting on results from other players actions or delaying until after someone else takes their turn, a round of combat can be posted in 24-36 hours and we can realistically complete 3-4 rounds of combat a week. In PbP this is good. This has worked well in all of my games and everyone enjoys it better. I also tend to put a 72 hour limit on the players' round before NPCing the lagging players too. 3. However, individual Initiatives are good for better tactical environments, particularly when the opposition is not grouped all together (I think it should be all or none, btw). In my game with only 2 players, 1 round takes about 24-48 hours. In my game with 3 players, 1 round takes 48-72hours. So with 5+ players & a DM, we can at best average 1 round per week. If the DM is available to post more than once per day, that can get shortened and actual order of the players' turns will cause variance. But, all it takes is a player to have their turn come up 1-2 hours after they went off-line for the night, then if they cannot post the next day for some reason you easily have a 48-hour delay for everyone else. These individual delays add up, so if it takes 36-48 hours per person to update their turn, the next thing you know it takes 2 weeks for 1 round. Not good at all in my opinion. Bottom line on the Group vs. Individual: Group will keep things moving faster without much downside. Individual can provide some interesting tactical considerations and challenges, but can significantly slow things down. With 6+ people, the trade-off is not worth it to me, and the tactical considerations are a part of the game I like best. But wait, someone is bound to think that they don't need to invest in bonuses for Initiative then (i.e. Improved Initiative Feat). Not true, if Initiative is rolled the way I do it (again DM rolling them all). 1. Roll Initiative for every participant individually (even each monster individually). 3. Then average each side for the order between good guys and bad. So high initiative helps your side. 2. Then on the losing side, check the individual rolls. If any rolls beat all of the winning side's rolls then they (and only they) get to act first in Round 1 and then they go again when their losing side goes. So that Rogue with Improved Initiative helps his side win, but if they lose yet he still beats the other side individually, he gets to go first. This is my two cents on the whole deal. If we want to get this combat done in a timely fashion (before 2012 arrives), switch to group Initiative and put a 72 hour time limit on things before the GM NPCs the character for the round. If a player has RL issues, either they post to give permission for the GM to NPC them or the GM posts to tell everyone he will wait.
  19. From the sounds of it, we all let ourselves get stuck waiting on the turn of a character who's been a bit spotty on play due to legitimate medical reasons. (No offense intended Puck.. life happens. ) And I think several of us were probably just waiting for some direction. Since Dave has suggested that he prefers we go ahead and take a bit of initiative ourselves, I suggest the follow. People seem to do well on a "this many days to post" rule. It keeps combat moving swiftly and effectively, without anyone feeling as if they're being ignored or looked over. Do you guys want to agree to a "two days from the last person's post for yours" type of rule, like Dawn does in DR?
  20. Yeah, I would say one month is a bit long for trying to do a round of combat. With our track record, people routinely let this game sit fallow for 1-2 weeks for various reasons. Normally I would avoid any game that doesn't have a commitment from all involved to post at least once every 1-2 days. However, Akira is the only Jedi I have left in play anywhere and this is the only RCR game I am in. I don't live on this site or play anything else here, so I don't know what's going on. The last time I tried to push things along, someone got offended when I went out of turn. With my own RL issues (looking for work since I got laid off ) I only come here when I get an email notification, but I am still around.
  21. Hana and Puck tried to stay out of the way, realizing that there was little for two Jedi with no piloting could do to aid the ship. When a crewmember looks at them, Hana offers, “Let us know if we can do anything to help.” “What can you do?” “Repel invaders,” Puck said with a, well, puckish twist of his lips. “I have limited use with computers,” Hana added, looking sideways at Puck.
  22. Yes, please, if we could get it moving that'd be great. And I hope no one thinks I was trying to sound like an ass in the previous post, that wasn't my intention. I know Puck's player is a bit preoccupied, in fact, Dawn if you'd like to act for Puck in your post (with Mala's permission of course) I'm totally cool with that. My point, which I poorly delivered due to being in a bit of a rush, was that I'd like to see you guys help each other with checks and balances. If I'm not around than what's wrong with one of you guys picking up the ball and saying 'hey guys, let's keep this flow going'. We're all adults guys, we don't need to sit around waiting for the ST to poke us with a stick. If other players are slowing things down (because hey, life happens) then you are allowed to find out why and poke each other. If I'm slowing it down, poke me! These games are as successful as we allow them to be. It doesn't fall on any one person.
  23. I know that Puck's player isn't really doing much posting - RL medical issues again. Do you want to skip to Hana, Dave?

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