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  2. Glint looked around the table, raising one eyebrow. "Any issues, speak now or forever hold your peace?" He paused a moment to let anyone that felt the need to interject to let themselves be known. At the continuing silence, he snorts. "Think we're good. We'll have some time in transit to figure out some more stuff, anyway, if needs be."
  3. "I don't have one just laying around, but I fave a few slicing sticks. You just stick them in and they a program automatically, but they are one use each and really only good against minimal security. I can do the same for explosives and just set some pre-timed charges, or a remote if you prefer. Just stick them in place and boom!" Brant replied. "Anything else?" he asked, looking from one crew member to another.
  4. "Slicing is best left to the very skilled," Arcata suggests. "Much like explosives. That said, we should have a backup plan for if and when things spiral out of control. I tend to agree with Brant that trying to impersonate Imperial personnel is unwise. Even if they don't recognize us specifically, if the disguise fails the mission is immediately aborted and we'll be forced to retreat." "Hmm. Brant, you wouldn't happen to have an astromech droid we could borrow?"
  5. Glint looks wistful, twirling a single lock of hair around his index finger "But I want to look my absolute best for our date." He snorts, tossing his hair back over one shoulder, returning to at least a semblance of serious. "You're probably right. Not really gonna be able to conceal all of this" he gestures to his face and hair "without some serious work ahead of time. Echani may not get the flak most non humans get from the Imps, but they never let us forget that we're not "entirely human", and I can't remember the last time I saw an Echani in Uniform. So yeah. Without a serious makeover, that's probably a non-starter. As for slicing, no. Wish I could, but Slicing isn't something I've ever picked up. Might ask Kel for some lessons to rectify that shortcoming later, but not anything I'm going to be able to sort in time for it to matter for our little jaunt. But one of the others might be able to use it the tech."
  6. "I would be able to wear an Imperial uniform convincingly," Arcata says dryly, "Though I'm a little concerned it would be something they're watching for from me."
  7. "Most spacers do not use uniforms unless they are part of some transport company, so street clothes are fine. I doubt they will be sending security. My guess is maybe some sort of security droid." Brant clarified. "You can slice? If so, I can probably get something together. Explosives would not be too difficult considering the mining equipment you will be bringing in." "Imperial uniforms or one thing, but if you do not know how to play the part and know procedure and all that, then the uniform is not going to do much. And an Echani in an Imperial uniform might be a bit odd unless you cut your hair. That is not regulation length. Any code cylinders with the uniforms would probably not hold up to much inspection since this is a rush job. I might be able to get some together though." "Makeup? But you're already so pretty." Brant joked
  8. Glint snorted. "Moving on. So they're hiring Civilian contractors to haul this stuff. Will we be needing some form of Uniform, or will street clothes cut it? And do you know if they're gonna be sending a security detail with the stuff to "make sure" it reaches it's destination? I can't imagine they would be, not with the numbers we'd be talking, but it never hurts to ask. I've never planned a smash'n'grab before, so I'm a bit lost on what else we might need. Slicing stuff? Explosives in case we want to really throw a spanner in things? Imperial uniforms so that if we get onto the station proper we can explore a bit further unmolested?" He reaches up to trace one of the lines running down his cheek. ".... some form of makeup to cover distinguishing marks? Heh."
  9. I was actually writing pretty much exactly that last night. I just got distracted as I was writing and forgot to finish it before I went to bed last night. Woops.
  10. So nobody is asking for any additional equipment, stolen imperial uniforms or anything?
  11. "You literally just said 'whatever it...' ugh, nevermind. Code and cargo would be fine. Thank you."
  12. "Whatever it is?" Brant said, somewhat confused. "Huh. You must have missed when I said it was replacement parts and mining equipment you'd be delivering a minute ago." Brant said with a shrug. "I'll get you the transponder code and cargo. And if there is anything you think you might need, let me know and I will see what I can do." he added.
  13. "I'm not exactly wild about the cargo being referred to as 'whatever it is,'" Arcata said dryly. "Such is life on the frontier though, I suppose. Beyond that, snooping around is something of a specialty of mine. I'll do what I can."
  14. Brant nodded. "We can provide a load of suitable cargo and maybe get a few other things if you guys have an idea of what you might need. You'll be picking a load of... whatever it is.. they are mining down there. Other than that, we really have little intel, that is why you are going in. If you have to, just deliver the cargo, pick up the load and bring back to us. But if you can manage to snoop around a bit, that would be really super." the scruffy-looking young man said with a wink and a thumbs up at the end.
  15. "And with that, we seem to be in agreement. This being said," He looks over at Brant " how much legwork we gonna need to do before this? Will these guys be expecting us to come in with a Cargo for them, as well as be leaving with one from them? Or will an empty hold not be surprising or suspicious at all?"
  16. Kayda reserves her looks for SolaBee and Glint with a slightly raised eyebrow. "As long as the Force does not direct me elsewhere, Captain, I too shall remain, if you wish."
  17. "Understood, Captain," Arcata replied with a nod. "I have thrown in my lot with this crew, and I will offer no less than my best, whatever the circumstances."
  18. Zaylee gave Arcata a narrow-eyed glare for the comment about her reasons for agreeing to carry out Brant's request. While she had fun in his company and the sex was great, it wasn't so great that she'd risk her ship for that alone. She wasn't nearly besotted enough for that. She was a trader and mechanic true, and often considered things in terms of negotiations, this for that, but building relations mattered too. It didn't matter if you got the best deal on a hyperdrive if they wouldn't sale it to you, or if you knew the best hyperlanes to take if no one would give you a cargo to deliver. Favours were a currency all their own, and ofttimes, they were worth more than hard credits. The docking fees weren't onerous, but the repairs to the ship had been extensive, and she was more than pleased with them. And too, she might privately admit to the good feeling she got helping out with the medical supplies, which was different than the satisfaction she felt when delivering a cargo in whole and on time. But really, she wanted to hurt the Empire for taking the Endless Odyssey, for taking her home. While she had no lust in facing the Inquisitor and her Interdictor again, the Alliance was giving her the chance to sting the Empire and would take it. "I'm not asking for payment," Zaylee said, shaking her head, unable to keep a hint of surprise at her admission from her voice. "So far, I think we've gotten the better end of the deal with the Rebels, and that has nothing to do with who I have in my bed, Arcata." The small woman gave the taller woman another glare. "I lost my ship and the Empire is hunting us, but that isn't the Rebels fault, now is it? No, so far, they've treated us fair, as far as I know. So I'm willing to do them a favour and make this run." She glanced around the table and nodded at Brant, her lips quirking. "Not alone of course. I'm good, but I'm not crazy. So while you all have to make your own choice, those who don't want to go can stay here until we get back. But the more of us who go, the better our success, I think."
  19. "Shame you into submission?" Brant said, clearly not receiving that statement well. "Really?" "I think you have been in the Empire too long if you think that of Gra and me, or the Rebel Alliance for that matter." he said, shaking his head with a sigh. "Good morals can pay for a lot of things with the right people. So why don't you ask Zaylee who did pay for your docking fees and repairs, hm? And who was here helping you with their own hands?" Brant said to Arcata. "Hurr." Gra said to Brant, which caused him to take a deep breath and slowly release it, trying to calm himself. "Nothing has been a negotiation, Kayda, aside from the purchase of the Customs Cruiser, and that was not me doing the negotiating there even." he countered, his voice sound just slightly hurt. "You risked your lives to help people in need, knowing the Empire would be waiting for you, when you knew the best thing for your to do personally was to head the other way. Those 'good morals' go a long with the Alliance and sympathizers. Hence your free docking and your repaired ship." the Corellian said as she knocked on a bulkhead. "You have a couple of young jedi, which as I understand it, the jedi are walking 'good morals', so I convinced Sola Be to come out of hiding and stick her neck out to help you. To train you, not knowing if I would ever even cross paths with you guys again. Why? Because it was the right thing to do." Brant looked directly to Kayda. "We went into that sith tomb thing, despite You telling us to wait, and knowing what a place like that did to Sola Be. Why? Because we could not let you walk into that alone. Was I scared? Of course not, but Gra was terrified." he said, which caused Gra to roll his eyes, "But we did it because it was the right thing to do. You don't abandon a friend." he said firmly. "You talk like I am some Hutt who has been manipulating you and setting you up for this, when all I've been is try to be a friend and help out those who seemed to be good people. Heck, I only got info about this mission a couple of days ago." Brant then turns back to Arcata and shakes his head. "Actually, there you are dead wrong. I, and the Alliance, are not hiring mercs. We're asking friends for a favor. Most in your position would be rather happy to have the Alliance owe them a favor and to be counted among their friends, but if you all want to keep this totally professional, pay-for-play relationship, then that's fine. A bit surprising, but perfectly fine. I can probably get some funds. This whole op is very last minute, so I am not sure if I can. And if not, then I guess this opportunity is lost and I get a dressing down because I thought you would do it." he sighs with another shrug. "And I bet you can avoid the Inquisitor for a few months on your own. Heck, maybe even a couple of years. The false lead I had planted will buy you some time. But credits will only get you so far. At some point, you are going to need friends, and with an Inquisitor after you, especially the on you have one your trail, the more friends you have, and the sooner you have them, the better." "So if you would rather talk payment, then we can talk payment. It is up to you all."
  20. "I agree with what the captain was saying," Arcata says mildly, refusing to let Brant provoke her. "The rebellion is funded by wealthy senators and several multiplanetary corporations. We are not. Good morals will not pay docking fees, or repair the damages we incur taking dangerous missions." "We are not members of your rebellion, Brant. We are not ideologues to be swayed by inspiring speeches or attempts to shame us into submission. We are mercenaries you are hiring. Mercenaries friendly to your cause, but mercenaries all the same."
  21. Kayda slowly turns her chair to face Brant. "And you are asking Arcata to walk right back into the reach of those she is fleeing. As far as they are concerned we are all fugitive rebels, but she is also a traitor. The best she can hope for if captured is a swift execution, and we both know that her execution won't be swift. The same perhaps for Mar and Tal, although I believe they will be much more...attentive to Arcata. And while you and the alliance did help us , we also both know that it was not out of the goodness of your hearts. In fact the only goodness in all of this was your and Gra's aid to me. Of which I am thankful," she gives Gra a smile of affection. "Everything else has been a series of negotiations of one form or another." She spins back around to face Zalee and the rest of the crew.
  22. Glint shrugs, one boot resting on the edge of the table "Eh, I was basically in either way. Not gonna complain at the opportunity to stick it to the empire by running off with some of their stuff. Though question in regards to that. Is it just the one run you're expecting, or depending what we find, are you hoping this turns into a repeatable op. Like I said earlier, if it's a large op, it'll be hard to keep track of everything, and some of whatever they're mining is bound to go missing at some point along the line. And depending on what it is, I imagine that it's better to have as much of it be out of the Empires hands if it can't be directly used against 'em."
  23. "Incentive?" Brant asked, raising an eyebrow. "I mean, we helped with the very costly repairs to the ship to show our application for you guys risking your lives to deliver those medical supplies after you broke out, instead of just hightailing it to the other side of the galaxy. It was the least we could do." "And we asked Sola Be to risk herself and come to the port because I thought she might be able to help your guys, since finding jedi training not is virtually impossible now. And she did, and now the young jedi are getting training because of it. But we were just trying to help out kindred spirits." "Oh, and never mind risking our own lives to save Kayda's in some sith temple thing, despite her wanting us to stay behind. We did that because it was the right thing to do." "So, you know, I thought we were friends, and friends help each other out and ask each other for favors from time to time." Brant said with a sigh, his usual playful demeanor now gone. "Not to mention that most people in your situation, being wanted by the Empire with an Imperial Inquisitor on your trail and all, would very much like to have the appreciation of the Rebel Alliance. In your situation friends will be few and far between, and yet here we are, helping you out, over and over again." "But I guess you need incentive because doing favor for a friend and knowing you are helping to oppose an oppressive, tyrannical, unjust Empire and that your efforts may help lead to it's eventual overthrow and returning freedom to the galaxy is not incentive enough for you." he said as he looked right at Arcata, his gaze now stern.
  24. "Mmm, not quite," said Arcata. "I'm hearing so far quite a bit of information about risks and expectations, and very little about reward. Thus far we've been offered appreciation, and while I'm sure any other fringe benefits Brant may be offering you personally are compelling, the rest of us could use some incentive, I expect."
  25. Twisting her chair from side to side, Zaylee listened to her crew voice their questions and concerns. It was a bigger crew than she was used to flying with, but it felt good to have a crew all the same. The tiny starship captain returned Brant's wink and grin with a warm, pleased smirk of her own, clearly enjoying his compliments of her talents. Being a cautious trader, Zaylee would have preferred more details, but sometimes you just had to make do. Sometimes to had to take risks for an unknown reward. But she wouldn't risk her ship or her crew on overreaching on their goals. This would be purely a recon mission and she would let the others determine if anything more was feasible. Zaylee nodded her agreement. "Having suitable cargo is always a good thing. It certainly helps allay suspicion if you have something they are looking for or want in the first place. If we can get paid for it, all the better." She smiled then gave her crew a gathering glance. "I may be captain, but something like this puts more than the ship at risk, especially with us having earned the ire of the Empire, so I won't make this an unilateral decision on my part. I'm willing to make the attempt. Do we have a majority in agreement?"

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