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  2. Wyrd, good to see you're still around. I was wondering about you the other day. I hope things get better for you.
  3. Sorry for my absence. I've been in a bit of a funk lately from a combination of bad health and losing my psychiatrist(he left his practice with no notice to his patients or to his employers) and not having a replacement for him until last week. I've got new meds and am in the process of adjusting to them. If I had tried to post in the last few weeks, it would have been hard to not just have an RFED moment, so I thought it was better not to post.
  4. I need resolution from Essa's attempt to tackle the beast before I can decide on what Ata wants to do.
  5. Keeping one hand on the bloody wheel to keep the car in order- a hard task as it is- Jeremy dug around in his pocket for a sharp piece of gravel. He was dealing with a spirit here- but his adept abilities were a kind of magic, right? Surely it could pull something off. Once Jeremy locked his gaze briefly over the mirror at the spirit, his instictual mojo took over and his arm went down and then back up as if tossing something over his shoulder. But the rock, imparted with a touch of Jeremy-magic, shot in a straight, impossibly swift line and hit the mantis spirit right in the abdomen. The mantid reared back, screeching, a small hole right through its abdomen, and its temperament now matched the severity of the injury.
  6. Essa, aware her magic was draining her strength, decided to switch targets. Hoping the rest of the pack wouldn't be mad that she left the roof of the metal monster, Essa spread her huge wings and launched herself at the bug. Perhaps there would be another argument after this about Essa not staying where she was told, but keeping the pack safe was more important. Essa rarely relied on actual physical violence, too accustomed to making quick work of the pack's enemies with the help of her magic and the rest of the pack working together. But she couldn't continue to help this new pack if she knocked herself out working magics. Screaming into the night, the thunderbird created a great gust of wind under it as its massive wings took a powerful down-stroke. Not having far to go, and being helped by the downward slope, Essa flew bodily into the mantis, hoping to knock it from the trunk and away from the crate.
  7. I have literally never played anything but a mage - so I'm not really sure what I should roll for a physical attack, but I think I'm at four dice. And I don't know what kind of damage for a body-slam. So please, if I've rolled wrong and/or you need another roll - you are free to make it or let me know and I'll try and get back on before another week passes. 4d6 → [2,3,5,6] = (16) http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3240141/
  8. Right. That is likely a big mantis mistake. [Power Throw-boosted Str 7 / 2] rounded up = 4 + Missile Mastery 1 + 3 net hits = 8P damage. For purposes of Immunity... this is an adept power being used.
  9. Oh, I thought you were in the front seat. Not that it really matters, though it does put you in striking range of the mantis. Jeremy: The mantis doesn't try to dodge--it is just a rock after all, and while it is aware that you have magical powers(any astrally perceiving character can tell that at a glance), it doesn't know their nature. As such, jump straight to damage. Magnun: The glass wasn't aimed at you, so one success would have been enough. I rolled to randomly determine if it landed in your path, and you had the bad luck for the answer to be 'yes'. Frankly, the bug doesn't consider any of you(with the possible exception of Essa) a real threat at the moment, given that only one person has actually attacked it in any manner. Essa: With the amount of drain you've taken from some horrible rolls, I suggest that you might be inclined to switch to physical combat. If it applies to anyone, you will be getting multiple initiative passes this round. The surprise round you only got one regardless of your initiative passes. Edit: Actual post edited to add a little flavor to it. There are no mechanical differences, it is just a bit less bland.
  10. Please don't hit the giant troll taking up most of the backseat.
  11. So it doesn't take an action to drive, but maintaining the control gives a -2 penalty? Ok. Jeremy is going to throw one of the rocks he has kept in his pockets (Missile Mastery) behind him at the mantis. Jeremy *rolls* 11d6: 1+3+6+3+6+1+2+6+4+1+3 3 sux. I'm not going to post yet, but tell me if it hits, then we can work out the damage if any and the results into the post.
  12. rolling reaction + pilot ground craft to avoid getting hit with glass: 4 + 1 6, 5, 5, 1, 1, for 3 hits. Assuming that's a pass I'll work the description into my next post.
  13. Essa's lightning bolt skittered along the chitin of the mantis, leaving a burn mark in its wake, and leaving Essa feeling very drained. The great thing about lightning spells is that they were armor piercing, bypassing the exterior and doing most of their damage to the interior of a target. The bad thing about lightning spells is that that made it very hard to tell how much damage one did unless the target exploded or shorted out. The rest of the team was busy trying to deal with the unexpected addition of a giant bug to the back of the sedan, and so didn't manage to distract the bug from its primary target. The mantis drew back a claw and stabbed forward--into the rear window of the sedan. It yanked out the safety glass with contemptuous ease and tossed it aside, opening the way for it to get to the case. The sheet of fractured glass landed in front of Magnun's bike, forcing the orc to swerve to avoid it, though the attack didn't seem directed at her as much as a matter of throwing away a bit of trash. There was no evidence that the bug was paying any attention to the orc at this point, at least. On the other hand, its giant compound eyes didn't need to move to track whatever was holding its attention, so it might have been a half hearted attempt to swat away a buzzing mammal.
  14. Sorry I didn't notice the edit. I'll put together the effect post and the bug's next action in just a bit.
  15. My bad. On rereading I see it was in the backseat and not the trunk. I will edit my post. (For the record, if it had been in the trunk, I would have been fine with the area effect.)
  16. What was that? It was the most common thought she had running vanguard. Every stray shadow distorted by her thundercloud's light or unexpected noise made her eyes dart and ears prick up. Little about the run made her happy at this stage, but she stayed focused. When she saw a movement on the rooftops she raised her head from the road for a moment to get a better look, but saw nothing further. She settled back down, wondering why her nerves were tingling and her heart had picked up its pace. She did not expect the Mantis to land on the sedan's trunk. The heavy metal crash of chitin on steel reached her ears, though, and she looked over her shoulder to see its ghastly shape outlined against the sky. It scraped at the roof with one foreleg, clinging on with the rest. "Oh good," she said, "just what this fraggin' night needed." Magnun geared down, turned the bike off to one side and let the van pass, lining herself up for a shot. As she did she saw their bird on the roof blast the mantis with a face full of what seemed to be lightning, blazing white against its dark body. She had no idea if it was hurt or just pissed off. Let's hope bullets annoy it just as much.
  17. I was about to post, and was looking up the stats for Atasaya's spell to do his drain roll, when I noticed something: Foreboding is an area affect spell, not a single target spell. This means that Essa, Jeremy, and Atasaya are all in the area of effect. Since this is something he would know in character, I'm willing to let him change his action if the other players agree, the problem with this being that his player won't be back until Sunday, and likely won't be online until Monday. While I'm waiting on responses to this question, Magnun has a little more time to post. If the other players are willing to deal with being affected by the spell, then we will just move on with Atasaya not thinking about how close he is to his target. The drain for the spell is (f/2)+2. If Atasaya is allowed to repost, he can roll his own drain, otherwise I'll roll it. What Magnun will do if she doesn't post soon is notice the sounds of combat behind her, hit her brakes, and spend her action maneuvering into a better location for the next round. A reminder to Jeremy and Magnun: both of you are at -2 to all actions not involving controlling your vehicles as long as you are putting the effort into controlling your vehicles. Jeremy could let go of the wheel, turn around, and try to do something--as long as he is willing to take the very real risk of a crash in the process.
  18. That's Atasaya's post, so that only leaves you, Magnun. You have until Friday at noon EST to post, possibly later if I sleep late. Your action occurs simultaneous to Atasya's, so you don't know what effect it has before you post--heck, neither of you have any idea until the creature acts as to how it affected her.(soldier mantis spirits are exclusively female.)
  19. Time to char some bug....no wait. I can't risk the heat to the container in the trunk. It's going to tear its way in here...it doesn't care about us. I need to exit this tin can fast. "Jeremy! Stop the car!" Atasaya growled. The squeezed troll braced himself and called on the guidance of Quetzalcoatl as he waited for the actions of the malign spirit.
  20. What force did you cast the spell at? That determines how effective it is, how much drain you have to resist, etc. Edit: If you don't manage to respond soon, I'll assume you cast at the highest safe level for you, the point just before mental drain becomes physical drain. Given that you have already suffered drain from your multiple transformations, this may not be the best assumption, but I want Damon to have a chance to post before he leaves. There is no chance the two remaining people missed the sound of a bolt of lightning going off either just over your head for Atasaya or behind you for Magnun, so feel free to post based on what your character's have perceived. there is no chance this thing is going down with one blast, no matter how powerful a force Essa chose, so the mechanics and flavor text of exactly how much harm she caused can occur before or after your posts.
  21. Essa remembered to scratch the top of the car, twice, hard. Then she took a deep breath and exhaled. The Thunderbird is not only a large flighted bird, capable of rending a man with massive talons. The paracritter it known for it's lightning breath. Essa didn't quite breath lightning as a true Thunderbird, but she had leaned her magic from watching the life around her. And for getting rid of a nasty bug spirit, she could think of nothing better than to use that magic to defend her pack.
  22. Essa's trying to zap the bug with a lightning breath. Cast 12d6 → [5,4,2,3,2,5,3,1,2,3,4,3] = (37) http://invisiblecast...r/view/3227581/ Drain 10d6 → [2,6,5,4,6,2,5,3,3,3] = (39) http://invisiblecast...r/view/3227583/
  23. I am so sorry - in the future - if I don't make it on for 36 hours or more in a combat situation - I trust you know my character well enough and am perfectly happy to have you npc her. I wish I had been able to get ahold of you and let you know that before now.
  24. I will be around til tomorrow evening, then I will be to post again on Monday. Feel free to take actions on my part. Ata's offensive capabilities (spells anyway) are pretty straightforward, so do what you will.

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