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  1. What's new in this game
  2. I have set this game as inactive. If Krul comes back and would like to get it going again I can reactivate it.
  3. Any word from Krul and his computer/internet issues? I could have given up on this game, but it does me no harm to keep on waiting.
  4. Chunin's just waiting on the Jay. Once he says something he'll relay Osiris's message, based on the reply.
  5. "Yep." The black-haired man piped in, he too breaking from observation of the others. Hands stretching with fingers interlaced as he stood, the warlock spoke. "Not that I didn't understand anyone here, but let's make it simple. You're paying us to do a big job. Now if we most likely have to deal with other shadowrunners, the job just got a bit bigger, and by extension, the pay scale." "So, what's it going to be Mr. Johnson?"
  6. "Indeed not." the immaculately-dressed Elf spoke up for the first time since his arrival. Thus far he had seemed content to merely watch and listen, green eyes moving from face to face as each runner spoke and the Johnson answered. The coldly handsome features were impassive: whatever Darkling thought or felt was hidden behind the pale mask of his face. Until now. Sitting with straight-backed elegance on a packing crate, hands folded over the head of his cane, the magus continued. "As Mister Chunin has succinctly stated, we are expected to not only test ourselves against Ares corporate troops, which in itself could get messy if they have any elite forces on standby, but we are also expected to 'handle' other shadow talent, who are no more bound by procedure or law than ourselves and are an unknown quantity." Darkling's gaze rested on the Johnson, his words spoken with calm force. "I understand that risks are our business, but that very phrase implies that it is business we are engaged in. The causality of risk versus reward must be balanced for a professional. And thus, I find myself in firm agreement with the principle of a pre-arranged bonus, to be paid in the event of shadow opposition being overcome in the achievement of your task."
  7. No worries, Krul. We are kinda waiting on Darkling and Nightlock to participate anyway.
  8. Just so folks know, I'm having some computer issues, presently posting from a different computer, that's the reason I havn't posted over the last few days.. and my internet access is going to be a bit uncertain over the next couple of weeks.
  9. Normal service should be resumed in the next 48 hrs or so. I'm very sorry for this, but my PC needs all it's RAM and resources to do the hi-res frame animations. On the upside, my wife's project is kicking ass.
  10. I'm not entirely sure about the Aid Another action, but I think you make your own roll. @secondly, Normally we do our dice rolling and post the Invicible Castle link with the result. Usually the dicerolling is put into a spoilerbox. Correct me if I'm wrong
  11. Got a rules question. I tried to find the answer, but I may have been looking for something that is just not there. Is there such a thing as an Aid Another action? Or do you just roll your own chance at the test? And secondly, who's rolling the dice? Are we using Invisible Castle or does Krul do it all?
  12. Originally Posted By: Marko Cain"What sort of incentives are we looking at if we encounter Shadow Opposition?" Dead-eye’s eyes narrow at the mention of other runners robbing the same train, he mutters to himself, “Frak, gonna need my bigger gun.” He watches the other three that have worked together, trying to determine who does what in their group. Still leaning against the wall (or whatever was available), he decides to speak up in an even tone, “I do believe the man has a point, not a simple train robbery now is it.”
  13. After a short moment of silence Osiris pinged Chunin’s and Dale’s PDA inviting both to chat on a private channel. Click to reveal.. I don’t mean to be rude so I paged the two of you. If you don’t mind to tell the others, that I second Chunin’s approach of negotiation. Any involvement of a third party makes the job exponantially more dangerous and difficult. My price just doubled.
  14. Actually it isn't because of what you said specifically, it just opened the door to the OOC discussion about our MIA players. As for Randy, AKA Wyatt "Dead-eye" Earp and The Ghost, he already has three different personalities. And his first impression that he is making is only that. He is actually not an introvert, he is just playing a role at the moment. But nice to know you are going to keep us honest. Even if we aren't posting IC right now, the game is still alive if we are discussing things OOC.
  15. Marko's inner dialogue was just that, inner dialogue. No one heard it but him. As a ninja he's been trained to work with a 'clan' mentality, the dark, brooding, 'only speak in broken sentences' loner types don't last very long in his opinion. Don't change the way you RP a character based solely off other's IC posts. If you do that then I'm just going to find ways to comment on the changes and see how many times I can get you to change the PC's personality. Soon, he'll seem like a nut job with multiple personalities.
  16. Oh I realize that the IC was just that, but thought I would help nudge, as it were. But if our two other players are going to be MIA, then Dead-eye has the best Negotiating skill at 2 with Cha of 4. Joani, I can imagine that stuff Osiris says is challenging to come up with, cudos. Thanks for answering my unspoken question on what happened before. I will try to help keep things moving, somehow. There is no real reason Dead-eye has to be so silent. The Ghost though is not so flexible, then again I not sure he will ever make an appearance either.
  17. Hey PM-Volleyball (why don’t you change your Displayname to Reflect your PC’s Handle?), I wouldn’t take Cain’s IC-Comment too seriously (aside from it being an inner monologue). It’s just him Anyway – there wasn’t much PC-Interaction prior to the reboot (one of the reasons the first attempt kinda failed) so we’re all more or less on the same spot. Cain has done me a favour by not freaking completely out because of Osiris’ odd communication issue’s (you’ll get to know her better I hope). I’m trying to keep posting as things go without delaying stuff but just adding flavour and fluff is fun once or twice but gets old pretty soon. We all have to get our thumbs out of our asses and keep the story going. I’ll be posting something new soon, after I’ve made some research . Posting with Osiris is kinda complicated sometimes…
  18. I don't think anyone's trying to suggest you -should be- or are in any way expected to be a face or leader character. Your post made it pretty clear that you don't see this guy as being that sort of person, and I haven't seen anyone suggesting that's unacceptable. As for chatter, I expect I'll have Dale be more social when we're not in front of our employer. He's learned SOME about etiquette since his last outing.
  19. Just a question, am I one of the 2 out of 7, or was that a way of nudging two of our characters that haven't posted for week? I thought there was a face character in our group. Darkling has the highest Negotiation and a Charisma of 7 to boot. Where you at? Nightlock has the same Cha and Neg skill as Dead-eye, but Dead-eye is really not a face (Quick, Silent, and Gunslinger). In RL, I have been a little busy picking up the leadership role in two other PBP groups and I had no intention of doing that here as well, particularly with the character I designed. I was perfectly content to let one of you more experienced Shadowrunners do it, while I am knocking off my rust on Shadowrun. However if it means that someone needs to kick-start things here I can shift my character's personality a little. I was actually wondering about how I was going to get the Karma points being a strong silent type, making an effort to be very concise in my character's words. That wasn't laziness on my part, I drafted and edited that post a few times to be as concise as possible while trying to leave a certain impression. Honestly I was expecting more chatter and interaction from the three runners that knew each other and then find a way for my character to join in the conversations, feeling out the others to see if he can trust them.
  20. Marko had to roll his eyes. It wasn't enough that Osiris was off her nut but now they had another guy who could barely use complete sentences. Communication skills were important for people who did what they did and having 2 out of 7 people incapable of proper communication just meant that they'd eventually be two persons' shares richer. Osiris wasn't too bad, he just wondered why, if she handled AR better than meat reality, she just didn't keep her perceptions in AR all the time since it overlapped her perceptions of the real world anyways. So everyone in the room would look like Strawberry Shortcake characters... so what? At least she'd talk like she wasn't the Down's Syndrome's Patient of the Month. She'd been reliable enough in the past though, so he cut her a break. "I suppose we're negotiating then." Marko said calmly. "Let the punishment suit the crime, as the saying goes and I think that applies to the payout as well. If the run is against Ares, then Ares personnel are part of the contract. An outside threat is an unknown variable and should be negotiated as a separate contract altogether... or, in laymen terms: bonus incentive." Politely he nodded to the Jay. "Not to sound greedy, or even ungrateful for this financial opportunity, but we runners don't play by the same rules as CorpSec. We're faster, stronger, and we don't worry about hurting people's feelings so we're better armed and more willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job is done. What sort of incentives are we looking at if we encounter Shadow Opposition?"
  21. With a nod to Dead-Eye, the Johnson chose to respond to Dale's question. "We have a shipment number, but we are not entirely certain if it's the real shipment or a decoy. Find that out, as well as what kind of security involved is your job.." He glances at the two technomancers present, before turning to the others. "Additionally, there's a good chance you won't be the only runners after this shipment.. we're not the only ones who want it."
  22. „Prometheus burned his fingers?“, Osiris chuckled making a step forward closer towards Dale. „Ares’ shareholdervalue increased by 0.4% based on the rumor of newly developed handweapons. Consultants propose to wait for an official statement from their PR-Management. Next, sports.“ The slender elven Technomancer stared through the Johnson as if he didn’t exist or was just a mere ghost then lowered her head and tilting it sideways as if she was watching an invisible butterfly. A smile crossed her face, almost girlish and innocent before she assumed her cold business stance again.
  23. Dale glanced at Dead-Eye quizzically then produced a PDA and started tapping in notes. "Do you have any tracking information on the specific shipment you're interested in?" he asked.
  24. Dead-eye, listens to the banter, quietly keeping his own counsel. After hearing the proposal by Mr. Johnson, he asks only one somewhat rhetorical question, “Robbing Hood type situation then? Can provide fire support. No love for Ares.” Obviously a man of few words.
  25. As everyone began to arrive, they were greeted with a respectful nod from the Johnson, though Valkyrie responded to Chunin's actions with a wink and a smile. As Osiris arrived, the Johnson stepped forward. "This is everyone now.. sorry for the lack of cocktail weenies, I try and remedy the lack next time." "In any case, let's get down to business.. you are all some of the best, and your last mission definitely proved that. This week is something different. This next week Ares is shipping in a load of high tech experimental weapons.. we want it. We don't care how you get your hands on the shipment, or how that's up to you.. but we are willing to pay very well for it."

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