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  1. What's new in this game
  2. What I am getting at least from you, Joani, is that you want to run this. I'm not sure how many have stated they're still going on with the game. See... I got this love-hate relationship with SR. My favorite gaming experiences came from SR. Yet SR has this crunch that is quite annoying at times. What I'm trying to say here is that if you're short of players I'm game, luckily your current condition is buying me time to get everything else I'm doing out of the way.
  3. Doors is always open. I'm currently sick and can't Post much but I'm confident to be on track after the weekend
  4. With things starting up in other games and my massive backlog, I'm needing to drop some ideas, and Tabitha is one of them. Sorry, but I'm not coming back.
  5. good good - I'll start working on the threads in the next days - probably over the weekend. Stay tuned.
  6. I'm using the original Zan'nen account for a different game now, but I can switch another unused account over.
  7. Not worried about that. There were some big, glaring errors that happened with Tabitha I have to reflect on as well. Although I will be okay, I think. I'm going to have to approach this as a new player in mindset, I think, if I am going to succeed.
  8. No hussle - Nothing is going to run away - it's not a reset and entry level is low. You can join as soon as you're done and ready.
  9. I'm going to refit Tabitha a bit, just on the aspect that she was a bit thread-bare on her concept. To be honest I am on the fence, although you did offer a second chance to me. I got a lot to consider, Shadowrun isn't easy.
  10. I want to stay in the game. I want to do a new character. I felt like I was not doing him right. Also I felt like other characters did what he did but better.
  11. As announced I'm going to revive this game/continue it but with a somewhat different approach on team building and general pace of storytelling. I will lay out a roadmap for you to check and get a general feeling of what I'm planning to do mainly to see if that is still within acceptable terms for you as PCs. I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration my absence may have caused - I was facing a mixture of hitting a brick wall (motivationwise) and heavy workload over the last quarter of the year (story keeps repeating itself...) Anyway - here's the deal: - I will close the current mission threads assuming you finished the jobs succesfully. Any loose ends will be summarized in my final posts which will be purely ooc to keep things simple and clean. - Part of that will be rewards in Karma, Money and of course Contacts which you would have gotten (some only optionally, but I put them all up) depending on how successful you accomplished your missions. To keep things fair I'll assume you covered all bases and got the max out of the optional objectives. - The Karma rewards are 15 Karma, and your monetary compensation is 15k Nuyen each. There will be enough downtime for you to make purchases and raise stats/skills. - The NPC section will be filled up with your new contacts and any player that has decided to quit or switch characters. - You'll get a one time chance to switch to a different (new) PC and carry over both the Karma and Money rewards. This is an one time offer only. The rules for alternative Characters stay in effect as per my initial proposal post. - The game is open for anyone who wants to join (or rejoin). I have no PC limit setup. - There will be no direct story/mission post at first. I'll restart with personal threads/general threads and let you guys find a bit time to get acquainted with each other. You can RP with your contacts, procastinate or try to get a job. In the latter case I'll have things prepared but I'm not going to shove it down your throats. If you don't feel like earning money, then describe me what you do instead. Your expenses will be deducted, though (as per lifestyle costs). - I'd like to have a roll call and see who is still game and who will stick with his PC or switch. You can't run two PCs at the same time, though. If you switch, you can't go back. - In order to avoid any future issues with missing roles I will put up a cadre of Merc-NPCs which can fill in any time. They'll cost you some of your profit, though. Any questions? Suggestions? Post them here or send me a PM. Yours truly, J.
  12. This is mainly a message for Chosen. I'm still around and will continue STing this game - I'm working on getting things wrapped up and make a soft reboot in January. Everyone stay tuned and hopefully I'll get this worked out a bit better than how it went so far.
  13. Joani's pretty much vanished from the boards as far as I can tell. Been over a month now since I've seen him around. Dunno if it's a temporary thing, or if his situation has radically changed. Hope everything's okay!
  14. Hey, I'm not sure what's stalled us out here, but I'm a little lost. Thoughts, Joani?
  15. Ok, thanks for your feedbacks. I'll keep posting my regular updates and push the story forward until we are finished with the two initial runs - those were meant to get a start into the setting and some plot hooks to follow up or ignore. Once we're done with those I'll rearrange the teams and the forum, too - I'll add some more stuff like a shadowboard (In-Play Matrix Message board filled with rumors et al.) and some more background details about the NPCs you've met and news report. At that point I'll have Justin's PC introduced and depending on the intel you guys gathered you'll either follow up on the missions I started (there'll be lose ends to pick up and some new contacts looking to get you re-employed) or investigate the matter revolving around Justin's PC. My time is somewhat limited, though and that's why I have to reduce my posts to one regular update per week since the months September to December are traditionally the most busy months in my business. I hope we'll push through this without too much losses. Just add the result of your dice roll to your post and state what you're searching for. Depending on your success I'll provide you with details.
  16. Question and sorry if this is double posting. One: Do I need to roll anything for my search before I post anymore on trying to do that?

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