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  1. What's new in this game
  2. Just want to say 5th is fine with me, but so is 4th. It's all good.
  3. I prefer 4th due to not having to get books for it (I have them)
  4. I'm still game. I'll work on a character and I have no opinion on 4th or 5th. I'll have to learn something either way.
  5. Ok, I need a headcount.. if we do a full reboot, who's in? Also, with En. out, I have one vote for 5th and 1 for 4th, I prefer 5th for the new players, character creation is more streamlined.. But 500 build Points with 4th edition is also acceptable, please chime in with a preference.. I'm inclined to think that 4th is what most players want at this point. ,, Correction(after discussing it in chat): 500 Build points is where we're moving things back too.. a more normal game level... I will assist folks who want to dial their character back to this level or build a new one.
  6. I'm afraid I'm out. ,, If I didn't have 3 games either clicking, about to click, or needed a character completed for it I would contemplate designing a new character for the power-down. I really wanted to play the game at the setting we had, but everyone else wanted the lower PL. ,, But, I guess this is what happens when you're in the minority. Wherever this game goes, I won't be with it. It's a bitch to design a character for SR, and to me at least, PBPing Shadowrun is a bad idea.
  7. I'm sorry, I've been super busy, had some folks call off several times, and I've been exhausted most of the time I'm not working the last two weeks.
  8. "Yes, but once they're here," Saori noted idly, "we'll have 'up to a week' before they're sold." The exact phrase she was referencing from her report leapt into their focus on their screens. "So we should find out where they'll be warehoused and come up from underneath, creating distractions and such as needed." She looked around the table, one dark eyebrow rising in a question. "Thoughts?"
  9. Well, I'll wait until something solid comes up, then.
  10. ,, Krul hasn't said either way, so I was proceeding with the game as it has been laid out. If Krul says something different, then I'll adjust.
  11. Okay, I thought we were doing a new game? ,, I'm confused.
  12. "Welll....they're coming in via ship," Death Otter said, tapping her lips rapidly as she thought. "Minisub though, maybe? If we can find out what ship it's on, I can try to get a manifest, which should include some kind of location code. The tricky part would be getting on the ship without raising an alarm, and then getting the package off and out of there."
  13. Sorry about the short, lame post. I'm just trying to get into the game again.
  14. “I can provide a distraction.” The words came from the until-now silent form of Saori. She was leaning back in her chair, one perfectly lacquered nail glittering as she scrolled through the information available to them. “Or perhaps, we should steal out from under their noses.” ,, Her dark eyes glittered as she looked at D0. “Can you find out where the crates are stored? We might be able to come at it from underneath, depending on where they are. Come up through the floor and into the crates, empty them and be gone.” She glanced around the room. “Thoughts?”
  15. Yeah, 500 Karma is a really low-level game. Like... kids level. 500 BP makes more sense if we want "Slightly better than your average runner, but not overwhelmingly so".
  16. I think it'd be fun to try 5th, but if folks are against that I'm totally okay with 4th too. ,, Going to assume you mean 500 BP, not Karma, since 500 karma would be like 250 BP.
  17. not interested at all to going to 5th edition so a reboot to 4th works for me
  18. With either option I am building a new character, I build Sakurako for a specific idea and now that things are changing I am changing accordingly. With the few people we have my role is not a small-team character. I had built for a big team. ,, If it is 4th edition the 500 karma with your house rules is fine. I just got to think of a character. ,, If we are building for 5th though, that is a deal breaker. If we are changing to 5th, I am out. There is much in 5th I am leery of, or at least for now I don't like. ,, I have to ask though, if we are doing a full restore on this, are we going to be happy enough with this to keep this game moving? I don't want to build yet another character and have the game collapse. Particularly for this system. 4th or 5th.
  19. It sounds like a hard reboot to the basic level is in order, especially for people new to the game world or struggling with the present setting, it would most likely involve recreating your characters. It also would make it somewhat easier on me, as I don't have to plan as many major runs, smaller ones will work, though I would still want you folks to be a dedicated Shadowrun team. The advantage is that I can still do this run I restarted for, I'll just have to scale the opposition further back and give you more time to carry it through. ,, If we do that, I'd prefer to run 5th edition, character creation is much quicker and easier, and differences between character types have a greater divide, though I'd upgrade folks to prime runner status (just the extra karma and cash option on page 64), just to give more funds and building room, and to allow the same backgrounds so far, for folks who want to keep their present character background, though some changes will be required... you can be new to the shadows, but have had considerable training in certain areas or gotten access to quite a bit of wealth... this is much lower powered then originally considered. Also, it will keep new players and old somewhat on the same footing, sense the edition is fairly new. ,, Alternatively, a reboot to 4th edition, just using the slightly higher 500 point option is possible if you all prefer to stick with the present rules, I'm completely ok with that as well, at least all of the various optional rules are there. ,, Either of these options essentially means a total restart though, you can keep your current characters and I can help you scale them back, or create new ones if you prefer, I'm willing to help with this if necessary in either option.. ,, As the GM, I am willing to go either way, which would folks prefer?
  20. Well I have to think on if I want to re-roll, or make a completely different character if we do a scale-back reset. I built Endeavor for a certain setting, and the character fit the power level in terms of where my mind-set was. I'm already too invested in this character and to change her would throw me off. I may just build a different character on a reset to a lower power level. ,, Then again there is no guarantee even that will happen as we'll just continue with where we are. All I want is just some definitive answer at some point as to what we are going to be doing, is all, so I know what I am going to do next.
  21. You can still play her. Just a scaled back version. ,, But I'm fine either way. ,, I just recognize that I have some advantages in that I'm already very comfortable with my character and with Shadowrun's settings and expectations...so I don't have those dissonances that would otherwise prevent me from connecting.
  22. To be honest, if we are re-setting, I just want to know if we are re-setting. I'll have to know what sort of rules we're building on so I can grab Chummer and start this process again. Thing is I am invested in the character I got. I've been wanting to play her and to see that tossed away for yet again another reset is annoying. ,, To be honest I am locked between wanting to see a game and wanting to keep my character and my eternal hatred of dealing with the SR rules in character creation. I don't want to be a downer on this, or sound like one. If this pain leads to the gain of a working SR game, I look forward to it. I'm just asking that if we settle on something we settle on it and ride that decision to it's logical conclusion (a successful game, or the game dies off). ,, To condense my feelings on this: As long as we get a game out of this, then I am happy with that. Also, I hate Shadowrun CC in any version.
  23. I'm having fun with D0, and will continue to do so regardless if we hard reboot or keep where we are. ,, I do think that the general idea is that we could use a bit more grounding in the campaign setting, and perhaps with each other as a team too. ,, Going down in 'level' and back in time might help with that. Help us develop more camaraderie by playing through it, rather than just sort of being told we're all experienced (when some of us aren't) and we all know each other (when most of us don't, characterwise at least). ,, Those dissonances between character and PC can make it hard to get into character, which may be part of the problem here. ,, If pressed, I'd say start us off small, then if you want to get to the higher power stuff, let us advance that way quickly after becoming invested in our characters and the setting.
  24. This might sound harsh, but I'm being truthful here. ,, I want to know one way or another what we're doing. Character creation is a bitch no matter the version of SR. If we are re-building I want to know. Quite frankly though I am burned out on generating characters for games that go nowhere. ,, So are you going to make a decision on this game, Krul? I want to play this but I want to know what we're playing and doing before hand. ,, And again, sorry if this reads harshly.
  25. Krul, I understood why you hopped us forward; as an ST, it's really hard to draw the line telling when you need to push things and when your posts are being pushy. I tend to opt toward not pushing, which is partially why my games can sputter along, among other reasons. ,, Beyond that.... if you wanted to reboot us to a lower level, that'd be fine with me. I'm really struggling with posts on this game, in part because I don't know the world very well and while I want to learn, that takes more time than asking people for the bits and pieces I need to make a post. I sadly don't have a lot of time ATM for pretendy-fun-times, which makes me sad. I'm working on breaking out of the 40 hour grind, but I'm not there -- or close to there -- yet. ,, So a hard reboot at a lower level would be fine with me, as would continuing at this level. I'm really trying to get up a post, despite the lack of a post since you rebooted. Part of that is that I have no clue what I can offer; I have a general idea but I stall out when I coax for details. Playing a newbie at lower levels would help with that, as it'd free me up to play someone who is new to the nightlife and learning the ropes. S/he can make stupid suggestions and instead of having people looking side-eyed at her while wondering how she lived this long, they'll just roll their eyes and explain to the fresh meat all the ways she's wrong. ,, As far as tabling or dropping... to be honest, I'd be fine with that too. I like my PC but I have little connection to the world at large and that lack makes it hard to be in that world in any meaningful way. That comes back to my ignorance/lack of time as a new player and can only be cured with time... which I have little free time to devote to the study of the setting. ,, I hope my posts were helpful to you and provided feedback. If you want me to clarify or expound on a point, just let me know.

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