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  2. Jameson, that's a real shame, but no hard feelings. These things happen, and it's no one's fault. Thanks for getting back to us, and making the hard call instead of leaving us hanging. Hope things get better for you soon.
  3. Ok. I have officially become that crappy GM who never shows. I'm sorry. It has not been intentional. As some of you may be aware my access to this site is blocked from work and as a result the primary time of day when I am online I am no longer able to post here or read posts. My time outside of work ... well, there's less good reason there. The long and the short of it boils down to the fact that regardless of the reasons for my continual decrease in activity here I should not have left you all hanging as long as I did. Shit or get off the pot as they say. Which is why I have to make the tough decision and shutter this game. I apologize for this, truly. I'm sorry I couldn't see this to the end, but when "a few days" becomes 3 weeks, I can't lie to myself, or you all, any more. I hope this mess, my mess, hasn't put a sour taste in your mouth for what I truly feel is a wonderful game system and setting.
  4. Ugh. Hi guys. Apologies for the long absence, I don't really have a good excuse except being busy. I'll try to get you all an update in the next few days.
  5. "Striking out at random may well be an option. Hmm." Alice looks upwards, seeing if anything is interesting and in a high place, requiring her climbing skills.
  6. "Maybe!" Raiche agrees cheerfully. Figuring that stuff out wasn't her department, and she was totally okay with that. "Whatever it is, lets get that done first. I haven't slept in two nights now, and I'd really like to before we go fight 'margrs' whatever they are." Despite her words, she seemed as annoyingly chipper as ever, sleep or no sleep. "So you're the smart one, Arisi. Which way should we go first? Or...Alice, any ideas? If it's up to me I'll just close my eyes and point at random."
  7. "Margr attack," Arisi murmured quietly, her eyes wide as she tried to take in everything inside the dome. "Which means we're probably into to two problems now: rescuing the priests if they're still alive and figuring out if this place is the source of the nightmares. And if we can turn it off...or maybe on? Perhaps this place was suppressing the nightmares somehow?" The last was said mostly to herself as her mind tumbled over the possibilities. She'd always had such odd twists of thought; her mother had told her once it was why she made people uneasy. They usually didn't want to think about how the world could actually be even stranger than it seemed.
  8. Sorry, guys. Third trimester + getting shingles right after GenCon has had me asleep for the majority of the past couple of weeks. I'm gonna jump back in with a post tonight.
  9. "As is the case with so much of life in our modern world, it is a mystery." Alice started poking around as well. "And I think 'Bad Dream Factory' was the name of a band of travelling minstrels I once had the mispleasure of seeing..."
  10. Raiche shrugs as she accompanies Arisi into the dome behind Alice. "Look around, I guess. See if we can find something labeled 'bad dream factory.'" She smiles. "You never know." She starts to poke around, looking for ways out of the plant room. "Hey, did you two find out what happened outside?"
  11. "Ah, so you did! My thanks." With a bit of a spring in her step, Alice bounded through the open hole. She looked around, whistling lowly. She examined the ceramic tiles beneath her feet, then the banks of computers, then the rotating turbines and hemisphere. "Well, I suppose the next question is: what next?"
  12. Yup! Edited my post so Raiche is now outside. RP may commence.
  13. FYI, I'm at GenCon starting tomorrow so no update until next week at soonest, but Max knows how Raiche can move things along, and you guys can RP as well.
  14. Meanwhile, inside the thing, Raiche nearly went sprawling over the floor when the resistance she was expecting wasn't there. She caught herself and for a minute she was just lost, staring around in rapt wonder. She'd seen ruins of the old Ages of course, but this was the first time she'd had a glimpse of what they might have been like when they were still in their prime...maintained and functioning. "Arisi, you HAVE to see this," she said. And that's when it hit her that she hadn't heard the others since the 'door' had opened. Raiche looked around and immediately saw the problem. No door. The surface of the dome was still smooth and unbroken where she'd gone through. She quickly hurried back to that spot and ran her hands over the inside curve of it. On finding it solid, she thumped her fist against it a couple of times. "Arisi?" she called. "Alice? Can you hear me?" There was no response, or at least none she could hear. Raiche poked at the inside of her cheek with her tongue. Well, that was a pickle. She turned to take in the inside of the dome again. Lots of plants. Some might be edible. The air was thick with water, so there was probably a cistern or reservoir around somewhere. Didn't seem to be any immediate danger. She was mostly concerned that Arisi and Alice would wander off without her, or get into trouble while she wasn't there to help them. With that in mind Raiche went back to the wall where she'd passed through and put her hands against the glassy surface there. Maybe it wasn't random, what happened? What had she been doing? Leaning against it...and thinking... How do I get inside? Nothing happened, until Raiche realized she WAS inside.She closed her eyes. How do I get through? The perfectly smooth surface melted away under her fingertips, and she stepped back out of the dome to look around. Not far off were Arisi and Alice, still poking around looking for clues. Raiche waved at them and called, "Hey! I found a way in!"
  15. "I suppose we're overthinking it," said Alice as she sighed, taking her hat off to wipe her brow. "It's probably something blessedly simple." If she noticed the missing Raiche, she didn't say anything.
  16. Alice and Arisi studied the ground, the tracks, and remains that had been left behind. Alice, so far from her usual haunts in the western ocean, was at a loss, but Arisi began to gather small items, a scrap of torn clothing here, a tuft of white hair here, a small stone dotted with blood, a broken spear haft. Each of these built a story in her mind that led to singular conclusion. The aeon priests had indeed come here, and in the middle of their work they had been ambushed by margr. Margr were abhumans that were native to this region, twisted mixtures of man and some old world creature that some called a "grote". The savage Margr appeared to have slain at least one of the priests and captured the others, for use as slaves or for later use in their cookpots. Meanwhile Raiche paced the dome, inspecting the triangular sections, looking for sign of entry. There were no obvious controls. Nothing that was clearly a door. Aside from the angle changes at each edge of the trianglar facets there was no seam, no joint, no sign that the dome was anything but a single solid piece of whatever material it was formed from. The material itself resisted Raiche's attempts to produce a scratch or gouge. Dejectedly she leaned against the dome, watching Arisi and Alice pace out the scene and thinking, "How do we get inside?" Without preamble or warning the panel she rested against became intangible and she fell backwards through the section and into the dome. Inside the dome was cool, but also humid and damp, in stark opposition to the dry outsides. Plants of seemingly endless variety, in pots and planters of varying sizes, filled the dome keeping the air fresh. Machinery rose from the artificial jungle; spinning turbines, rotating hemispheres, control banks and panels. The floor under her feet was some kind of ceramic tile in a wide variety of hues. Turning to tall Arisi and Alice Raiche found the panel solid once more; an opaque white crystal just as it was outside.
  17. Sorry for the radio silence this past week (ish) I'll try and get a post up shortly/today
  18. Charlotte suggested finding a piece of numenera...perhaps there's an external device or something that can be removed. That sounds pretty good to me. Can't really think of anything else, myself.
  19. Max, with a Natural 20 you can get a major effect. Feel free to suggest something if you like.
  20. While Arisi and Alice examined the signs of battle, Raiche focused on the dome's substance. She tapped it with a finger, then the butt of her spear to see how hard it seemed. She looked for any signs of cracks or crevices or other indications that one piece of it might be able to slide or move. Perception. [salmonMax] 5:03 pm: Hello all [Jeremy] 5:04 pm: Hey Max SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 20: 20 [salmonMax] 5:04 pm: Bwah
  21. "They might also have been hallucinating or gone crazy from the nightmares," Arisi said quietly. "I don't suggest we sleep near here unless we just fall over." She rubbed at her temples, her head still aching from her own ill dreams, and studied the patterns on the ground. Whatever had happened, knowing might give them the advantage they needed to survive this place and resolve whatever was causing the dream terrors. Roll [Malachite] 2:18 pm: Hey. Malachite *rolls* 1d20: 15: 15 Success!
  22. OOC Rolling against TN 9. (1d20=4) That's a fail. She gives an A for effort, but Alice seems no closer to deciphering the events that occurred here than before.
  23. OOC Rolling against TN 9. (1d20=4) That's a fail. She gives an A for effort, but Alice seems no closer to deciphering the events that occurred here than before.

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