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  2. "I've formally studied Akido and Kendo when i was younger." Ayato smiled. He was sure he'd be fine in combat here, his mentor and Master wouldn't forgive him otherwise he was sure.
  3. Qiang thought about it for a moment before replying, "Nothing formally, though I have been in fights before." A deceptive answer but one that required no true lie on his part; most of Qiang's fighting was self taught and what wasn't was informally learned from others. He'd never had a formal class as such.
  4. Inside there are three well-built men, the smaller of them turns to the other one closest to the door and says something in Japanese that seems to be a question before turning his attention to the three of you. "Good morning to you all" he says with a shallow bow of the neck. "We are always happy to welcome new students. The next scheduled beginners class is not until this evening, but we could sort out the paperwork and see how fit you are. Have any of you study any martial arts before?" Mike lets the others go ahead of him as he had been in the local paper for a martial arts event about 8 months ago.
  5. Ayato nodded politely. His eyes focused on the Master and any other people in the room to size them all up, trying to evaluate any possible threats.
  6. Mike smiled and welcomed Olivia as she arrived, but was obviously more comfortable welcoming Qiang. He made himself comfortable, flicking through the material and looking at the flightplan until it was time to re-arrange the seats. He grins as he replies to Nari, "I don't think I'll have any trouble with jet-lag, I can go for a couple of days without sleep if necessary, but an evening of entertainment in a new country will be no hardship. Thank you Nari."
  7. Qiang ordered a drink and some roasted nut, feeling no reluctance to make the first class accomodations work for him. "I'm sure that things will work out, though I am equally sure that they will not work out as we have planned, it seems that these things are seldom in our control." He reached into his jacket and pulled out a deck of playing cards, "Anybody care for a game to pass the time?"
  8. Qiang approached what appeared to be the master of the dojo and offered a bow, "Hello, my friends and I would like to enroll as students." He smiled but his eyes were already roving around the inside of the school trying to see anything out of the ordinary.
  9. Narinder greeted Qiang as well, and conversation was interrupted, at least briefly, as the rest of the passengers began to board, and everyone settled down into their seats for the pre-flight demonstration of rules and regulations. Finally though, there was lift-off. It wasn't long before they were cruising at a comfortable pace, having already ventured out over the Atlantic on their way to one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. The four of them together took up a whole row, and while they didn't have complete privacy, they were able to take advantage of the small conversation area formed by having two of the seats in the upright position and utilizing the dining seats across from each individual seat. After a visit from the flight attendant, who was anxious to take their orders, the four had settled in, and Narinder started speaking while they waited for their drinks. "Regretfully, it will be a long flight, but I do hope the accommodations make it a bearable one. It will be late afternoon when we arrive, but perhaps the jet lag will be difficult for some of you? I have arranged for us to take the evening off, and the following day we will head out to the island for business. Perhaps we will find that we are lucky, and such things will be take care of quickly. Then we will have the good fortune of getting to enjoy some Grecian entertainment, yes?"
  10. As they approach the door they can just make out low voices through the door, two or three of them. The door is closed, but in a small window to one side of the door can be seen an open sign and a couple of posters. One poster has the name of the style and the Masters name along with the opening times, the other is a clipping from a magazine extolling some recent competition wins by members of the school.
  11. "Let's go then." Ayato leads the way in, a smile on his face. "This would be interesting."
  12. Mike nods at Ayato's suggestion, "Students I think. Now, all together or should we go in slightly apart? I think we may as well go in together as we are all already here."
  13. "As you see fit." Qiang nodded to the school, "They will either take us at our word or they will be suspicious of all strangers. Let's just decide and move."
  14. Qiang moved quietly onto the plane, he wore a tailored suit and carried a small leather overnight bag. He slipped the faked passport into his coat and located his seat. His nervousness showed but the reason for it was less obvious. Qiang wasn't afraid to fly, he was worried that he might not be able to return if the passport proved unsuitable to pass through customs in Greece and then in America on the way back.
  15. The first class seats were a different experience altogether for someone who hadn't ever flown first class, and even a bit of one for someone who had. Each seat had it's own TV and small table, as well as a seat across the table. It was designed for people to be able to move around and sit across from each other during the flight, as well as for a more relaxing rest experience during the long, cross-Atlantic flight. Click to reveal.. Pictures of the Setup: Narinder smiled at Mike as he approached, standing to welcome him, though of course the area that was theirs was large enough to not require it. He smiled warmly at Livy as she approached, and held out a hand for hers, kissing it gently in greeting and speaking to them both. "You are very welcome, I was happy to provide it. Hopefully this visit will prove at least somewhat enlightening to us. If not, well.. I shall do my best to make sure it is at least enjoyable. As for myself, I have in fact been to Greece, but not on such, mmm.. professional business."
  16. "I figure students looking for training works. Though I can handle Magazine writers too."
  17. Wakiki had been immediately suspicious of the offering, but Liv had explained that it was a 'god' thing. He'd let her go without complaint after that, but Liv could see the hints of jealousy simmering in him. It made her a little sad; they both knew that their current arrangement was temporary. She knew it would end, and so she tried not to sully it with bitter thoughts of 'what if'. He tried the same, but they were only human. She eased her way to her seat, smiling at Mike and Narinder. "Hey, guys," she said softly, nodding at them. "Thanks, Nari - this is a wonderful opportunity."
  18. Mike made his way down the corridor and through the gate to the boarding ramp. Although he had dressed as well as he could out of his normal wardrobe he still felt self-conscious going through to the first class seat that Nari had acquired for him. But he was soon there, and seeing Nari there before him was enough to release at least some of the tension that had been building during the day. "Thank you for arranging this Nari, I just hope that I can be of some help when we reach Greece. Have you been there before?"
  19. Narinder smiled warmly at the flight attendant as he boarded, and tucked his bag into an overhead compartment before settling down into his seat. It was going to be a long flight, but he was hoping it would be a productive one. He had waited for word from the others, hoping one of them would come up with something in regards to the riddle. But after coming up short himself, and receiving no updates from the other three of the gods' chosen, he had decided to take somewhat more drastic measures. The other three Scions had received a notice from him, whichever way they communicated best: email, phone call, or letter. It stated simply that Narinder had been unsuccessful finding any true leads, so he was planning on traveling somewhere that might offer valuable information, and that the others were more than welcome to come. To those who had responded with interest, he had promised to arrange their travel. Perhaps they expected some contact of Nari's, someone in the Boston area or close by. Maybe even a road trip to somewhere on the east coast, a few hours away. What they didn't expect was to receive a first-class, round trip ticket to Greece in their name, scheduled for the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. Tickets arrived in plenty of time for anyone who didn't have a passport to acquire one, and assurances that hotel and spending arrangements were taken care of as well. All they needed to do.. was show up.
  20. Mike nods and adds, "If they have been busy all or most of the night then they will just be heading home anyway. So what approach do we want to use? A magazine or just some people looking for training, or something else?"
  21. "No, not really. Let's stick to the originial plan for now. If we need to We can find out about them and pursue them later."
  22. "I am fine with either. We do not know that there is Titan corruption here and we should not assume such. It could make our minds up for us otherwise." He watched the women retreating, "Do you think we should split up so that one can follow them?"
  23. Ayato nodded to the others. "nominally I'd say there's more to that than meets the eye, but I'm betting we can save it for later. You all want to try the direct approach or is sneaking in the order of the day?"
  24. The others followed, and although the traffic had eased from it's rush hour peak it was still quite busy. As they turned into the road it was clear to see that there was still little in the way of parking places. Reaching the area of the house they heard the door open while still at least partially hidden by the trees and hedges acting as a boundary between the house's garden and the neighbours. They paused at the sound of voices, A rough, male voice with an asian accent starts, "Thank you for your efforts." Brusque american female, "Yeah, well, tell your 'Master' to watch it in future, or he can find another company." The sound of heels on the ground underlies the reply and women they had seen the night before emerge on to the pavement, with one slightly behind the others. They turn the otherway down the street and pay no attention to the 3 men in the morning shadows of the trees.
  25. Amica gazed upward into the moon and through it down to the facility. The perimeter, chain link fencing topped with barbed wire, surrounded the facility but there were multiple spots where it was well away from the buildings and bordered by thin woods or grassy scrub land long ago cleared but never built upon. Amica found little in the way of cover aside from the unevenly spaced cars in the parking lot. A pair of security patrols roved around in black SUVs making a circuit roughly every half hour.
  26. Nick rubbed his badge for luck and phoned in that he needed assistance and an ambulance. He'd have to catch up with the others, hopefully in a half hour, it depended on who was close enough to pick up his call. {Summon Police Followers via badge}

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