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  1. What's new in this game
  2. I am going to keep the forum here for a bit to help people get a better chance to see the status and then I'll archive it. There are a bunch of other games on here now, so feel free to try something else out if you are interested.
  3. Dangit, and I was all set to play a fake agent.
  4. I love you guys, but I don't think I can jump start this game. Its not you, its the way I think and GM. Sorry. *looks around* At least the forum transfer succeeded. . .
  5. I'm still around here checking in daily just so you know. PbP games *are* slow in pace, but in exchange, you can have the best roleplaying story ever. I've seen games go on for years with the characters barely gaining any levels, but oh the stories they had to tell. Players have the time to think through their every answers instead of coming up with spur of the moment half-baked replies that may or may not be in character. I'm still very willing and wanting to play this game! ::smile
  6. The pace can be controlled. This, or a variant of this, always happens eventually...usually at a scene change, or a pivotal decision point. The players aren't sure what comes next, or who should go first...or no one wants to be the first to choose...or whatever. When that happens, it's up to the GM to get the ball rolling. Sometimes a quick 'fast forward' past the trouble spot works. Sometimes an OOC "Hey, what's the holdup?" Sometimes you just need to pick someone to go next...or skip past someone. I'd like to continue, and I think it'll still work. But if you don't want to, for whatever reason, well that happens. No hard feelings. But this PBP isn't dead until you decide it is...since the PC's seem to be more or less around. I admit, I got out of the habit of checking the board...but I'd come back in a heartbeat if we started again.
  7. I think so. Honestly, I've learned a lesson here: I can't GM pbp. The pace kills my ability to maintain creative focus.
  8. *cough* Technically, the game already started a while ago. And then died in a whimper when everyone, it seems, vanished. Sorry.
  9. I'm still willing you know guys. Starting a PbP is always the hardest part. But once it gets going... ::laugh Cranky Dog
  10. SalmonMax, I think you're on point (although Nick's Invest+Chr would be 3d[1])
  11. try invis castle http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/ Edit: Chosen Ninja'ed me.
  12. I am working on a dice roller, but it will be a while until it can be implemented. Most people use Invisible Castle.
  13. Arg, just had one of those really stupid realizations: How do you handle dice rolling on this forum? That said, okay. First scene will be searching Hell's Kitchen. Whoever is doing the asking around needs to roll. . . lets go with [social Att]+Investigate. You can pick which social att, just factor it into your description. Anything supplemental you want to use, go ahead and choose. Whoever is following along, rolls Dex+Stealth. Again, whatever you want to use to supplement or replace, feel free to describe. Once we've worked out these rolls, I'll narrate the first scene ( as they will effect things ).
  14. Dick would plan for himself and Serge to head to the treatment plant in MiB-style dress, start asking questions, and pull a realistic badge if anyone had a problem with it. With the intent of finding out who would have been on duty at the time the body was dumped/flushed, and trying to figure out if that person is Innocent Bystander, or In On It.
  15. My initial plan was for one of us...whoever has the best social stats and skills...ask around with the photograph. The other one of us would be 'in disguise' as just another vagrant, watching the asker's back...but also watching to see how people react when the asker's not looking. Open to suggestions though!
  16. Actually, yes. If you could hash out your search plan OOC? It would speed the process later, as either you or I could just narrate a fair chunk.
  17. Any info you need from us about how we plan to conduct the search?
  18. Arg, sorry I haven't been around much. Hmm, okay, I wasn't totally expecting you to split up, so. . . I'm going to get up the first post of the next scene some time this weekend, and its going to relate to the homeless info search. There's a reason *cough*.
  19. Serge helps pick up the last of the printouts and distributes them among the others. "Since Dick and me are going under and might encounter the... unexpected, I guess I should get myself a weapon. Shouldn't be too hard in this town. But am I going to need silver bullets or something or do regular bullets work?"
  20. I think everyone is pretty much as ready as we need to be for the next step.
  21. Amica snorted. "Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but I fully admit I lack the glamour of a sewer worker. I guess you'll just have to make do." She went over to the printouts and peeled out the pages with the photos, giving Nick a few copies and saving a few for herself. "I think I have what I need." She nodded at Nick. "Ready?"
  22. Nick said, "No, we should pair up and I don't really care which I do. I'll go with you." Unseen Alex rolled his eyes.
  23. "So...three of you are talking to the sewer worker, and I'm going alone to the homeless thing," Amica says with a roll of her eyes. "Fine. I'm used to working alone. Lets exchange cell numbers so I can call one of you when I find something."

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