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It is the year 2020, and the rules of war have changed.

Operation Omnitheon, first formed in 2013 was created to assess all supernatural threats to the United States and her Allies, a continuation of an allied effort of many Pantheons from around the world in the monitoring and elimination of threats and the assistance of lone Gods or Goddesses bereft of their pantheon. Cracks formed in the barriers between godrealms and the mortal world during the cutting of the threads of fate that could have led to Ragnarok during the end of WWII, allowing forgotten gods, rogue titans and their spawn, and unusual supernatural happenstances to occur in the Mortal realm.

Humanity itself isn't even vaguely aware, only for a brief time they attributed some things to the appearance of "Superpowers", but that wasn't the case. The age of superheroes was short, from 1949 to the mid 1950s when the cold war changed matters.

Around this time the US along with it's allies in Europe and Asia and their corresponding Pantheons created "Joint Task Force 0", allowing pantheons to exchange their serving Military Scions from their home militaries to team up with other countries to suppress oddities and put a cap on supernatural attacks. It was effective, the public forgot there were those more than Human walking among them, and the things that go bump in the night were just in their head.

But as the Zeitgeist came to a head at the turn of the Millenium, the number of people running into godly occurances dramatically jumped. The greatest tragedys were the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami, triggered by a aquatic Titan, and several natural disasters that popped up around the world soon after.

The vast majority of people were still unaware that the supernatural even existed. Chalking up these events to bad luck or the changing climate. The world Pantheons, now unfettered by cold war distrust formed a new alliance. Operation Omnitheon. Now with Pantheons once alligned with the former Soviet Union were allowed into the program.

And none too soon, when a "Meteor" exploded over a Russian town, hardliners tried to claim it was a US weapons test and it took several diplomatically leaning scions to calm things down, but it was becoming clear, Fortean events were increasing.

When Operation Omnitheon formed, they picked from the best and brightest they could find. That... is the team forming now... A new legend for a new era is starting. Whan lies ahead for Joint Task Force Zero?

  1. What's new in this game
  2. I'm sorry but after some stuff that's happened and how I feel I gotta constantly poke people to post or get constant flakyness, I'm done putting up with it. I'm done. I'm NOT enjoying running this one bit. I kept with this because I didn't want to stop another game, but I can't put up with it anymore.
  3. Sia nodded to the Major. Not particularly liking his orders, or wanting to follow them. But once again, that wasn't her job. So she nodded to the tattooed American, and glared at the Japanese Major before strapping her knife to her vest and collecting her gear, her Punisher, her MP7, and her USP, making sure all were secure before she stretched and fixed her Boonie hat. Glancing left then right before following the Major. "I'll bring up the rear. Best if you two get shot first"
  4. For Ryusei, this was almost a waste of time. He initially wanted to simply call Hokuto and have her take him up into the sky, but with the rain as it was, it'd be impossible to see anything from her back. He looked to the rest of the team. "Let's split up, we can cover more ground that way. Caitlin, come with me, Sia,you too, we'll go inspect the larger lagoon to the southwest. Clara, Sakura, You two are going to the one in the southeast. Take only what you need, and travel light. Remember, Red Flare for dangerous encounter, green for all clear." He had a machete on his right hip and a service pistol on his left, with one of the sawed off Browning semi auto shotguns across his back. "stay along the edge of the forest if you can, if you get too deep you'll get lost, and that's a real pain in a storm like this." He looked at his two "teammates" and nodded. "You two got everything you need?" He noted it was a first, in that they'd not brought any support staff, it was just the scions on this trip, and he knew Caitlin was used to operating as part of a much larger team.
  5. Solomons, Malaulalo Island 0730 Hours local time Weather: Rainy The LCAC was for it's amenities a home away from home. When the 99 couldn't pull up to the island due to underwater terrain, the LCAC proved itself as a amphibious vehicle. The mission was simple. Head to Malaulalo, investigate strange sightings of a creature that has scared off tourists visiting the island, and return home knowing you've taken care of a growing urban legend. Of course The start to all this is the fact it is raining cats and dogs. It has been for the past week. At least tourists have vanished to the more populated islands in the Solomons chain, but why would JTF-0 had been summoned to investigate a simple urban legend? The LCAC was all set up for all sorts of mission parameters, kit for SCUBA gear, kit for exploring a jungle, tents, rafts, rain gear, whatever could be wanted. What was up to the group is how they wanted to go about things. Commander Petrona, the CO of the team was even scratching her head, looking at the beautiful jungle... or what would be beautiful considering the fact if it was sunny it would be a nice chunk of Eden. "Well this is a mess. Luckily I can keep the engine running and not raise a ruckus with the sound baffling. Fuel's no issue. But this..." She complained, looking quite uncomfortable under her jungle-pattern camo poncho, as she looked over the group who seemed to have made better choices in waterproofs. Particularly Sakura. "Ain't you uncomfortable in that poopie suit, Sailor?" Sakura brushed off some rain water from her dry-suit like flight suit. "Commander... I'm dry. That and it's sort of what I need for my talents." "Not like you'll be doin' any flyin'" "Keep reminding me of that, Ma'am... Then again I wouldn't fly a Harrier or any other Jet in these conditions..." Commander Petrona turned to the others. "So... suggestions on what to look at first?" Okay, Welcome to Mission 1. Here's the situation currently. You're on a large beach, currently stationed in the LCAC. It has more than suitable defenses here, but to investigate the rumors of a "creature", you're probably gonna have to head into the Jungle and say Hi. The rain is keeping the bugs down, but things are getting muddy. Also it's a heavy rain, so hearing is effected, as well as visibility. It's also cooler than you'd expect for the locale, due to it being in a tropical locale. There's a large lagoon some distance to the Southwest, a smaller one to the south east. They're actually deep and open to the ocean so they're salt-water. The SE lagoon has a few abandoned wooden and inflatable dinghys on shore from various cruise ships *(saw that on the most recent intel), but no other obvious signs of something at least from the landing location. A note is that there currently have been no fatalities, but one person seemed to have contracted a sleeping sickness that knocked them out for two days. Someone investigating the strange mucus-like discharge that hit them also ended up out of commission for a day... Other than quick glimpses, there is no real description of the beast other than a sense of extreme terror, and a beast at least 3-4 times the size of a Crocodile or Alligator. In terms of height at the very least. Wither this is just people over-reacting or a actual height is up to debate... Post what your character is doing, and input ideas on how to proceed.
  6. You know, every once in a while if I get demoralized, I get an idea. Watch for Mission 1 today.
  7. I can't run this when my motivation has been tanked. Keep your characters I'll see how I feel about this in a month. I don't want to shelve this game, but right now I am not in the mindset to run.
  8. I just had a last-minute pull out. Iron has left the group. At this point I don't know what I'll do for a first mission as I don't even know if I'll have a group. I need a couple days to calm down.
  9. Here is the final roster, I'll edit in details tomorrow. Might even start the mission Wednesday if I get enough done tonight. Also as of now, Mission 0 didn't happen I'm locking and will hiding it. I'll give everyone 2BP for muddling through (and those that just arrived too... if you're on the roster, add 2BP), but it had no reason to exist. As far as everyone knows though, everyone knows each other and have had a month or two of working together in exercises to know what everyone can do. But yeah Mission 0 was horribly, horribly executed. You will get a mission briefing at the start of Mission 1, DISREGARD ALL EVENTS OF MISSION 0. If anything is brought up from it I will dock XP. Final warning.
  10. Name: Lt. Isabel ‘Izzy’ Sterling, SRR Calling: Heroic Pantheon: Dodekatheon Nature: Perfectionist Goddess: Athena Attributes Strength: 2 Dexterity: 3 Stamina: 3 Charisma: 4 Manipulation: 3 Appearance: 4 Epic Appearance : 2 Perception: 3 Intelligence: 4 Epic Intelligence : 2 Wits: 5 Epic Wits: 2 Abilities Academics: 3 Athletics: 3 Awareness: 2 Brawl: 2 Command: 3 Control (Cars): 2 Craft (Electronics): 2 Empathy: 2 Integrity: 2 Investigation: 3 Larceny: 3 Marksmanship: 3 Medicine: 1 Melee: 3 Presence: 3 Science (Chemistry): 2 Stealth: 3 Survival: 2 Birthrights Followers: 3 (SAS Boat Patrol) Guide: 2 (Retired Intelligence officer) Relic: 3 (Xiphos of Athena) Relic: 1 (Armband of Hermes) Weapons Xiphos MP5SD (silenced submachine gun) Knacks Come Hither Know-it-all Perfect Memory Instant Investigator Social Chameleon Boons Arete 2 (Wits) Vigil Brand (Guardian 1) Unerring Orientation (Psychopomp 1) Where Are You? (Psychopomp 2) Unbarred Entry (Psychopomp 3) Blessing of Bravery (War 1) Willpower 5 Virtues Expression: 1 Intellect: 3 Valor: 2 Vengeance : 2 Legend 4 (more to come)
  11. Outside of heritage, and everyone who has posted their sheets, consider yourselves OUT. You had 3 weeks... I'm done waiting. First mission starts Friday. Sooner if I can get over this head cold or whatever got in there and have the energy to start off.
  12. Been working on my background for Izzy today, but wasn't able to finish it by midnight
  13. I'll be checking the approved characters list... whoever is submitted gets in on mission 1. Otherwise, you wait. At this point Mission 1 will start Wednesday or Thursday. I need to plan it out and some stuff's coming up.
  14. I'm feeling slightly more aligned. I'll have our first mission start Tuesday sometime once I get on, if not Wednesday. Any characters not in by Monday Night at Midnight will not get the 5 extra BP, and will have to sit out until Mission 2. I ask those that have managed to wait this long (3+ weeks) that I've not had routine contact with why you joined the game. Not mincing words here... outside of Heri, Iron, and Carlos... I'd been waiting on you.
  15. Due to Easter, I am pushing up the deadline to Monday Night at Midnight. Anyone not submitted by then will not be on the first mission. I will start the actual mission later that week. Taking a couple day breather because of this allergy/headcold situation...
  16. "I'm all about a Zodiac infiltation" Sigi sighed as her good eye gave a glance "LCAC's... Are really loud" At the mention of formal stuff she grimaced, not really wanting to be a part of it. Instead preferring to go, work out, or clean her weapons. Or do something useful. "I'd suggest a RHIB, or half of the stuff the navy uses for infiltrating small secluded areas. Mostly because I don't care how strong I am. I'm not outrowing whatever's out there."
  17. (Another work in progress Name: Sia Price, Lieutenant 22nd SAS Regiment (Then MI6) Age-31, Born February 29th 1981 Height- 5’7 Weight-140lbs Hair-Silver, Black Eye Color- Green, left, red, right Bloodtype: O- Dominant Hand-Right Divine Parent- Kali Pantheon- The Deva Background: Sia’s daddy was a Punk rocker, and her mom was the goddess Kali. Kali left her when she was four, and her father was never in her life long enough to matter, so she was raised in and out of orphanages and schools. Developing the smart, quick witted personality that was going to carry her through covert training. Right out of highschool she joined the British Army, finding her skill in rifles. And she would’ve made sniper had regulations not prevented her, but then the government opened combat roles to women. And she found herself in the regular infantry, establishing her skill with a rifle as first a designated markswoman, and then a sniper. Serving with distinction until the SAS came a knocking. So she joined, passed selection and next thing she knew she was halfway around the world. Shooting someone, toppling a regime, and bringing up a regime more friendly to the UK. Then she got selected for MI6, and started pulling more triggers in more countries she never thought she’d end up in. Until on her last job, one to assassinate a self proclaimed “king” she met dear old mom. And next thing she knew her bags were packed for an American unit...
  18. Sakura nodded. "It's got a couple zodiacs stored and ready to be deployed, Caitlyn. One set up to have a small outboard, the other is rowible. Might want the rowable, at least with that it won't make noise. It can take eight but if this is our crew, there'll be some room to carry gear." She looked over to Ryusei. She noted how rustled he was. "Well... we could start getting ready in a few... no need to go through the formal stuff that was supposed to happen today... which the CO ruined." She stood up, stretching out. "Then again I heard rumors that there's a couple late-comers. So whatever happens we're stuck here a few hours."
  19. "We could be. A comic book team I mean, after all to a normal person a lot of the things we do would look like super powers." She looks at the map with nothing on it. "This needs a proper recon. You don't commit your entire force blindly and that's exactly what we would be doing if we just head off and take the LCAC straight in there." She looks at both the Captain and Sakura. "Does the LCAC have a small boat for clandestine insertions? If it does I would suggest since we don't want to risk the carrier and air recon isn't available that. we go to a point close enough to send in reconnaissance by boat. Just a small group."
  20. Ryusei looked at them. "No need for that since it's just going to be us there. This isn't some comic book covert action team you know. We all have military ranks, We can simply use those, if nothing else.. Hell I'm not adverse to being called by my name either, since You're going to be hard pressed to find someone with something similar amongst us. We can eat, then draw gear from the armory. Basic supplies loaded onto the hovercraft shouldn't take all that long, and then we can be on our way. " His look said it all, he found this essentially boring. "I don't really mind the whole "we have zero information. I'm used to nobody knowing what the hell's going on."
  21. Izzy is changing slightly; she's Special Reconnaissance Regiment, having come up through British Army Intelligence. She has a small SAS Boat Patrol as her Followers.
  22. Hi, all. Uh, working on A scion of Kali sniper. It's taking some time.
  23. Is Mastermind too presumptuous for a Scion of Athena, or just right?

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