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  2. If GDP is around and still interested in playing he can jump in at this point and I'll feed him the relevant information as needed. Otherwise I'll NPC him.
  3. It was midday and waning toward duck by the time they rode back into town. Not a hard ride but they were all tired of it by the time they stabled their horses. The streets bustled as people went about the end of their afternoons and thought it was a Sunday the saloon was already spilling music and frivolity out into the street. Boomtowns were like that, even if a Church was present the miner's money would burn in their pockets until they spent it on vice and sin. The two scions and the other men washed up, riding themselves of trail dust, and blood, and sweat, before heading to the watering hole in search of Luke. The saloon looked much as it had the previous evening though the earlier hour and the day did mean fewer custom the place was still busy and the bartender barely had time to indicate the table in the far rear of the establishment when asked about Luke. Craig and Liv proceeded back into a corner where the tables were more apt to host money and cards and beer and less likely to host beer and whores. Luke was there the cards dancing through a fancy deal as he laid out the cards for the next hand.
  4. Chrysanthemum is fairly bubbling with happiness all the way to the man's brother's house, and then back to town. She keeps scampering ahead, then waiting for the others to catch up, or getting lost for a few minutes looking up at the stars, or down at the sand and rocks, and seeing things only she can see. As the crew saunters into town, she asks, "What kinda creature d'ya think'd do something like that to a man? Take on his face and leave him guarded by walkin' corpses? And why take his face at all? And why his face in particular? We ain't done with this, not by a long shot." The scion then looks at Hadicall and Ian as if just realizing they're there. "I mean to say...I'm not done with this. Sorry if I'm puttin' words in your mouths. This is a small town, and y'all ain't from around here. There'd be no ill-feelins if you decided this weren't your problem. Lord knows I wish it weren't ours."
  5. Liv nodded in silent agreement, lost in thought. Together, the Scions climbed down the side of the cliff and remounted. Still in silence, the two rode back toward their camp. On the way, they met up with Liv's men and were given a short debriefing. Then the group rode to Deadwood, seeking out Luke - if he was still around.
  6. "We go back, and head to town." He nodded. "Luke might have something he can offer to help us with this one. Maybe he'll have finished whatever kept him from coming along."
  7. Liv nodded absently, thinking. "So a cannibal Jotun an' his pack o' man-eatin' wolves," she said, frowning. "Ain't good odds, not by my measure." She looked at the Marshall. "Need anythin' else here, or should we skedaddle back ta the men?"
  8. "Ya Kill 'em the same way ya kill most things, taking the head has worked in the past. I'd say the wolves eating people is perfectly normal for them, though this is the first Jotun I've run across that had mastered any. I picked up what bits of it I could identify, but I'll be square with you, The Occult isn't really something I've studied." "I'm sure you got plenty of things from your heritage to match them, though It'd be nice if I was wrong. One less type of horror waitin in the night would be a refreshing change."
  9. "Well, tha's good ta know," Liv drawled, quirking a bemused eyebrow up. "At least they ain't hellbent on killin' Loa. But Ah'd feel better with a bit more book-knowin'... how do we find 'em? More importantly, how do we kill 'em? And is it normal for 'em to eat people?" Liv stared at the Marshall, wondering if she needed a crowbar to wedge more than a couple of sentences out of him at a time.
  10. "Yeah, yeah I, Ah kin find a place. Mah brudder lives on a farm outside tha city. Ah'll jus' visit 'im for a piece." Morgan shook hands all around, though he seemed to want to go by way of something more for Chrys but held himself back. "Thankee y'all again. Ifn yah evah need mah help jus' lemme know." The four made their way to Morgan's brother's farm and then te three Scions made their way back to town.
  11. "Yeah it is. Old Nature Spirits, generally hellbent on killing Aesir or their scions, though others aren't far from the list." He sighed. He felt responsible.
  12. Liv frowned. "Jotun?" she asked. Craig had said it like she should know what she was talking about, but Liv didn't have a clue. "That sumthin' from your pantheon?" She looked down at the tracks again, feeling a ripple of fear. Those feet were massive. She had the bad feeling that whatever Craig told her a 'Jotun' was, she wasn't going to like it. Click to reveal.. Liv's Int + Occult: 0 sux1d10=5, 1d10=5, 1d10=5, 1d10=6, 1d10=2, 1d10=3 That's one of the most mediocre rolls I've ever managed.
  13. He looked to Liv and shook his head. "Was a Jotun, though anything more specific, I can't really say." He wasn't happy, but that was all he could figure out. He took up the hairs and the tooth and put them ina small pouch. Perhaps another time he could hunt this Jotun down, and lay down some divine justice.
  14. "Well, unless he's catchin' the same train as the other guy and has himself a matching incredibly large gun..." Hadicall shrugged. "I don't think tellin' the two apart'll be all that difficult."
  15. "It's alright, you've done just fine. That train bit is right helpful, sir. All Miz Chrys here means is that anytime you see us, we want you to say somethin' particular so that we know it's you, and not that fella' walkin' around with your face. Let's see now.. you like horses, sir? I'm a horse man myself, so let's just say that until we get this here copycat fella taken care of, if you see one of us, you jus' say the word 'Mustang' an' we'll know it's you, an' we won't go blastin' at you, okay?" Ian's tone was friendly and relaxed, meant to calm the man down a bit and get him thinking clearly. He clapped a hand gently on the frightened man's shoulder as he spoke, and looked him directly in the eyes so that he could make sure the other man was comprehending what he was saying. "Now, here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna get you outta here, an' get you someplace you won't accidentally run into this fella until we get him dealt with. You got a place like that, maybe a friend to stay with? Or shall we find somethin' fer ya?"
  16. "C-code word? Ah'm not sure Ah undahstan'" the poor man was still quite visibly frightened from the zombies and recovering from his assault. He looked up at Hadicall, "Well jus' that he said he needed a body to fix his fancy gun. Oh, an' 'e said 'e had a train ta catch tomorra. Sorry ifn that don' help much, Ah was plumb frightened outta mah mind."
  17. The gun spiraled about his finger several times before sliding gracefully back into it's holster. Like a bird taking to it's flight naturally, Hadicall quietly let the wind's embrace set him firmly back upon the earth near the Morgan character. His eyes regained their normal coloration, the bleached white faded like storm clouds in a heavy wind. "Yeah, sorry bout' that," he said calmly, like all this was normal for him. "Would slapped that deader about sooner if I coulda, but I had my hands full. You'll be alright though by the looks of it. Chrys here has a good question, do you remember anything that might help us find him? The sooner the better, other might be in danger."
  18. Criag naturally saw the tracks, they were obvious. The odor was next, pungent and earthy. He squatted down and picked a few coarse hairs from the ground and a rock that turned out to be part of a fractured tooth. He turned and spied some blood, nothing shocking there but he stuck his fingers in and rubbed it between forefinger and thumb, then sniffed it. The clues were solid enough for one conclusion, even if it wasn't a terribly specific one: Jotun.
  19. Curious As to what was taking Liv so long, Craig followed after her, handling the slope with not too much difficulty. He put his own powers of observation to the task, looking for some clue about their assailant. Click to reveal.. Per+Inv 5d10http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2584909/ 5 successes occult roll http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2588491/ 1 success
  20. "No, wouldn't think so," Chrys agreed, tugging the brim of her hat forward and resting her hammer back over her shoulder again. "Did he say anything to ya about where he was goin' or plannin'? Also, lets pick you some kinda code word, so if we meet you again, we can tellya apart from this other fella."
  21. Liv moved up the slope slowly, the loose stone and earth made the climb difficult but far from impossible. At the top she stood in the early light looking for clues. The most obvious were the massive footprints. Whatever it was had feet that were eighteen inches long at least. There was also a smell, foul and rotten but also earthy in a strange way that she couldn't place. OOC: If Craig wants to add his eyes to this as well please roll.
  22. Morgan grimaced as he got to his feet, "No nothin' broke, but Ah don' fancy tha bruises Ah'll have in tha morn'. Ah thankya muchly Ah do, but what abou' tha thing what done stole mah face? Ah can't think 'e had tha best a intentions, ifn ya know what I mean."
  23. After that, there was little to do besides pack up. Liv did want to do something else as the Marshall finished up; she climbed the cliff that had led Cherry to her death not long ago. Up there, she began to look around for more clues to the Titan that had gotten away. Click to reveal.. Perception+Investigation: 2 sux1d10=10, 1d10=1, 1d10=4
  24. Ian went over and knelt next to the man, offering him a hand up. "Our pleasure, sir. Are ya' hurt too badly? You shouldn't be movin' too much if you think you've got a broken rib or anything. If not, we should get out of here 'fore anyone heads back this way."

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