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  2. .......And all was well in the cosmos. If Gabe could see the silly smile that emerged from her assent, he'd die of embarrassment. "It's a deal then." She said yes! ,, You were out of my league all the things I believed you were just the right kind yeah you were only just a dream ,, "Ahem." He cleared his throat, and suddenly wondered about the time. Yeah, from the phone's point of view, he ought to be getting home. "Well, this was a fun first day of school... and I appreciate you agreeing to go with me... so, so long?"
  3. Devenne tried to hide the flush in her cheeks, but it didn't work so well. Admittedly Gabe was the last guy in the World she expected to flirt with her, but was elated to learn that he found her attractive. ,, "Both? Either?" She quirked a brow, looking at him skeptically and then she finally laughed. "Wow, you seriously need to work on your 'that's my final answer' skills. I'll tell you what: we'll go to the dance together. We'll see how it goes and if you've made up your mind by then, maybe you can try this whole..." her finger was pointed down and she spun it about like it was circling a drain. "...asking a girl you like out, later." ,, Hard to get. It's like every knew how to play instinctively, even the ones who'd never really been asked out before. Devenne was no different it seemed. She'd never admit to Gabe that she wanted to say 'yes' right then and there, but if he was going to be all unsure about it... might as well let him stew for a bit.
  4. And now what is she doing here? I've never seen Erika at Hangman's Hill before... Attention focused once more on the two boys and now one girl talking on the small hill under a tree, Nadya didn't notice what she handed Danny, nor the dubious look on his face as he walked away. ,, Pressed against a tree to stay out of sight, Nadya strained to hear what they were saying, but was too far. The petite woman was just beginning to eye to route to sneak closer when high-pitched, grating laughter nearly made her jump out of her skin. ,, Twisting around, she found Lexus standing there, a gloating grin on her vapid face, eyes glassy from probably more than the one wine-cooler in her hand. Her gaze shifted to her iPhone and back to Nadya as she waved the cellphone at her. ,, "Like, O-M-G, Moon-skank! Seriously?! Do you really think being a diseased ho-bag is an upgrade from ho-bag?" Again, that laugh that made Nadya's teeth ache. "And you admitted this yourself, you stupid bitch. You're making this too easy. What? You think claiming to be VD'ed is going make everyone say they didn't touch your dirty cooch and suddenly you won't be the town slut anymore?" ,, Uh... basically, yes? Nadya thought, though with all of three minutes hindsight and hearing someone else say it, it really was a rather overly ambitious gamble. A glare proved she didn't have laser-eyes to incinerate Lexus, and Wolverine claws didn't satisfyingly sprout from her fist, so that was out too. ,, Time for another plan. ,, "Nah, that was just bullshit to get you here, Lexy-baby," Nadya cooed with a vicious smile, hoping Mercedes' lackey couldn't see her reddened cheeks in the dark as she stepped closer to the marginally taller girl. "You see, you're gonna help me." ,, "Pshaw! As if!" Lexus scoffed. ,, "Now, now, don't be like, Lex-heart!" Nadya persisted, slipping an around Lexus' shoulder and pressing their cheeks together as she held her phone in front of them, triggering the cheerleader's selfie instinct. ,, Before Lexus could react, Nayda snapped a few pics, including one of her kissing Lexus' cheek, then skipped away beyond arm's reach. "I don't wanna have to tell your parents 'bout how we fucked all summer when I wasn't whoring 'round. Oh, and that I might have given you VD, so get tested and all that." ,, Lexus scrubbed her cheek with the back of her hand, staring at Nadya in utter disbelief before giving a contemptuous snort. "They'd never believe you." ,, "Well, as to that, do you really want to find out how much of a pest I can be, hanging 'round your house professing my love and how sweet your sugarsnatch is? And I guess we'll find out how good I am with Photoshop. And of course, I'll link them my blog, my very explicit blog." Nadya's green eyes glinted in the light cast by their cellphones. "Your father's a councilman, ain't he?" ,, "You fucking whore!" ,, "You and Mercedes called it," Nadya retorted. "I just want your help to uncall it. Give it a thought, hey? Anyway, toddles!" ,, Nadya ducked around the tree before she tried to throttle Lexus or Lexus tried to hit her with her phone, ghosting in the gloomy edge of Salem Woods, before coming out behind and on the far side of the hill Corbin, Ian, and Erika were talking on. ,, Still wanting to hear what they were saying, Nadya stayed low and crept silently closer, trusting in the dark and the bulk of the hill and the tree topping it to conceal her as she came from behind.
  5. "Ian," Corbin gave Ian the universal guy glare for 'STFU dude'. "Show a little respect. Erika, ignore him, he's having one of those 'everyone's full of shit and out to get me' days." ,, Corbin wasn't too surprised at seeing them both here, Fate had a way of complicating every aspect of daily life for Scions, the four new ones would learn that soon enough. They were written into each others story's now and whether they liked it or not every time they needed each other they'd always be right the corner. Fate was a bitch like that. ,, "I don't have all the answers," He looked to Ian. The scolding for his lack of tact was already in the past, apparently Corbin wasn't hold anything against people today. "I would have to say, yes. Chances are good your patron gave Archie the info as a way of luring you into at least hearing the situation out. Our parents know how to get under our skin, they know what buttons to push. They mean well, but understand that they are gods and theirs egos and agendas are beyond our understanding." ,, He sighed, shaking his head. "Not sure about the Amber chick, fill me in on the details later and I'll look into it for you, consider it a 'newbie freebie'. But, look, Ian... I know this is hard, I know it all seems like one big messed up joke, but it's not like any of us are leaving Salem anytime soon. We can't fool you because you're already expecting the punchline, so compromise, man. Ride it out, get a laugh at how crazy we all are, because, dude... seriously... there ain't nothing else better to do in this town." ,, "Scions, Demigods... whatever you wanna call us, we're never brought into the fold alone. Usually we're awakened three to six at a time. Those three to six are what's called a 'Band'. Their Fate's become linked. From that moment on, we're never alone. It's the Band's responsibility to look out after each other and protect one another. To fight as a team." He rubbed the breast of his coat, the side where he'd dropped the iPod he was watching when Ian approached. "I'm telling you this, because all that anger and pain you have is an excellent weapon, but you're pointing it in the wrong direction. It might not seem real, or it all might seem like it's not worth it or you might not want Band-mates, but trust me Ian... alone is not how you want to be. Not anymore. It's cliche', but you won't know how good you have it, until you loose it all and then, that's it, it's gone." It didn't escape Ian or Erika's notice that Corbin always seemed to work alone. ,, His eyes seemed to come back form whatever distant memory had occupied his mind and he sighed. He looked to Erika, swaying his head towards them as if to invite her over. "Erika Clarke, hobnobbing with the deviants. Color me impressed." Ian saw his Corbin's greeting was more tactful, but only slightly so. It seemed he excelled at being a dick without actually being a dick. His smile was charming in a way that reminded Erika of a certain cat from a certain book that couldn't be trusted. As a Salem native she was completely aware of Corbin's reputation as a deviant and troublemaker although this was honestly the closest she'd ever been to him, let alone actually speaking with him. He pointed to the dwindling six-pack. "Beer?"
  6. "Both. Either. Or just to the dance as friends if you'd prefer." Gabe said, wincing at the thought that it was just the latter she wanted. "Never cared about popular, I'm not Glinda. And you've always been far prettier than anyone else, to me." ,, Red face, check. Awkward glances, check. Hands flapping? Yes, that tic was in force, check.
  7. “Well, he still told you something. What is it?” Corbin leaned on the tree as if they had all night to talk about the librarian losing his God dammed mind. ,, No, Ian realized with a shiver, more people than the librarian had displayed crazy. Swallowing hard, he said, “He knew stuff about me he shouldn’t. That’s when I zoned out.” The shame of the breakdown ate at him. “So right at the beginning, really.” ,, Corbin sighed but didn’t seem surprised. “You got the part about being the children of gods, right? Tell me you got that much.” ,, “I seem to recall that.” The scent of fresh shampoo wafted past Ian on a breeze and he wrinkled his nose at the pungency of the herby-minty smell. It wasn’t bad, just strong. Of course, his beer actually had flavor, too. Very hoppy. “Look, just tell me this much – how the fuck did… Archie find out so much about me? Is this something my… god-parent-thing told him?” Ian took another sip of beer and shivered again. He wasn’t cold. He was terrified. “And what was up with the girl trying to eat me?” ,, “What?” Corbin’s casual-Zen look disappeared immediately. “What girl?” ,, “Amber… or something.” Ian shifted his beer to his other hand so he could stick his fingers through the rip in his shirt and jacket, waving the tips at Corbin for emphasis. “She was totally going to eat me, and not in a cool stroke the shaft, cradle the balls, swallow the gravy way.” ,, “Hello?” The feminine voice came at the worst time for Ian of course. Despite his lack of social graces, he knew that girls didn’t like hearing crude jokes about blow jobs. They were girls. ,, He turned, prepared to say something cool and blow past the blow jobs, when he saw who it was. All care about impressing the girl died as if dropped in a volcano. “Oh. It’s you. What the fuck are you doing here?”
  8. The air seemed heavy as the pale young sophomore followed what might have been a trail, an unseasonably chill breeze trailing damp, ethereal fingers over her face. Shivering reflexively, she shoved her hands deeper into the pockets of her jacket and hunched her shoulders. Instinctively, she skirted the edges of the clearing and the firelight, the inborn desire for warmth and safety in a dark place narrowly overpowered by her own desire to remain an observer of such events; getting arrested for underage drinking was not the best way to achieve success and acclaim. No, she mused- the greatest artists saved debauchery for later. ,, "...did Archie tell you?" ,, "...when I realized he was blowing smoke up my ass.” ,, Erika slowed, her sneakers crunching softly in the undergrowth as she caught part of a conversation being carried on not far from where she was walking. The voices were male, and vaguely familiar, and though she couldn't place them immediately, it wasn't hard to guess who 'Archie' was. Sighing, she withdrew a hand from her pocket long enough to push back a strand of hair that had worked free of her braid. She was reluctant to press forward and give even an inch of credibility to the insanity of gods and monsters the librarian had spouted, but curiosity compelled her to find out whether anyone else who knew about it actually believed. ,, Ugh, she groaned inwardly, briefly rolling her eyes skyward as she forged on through the shadows. Well, if it got too weird, she could always just leave, right? Her steps took on greater strength and purpose as the low voices, almost drowned out by the raucous celebration nearby, became clearer; she could just make out two human shapes beside an ancient tree. ,, "Hello?" she called out tentatively, approaching the pair.
  9. Devenne quickly realized her joke had backfired. She was just poking fun at him, trying to get a laugh at Gabe's expense since he was refusing to tell her what was going on in his life all of a sudden. The last thing she expected was for him one-eighty on her and ask her to homecoming. When did he get so confident? ,, "Um..." She manged, her face reddening while she tried to casually brush the same loose strand of hair behind her ear that had been falling all afternoon. "I-I mean... why me? Eric would easily hook you up with way more popular and," she paused, looking solemn, before continuing. "Prettier girls than me, why would you wanna go to Homecoming with your best friend when you could have a, y'know... a date?" ,, To hell with dancing around it, Gabe decided. The cute blush was just demanding he out with it. "I like you, Devenne. Emphatic sense, if you catch my drift." ,, Shock was the first expression that rose to Devenne's face. This was not the direction she expected her joke to take. One moment she was picking on Gabe and now all of a sudden after several years of friendship he was asking her out and professing his attraction to her? She was sincerely flattered, but she couldn't let Gabe know that, it'd be too embarrassing. ,, "Okay... okay..." She raised up her hands and closed her eyes to slow things down a bit, both in the conversation and in her mind. "Are you asking me to the dance... or asking me out? Like, out, out?"
  10. Oh..... right. Gabe paused, as inside factions clamored and jostled to make their opinions heard. Honestly, at this point, Occam's Razor said that the simplest option was to solve the question and ask Devenne out for it. No, you dunderheaded buffoons, the other side said: if she says no, she'll catch on and that's that. And Gabe, you ain't got the head to spin this right. ,, And both metaphorical debate teams proceeded to throw their heads skyward and let out a big 'Euuuuurrrrgh' at the complete blockheadedness of the dissenters. ,, "Or.... it could be you." It slipped out, and the way Devenne raised her eyebrows in that excruciatingly cute way said she heard him again. Gabe put up a smile against the anticipatory watchers inside his brain. "You, going with me. Would you like to?"
  11. Devenne shrugged. She was hesitant to bring up the subject, but she figured with Gabe being evasive and all, it was better than nothing at all. "Well... have you considered Homecoming yet? Because you know in a week or so we're going to have the rush of people planning for the big game and the dance afterwards." ,, She brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and sipped her now warm coffee. A wry grin crept over the rim of the cup. "Or, are you going with Bridgette or Yoriko. You know... now that you and Eric Donner are like this." She held up her crossed fingers to punctuate her jab at him.
  12. Sorry for the super-brief post. Reven, if you want to catch me in chat, we can do some back and forth.
  13. Ian rolled his eyes. “My uncle was looking out for himself. He got a stipend for taking care of me, or something. I dunno. He always used to talk about the money…” ,, The young man stared out into the dark, unnerved by how much he could see. “Fine. Let’s start with what the fuck is going on here? I’ve got people insisting some shit about demigods and Titans.” ,, “Okay, what did Archie tell ya?” Corbin asked. ,, Ian took another awkward swig of his beer. “I dunno,” he admitted. “Not much. I kinda stopped listening when I realized he was blowing smoke up my ass.”
  14. Gliding along the verge of Salem Woods, feet silent through the brush and undergrowth with unconscious grace, a cacophony of sound and sight and scent assaulted the slender, burgeoning godling. ,, The laughter, flirting, and gossip of schoolmates relaxing after the first day of school hammered on her ears in an indecipherable mass, punctuated by the pop and crackle of flames burning in old oil drums. The acrid scent of burnt oil that once filled those barrels made her nose tingle, and almost made her vomit as it mixed with other scents polluting the air: cigarette smoke, the sweetness of a joint, and someone seemingly wearing an entire bottle of perfume. The flickering of the barrel fires made the dusk shadows dance wildly, while the bright glare of smartphone screens stabbed at her eyes like lightsabers. ,, But it was Salem Woods itself that distracted her the most. Nadya couldn't believe how loud its nighttime denizens seemed to be with their screeching and chittering, hisses and squeaks, shifting and prowling. The air was pungent with the spoor of those those creatures, the greenery just beginning to turn, and the decomposition of humus. Under starlight, the forest was painted in a thousand distinct shades of black that only hinted at more vivid colours. ,, The foreboding presence of Salem Woods weighed on her. Tonight, it was stronger than ever - whether because she had never been more sensitive to it or because after what Mr. Syracuse had told them, she now new Myth and Legend was real. Salem Woods had an atmosphere that Nadya had before only associated with sites of great antiquity or prominent history, like the Great Sphinx or Auschwitz. Salem Woods watched and endured and waited... ,, "Hey, Moonbaby, how much for a BJ?" ,, With a start, Nadya jumped away from the tree she was leaning against and looked up at Danny Lewis. Tall, all skin and bones, with lank, straw-coloured hair and perpetually wearing flannel, he always reminded Nadya of a scarecrow. At the moment, she wished a raven would peck his glazed, brown eyes out. Instead, she plastered on an apologetic grin. ,, "Sorry, man, I'm closed for that business," Nadya said with a wry grin. "No more rides on this train. Business was too good, so the Health got involved, if you know what I mean - risk of an epidemic outbreaking." Nadya perked up, her grin turning rueful as she feigned a look of eagerness to ask Danny a favour, deciding to put one of her plans into motion. ,, "Hey, Danny-boy, can you, like, be the biggest peach and do me the biggest favour? See, I can't remember everyone I spent time with this summer so can you post a comment on my Facebook page and say you didn't sleep with me? If you didn't I mean? Anyone who doesn't is going to be contacted about getting tested for VD. And since most of us our minors, the 'rents will be too and it'll turn into this whole thing..." ,, Waiting to see if Danny would take the bait, Nadya pulled out her phone and glanced around, finally spotting Corbin sitting on a shaded rise overlooking the desolate Swampscott Funeral Home. And that freakazoid Ian was sitting with him! They were sitting just far enough way that she could hear them talking without making out what they were actually saying. What is he doing here? Whatever, good enough if they don't spot me. ,, Keeping Corbin and Ian in the corner of her eye, she faced Danny with a charming smile. She hit an icon on her phone, updating her Facebook status with a pre-written message and hoped her plan worked after making her look worse. "If there's anything else I can do for you though, just ask. Got a copy of Saint's Row IV with your name on it, if you're interested, or some CDs."
  15. "It's just a joke," Gabe insisted. "In good humor." He grabbed his water bottle, unscrewed the top and drank. The cold but refreshing liquid helped at last when he had gone through some strange stuff today.... and he hadn't had water in a bit. "So." ,, Gabe quirked a eye. "What shall we talk about other than school, cliques and people thereof?"
  16. "Me?" She looked at him skeptically, pointing to herself. "Oh, no, no. You won't see me on the Donner bandwagon. That guy has enough hangers on, I'm content to be in the bleachers, trust me." ,, Devenne relaxed back into the cushions of the couch. She sipped her coffee, stirring it a bit before suddenly coming to the realization that it cold enough she didn't want it any more. Time for another. Like more coffee these days it was coffee in name only, it was usually so loaded down with whipped cream, caramel swirlies, and a ton of other sweeteners it was more a like a cup o' desert than a beverage. ,, She motioned for the server and a new one was on the way. She was in here enough that all it took was a motion and a polite smile and they were on it. "All I was saying was that Eric doesn't say anything to you in the history of, oh, I don't know... ever and now all of a sudden, first day of sophomore year and you guys are, how did he put it... oh, 'family'." ,, She quirked a brow at him and gave him an 'I don't buy it' expression. "See where a girl might get a bit curious?"
  17. "You tell me." Corbin said calmly. "You came to me for answers, remember?" He sipped his beer, never taking his eyes off the building. Ian may have considered it rude if Corbin didn't seem so caught up in it and wasn't taking the time to actually reply. Still from, time to time he'd let his gaze slip over to his fellow demigod. "Tell you what, I'll go first as an act of good faith..." ,, He sighed after taking a deep breath. To be honest, Corbin was honestly enjoying talking with someone, he'd forgotten what it was like. "I know all about you Ian. About your uncle, and the unfortunate events that brought you here. I'd say I was sorry, but let's face it, when stranger say things like how sorry they are about your life, it just sounds like a bullshit platitude. You wouldn't believe me anyway, and I'd just sound like a patronizing asshole. So, I'll spare you. What I will say, is that you're not alone as you think. Me, the other three in that room with you today... they've all been through some shit. It's not a pissing contest, everyone has problems, hell some of us have quite the list." ,, "You're a paranoid delusional, at least that's what the therapists said, right?" He shrugged like all therapists were full of it. "Now, before you run off in a huff, hear me out. Everything you've thought your whole life, man... it's true. You've been right, people are out to get you, monsters do exists, and they have been messing with your life since day one. The only part you are wrong about, is that they aren't aliens. Your uncle did a damn good job of keeping you safe, he knew things, saw things... things people aren't supposed to see. His mind had to make sense of it, so, aliens." ,, "He sacrificed a lot to keep you safe. I'm sorry that what happened, happened. I respect him." He looked to Ian and raised his bottle in a toast. "And that's not a platitude."
  18. “Trust no one.” In his memory, he could hear his uncle’s voice as he pointed at the TV with an open beer bottle. The documentary on UFO coverups at the highest echelons of the nation played on, punctated by Orson’s raspy, mocking laugh. “But you already learned that, didn’t ya?” ,, He sure as fuck had. Nothing taught ‘Trust no one’ like learning that Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be trusted. Ian turned the broken bottle carefully, tipping his head back so that the beer splashed directly on his tongue without risking his lips on the sharp glass. ,, Everyone had reasons to lie, and those that protested that they didn’t had more reasons than most. Everyone lied. Everyone was out to get you. You had to defend against their bullshit. That was Ian’s mantra. ,, The problem was, by coming up here, he’s fed right into the bullshit. He should have called Jordan and had his foster father come and pick him up. Of course, that would have raised questions, too, like why Ian needed a ride. He could have come up with a lie to cover almost getting his ass kicked by a girl and getting drugged by his fucking librarian. ,, Unless… this was Them. The back of his neck, where his implant was located, itched. Ian ignored it, forcing himself to relax. To Corbin’s eyes, the kid chilled out a little and found his own tree to lean against. Corbin could be a government spook. It wasn’t like he hadn’t already run into those assholes tonight. Ian had to be calm and cool and think of a way out of this. ,, “Okay, so is it story time?” Ian asked, his voice sardonic. “Or do we braid each other’s hair and decide which One Direction dweeb is the dreamiest?”
  19. "No, I'm good," Erika replied sharply. "I can walk. Thanks, though." ,, "Whatever you want," Nadya replied with shrug, faintly disappointed she hadn't earned a marker for later, but hardly pained by not spending more time in her sharp-tongued presence. "Seeya 'round." ,, While Erika left by the front doors, Nadya headed towards a side door that exited by the student parking lot, stopping by her locker to drop off her books and grab her leather bolero jacket. It wasn't like the teachers actually expected homework given on the first day of school was going to get done and she had something more interesting to do tonight. ,, After a moment's thought, she also left behind her heeled boots. Despite her preferences in footwear, even Nadya wouldn't try skulking in four inch heels. And sneakers were good for sneaking. ,, Heading for the door, Nadya took the last turn too quickly, clipping the corner of the hallway hard enough she almost knocked herself off her feet. Rubbing her shoulder out of habit more than any actual pain, Nadya gave the corner a nonplussed glare - it really wasn't like her to be so clumsy. I blame being distracted with all the shit Archie told us... ,, Naturally, one of Mercedes' cronies noticed her klutzy moment, and made no secret of snickering. "Forget how to walk when you aren't strutting around in a pair of six inch stilettos?" ,, "Go fuck yourself, Portia," Nadya snarled at the tall, raven-haired girl. Naturally a dozen better and sharper comebacks occurred to her right after she opened her mouth. It would suit her quite well if Portia was suddenly been struck by a bolt of lightning, but Nadya wasn't so lucky. ,, "I'd ask you to do me the favour, whore, but I don't have five bucks laying around to buy your services." ,, "Since I don't want my vag diseased, I wouldn't sell you my services for a millions dollars," Nadya retorted right before slipping out the door. ,, Her bright yellow, well-worn '71 Mercury Cougar with rust around the wheel-wells and much mended rag-top stood out among most of the student vehicles - most of which were gone already - but it suited her just fine. ,, She found the rumbling purr of the engine soothing, if not the squeaking of the shocks or the screeching of the breaks. it sounded like a real car. Best of all, it was all hers, bought and paid for. ,, She frowned, finding a new dent in the driver-side door, then climbed in and drove North for the home she shared with her father above the pawnshop he owned and ran. The drive on the other hand wasn't soothing. The smell of exhaust was too pungent and the other drivers seemed unusually slow today, and overly sensitive for no good reason. ,, What was his problem?! There was, like, nearly a foot gap! Overreact much? Nadya almost braked right in the middle of traffic when she realized exactly what she was thinking. I considered a six inch gap perfectly fine?! After getting busted for joy-riding, Nadya was actually a very conscientious driver, not wanting to lose her license. What the hell is wrong with me? ,, Nadya parked downtown on Washington St. in front of Laszlo's Lost & Found, and entered... almost tripping over the front step. For a trained dancer, this was getting very frustrating. ,, She also felt totally wired, like she had drunk a hundred cups of coffee. Combined, it probably didn't bode well for a steak-out and/or stealthy activities, but she wasn't going to let that deter her - there were things she wanted to know. ,, Nadya took a turn behind the counter, giving her father a break, then split her time between home upstairs and the shop as she made a stew for supper. It was easier for her, with her father needing a cane, though she almost fell down the stairs once when she took them too fast. ,, The entire time, while they told each other how their day went, Nadya debated if or how much to say about what Mr. Syracuse had revealed, but just couldn't bring herself to mention anything about it yet. Still, she felt her father had noted the omission. ,, Which wasn't really anything special - her father was well aware she didn't share everything with him and vice-versa. But he couldn't help but look at his daughter oddly when she completely flubbed a deal when someone was bringing in a first edition book and tried to convince him it was only a second edition copy, because she was talking too fast. ,, "Slow down, Little One," her father cautioned her in Romanian. "There is a time for haste, but don't let it trip you up." ,, "I know, I know," Nadya replied in the same language, with a shaky chuckle. "Just been one of those days. Gonna head out after cleaning up, 'kay?" ,, "Very well." A faint grin touched his worn, charming features. "Just try not to involve the police tonight hmm? My leg is paining me today - I think we're in for rough weather this evening." ,, Nadya put on an expression of affronted innocence. "I would never! You know me, Dad!" ,, László laughed out loud, tapping a staccato beat on the ground with his cane. "I know you indeed, Nadezhda, hence the warning." ,, Nadya blew her father a raspberry, before heading to her room to change and grabbing some swag, then leaving for her evening foray. She slid behind the wheel of her Cougar and drove down Highland and onto Swampscott on her way to Hangman's Hill. ,, Creepy as all hell, Nadya liked Salem Woods and Swampscott Cemetery. It reminded her of the depths of the Black Forest in Germany and the wooded heights of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, where you could find the ruins of abandoned villages and castles - refuges for the more nomadic or reclusive among the Roma people. ,, The rustling of the leaves sounded like a thousand whispered secrets, secrets she yearned to hear. ,, Plus, she did great business fencing loot to the school kids who haunted the borderlands between the cemetery and Salem Woods. Nadya parked at her favoured spot on the cul-de-sac at the end of Capen road, grabbed her bag, and sauntered over to Hangman's Hill, unobtrusively skirting the edges as she looked for Corbin without revealing herself.
  20. "I get it." Gabe was recuperating his wits now, he thought. "It's projection. Don't worry. Your cries for help have been answered. I'll help you if you slip too far into the fan club ranks." ,, Devenne stuck her tongue out at him and Gabe laughed. "Besides, I will be the Joker of explanations. If I have to know the reason, I'll want it to be multiple choice."
  21. Skeptically she raised a brow and her grin stayed wide. "Alright... alright. Pass. If your on the Eric Donner bandwagon that's your business. I'm laying down the intervention rule though. If I catch you raiding his underwear drawer or sniffing is jersey, I'm stepping for a rescue. I'm just saying." ,, She took a break to eat her muffin, "Oh, and I will pester you about it until you tell me. The pass is only good for today." Her head nodded stiffly as if she were mentally putting her foot down and she sipped her coffee.
  22. When Erika opened her eyes, she was tangled in a knot of blankets and the jacket she hadn't bothered removing before she'd passed out. She was burning up, covered in an uncomfortably sticky sheen of sweat that left her hair plastered to her face and neck in inky lines and whorls; her clothes, damp and acrid-smelling, felt repulsive. With a disgusted groan, she kicked and pushed at the comforter until it slid reluctantly onto the hardwood floor. The teen curled her lip, huffing at the offending linens for no good reason at all as she swung her feet over the edge of the bed. She needed a shower, now. Her stomach grumbled in response, but she ignored it and quietly padded down the upstairs hall to the bathroom she shared with her brothers. ,, As she flipped on the light, she winced instinctively, expecting the migraine to return, and was surprised to find that (apart from feeling and smelling freaking disgusting), she was okay. No vertigo, no nausea, no blank spots or dancing lights. "Weird," she mumbled to the girl in the mirror who stared back with sleepy, unfocused eyes and flushed cheeks. Whatever. Leaning over the edge of the bathtub/shower, she turned on the faucet and tried to collect her thoughts. Her headache was gone, she was hungry, and the house was quiet and dark. Maybe there were leftovers? Shucking her sweat-drenched clothes, she waited for the hot water and wondered how long she'd been out. ,, It took her a while to scrub away the feeling of filminess and residue, even after the actual physical sensation was gone; finally the crisp fragrance of rosemary-mint suds permeated the bathroom, and Erika decided she'd had enough. In clean underwear, and with her hair pulled back in a thick braid that made her squirm uncomfortably as the occasional droplet of water trickled down her back, she felt calmer and much more clear-headed. ,, Her school clothes went in the hamper. Her towels went on the hooks behind the bathroom door. She chewed her lower lip and breathlessly scurried back down the hall on the off-chance someone came out. She even put on fresh jeans and a faded t-shirt from 8th grade, when her entire class took a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Most other girls her age would be mortified that it still fit at all, but as she pulled it over her head, Erika smiled at the familiarity of the threadbare cotton and the memories it conjured. ,, The soft washes of light and colour in Monet's Rouen Cathedral, Facade. ,, The dynamic brush strokes of Van Gogh's Ravine. ,, The brilliant cobalt clothing and piercing eyes of Sargent's Bedouins. ,, The meticulously sculptural drawings from Michelangelo Buonarroti's estate. ,, Miro. Picasso. Degas. Waterhouse. Raphael. Gauguin. ,, She knew their names, their lives, their triumphs and unrealized dreams as well as she knew her family's. Probably better, if she was honest with herself. Despite having lived with them for the last few years, she felt like an outsider in her own home. Maybe because they weren't the first "family" she'd had, or even one of the first. ,, "Oh," she said aloud, having made it down to the kitchen to find a note on the island: Erika- We decided to let you sleep. Gone to the theater, dinner is in the refrigerator. Well, that answered that question. The microwave hummed as she reheated the plate they'd left, and she poured herself a glass of milk, her bare feet silent on the cool floor. Sitting on a bar stool at the island, she ate quietly, mulling over the events of the day. The only sounds were the occasional scrape of her fork on the plate, the clink of her glass as she set it down after taking a drink, and the soft, rhythmic thud of her toes sliding off the support of the stool as she rubbed her feet over the metal. ,, She hadn't reported Mr. Syracuse's rambling, and wondered if she should have. She also wasn't too keen on seeing the other three students at school tomorrow, but she was fairly sure classes would keep her sufficiently busy to avoid discussing what had happened. Probably she should just go back to bed, maybe read for a while, but perversely she didn't feel the least bit tired. If anything, an uncomfortable restlessness invigorated her slender limbs. ,, "Maybe I'll just go for a walk," she announced to the empty house. Glancing at the family photo they'd taken just after she was adopted, Erika hopped down and put her dishes in the sink. "No, I won't be late. ...No, we didn't get homework. They probably went easy on us the first day. ...Okay. I'll take my phone, don't worry. I'll be careful. ...Okay. Be home soon." ,, It was a more involved conversation with her usually-absent parents than she usually had. She hesitated, then scribbled a brief note on the back of the one they'd left. ,, After darting upstairs to tug on socks and shoes and grabbing another coat from her closet, she shoved her keys and cell phone in her pocket and carefully locked the front door behind her. ,, With no particular destination in mind, she just followed the pale track of the sidewalk beneath her feet, wandering aimlessly through town. Singing under her breath, hands in her pockets, she let the chaos of the day and her lingering uneasiness at the librarian's speech wash over and around her. Gradually, it ebbed like the tide, drifting from her mind on the same invisible currents that pulled her forward. ,, Something dark loomed before her, and, startled, she stopped short: heavy iron gates barred her path. Her eyes widened in surprise. How had she gotten here? Dimly, she could hear the sounds of music and laughter in the distance. Blinking, she remembered that Mr. Syracuse had sent that other guy, Corbin, out here. That upperclassmen came here to drink and throw parties. She sighed. Well, she was here, so she might as well see what was going on, right? It's not like her parents would be home for a while, yet, so despite a niggling feeling in the back of her head that could only be described as "trepidation," she followed the faint orange glow that signaled a human presence amidst the gloom.
  23. Ok, did another piece of evidence have to present itself quite at this time, place and manner? And Gabe couldn't think straight. Devenne was giving him that look, and she smelled nice, too nice, and he could swear he could calculate the angle of the curves of her lips.... ,, "Well," Gabe muttered, sweat breaking out to find an explanation, "Maybe they heard us and decided to mess with us... because...." ,, Helplessly he coughed. Not enough time to think through his thoughts and answer properly. ,, "Pass?"
  24. Corbin managed a snort of amusement. He remembered having to get used to the super strength too. "I'll bet I went out got special break away bottles too, right? Look, Ian, you're looking for enemies where you have allies. You're so Hel bent on everyone being against you that you have serious conspiracy issues. Is this all messed up? Yep. Hard to believe? Damn straight. But seriously, Ian, think for a moment. This is an awful lot to go through for a prank on the new kid. Don't y'think?" ,, "I don't blame you for being suspicious, I was." He tapped his chest with his bottle, still looking over at the house across the way. "So, let me help you out a bit and clear the air, okay? I'm not here to be your friend, I'm not here to be your enemy. I was asked by Archie to keep the four of you safe and teach you a few things so you can get the hang of things. I owe Archie a lot, so I agreed. That being said, I have better things to do than pick on the new kid, so if you can chill for five seconds, relax just a tad, and talk to me like a civil human being, you'll find that no one is out to get you." ,, He tucked the iPod in his jacket pocket. "If you still think it's all bullshit afterwards, then that's on you. Seriously though man, I've better things to do than lie to people."
  25. Figures an asshole like that has pussy. Ian couldn’t admit how much he wanted a girlfriend; it was much easier to mock guys who had one. ,, Ian snorted derisively, even as he took the bottle. He really needed a beer; he hadn’t had one since getting dumped in the foster family. “The only thing we need to talk about is you dropping the bullshit.” Behind his words, Ian’s belief in his own words were faltering. The weirdness was getting too thick to ignore or dismiss and that was starting to eat away at Ian’s already-tenuous grip on sanity. ,, Corbin popped open another bottle and took a swig, his expression remaining placid. To Ian, it was just one more figurative smack across the face. “Bullshit?” the black sheep of the school asked. ,, “Yeah, bullshit.” Ian pulled his sleeve over his hand and grabbed the cap, giving it a savage twist to open it. “The bullshit that the fucking teacher at school tried to feed me. This giant fucking trick you are all pulling on the new kid.” ,, “All?” Corbin’s single-word questions were getting old fast. ,, “Yeah, the dork, the slut, and the emo artist-bitch.” Corbin’s expression didn’t change and Ian realized he didn’t remember their names, not completely. “You know who the fuck I’m talking about.” ,, “Do I?” Corbin stared at him. ,, “You fucking asshole, you’re in on it too!” Ian heard the other kids’ conversation break off and realized he’d spoken way too loudly. Exasperated and in need of liquid calm, he lifted his bottle for a drink. He stopped when he caught sight of the mouth of the bottle, or what was left of it. The neck ended in jagged teeth of amber glass. Befuddled, Ian looked at the cap in his other hand, and found the rest of the glass there. He’d twisted off the neck of the bottle, not the metal cap.
  26. She glared at him skeptically, one brow quirked up in that cute way that drove him nuts. "Fellow warriors? Against what? Rising gas prices? Unfair homework assignments? What to wear to Homecoming?" She giggled. ,, "YO, GABE MEADOW!" Eric shouted across the cafe as he and his entourage were heading towards the door. "The man of the hour! What's up, bro?" Eric raised his hand for a high five and a stunned Gabe found himself just miming the same gesture as the jock. *slap!* Eric gave him some skin without hesitation. "I heard the news, man, congrats. Welcome to the family! If you need anything, I'm here for ya bro, just ask!" ,, They kept going as Devenne just stared on in absolute shock. Bridgette smirked at Gabe and gave him a lustful wink, but he was sure she did that to everyone. Compared to Bridgette, Nadya seemed chaste. Yukiko said nothing, she simply glared at Gabe and passed on silently. Just as swiftly as the greeting had been shouted, the cafe was silent and they were gone. ,, Devenne blinked before cocking her head in Gabe's direction. "What was that? I... I don't even."

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