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  2. Batya smiled. "If things don't go according to plan...it just means you have to plan faster. Anyway, Hades' plan should work for the recon. She's worth far more than the exhibit, as far as anyone mortal would ever believe. With no motive, they won't suspect a crime." She nodded at Sun. "The tricky part comes when we get to the crime. But we'll cover that when we know what we're dealing with."
  3. Sunny snorted and leaned back. "I like the plan. Just not you. In any case, nothing ever goes according to plan, so it's not such a big deal anyway." With that attitude he decided to maximize the eating time and minimize the talking time.
  4. "I've grown accustomed to certain necessary pronouns," Adriana replied loftily, the ice cubes rattling in her glass as she offered the former Celtic war-goddess an expansive gesture with her free hand. "Obviously, I'd prefer more accurate references, but in the interest of convenience, and to avoid any inadvertent faux pas, you may as well consider me female. The rest of the world recognizes me as a woman, and the nature of my true identity is more easily disguised as such. Truthfully," she added lowering her voice, "as much as I loathe it, the benefits of being an attractive human female are considerable when dealing with doddering old farts and lecherous miscreants during negotiations." The suit-clad entrepreneur winked conspiratorially at Morgan and took another long drink from her scotch. To Batya, she said thoughtfully, "I had considered distractions, or some sleight-of-hand, but the simplest pretense, and the one most likely to gain us access to privileged sections of the museum, is a very, very charitable donation. This will be your opportunity to get an idea where this box is being kept, and how closely it's guarded, without arousing suspicion. It may not even be on display, which is why it's important that you are considered important enough to view it. My plan covers the first half of our little endeavor, so naturally I would expect someone with more experience in matters of infiltration and tactics to organize the second." She paused for a moment, expectation writ large on her Mediterranean features as she glanced at the door. "Ah. That will be the food, then." A small army of uniformed staff paraded into the suite, carefully distributing the meals they'd ordered in polite silence. As they departed, Hades's Agent pressed something into their hands and closed the door behind them, resuming whatever inoffensively quiet task he was about in the adjoining office area. "And if you don't like my plan," she added, levelling a mildly bemused smirk at Sunny, "you are more than welcome to attempt some fiasco of your own. I'm even willing to offer you the name of an excellent attorney.
  5. The look that Sun received from Morgan was scalding in its annoyance. "It was Hades idear, tha's why Ah said it twas her idear." Blue eyes shot to the gender-loose god/dess and amended, "His idear." She let lose with an explosive sigh and added, "Kenna you tell us if we're supposed ta use he or she fore ya?"
  6. Sunny chuckled as he remembered something. "I like it, but didn't our host suggest something like that back at the Bar? Then again, that's probably why we didn't think it was a good idea then." Considering the contempt thrown his way by the fallen Hades, he felt turnabout fair play. OOC Gunnar's been absent for some time, and Hades, for a while. Are you going to control them for now, Dave?
  7. "I ken do a distraction, too," Morgan said with a nod, "effin' it's needed. People tend ta pay attention if the fat woman starts to complain her chest is hurtin'." The word 'fat' was said with a remarkable amount of nonchalance; only someone good at reading others would be aware of her unhappiness with the word. "But al'n all... Hades told us we'd be gettin' in as consultants, which makes distractions hopefully unnecessary. Put Gunner in a suit, give'm an earmic an' sunglasses, slick back all that fiery red hair, an' he'd be lookin' like a highly paid thug. Put Son an' Bast in suits, and give'em clipboards, and they ken take notes all day. Just put me in a dress an' I'll wonder around remarkin' on all the lovely art, takin' pics left 'n right for reference. Play some art scholar or critic or some shite like that." She eyed Hades. "Ye'll be yeself, right?" She heaved her bulk back and arched an eyebrow. "Now how's that fo' a plan, ye muckers?"
  8. Sun listened in and nodded quietly, Batya had a good sense of what to do here. Definitely a jack of trades here. "Sounds good. Honestly, with distractions for good measure, I can probably sneak about the place, though Morrigan and I should sweep the item's surroundings observationally first. Then a little search for other areas we might need to cover, from there."
  9. "Aright," Batya said, "Now that we're acquainted, we need a plan. Every good plan starts with intel, which we don't have, so we'll have to gather it ourselves. The good news is that the museum is open to the public and the target is in a publically viewable area, so we shouldn't have any trouble casing it visually. I think Sun and Morrigan are good choices for casing. Neither has a prominant public persona. Gunnar is physically imposing and will probably have at least one guard shadowing him at all times while he's there. Hades is too recognizable. I'm a gamble...I'm well-known in certain circles, and a well trained guard might notice that. Unlikely, but possible. I think it might be best if I was on the scene, but coordinating via earmic and not actually casing or photographing." She nodded at Hades. "You and Gunnar could be diversions. Attract attention from other people and guards to give us a chance to access or photograph restricted areas. Ideally, if nothing goes wrong and we don't set off any alarms, we can put the photos together and make a map, work out our plan of attack and hit it that night."
  10. This cracked me up. 2 bonus XP for Hades for dishing it out, and 2 bonus XP for The Morrigan for takin' it.
  11. The so-called "Handsome Monkey King" was a fool, as far as Hades was concerned, and that was the only thing saving him; every king knew the value of fools, and the former Lord of the Greek Underworld was no exception. The snarky little ape would serve his purpose, and be discarded when his usefulness and relevance were at an end, as all similar tools were. Ignoring him utterly, without even condescending to glance in his direction, she instead concentrated on listening to the introductions of her erstwhile allies. Batya sounded promising, as did Gunnar, provided he could be pointed in the right direction once his key was wound. The Morrigan, however... What was she to do with a woman so obese her favorite color was probably butter? She shot an exasperated glance at the Agent, who dutifully poured her another glass of scotch. She gave the menu only a cursory glance, and handed it to him when he was finished; her seemingly omnipresent companion already knew what she wanted to order. "Hades," she intoned somewhat grimly, and despite her attractive feminine exterior, the bleak, fathomless depths of her eyes harbored something of the shrewd gravitas of her former existence. "Most recently, Adriana Dionekou, founder and CEO of Dionekos Investment Securities. The last thousand years has not been easy for any of us, I'd wager. While I'd like to say that the trappings of wealth bring me no satisfaction, I'd be lying." Here, she shrugged, and something of the flippancy she'd shown previously returned for a fleeting moment. "The trappings of great wealth bring me as much satisfaction as anything could. It's one of the few things I have left," she added bitterly, swallowing regret along with her scotch. "I know precious little about fighting or the telling of fortunes, though I'm a reasonable marksman and know plenty about the creation of the latter, and I'm generally considered bloody fucking brilliant. Also," the olive-skinned entrepreneur added thoughtfully, "modest, well-dressed, and a member of several civic groups, including most of the ones in the city I've just acquired."
  12. Part of her wanted to pick up her menu and peruse it, but the others would just see the fat woman preparing to pork up. A second later, she thought, Wha th’ fuck do I care what they think? Picking up her menu, she started to consider dinner, waiting for the salad comment. At Gunners, question, she sighed. “I am the Morrigan,” she said, shifted her bulk on the couch cushions. She was in a bad mood, too; she’d had to ask for a seat belt extender for her chair and a brat across the aisle had snickered at her. “I can fight and tell fortunes,” she offered, aware that neither was completely true but unwilling to concede that she wasn’t the woman she used to be. Unfortunately, they really could have used the woman she used to be.
  13. Meanwhile, some time ago in Los Angeles... "And they just let him go!?" Marshall Fredrikson fumed as she crossed her arms and let herself fall back against the wall. Rolling her eyes she just shook her head speechless now as a tumult of replies and arguments swirled in her mind. Finally she just settled on massaging the bridge of her nose with a heavy sigh to express her frustration with the competence of Homeland Security. "Where did they let him go?" "They didn't have anything on him!" One of her fellow Marshalls tried to explain. "We can't arrest people just because they 'look like trouble', Sam." Like a bolt of lightning she strode to his desk and opened the manilla folder on it and one by one began flipping over files with photos attached to them, each one hit the opposite side of the folder face down with a loud thud. "Gunnar Torsdag meets with Batya Ben Gurion, a well established mercenary and Auric Broder, a 'business man' who has a rap sheet as long as my arm and nobody finds that just a bit odd?" "But the others? Like Adriana Dionekou?" He asked, holding up a very thin file on Adriana. "The woman owns everything, why turn to terrorism?" "That's our job, to find out the 'whys'. This Gunnar guy is a nobody, a loser. He's a thug in a world of rich people pulling his strings. I want the bosses behind this operation. Broder and Dionekou are up to something big and I want to know what it is." Marshall Fredrikson scooped up her blazer and was putting it on as she made her way to the exit. "Find out what you can on the other two, the chinaman and the goth lady. They fit in somewhere and I need to know what I'm up against." "Sam! Where are you going?" "To Atlanta." Echoed through the room as the door closed behind her.
  14. "I feel like zis is A.A meeting." Gunnar grumbled quietly. Of course, being Gunnar, his 'quiet' grumble bounced around the room like a noisy wooden ball on a tin roof. He met the mixed looks with a glower. "Vot? It does. 'Hello everyone, my name is Gunnar and I am a fallen thunder god'." He folded his massive arms across his chest and glared. After the airport incident, he'd been in a perpetual bad mood. "Well, of all of us I'm sure you're the expert on those. Perhaps you'd like to introduce yourself properly?" Hades suggested with a raised eyebrow. Gunnar made a rude noise, then sighed. "Fine." He slapped his solid chest and made a gesture that could well mean 'obviously'. "I am Gunnar, and I was Thor, son of Odin and wielder of Mjolnir. I spent most of the last thousand years fighting in mortal armies, until they started becoming all about soldiers and objectives and less about warriors and glory. Last hundred years or so, I've been a sailor, a construction worker, a legbreaker, and a prizefighter... before they made that boring with those stupid sissy gloves. I know how buildings are put together... and how to take them apart." A fierce blue eye studied Batya and Sun Wukong. "I wouldn't know this krap maka if I pissed on it, and I don't dance pretty enough to do any Bruce Lee shit. But I've never met anyone I couldn't beat in a fight. A week ago I tangled with a goddamned Valkyrie, and I sent the bitch home pancake-shaped too. That kind of luck and balls you cannot train in." He picked up a bottle of beer and twisted the cap off, tossing it into a plant feeder before draining the bottle in one pull. The bottle joined it's cap, and he reached for another, looking around. "Who's next?"
  15. "We're all on the heist team," Batya said firmly, "One way or another, we'll all have something to do." She glanced at Sunny and couldn't help but smirk. "Sunny Kay though?" She shrugged and raised her voice a little to address the group. "Batya Ben Gurion, formerly known as Bastet. I've been a lot of things, but I settled into the business of soldier. Right now I have a squad of special-ops trained soldiers under my command. We've gotten DOD contracts as deniable assets in Pakistan and Afghanistan doing counter-terrorism and hunt and kill. We've lately done a few for the Mexican government...targeted hits on cartel fortified sites. And I lead from the field. I don't ask my men to do anything I don't do myself." With a nod she finished up with, "I'm familiar with modern combat technology and tactics, fully trained in krav maga, and I don't flinch from the hard decisions."
  16. "And hello to you too, Fem-Man." Sunny muttered with obvious intent to snub in response under his breath. When Adrianna shot a glance at him, Sunny's face looked ahead towards the rest of the palatial room with a practiced 'I didn't say anything' expression on his face. "Well, since the food is likely to cost more than I ever made in a decade- I'll be pillaging it first thing I get... after I check it for safety's sake." Seeing the expressions bestowed on him, Sunny scowled. "Might as well be the first one to share his story." He vaulted onto a couch and leaned his head back. "Name, Sunny Kay, now I'm getting back to Sun Wuking, The Handsome Monkey King. I'll admit to being paranoid since getting kicked out by the Celestial Bureaucracy, but honestly. I got to where I was by pissing off a fucking multitude of titanspawn, gods and Scions, plenty of whom would go after mortal me out of revenge. So a habit of wandering and looking over my shoulder for a millennium really. China, Japan, England, Netherlands- thank the Dutch traders for that... and eventually, I'm here. Naturally, I've kept my core talents- acrobatics, evasion, and various martial arts sharp. And plenty of other such related skills aren't lacking either. I'd think I'm someone you'd want on the heist team, when we get to that."
  17. With a destination and a treasure in mind they had been given a purpose, a mission. As they filtered out slowly Auric stood and watched them, investigating each of them in his own way still amazed at how much living in a mortal shell had affected them. He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose finally once they had left. "Do you think this will work Mr. Broder?" One of his staff asked him, an immortal like Broder but significantly less powerful. "I've supped with Gods," He began, as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I've witnessed dragons in flight and seen the miracles of the divine at the pinnacle of their power. You'd think I'd have more faith, no?" Once again he sighed and stared at the door the Fallen had left through. "Honestly, I think we're screwed." Atlanta, Georgia. Several hours, five luggage checks, three lost travel bags, one cursing Gunnar, one call to Homeland Security, three body searches and one call to Adriana's lawer in the middle of a lengthly interrogation later... The Fallen were now behind schedule (not that it really mattered much, they were more bored to tears by Homeland Security than anything else) and after a few phone calls by The Agent the quintet were all sitting comfortably in a limo on their way to the hotel. "For future reference, Gunnar," Hades began as the other Fallen sat about giving a Gunnar a blameful look. "The next time you feel the urge to curse at citizens in ancient Norse," The attractive something-illionare paused for affect, as she was prone to do most times. "Don't." With a meal, some relaxation time and hot showers to be had by all the Fallen, despite their differences, were all happy to have some time to simply relax and get some rest. Hades had certainly spared no expense, and while they didn't have the Penthouse suite like her Royal Cigar Smoking-ness, they each had their own room with their own privacy. It was silent among them, but they could all feel it. A small fraction of their power had already begun returning to them. Cast from their homes eons ago by their brethren they were thrown far out of Fate's sight and it's pull. Now though, Broder had pulled them back into it's fold. The Three Sisters now could see the Fallen clearly in their sight across all possible worlds in every possible outcome. To face their fates would be the greatest of challenges and here in Atlanta, their journey would begin. Hades's penthouse around dinner time on the third day... Yeah, Hades sure didn't spare any expense when it came to living large. Wealth was not uncommon among the Fallen, aside from Gunnar most of them had been living pretty well and making a decent income. Hell, Batya was rich and with her back account alone could be living pretty for several lifetimes. Hades on the other hand was beyond rich and everything about the fallen god seemed to scream 'expensive'. The penthouse was, of course, lavishly furnished and richly decorated, ot that this came as a surprise to anyone. The cigar smoke lingering in the air, despite the hotels no smoking policy gave away the occupants identity the moment the other fallen gods opened the door. "Well I hope everyone has had time to relax and sight see, because our time to go to work is upon us." As always Adriana was in a three piece business suit that stripped away most of her femininity and made it look like she had the shoulders of a linebacker. She cut right to business without even a greeting. "Room service shall be here any moment, I thought we could enjoy dinner together as we familiarized ourselves with one another and where out particular strengths lie."
  18. I've spent mine now. Sorry for the delay, but I'm ready to kick ass and chew gum now.
  19. Best as I can tell, we still need Thor and The Morrigan to do their spending...
  20. Hades is done, Bast, and the Monkey King are all done spending XP. Who're we waiting on? Sound off when you've spent your point
  21. Scion Profile: Hades Real Name: Hades Aliases: Adriana Dionekou Former Pantheon: Dodekatheon Calling: Investment securities broker Nature: Autocrat Attributes Physical: Strength - 2 Dexterity - 3 Stamina – 3 Social: Charisma - 4 Manipulation - 4 Appearance – 3 Mental: Perception - 3 Intelligence - 4 Wits – 3 Skills *Academics 3, Animal Ken , Art 2, Athletics 1, Awareness 3, Brawl 1, *Command 4, Control 2, Craft , Empathy 1, Fortitude 1, Integrity 3, Investigation 1, Larceny , Marksmanship 4, Medicine , Melee 1, *Occult 2, Politics 3, *Presence 4, Science , *Stealth 4, Survival 1, *Thrown 2 Other Traits Epic Attributes: Stamina 1, Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Perception 1, Intelligence 1, Wits 1 Birthrights: Followers 3, Guide 2 Boons: Arete (Command) 1, Darkness 1, Death 1, Earth 1 Knacks: Stamina: Solipsistic Well-Being, Charisma: Charmer, Manipulation: Overt Order, Perception: Unfailing Recognition, Intelligence: Know-It-All, Wits: Social Chameleon Willpower: 6 Legend: 0 (2) Virtues: Expression 2, Intellect 3, Valor 2, Vengeance 3 Health: 7 Dodge DV: 2 (3 with Legend 2) Parry DV: 1 Unarmed (2 with Legend score) Join Battle: 6 Movement: Walk: 3yds. Run: 9yds. Jump: Vertical, 3yds., Horizontal, 6yds. Climb: 1yd (2 with Legend score) Swim: 1yd (2 with Legend score) Soak: 3B/2L (4B/3L with Epic Stamina) Armor: Armored Clothing (Miguel Caballero suits, http://personalbodyarmor.com/, stats based on Bulletproof Vest per ST): Soak +2L/2B, Mobility Penalty 0, Fatigue 1, Tag B Weapons: Desert Eagle: Acc +0, Dam +5L, Rng 50, Clip 7, Spd 5 Equipment: Wealth beyond avarice. Creation Log: Bonus Points: Dexterity 3 (4pts), Perception 3 (4pts), Command 4 (1pt), Stealth 4 (1pt), Presence 4 (1pt), Integrity 3 (2pts), Marksmanship 4 (2pts) = 15pts Experience: Date Trait/Exp. Type Rank Gain/Cost Balance 05 August 2011 XP Award for Preludes - +25 25 24 August 2011 Ability increase: Art 1 -3 22 24 August 2011 Ability increase: Brawl 1 -3 19 24 August 2011 Ability increase: Control 1 -3 16 24 August 2011 Ability increase: Investigation 1 -3 13 24 August 2011 Ability increase: Melee 1 -3 10 24 August 2011 Ability increase: Survival 1 -3 7 24 August 2011 Ability increase: Art 2 -2 5 24 August 2011 Ability increase: Control 2 -2 3 24 August 2011 Virtue increase: Expression 2 -3 0
  22. Before we begin with Atlanta I'd like to award you all with your XP for completing your Preludes and putting up with me and this languid pace. Each of you get 25xp to improve your PCs. There are a few caveats. 1. Since you are still mortal, you can only spend them on non-supernatural things. 2. You have to spend this. You can't bank this til later and then spend in on supernatural things. Simply by stepping up and accepting your role in the wheel of destiny your Gods have begun to take the first steps towards unlocking their powers.
  23. Morgan rose as well, her eyes hard. This was it, then. She'd always known that there would come a time when she would face a situation that could kill her and she'd do it. She hadn't planned on that situation offering her a chance to seize godhood again. For that, she'd do anything - even if she risked death for it. Even if she wasn't ready, physically, to do this. "I'll be at the airport," she said and swept out of the bar. Outside, she headed for her car and started to plan which of her bags she'd take and what she'd do with her raven in the mean time.

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