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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM)


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  2. Guys I'm putting this game on hiatus for now, my motivation for it is simply not there right now. It may come back at a later date.
  3. "Lacrima," Deezy said, frowning at the way Iratos shrugged off their attacks. "The lacrima...oh no." She clicked her heels together, and the network of tubes around her boots started shaking ominously, and belching clouds of black, sooty smoke. "Guys! Don't let him get to the springs! He'll be practically immortal there!" There's an explosion under her feet, and with a shrill whining roar she's suddenly lifted into the air on a pair of flaming plumes! She stows her protective field and rifle, and yanks a pair of steel tubes from a satchel at her side. They're unpolished, and show deep dark burn marks. The inventor slaps the two tubes together and twists them so they interlock. Then she yells: "A grade megabuster golem ONE...get in here!" The satchel moved then, and a small, squat, metal humanoid thing about the size of Deezy's head eagerly scrambled out and scaled her harness to grab onto the edge of the tube, all the while wearing a huge grin and muttering, "Ohboyohboyohboygonnaflygonnafly..." It heaved itself into the tube, and from inside seemed to close a hatch behind it. Deezy then leveled the tube at the retreating demon, aiming ahead of it. Her grin was unsettlingly similar to the manic expression on the crudely fashioned face of the golem. "Slow down a little, Laci! Fire in the hole!" There was a hollow 'THOOM' accompanied by a flash of white smoke from the tube, and the golem came hurtling out, trailing fire in its wake and howling with enthusiastic glee. It bore down on Iratos unerringly! (OOC - Switching to Theta A-Grade Megabuster Golemgun and firing on Iratos! Weapon +10, Homing 2, Area 3 (10m), Range 3 (1km), Backblast 1, Stoppable 1) (Stoppable means that an enemy who still has an action this turn can try to target the incoming golem; it hits at Initiative 0 this turn. At this range it's -6 to hit, and requires 50 damage to destroy.) Attack: 2D6+11 = [6, 6]+11 = 23 (Damage is 67 base, possibly doubled depending on his roll. Spending 15ep for rocket boost, and 12 for golemgun shot!)
  4. "Kaori, Find out what she is talking about." said the dark haired girl as she dashed up the stairs and to the window at the end of the hall. With a glance out at the battle scene she saw that the rest of the wizards were occupied by the beasts Iratos had summoned, leaving the Demon itself to make way toward the Pool. Hair swirling Luci opened the window and using her hair swung herself onto the roof and ignoring the fight went after the demon herself.
  5. The hounds weren't dead, but Embrant's attacks had injured them, and the spirit was immune to their own flame attacks. For Kaori however, the young woman was catatonic, and almost hysterical now. "He has it, he has it, he has it." it was all she was saying, over and over. (Deezy and Luci are up.)
  6. "Face me demon!" Embrant launched down the road with the force of an inferno. The Spirit of Flame never touched the ground, his feet hovered only a few inches from the ground and and as he moved forward a small line of flame rose up behind him. With scimitars in hand the blades exploded into flame, the spirit knew the flames would do little to the hell hounds, but the bronze blades he wielded would certainly be more than effective. He lunged towards on of the hounds, snapping into a backwards flip. His foot caught the hound on the bottom of it's jaw, launching it into the air. He landed deftly and thrust his twin, curved blades upwards, impaling the hound in a shower of sizzling blood. "You hide behind minions, coward!" He hissed, the beast's blood was literally bubbling and boiling into dust on his searing flesh. Kaori, who was no where near all the combat, dashed to the young girl who had fallen from the demon's grip. She knelt beside her and uttered the dumbest thing to ever pass her lips. "Are you alright?"
  7. The two hounds hit by darrik's magic went down instantly, unable to withstand the barrage of hits (One straight botched), thinning out the pack even further. This wouldn't take long but it was obvious that their foe was buying time for something. Kaori/Embrant is up.
  8. "This is going to take a bit." Darrik summed up, letting a knot of hounds have face-fulls of his black shards.
  9. Two of the hounds were hit by mutt's aura, harming them and getting howls from them even as she tore into one with her blazing fist. Her keen senses could tell Iratos seemed to be heading to the spring, and away from the Inn.
  10. "OI! The hell d'you think you're goin?" She scowls fiercely at the demons newly surrounding them. "Che. This is such bullshit. Aight! I'll take y'all on! TETRA CLAW!" She launches herself at the nearest demon, fist clenched and blazing. The snarl of the demon she's facing off against termintes with a startled yelp as she punches it right between the eyes with enough force to bounce its head off the floor, leaving an indent in the wood and a smoking scar where her fist impacted its face. Grinning fiercely, her aura pulses again, the demons wailing in pain as the light begins to Burn.
  11. Iratos was hit by the attacks, and Even though Brennan could feel each hit, the defenses the demon boasted were rather impressive. "Wind Dragon magic is it? Interesting. You Dragonslayers are a rare breed these days. You'd make a nice addition to my collection when this is over." Still brimming with confidence, Iratos held up his fist, and smiled to Brennan. "I think I'd like to see more of your powers, Perhaps some playmates for you and your friends are in order. " Holding up his hand, a mote of fire burst into being from each fingertip, only to fall to the earth, and the ground began to shake. From the ground 10 creatures, lesser hellhounds sprung forth. "Get them." With that the summoned beasts charged at the Wizards, and Iratos moved further back, moving away from the Inn.
  12. "Kaori," Brennan lashed his head about looking for where the demon went and where Kaori was hiding. "Take care of the girl, we'll handle the demon!" Without another word he dashed off out the door, at the point in his stride moved so fast he literally disappeared and reappeared several feet ahead of his own pace. He made it out into the streets where the demon Iratos was out waiting for them. He never broke his stride and continued his forward assault. "You can't run, Demon! No one in Blaze heart is faster than me!" "Who says I'm running?" The demon said smugly. Like an angry gale in a roiling storm Brennan was on the demon in a heart beat. He slid in and launched a series of kicks, each one that struck him, whether blocked or not was accented with a thundering clap of wind and a gust of volatile air. Around his hand and feet swirled turbulent fronts of visible wind currents. The attacks were so swift the demon almost had a hard time defending himself and when Brennan realized it was like punching a brick wall he decided to back off. Thunderous gusts of air exploded on the demon's hide in circular wakes of grayish-white wakes. Brennan leapt backwards into a dramatic backflip, summoning up power and strength in his magic he let forth a single blast of jagged razor sharp wind. "Se Tenkuu Hadou!"
  13. Any lesser foe would have been destroyed by such an intense barrage of attacks, Not Iratos. There was a Wall of surging flames between the wizards and the demon, which oddly didn't seem to harm the building at all. When they died down, Iratos was standing there, holding up one of the lacrima, which broke apart in his hands and he had the rest in the other hand. "Good thing I just ate, or that might have stung abit." "Look if you kids really want to play, let's go outside. Then we can All cut loose." He looked down at the young girl, and sighed. "Can't take you with me, since you're off limits. I'll be back once i'm done playing with them though. Those bandits had no idea who they'd captured." He paused only a moment to look at Kaori's Fire spirit. "Been awhile. I hope you're ready for another ass-beating if you're serious about playing with me." There was a flash and roar of flame and Iratos was gone, The air smelling of brimstone and sulphur. The young girl fainted as the demon left.
  14. "Repulsive fiend." Darrik remarked as he joined the fray, lovely handsome face that of a composed, yet cold statue now. Shadows rippled about before black skeins formed about his hands. With the right hand, Darrik played his fingers the way he might use them to please (and would immensely so) a lover, but this time the flickering fingers made war, not love. The threads surged and formed into several ropey constructs of darkness, which Darrik tossed with a snap of the wrist at the demon. "Kage no Ken!" His left hand squeezed as if it could and was compacting stone, and darkness shaped like shards formed into place. As the demon faced the first stygian spell, Darrik brought both hands together and thrust them forward, launching waves of those dark shards at Iratos. "Kurayami o Osu!"
  15. When everyone rushed from the table they took no care slamming chairs backwards forward all around, Luci's hair became tangled in the mess of chairs the rest of the gang made as they ran from the room. Exasperated she had to untangle her tendrils before she could follow. Mumbling, she came in last to the horrid sight of the Demon and it's victims. Silently she took it all in. No battle cries, no flashing powers and no charges at the demon, instead she used the cover of the rest of her guild mates actions especially those of Kaori to slip around the room in an attempt to flank the demon and get behind Iratos.
  16. Everything happened so fast, Kaori didn't realize exactly what was going on. A demon appeared and they were all so gung ho about slaying it. They had no fear, they had no concerns for their own safety! She wanted to be impressed, but she wasn't them. She was scared... petrified with fear. Mutt's flash of light snapped her out of her stunned awe of the other mages selflessly attempting to avenge the loss of the tavern lady whose name escaped her in all the chaos. She shook her head and snapped a key from her belt. It was warm to the touch and as she held it aloft it exploded with into yellow-gold flame. "Spirit of Fire, open your heart to me!" She screamed. "Spirit of Fire, open your soul to me, by the contract that binds us! I summon your power to me!" She socketed the magical key into the air where a shimmering key hole had formed and gave it a single twist. The area exploded into fire as the summons took shape. From the fabled cities of brass in the Spirit World across molten flows of magma in the volcanic regions came forth the Prince of Flames. The flames clung and formed his body, a tall humanoid man with demonic features. Large black horns swept back accented by a crown of forged brass and beset with several jewels. Twin scimitars hung from his belt which he drew forth at the sudden realization that he'd been pulled from his realm. He noticed Kaori and scoffed. "Bah, the ignorant bimbo playing at summoner. I see you have tangled with a demon and you dare call on me to bail you out of the," he chuckled snobbishly. "Fire, so to speak." "I-I'm sorry to bother you, Embrant.... b-but... my friends, they need your help!" She pleaded with the spirit. "I am the Judgement!" He bellowed. "I am the Flames of Judgement and the Sire of Fire! You waste my time human!" He sneered, baring fangs at Kaori. "But the contract binds me... go! Get out of my site you pathetic excuse for a mage. Go be useless elsewhere while I tend to your incompetence. Away with you, mewling weakling..." Embrant drew his scimitars and snarled at Kaori, she screamed like a four year old being frightened on Halloween and ducked behind the nearest solid barrier and hid. "Come demon! Face the Judgement of Embrant!"
  17. "ABOUT DAMN TIME!" She feels the adrenaline hit as Brennan lunges at the Demon, sharpening her senses to a knifes edge. She roars in challenge as a nimbus of light builds along her body. This is what she'd been holding on for. "Light of Penance!" The nimbus explodes out, whitewashing the room around them and leaving everyone drained of colour, Mutt an incandescent star in the middle of it. As it hits the Demon there's a violent snarl as the voracious light begins to eat away at him.
  18. Mutt, including points breakdown and health: Name: “Mutt” Age: 14 Height: 5’4” Weight: Sex: Female Description: Still growing, Mutt is still very much in the gangly phase of adolescence, all arms and legs. When she first game to the guild her hair was a dark grey that suggested it was black. Over the years, as she’s practiced her own branch of Dragonslaying magic, this has lightened to a pure white. In combination with the Chartreuse of her slit-pupiled eyes, she certainly draws the eye. Currently transitioning from cute, people can see the beginnings of the true beauty that she’ll grow into. One things for certain. She’s sure to be turning heads. Background: She can barely remember the time before she was taken in by the White Dragon. She gets brief flashes and snippets here and there. A lady singing, the sounds of horses. Nothing to be able to piece together where she came from. Even finding her adoptive father is a blur now. She remembers the sway of a carriage…. Or at least she thinks she does. It’s all a bit of a mess. Whatever was happening, she and the people she was with came under attack from something. Bandits? Animals? Something else? She couldn’t say for certain. She managed to get away, somehow and ended up wandering through heavily forested land. Like many things, how long she spent wandering is a blur, but eventually, injured, and almost delirious with hunger she somehow stumbled across him. Later on the Dragon would tell her that her reaction was part of what interested him. There was fear, of course there was, but she stood her ground. Foolish, he would tell her, but worthy of at least a modicum of respect. The fact that she was went so far as to punch him in the snout when he got too close was a source of much entertainment to him. The years after he took her in were good and formed the bulk of her memories of early childhood. By no means easy, she was still content with her life. He taught her as much as she could learn about his magic, eventually bestowing her with her name. Everything has to change at some point, though. After several years of living together in the middle of nowhere, she woke up one morning to find that the Dragon, her father in all but blood had vanished during the night. At first, she wasn’t too worried. He was a Dragon and had previously disappeared, sometimes for days at a time, usually when he was feeling particularly hungry. But he had always returned. However, as they days turned to first one week, then several, she started to get really worried. After nearly a month of his being absent, she started to get restless and after two, she resolved to go and find him, so she set out from the cave network that they had been calling home, hidden in the forest.So she left, picking a random direction and just started wandering. Village and city and town she passed through, still looking. In the wilderness, she would catch her own food while in the city, she generally got by with small time theft. Of course, it was only a matter of time before someone either took offence to her asking questions, or she slipped up when she was stealing something. Which actually happened, she’s unsure, but whichever it was, it must have royally pissed off whoever it was, because that evening she was set upon. It was the first time she had needed to use her magic properly against other human beings. Usually, the threat of having to fight a Dragonslayer, no matter how young they appeared, was enough to dissuade the run of the mill thugs from causing problems. In this instance, it worked against her, as if anything, the group overcompensated for her status. Even still, she’s not one to be underestimated. She managed to eventually fight them off even if she felt sick. This was the first time she had used her Magic specifically to hurt and kill. She had known, academically, that that was ultimately what it was supposed to be used for, but there was a difference between knowing it and living it. Regardless, she managed to limp away from the fight, her own regeneration working overtime to heal her wounds. It was at this point that she was intercepted. By their very nature, her abilities draw the eye. This was to be her first meeting with Blaze Heart. She must have looked a sorry sight, beaten halfway to death, even with her wounds closing at an, if not astonishing, at least noticeable pace. Luci was the one to ultimately find her, not that it was particularly hard. She had left a fairly distinctive trail before her wounds had finished closing. On her arrival, Mutt had only slumped in defeat before turning around fully and settling in for another fight, even if she could barely stay standing upright. Looking back on it, she is both thankful and amused. Thankful that she didn’t have to fight in the end, and amused that history was repeating itself. Once convinced that she wasn’t in any danger, Mutt allowed herself to collapse against the wall and she and Luci got to talking. It wasn’t the longest of conversations, Mutt not being particularly trusting, but it eventually came out that she was looking for her father. Luci offered her a place in the Guild. IT would be, she reasoned, much easier for her to search with others than on her own, as well as giving her a safe place to improve and hone her own abilities. Mutt eventually agreed and once they returned, she was inducted to the guild, despite her young age. Since joining, she has done her best to hone her abilities. Nowadays, she’s more often dispatched as part of pursuit teams, search and rescue operations, and the like. Her senses, honed to a razors edge thanks to her heritage, even without her Magic, her sight, smell and hearing are astounding, allowing her to track targets through wilderness or city with equal speed. She continues to search for her father as much as her duties to the guild allow her to, and tries to take as many jobs as possible in as many directions as possible to widen her net. She’s beginning to get down over it though. It’s been years, and there’s been no sight of scale nor hair of him. But she can’t give up now. Not after so long. Magic: As a Dragonslayer, Mutt channels the power of the White Dragon. As such, her magic involves using light as both weapon and defense. Those unused to fighting with her find it incredibly awkward to do so, with each of her spells leaving searing afterimages if not outright blinding people. Unfortunately, it’s just as likely to blind her own allies, so she prefers to either fight alone, or with people who have trained with her enough to be able to maneuver through the confusion. Many kudos to Noir for her work on the Image.
  19. "THERE he is!" Deezy shouted, and grabbed a crystal ball from her pouch, hooking it up with dizzyingly fast hand movements to a set of gold rings and wires to crystalline coils that buzzed and hummed. She set it on a little socket on the shoulder of her harness, and the thing lit up from within with a shifting, rotating light that constantly cycled through all the colors of the rainbow. The light seemed to coalesce around Deezy, creating a sort of dome several yards across centered on where she was standing. "Klattatech Radiant Bubble defense field, GO! Everyone, stand close to me! If he tries to turn us to lacrima this should stop it!" Then she drew a gunmetal-grey weapon from a holster at her hip...laced with copper and zinc, with a bright, polished ball of metal at the 'business' end. As Deezy powered it up little arcs of lightning raced along the weapon's surface and collected on the ball, zipping and crackling! "Series D Lightning Cannon! Take this, demon!" She took aim and the air lit up with blinding blue-white lightning, the CRACK of thunder, and the smell of ozone!
  20. Name: Darrik Reynolds Age: 24 Height: 6'0" Weight: 160 lbs Sex: Male Description: Probably the second most recognizable member of Blaze Heart after Luci Lacuna, Darrik Reynolds has been around for a number of years - but unlike the serious senior member of the guild, Darrik is notorious simply for his voracious bisexual appetite and immense number of conquests. His one rule is that guildmates are off-limits (to help preserve personal and professional relationships). Otherwise he is open and outgoing - but this should never be mistaken for him being just a pretty face. Magic: Darrik wields Darkness Magic, allowing him to project darkness, and create constructs of it with chilling solidity. Point Cost: 400 Size: Medium Body: 5 Mind: 6 Soul: 6 Stats Point Total: 170 Attack Combat Value: 5 (12 Darkness Magic) Defense Combat Value: 12 Damage Multiplier: 5 (x10 Darkness Magic) Health Points: 115 Energy Points: 120 Shock Value: 23 Attributes: Combat Technique 3 (Judge Opponent, Lightning Reflexes 2) Defense Combat Mastery 7 Divine Relationship 2 Energy Bonus 6 Extra Actions 1 Extra Defenses 1 Feature: Ambidexterity 1 Feature: Appearance – Sexy 3 Massive Damage (Darkness Magic) 5 Ranged Attack (Darkness Magic) 7 Tough 6 Attribute Total: 155 Darkness Magic Special Moves: "Burakkuchiru" (Black Chill) (Weapon 5, Range 2, Enervation 4, 8 EP per use) - One of Darrik's basic attacks, launching simple blasts of darkness, that chill a foe and affects their body, sapping their energy. "Kage no Ken" (Shadow Tendrils) (Weapon 5, Range 2, Flexible 2, Tangle 2, 8 EP per use) - This spell creates lashing tentacles of darkness that snare opponents and tie them in place. "Kurayami o Osu" (Hail the Darkness) (Weapon 4, Range 2, Autofire, Spreading 1; 8 EP per use) - Darrik shoves both hands forth and unleashes a storm of jagged spars of darkness, "Dakuboido" (Dark Void) (Sensory Block: Vision, Area 4, 3 EP per use) - A basic technique that creates a sphere of darkness, occluding sight. "Kakureta Chikara" (Cloaked Power) (Unknown Power +30 - 20 CP) - It is the nature of Darkness to hide itself, even from its wielder, and Darrik is husbanding more power than he realizes. Total on Special Moves: 58 Skills: Area Knowledge: Fiore 2 [Magnolia] Occult 2 [Guilds] Seduction 4 [Physical] Stealth 2 [Concealment] Skill Total: 20 Defects: Marked: Guild Mark, Tattoos, Distinctive Hair (-3)
  21. Name: Luci Lacuna Age: 21 Height: 5' 11” Weight: 130 lbs Sex: Female Description: Tall Pale with extremely long black hair which seems to be alive, a cold unsettling beauty with a demeanor to match. Luci is an Ability Wizard with the majority of her magic displayed through her living hair. She is a consummate fighter skilled in martial arts both armed and unarmed and as well as an accomplished spy and thief. Never smiles or shows any other emotion really. Doesn't seem to have a sense of humor. Background: Luci came to the guild at a young age, she was barely fifteen when she joined them but her exploits had begun much earlier than that. She has never divulged her origins, who her family is or what they did for a living but her talents and training give clues. Not from any one place Luci made her first impressions upon Fiore as she traveled from small settlements and villages using her talents for burglary and picking pockets to survive. Her introduction to the Guild was during one misadventure where she inadvertently aided a Blaze Heart wizard in foiling a train robbery. I say inadvertently because she was also trying to rob the train. In any case the BH wizard convinced her to return to Magnolia with him and she was taken into the guild. It was at BH that she mastered the magic which gave her supernatural control of her living hair. In a couple of years she became one of the most active of the Guilds wizard, or at least one of those most often recognized due to her rather distinctive appearance. After all there was no hiding the hair. Honing her skills as a master warrior and a Wizard Luci took many of the most high profile jobs allowed to her class. Part of the reasoning behind this was the guilds desire to have attention focused on one or two popular wizards which would allow others to not draw as much ire for their own exploits. Luci stoically accept this and while not happy with it (Luci never seemed happy about anything or angry or really showed any emotion whatsoever), she didn't let it bother her either. Luci does her job, hones her skills and waits. But no one knows what she is waiting for... Magic: Luci's Magic imbues her Hair with fully active prehensile life , she can control the movement of her hair as if it were countless thin appendages growing from her head. Through concentration, she can move her hair in any manner imaginable. She can snap the length of it through the air like a whip (the tip of which moves faster than the speed of sound), or rotate it in a fan-like manner. She can bind persons or objects with it as if it were rope or use it to lift objects which weigh more than she could lift with her arms. (Her scalp, skull, and neck do not support the weight of an object that she lifts: it is held aloft by the magical force coursing through the hair.) Luci can also perform delicate manipulations with her hair such as lock picking or threading a needle, and such complex acts of coordination as typing or shuffling a deck of cards. Although she has no nerve endings in her hair, she can "feel" sensations on all parts of her hair by a form of mental feedback from her magic field. Her hair, approximately 6 feet in length while relaxed, can elongate to almost twice its normal length. Point Cost: 400 Template(s) used: Ninja modified Size: Medium Body: 8 Mind: 5 Soul: 7 Stats Point Total: 200 Attack Combat Value: 10 Defense Combat Value: 9 Damage Multiplier: 6 (8 Hair) Health Points: 120 Energy Points: 105 Shock Value: 16 ATTRIBUTE Attack Combat Mastery 2/+20 Combat Technique ( Brutal 2, Critical Strike, Lethal Blow, Lightning Reflexes 2) 6/+12 Defense Combat Mastery 1/+10 Energy Bonus 4/+4 Extra arms (hair tendrils) 3/+6 Extra attacks 1/+15 Extra defense 1/+5 Shield (hair wall (AR12)) 4 (5p)/ +21 Heightened Awareness 2/+4 Massive Damage 1/+10 Massive Damage Focused (Hair) 2/+8 Skill: Acrobatics (Tumbling) 3/+9 Skill: Burglary (Breaking and Entering) 2/ +4 Skill: Intimidation (Street) 3/+6 Skill: Occult (Tarot) 2/+4 Skill: Slight of Hand (Lock Picking, Picking Pockets, Card Sharking) 3/+7 Skill: Stealth (Silent Movement) 3/+9 Special Movement (Swinging, Wall-crawling) 2/+4 Tough 4/+4 Weapon 4 Area 4 selective (Hair nova) Weapon 2 (Hair Pin)Tangle 6 range 1 Weapon 5 (hair crusher) range 2 area 3 weapon 2 (hair Whip) range 1, flexible 3, Penetrating 3 TOTAL : 211 DEFECTS Marked (Living Hair, Guild Mark, Tattoos) -3 Girl/Guy Magnet, Hounded, and Red Tape. Through this or that Luci has become a “Face” of the guild as such she is easily recognizable and has been singled out as a person of interest to all the adoring men and women who want to know a wizard or who have problems they want solved. Luci being naturally somewhat cold and moody, does not appreciate this level of scrutiny but she also know that what she does reflects on the guild so she does her best to endure. -8(for all of them I will leave it up to the ST to determine the actually rate of the individual defect on a case by case) TOTAL: -11
  22. Name: Deezy Klatta Age: 18 Height: 4' 11" Weight: 106lbs Sex: Female Description:Deezy's a late bloomer; skinny and gangly, with a bit of knob to the knees still. Her hair's a russet red dandelion poof, held out of her eyes only by her customized aviator goggles. She's fond of overalls and vests with lots of pockets and shorts that also have a lot of pockets. Most often she has so many straps and gizmos and pockets that it's hard to actually see HER. Even so, she has a cute face, with round cheeks and wide green eyes, and a grin that occasionally borders on manic...especially when explosions are afoot. Background and Stats
  23. post your characters here. Once everyone's posted, everyone will get 5 cp.
  24. Init: 2d6+7 17 Attack!: 2d6+7 12 Hm, wish I'd rolled the attack first, lol...
  25. Brennan's eyes grew wide with shock and horror. His expression shifted to anger and rage. His fists were clenched at his side and his eyes narrowed. "Buddy, you picked wrong plane to visit tonight." He was gone, launching forward like a thrown spear. Air rushed through the room. Windows shattered and the shudders slammed open and closed. Around his fists the air grew so dense it took the appearance of shifting, swirling white-grey mist. He slid to a halt thrusting his arm upward in an uppercut and his other arm downward. From his hands blades formed from powerful gusts of air and slashed forward forming into circular discs of razor thin weapons that lashed towards the demon. "Se Tenkuu Hadou!"

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