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  2. Hyo, may I suggest that instead of closing, you provide a bit more direction to your players? You basically skipped ahead several weeks from the last thread and then told them that they had to direct themselves. A wise player once told me that when he STed, he made sure there was something for the player to respond to at the end of each post. I don't always follow that rule, but I think it's better when I manage it. ,, STs need to push the plot toward the PCs. If you threw some crumbs of plot at them, you'd probably have a better response.
  3. Gleep. Sorry to hear that. ,, I was going to reply to that other post...just didn't have a chance to get on much last night.
  4. At this point I'm not going to try to pretend there is enough demonstrated interest in the game to maintain it. In light of that, I'm calling it done. ,, Thank you for the time that was given.
  5. The weeks following Swara-Ann's performance went by very quickly. The band held a rather small, yet still very solemn memorial for the fallen Scion of Raiden. Many stories were told about the fighter pilot's exploits and the series of hugely improbably but still no less epic events that had led to her legend being what it was. ,, While her body and her plane was returned to the Amaterasu to deal with in their own way, the investigation into the events surrounding her passing would eventually rule that while the riot was clearly incited, her own circumstances were more being in the wrong place at the wrong time. An unfortunate casualty of a panicked crowd. The Aesir Scion, Disa Odinsdottir was gone by the time the band had eventually filed out of the venue. There was a number of questions asked of them about the events leading up to the fire and while they managed to clear their names of any suspicion of wrongdoing, the evidence simply was not there to pin the event on any particular individual or group of individuals. ,, Now, two weeks to the day later, the Band finds itself gathered together, facing the question that they all know on some level must be answered. Where do we go from here?
  6. At this point it would seem that momentum has all but stopped for the scene at Tombstone. At this point the plan is to fast-forward to the next scene when the weekend gets here. I advise any time sensitive discussion or actions surrounding the scene in the bar take place between now and then. As of now, athough a great deal of time has passed out of character, we're still within the first couple minutes of the riot starting. After time lapse, we will be looking at days if not more.
  7. Eilessa reached down and closed Youko's eyes, then turned off her phone and put it away. ,, "I'm sorry, you guys," she said. "I couldn't save her."
  8. "Apparently, Alex also hired her." Jaden snapped. "I said I didn't like it so much, Disa suggested a challenge, I was all for it, and was going to take it elsewhere. Youko had to get hissy worried about bystanders. Hell, does the girl even know the difference between watchers and people dragged in? And then she had to call security, when it was just under control between Disa and I. Why?" ,, Obdurate, Jaden was not ready to concede that he may have acted rashly.... though a more sensible bit of the mind hinted that he did.... NO.
  9. As the others discussed the matter of how they had gotten to this situation, Eilessa was in tears, on the phone with an emergency operator being walked through basic CPR. ,, Max's OOC Medicine Roll SalmonMax, on 21 Feb 2014 - 15:38, said: (Perception is 3, no dots in Medicine so... [salmonMax] 5:37 pm: Also...die roll for Long Night. SalmonMax *rolls* 3d10: 1+8+2: 11 [salmonMax] 5:37 pm: Yay...one success...) ,, With instructions from the calming voice on the phone, Eilessa performed her part expertly. Not terribly gifted in the medical field herself, her attention to detail told her that she did everything she possibly could given the circumstances. Unfortunately, given the state of affairs, even that was not enough. In relative silence, she worked for minutes on end until finally her own perceptive ability told her the unfortunate truth. Youko was gone.
  10. Alaric stood there a moment assimilating tpotential death of a comrade, and moved over to the fire door, poening it to see what he was sure of. Alex was long gone, and there'd be hell to pay for this lapse. ,, He rejoined the group and looked to Jaden. "Explain what happened, start to finish, Jaden. Tell us how it came to this."
  11. Eilessa is calling for help. I'd be happy to discuss the elephant in the room once that call gets resolved. ,, Just been waiting on that, really.
  12. Ok, looks like I misjudged the situation and there's not a particular interest in discussing the elephant in the room. ,, At this point, what are the characters doing?
  13. Intent is to let the discussion go as long as it is going to. Going to be paying attention and as long as we have regular posts and nothing triggers interruption, letting things play out
  14. "So, Disa was over here with you guys and just decided to have one of her cronies start a fire and cause mass panic?" Swara didn't take her eyes off him, the bombshell appeared a mixture of angry and on the verge of tears. "We had nothing to do with it? I find that hard to believe. I'm stupid Jaden, but I'm not stupid." ,, Swara crossed her arms and looked back at Youko's body. She wasn't really heartbroken that the girl was hurt or dying, she hardly knew her. What bothered her was that someone was hurt on her watch, that possibly she could have prevented it. People get hurt or killed everyday in her line of work, being a Scion wasn't easy, but someone in her Band was reckless enough to cause this harm then that was a serious problem.
  15. "Why are you looking at me like that?!" Jaden snapped, on the spot, eyes dancing between Youko's body and Swara. "The fire happened, they stampeded..... I told her to not get anyone else involved.... why didn't she listen? I... bet Disa did it, just because."
  16. Waiting for Jaden. ,, I'm going to give until the end of Sunday and then move on.
  17. Just like that, Eilessa was at Youko's side, a puff of wind and swirl of dust and napkins gusting after her. Put out one fire, two more spring up, it seemed. ,, She had her weird little smartphone out and was dialing the local emergency hotline, summoning an ambulance. ,, "One of my friends is down," Ei went on to say...her voice was firm even though her eyes glistened with unshed tears. "She hasn't got a pulse. You have to walk me through how to save her, at least long enough for the paramedics to get here."
  18. Swara hopped down from the stage, snorting back to Alaric, "I know, right?" ,, She knelt beside Youko who didn't appear to be moving and certainly wasn't conscious. "Guys? Guys! Youko isn't moving!" Sif's Scion pressed her fingers lightly to Youko's neck and checked again on her wrist. "I'm not getting a pulse." ,, A few moments later she stood up, letting Youko's head rest gently on the floor. She looked around, her eyes stern but slight glossed at the loss of one of their own. Through gritted teeth the blonde pop icon glared at Jaden (the usual suspect). "What. Happened?" ,,
  19. With the fire extinguished, and the crowd gone, Alaric looked to Swara. "I'm glad most of your shows don't end that way. think of what it would do to your reputation." ,, He looked to the few who remained. "Is everyone else alright?"
  20. Hey folks, are we waiting for anything in particular? Any questions I can answer? ,, ~H
  21. Eilessa ,, Eilessa held her place in the crowd thanks in no small part to the fact that she was one of if not the most nimble individuals in the room. Ducking and weaving through the crowd briefly until she was up on a table, crouching and holding on. After taking a few moments to take it all in, she had grabbed pitchers, glasses, carafes, and finally a soda hose from behind the nearest bar and was unloading onto the burning man. It was a good thing that she did, too, as further investigation would show that while he was dead before it finally stopped, he was completely covered in what was ludicrously high proof alcohol. Far too potent for a mere mortal, and much more flammable than most things. The water initially only made the fire problem worse, spreading it out on the floor, but soon the diluting effect denied the fire its fuel and it burned out shortly before the man's body realized it was dead and stopped moving. ,, Jaden ,, The Punk of the West was a rock. The enthusiastic first few individuals that tried to bowl him over on their way out the door bounced off him like pebbles off of a concrete wall. Looking out over the crowd, once it thinned out enough to do so, his search for Alex would find no such being, but the emergency exit nearest to where the blue being was in had lost its door, the telltale signs of white frost over the hinges and handles. ,, Swara / Alaric ,, As the bar empties out, the burning man eventually stops burning, the crowd dissipates, a few things are apparent to those whose perspective had allowed them to watch the scene from a higher perspective. Alaric had seen Alex hug the wall as soon as the fire had begun and make his way towards an emergency exit and out. Swara, on her part, would be the one to find Youko, barely a few feet from where she had gone down, immobile and covered in the dirty prints of hundreds of feet trying to make their way to the door with little regard for the little japanese girl beneath them. She wasn't moving.
  22. At this point I am aware that folks are waiting on me. Some things have come up in RL to take most of my attention for the moment. I apologize for the delay and will be posting an update as soon as I can. ,, Thank you for your understanding. ,, ~H
  23. Things happened fast, but Eilessa happened faster. The crowd barely had time to register something was amiss, and she was already jumping up on one of the bigger tables and crouching down. She had a good view of what was going on from up there. A good view of something terrible. Leaving it to the others to exact justice, she focused on trying to mitigate the damage. She leapt up off the tabletop, grabbed one of the overhanging lamps, and swung on it over the surging crowd to land behind the bar near the Burning Man. ,, Then it was a mad grab for all the pitchers of non-alcoholic beverages she could find to put that guy out. While it wasn't too likely she could save him...she could at least stop him from spreading the flames, or making things worse. ,,
  24. Alaric was a bit slower to react, shaking off the residual effects of what had been a fun and enjoyable show by Swara, but the cry for Security brought him around fast, and be scanned the crowds. Then drawing him like a moth to flame, a man literally caught fire and began to scream starting a panic amongst the patrons, and he sighed. "I guess I'll have to deal with this." He hated reigning in mortals, it was liking fighting in a paper bag. Still he moved down off the stage, noting Swara was staying where she was, which was probably for the best. ,,

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