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  1. What's new in this game
  2. I'd be fine with returning to Creation, since I'm much more familiar with how it works.
  3. Well, instead of a full reboot, perhaps a shifting of things, or pushing things forward.. everyone makes it back to loran as the metropolis lauches though the ocean of oil, and they manage to open their mobile submarine like gateway to creation in the inland sea, this would allow the story to shift forward and to bring in other pc's, what's gone before will be the backstory up to now. Does this sound good to folks?
  4. I dunno about a restart... Maybe just a little...bloop past this one troublesome moment? Starting over from the beginning is kind of intimidating.
  5. I think a restart is in order, with folks in the game up to this point getting to keep all xp gained to now.
  6. I've been focusing on Quantum Fire a lot lately, but I've also been waiting for Director and Mei to decide what they were going to do about this collussus.. If folks would prefer, I can jump things forward, or do a restart, with experance still applied.
  7. "Understood. I shall concentrate on the bow. I will hit and run, attempting to draw its attention. Inform me when you are ready - and be quick. It knows it is not alone now." Vanguard took the tiny pendant off of her necklace, and with a twist, it unfolded with the sound of grinding gears into a chakram full of spinning, razor-edge teeth.
  8. Seiya looked on suprised. "That was an implosion bow." He looked at the others. "Well, we know one thing about it, stay the hell away from that arm, or take it out of action fast. "If you cover for me, I might be able to get in close enough to use my other weapon." He had some practicew with the battle armor, but it drained his reserves of essence at an alarming rate. He'd hoped not to use it's full capabilities, though that might be needed here.
  9. Sending the hound of the five winds back to give them a hint of just what sort of creature they were dealing with, at least a idea of it's capabilities, the five exalts prepared for their upcoming battle with the monster. Soon enough the hound reached the creature and attacked it, they were able to watch from a distance as it pointed an arm, which then unfolded to reveal a void-tainted implosion bow, which the colossus unloaded into the approaching creature.
  10. "A perversion of Autochithon's Order, one that used to defend it to make the fact more apalling. I suggest we set a chokepoint. Your servitor can harry and lure the Apostate into our trap- a place where mobility is quite limited for it."
  11. "Send it in and let's see how this abomination reacts. Then we can exploit its weaknesses." He hoped there'd be some, as it would make this so much easier. "This creature, it is a spawn of darkness is it not?"
  12. Vanguard paused. She was uncomfortable allowing something else to be the first to draw enemy blood - but she also saw many upsides and no downside to the proposal. "Very well. Once we are all ready, send it in to attack."
  13. "Then we'll have help," Mei-Ying decides. She presses her palms together and takes a breath, calling the still pool of Essence within to stir. "Fa," she said, eyes closed. "Zhi. Yi. Pu. Rin." With each syllable, she changed the position of her fingers and hands, though they always touched at the palms stil. She exhaled, long and slow, and a gust of wind blew over the group. "I call the breath of the Five Dragons and bind them to my will. Her eyes opened as wind gusted around her, flaring her hair wildly. Those eyes were pools of essence seething. "Yes, even here! I open the path and I open the way! No realm shall be barred to the Chosen of Sol Invictus! Give me the power I seek!" She threw her arms wide, and immediately the wind was howling; a tempest or tornado bound and writhing over their heads. Streams of Essence poured from Mei-Ying's hands and plunged into the vortex above, molding it and shaping it as a craftsman would clay. In a surprisingly short amount of time it was done. A huge hound-shape crafted from fog and wind stood at Mei-Ying's side; the size of a horse. Meanwhile, essence clung to and rippled around Mei, burning in her aura though not quite outlining her anima entirely. She inspected her handiwork and nodded. "The Hound of Five Winds. Despite how it looks, it's not alive, not even a spirit. It's just wind, shaped and controlled by essence, with no will of its own. I suggest we use it as our shock troop, to absorb the monster's initial attack and alert us to its tactics."
  14. "Obviously, isolating it from citizenry is top priority. Beyond that I would say not giving it room to maneuver, but that may not be an option. I have not faced a beast like this before."
  15. Seiya, armed now with his bow, nodded. "Is there any weak spot you know of?" He yearned for combat, but in a strange world, against an unknown foe, it was best to do at least a little information gathering before wading into battle.
  16. Mei-Ying nodded, seeing no reason to delay. "What strategy do you recommend in fighting a monster like this? What powers and tactics will it employ? If we're unsure, I will lead off with the Hound and we can see how it deals with that before risking ourselves."
  17. "Hideous," said the Exalted to herself. She made her way carefully back to the rest of the group, and relayed what she saw. "This thing is an abomination and a perversion of all that the World is. We should strike while we have the opportunity."
  18. Having decided the matter between them, the exalts began to lead the party back toward the city of Loran, the nomads listened to the champions, but they also addressed an enormous amount of respect toward Daiya, as though she was a lector or something like that. As the party continued to move, after a number of hours, there was a sound that the exalts heard, and they realized that they were being followed, as they had thought. When Vanguard of Many Honored Footsteps went to check, the Jade caste Colossus that she saw as truly a corruption of what any alchemical should be. Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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