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Trinity: Awaiting Inspiration

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About This File

An Adventurous Past

In the 1920s a group of heroic, courageous and extraordinary people were exposed to a unique event that changed them forever. Inspired to great heroism and dastardly villainy, these people changed the course of the world and the future…

A New Present

Now, two hundred years later, a new group of extraordinary men and women have been granted remarkable powers by alien benefactors. These psions are the heroes of the modern era, but what of those Inspired heroes of the past?

A Heroic Future

A strange and powerful event has recently occurred, called the Venezuelen Phenomenon, and c hanged all the rules once again. Sudden the heroic powers of the past have created new Inspired adventurers to join the psionic heroes of the present.

Trinity: Awaiting Inspiration contains:

  • Expanded information on the nature of Process 418 and the Venezuelen Phenomenon
  • New Knacks, freeform Knack creation and rules updating existing Adventure! Era knacks to the 2120s
  • Updated rules on Inspiration, Dramatic Editing and Super-Science in the Trinity era

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Please note, this file is still in progress... The current version is considerably more complete than this, but still a ways off from being finished. Hoping to complete this little Opus by the end of the year!


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