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Aberrant: 3rd World War

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When you have the power to level mountains, outrun the fastest planes, control the weather, its natural you think the world is at your feet. And with reason, what can stop you now? Humanity can.

Yeah, we know that Proteus has enough info about nova behaviour and physiology to keep the potential threats where they can be watched and given the case controlled. The Directive is always vigilant, if you touch a coin they know who you are, where you are and what you ate. Just imagine what could happen if one day they find out what the other does, and by accident, and to spice things a little, if a faction of novas tries to take over a portion of the world, one in a very dangerous place, near old nuclear missiles silos, near China, near total extinction.

This series takes the scenario presented in the source book Aberrant Worldwide and boosts the possible outcomes to apocalyptic levels.

In this series the political intrigue is as important as the quantum bolts and fists, and can be played as a spy movie, or as a non-stop, cliff-hanger action movie.

While politics may seem boring and tedious, the relevance of small countries in the global scenario, and how not all battles can be won with fists alone, and how politics sometime need a fist on their faces to accelerate things a little.

Power players are left out of the arena in unexpected ways, a new generation of paragons, monsters and icons need to step into the spotlight and carry the world on their backs; also have to decide if a race is totally obliterated or if the planet is an acceptable casualty.


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