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India Underground

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Dark Psions wander...

The Chitra Bhanu--dark psions, chibs--were those rare psions gifted with the most remarkable of abilities, the ability to control the very fabric of the universe. The quantum forces of gravity, electromagnetism and weak and strong nuclear forces were their playground. They seemed to be the most powerful, shining beacon for the defense of humanity against the Aberrants, and they made their home in a land that shared their glorious brightness--the Bharati Commonwealth. Until they themselves fell to the Aberrants’ dark pursuit...or did they?

Bright Home Abandoned...

India Underground delves into the secrets of the fallen Chitra Bhanu psi order and the glorious beacon of the Bharati Commonwealth. Learn what it is like to be one of the survivors of the quantakinetic purge, to have the very building blocks of the universe bend to your will. Discover how the Bharati Commonwealth has survived and thrived despite the loss of the psi order that called it home, and how the member nations work with and against each other for the greater glory of the Commonwealth. Find out what caused the downfall of the Chitra Bhanu... and what might be their ultimate fate.

India Underground Includes:

  • Expanded, full colour source material on the Chitra Bhanu
  • Detailed information on the nature of quantakinesis, including full powers
  • Revealing information on the Bharati Commonwealth and its member nations

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