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Aberrant: Brainwaves

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What Is Brainwaves?

Brainwaves is the second in a series of Aberrant sourcebooks that examine the potential and the ramifications of Mega-Attributes in the Nova Age. This book looks at the effects of Mental Mega-Attributes, particularly Mega-Intelligence.

Brilliant novas have helped to transform the world of 2015 with their inventions and innovations. Thanks to them, the environment is clean, the cities are safer, and virtually any kind of information or entertainment is available instantly to anyone in the world via the OpNet. But these novas have also created new weapons, designer drugs, and technology that may take away human freedoms and privacy, leading Project Utopia to step in to regulate technological development. Now Utopia controls some of the most advanced technology in the world, it only remains to be seen what they will do with it.

There are also concerns over the impact of nova mental abilities on society. Some novas are stronger and tougher than baselines, some of them able to lift tank and bounce bullets. Many novas are more beautiful and popular than baselines, making them media icons and objects of worship, but what about the novas smarter than baselines? How long are these nova "masterminds" likely to allow their intellectual inferiors to continue running the world? Will they inevitably take over, running the world openly or behind the scenes and, more importantly, what if they've already begun?

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